Chapter 028: Weylin…

“Madame, then I’ll go and kill Weylin right now.” A cold gleam flashed through Sauron’s eyes.

“No, you cannot personally take action.” Madame Suzanne clenched her fist in unreconciliation, “Did you not see the various expressions of those representatives just now? It is dangerous to incur the wrath of the masses. If we publicly harm Weylin at this time, we will thoroughly infuriate the various representatives and attract the combined revolt of 103 powers.”

“Then we….”

“We can borrow a knife to kill a person.”

Madame Suzanne pointed towards a map of Sun City that was hanging on the conference room’s wall, “For the sake of receiving Yulianne this time, I’ve gathered all the various powers within Sun City. However, because of their conceit due to having seized second and third place on the Totem Ranking, the Sheffield Clan publicly refused our invitation. Sauron, are you willing to just let the Sheffield Clan go just like that?”

“Madame, *your meaning is….”

“We can kill a bird with two stones: the first step being that we utilize the Sheffield Clan to get rid of Weylin.”

Madame Suzanne spoke with a smile: “The Sheffield Clan has long since desired to swallow up Weylin’s territory. They will definitely take advantage of Weylin’s injuries to seize West Farms. As long as we send Weylin into the mouth of the tiger, or the Sheffield Clan’s hands in this case…. The Sheffield Clan will take the initiative to help us chew Weylin to death!
As for how to send Weylin into the mouth of the tiger….”

Madame Suzanne looked at the scenery outside the window, “Sauron, Weylin is very dissatisfied with her living situation, correct? Just change her residence to the Sixth Block and find some people to leak out her location to the Sheffield Clan.”

“Madame, *you are too vicious.”

“Vicious? Alright, I don’t even mind being a bit more vicious! The second installment of my plan: Sauron, keep a strict watch over the Sheffield Clan’s movements. Once they take action to murder Weylin, immediately mobilize the troops and await my orders.”

Suzanne spoke with a cold laugh: “After the various representatives see that the ‘Sheffield Clan has murdered Weylin’, they will undoubtedly grow indignant at such an injustice. We can step out at this moment and ally with their forces in the name of ‘avenging Weylin’ to attack the Sheffield Clan, thoroughly annihilating this thorn in our side!”


The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. With each aspect of the plan closely interlinked, it focused on targeting West Farms and the Sheffield Clan, these two great powers. Madame Suzanne’s plan could be said to be vicious to the extreme.

And at this time, Weylin was still not aware that she was about to face the relentless killing pursuit of the Sheffield Clan because she was still occupied with quelling the rage of her own clan members.

“Miss, how could *you cede the land?! We brothers have accompanied you for so many years and have never shied away from any kind of danger, but never have we suffered such an intolerable blow!”

Once they departed from the conference room, the overseers of West Farms roared impatiently.

Even the elderly manager who had always kept his calm was now desperate, “Miss, we understand *your predicament, and we are also aware that this was done because there was no other alternative, but…. West Farms is the estate left behind by *your father! We can die in battle, can die from risking it all until we have only one force, one soldier left, but we…. we cannot just vainly present Old Master’s life and blood to others!”

“You! You guys!”

Weylin pointed at her own clan members’ noses, wanting to fly into a round of scolding, but her critical injuries made it so that her words became fresh blood that spurted with a ‘Pu’ sound at Jiang Nan’s face.

Everybody was so shocked that they hastily rushed up to treat her.

“F*** off, I don’t need you guys to save me! Don’t you guys have quite a spine? Then scold! Continue scolding at this woman if you have the guts!”

Weylin’s anger quelled somewhat, “A group of blind dogs who can only kick their benefactor in the teeth! This woman has strained her heart for your sake, but you all, can none of you understand this woman’s real intent?”

“Miss, *your meaning is….”

Weylin didn’t feel like explaining in detail, “I won’t bother telling you guys. Screw off! Beat it and go do your work! Lola, take my key back to West Farms to go get Mount Longinus’ map. You three managers, take the overseers to make preparations to cede the land….”

Weylin let out a string of orders and dispatched all the people in one go, but just as Jiang Nan was about to leave, she suddenly rushed towards him and waved her hand, “Rodi, you…. can you stay behind and keep me company?”

Jiang Nan went blank, “Miss….”

“Shut up!”

Weylin raised her hand, which was the position she often assumed to whip Jiang Nan, but this time…. Weylin’s hand simply rested on Jiang Nan’s shoulder.

Her expression was miserable as she leaned against Jiang Nan’s body, “Rodi, seeing my performance just before, are you thinking that this woman has gone insane, that she can no longer be reasoned with?”

“Speaking truthfully?”

Weylin nodded.

“Alright!” Jiang Nan still maintained that expression of his which said that ‘even if the sky collapses, as long as the sun is still out, I’ll continue sunbathing’, “Truthfully speaking…. Miss, I am a slave. I do not have the qualifications to speak to *you of your actions as an equal. Oh, but if *you want to ask me how to slaughter pigs, I can give *you a very good suggestion.”

“……What kind of truthful answer is this?”

Two clear streams of tears suddenly rolled down Weylin’s delicate and pretty face, “I just want a sincere word from you…. is it that hard?”

“Calm down, Miss Weylin. I definitely cannot undertake the offense of ‘hating *you’.”

“Forget it. It’s good if you hate me, and what does it matter if you don’t, but I still want to say a few things….”

Weylin was like a child that had been wronged and urgently needed something or someone to depend on and relay her real thoughts to, “Seeing my actions the past several days, the managers and the overseers are definitely thinking: this woman has truly gone mad…. However, they cannot understand the current situation of Sun City, nor will they ever be able to understand my method of conduct!
Sun City has developed to this day to the point that it has become the site of confrontation between me and Suzanne. I want Suzanne’s land, and Suzanne also desires mine.
Suzanne possesses an expert like Sauron, whose strength far surpasses mine, but I possess a force of three thousand people, and don’t necessarily fear Suzanne. We have struggled in deadlock like this for a whole two years.
However, in just these past several days, Overseer Ceci has taken away two thousand of this strong labor force, breaking this balance….”

Weylin smiled bitterly: “Madame Suzanne isn’t an idiot. She will definitely take advantage of this opportunity to annex our farm! I am not an idiot either: I immediately realized that relying on the farm’s strength wouldn’t be enough to hold up against Madame Suzanne, which is why it was necessary for me to find a powerful supporter as quickly as possible.
But f*** it all!”

Weylin began to curse in anger, “This woman sent out distress calls to twenty-some friends, but can you guess how that group of lowlives who call my name so familiarly reacted? They said that Madame Suzanne was far too strong, and that they didn’t dare to risk ruining their clans to help me!”

“Calm down, Miss Weylin.” Jiang Nan shook his head helplessly, “Such is human nature.”

“I understand. I don’t blame these friends either; they have their own difficulties….” Weylin spoke bitterly: “But since I can’t get any assistance from these friends, after thinking for a while, I, I can only plead for backup from clan headquarters.”

Clan headquarters?

Jiang Nan had heard of the farm’s relationship with headquarters, “Miss, based on my knowledge, clan headquarters normally won’t care about our life or death.”

“Correct, they ‘normally’ won’t care about us. However, what if I create an ‘unusual’ circumstance?”

Weylin revealed an expression of determination, “Rodi, while my father was an illegitimate child in the clan, I am still considered a directly related granddaughter of the clan. If I am pushed to the point that I lose absolute all face, or am even killed by someone, do you think…. clan headquarters will avenge me?!”

Jiang Nan was thoroughly frightened, “So you….”

“So I went on a furious rampage right from the time I entered the city. I deliberately lost to Victor in the duel, allowing my body to get heavily injured! I showed Suzanne that I could bear patiently and submitted in ceding our land, forcing her to fear me, to kill me!”

Weylin sobbed soundlessly, “As long as I’m dead, clan headquarters will dispatch people to protect the farm. My father’s life and blood spent for a lifetime…. can also be saved.
Suzanne would definitely never think that I would use my own life to scheme against her!”

Jiang Nan was unable to speak for a long time.

Weylin leaned into Jiang Nan’s arms, “How come you’re not speaking anymore. Are you scolding in your heart that I’m an idiot?”

“No. I was thinking that we aren’t at the end of the line yet. The newly appeared ‘Professor’ still does not have any ties to anybody, and perhaps….”

Jiang Nan wanted to say, “Perhaps the Professor can provide us with some unexpected assistance.” But right before the words could leave his mouth, “Miss, Miss!”

A farm manager ran over with a joyful face, “Miss, I just finished quarreling with a servant of Suzanne Farms! They’ve agreed to change living areas for *you, and the new living area is located in the most quiet, most suitable place for your recuperation…. the Sixth Block.”

“En, then let’s go to the Sixth Block.”

Weylin’s beautiful eyes revealed a zealous look….



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  2. That was unexpected. Weylin just proved why she’s so dangerous. Losing on purpose and getting seriously injured just to create this situation?


    • Yeah she seems really meticulous.
      Come on Jiang be the knight in shining armour! …or a trashy skirt… whatever floats your boat!
      But I think I feel heart pains. So sacrificing yourself is the plan? ;(
      Anyway this is really picking up. I really want more.


  3. If they get together, I think I will probably drop this novel. I mean, feeling sorry for the woman who beats you and treats you like dirt? Unless the MC is a masochist…


  4. I’m falling in like with this story all over again. I just wish it wasn’t second string to MER. I know everybody has their own tastes and I don’t really know if I’m in the minority or not but MER turns my stomach. The only MC I despise more than MER’s is the one from God & Devil World and it’s not by a large margin.


  5. thanks for the chapter and this is really interesting hope to see more of it.
    Also yeah the three tier plan is interesting but what you are stalking is a lonely wolf cub with a powerful estranged pack that looks for excuses to show power like this. Not to mention a corps hunter in the mix.
    Your plan my dear lady is laced with gunpowder and is very likely to blow up directly in your face.


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