Chapter 027: The Humiliation of Ceding Land

However, Jiang Nan immediately suppressed this foolish thought. He was quite aware that his power stemmed from ghost totems, and once he personally admitted his identity as Professor, what awaited him would not be gold coins and beautiful women, but a ceaseless pursuit to kill him!

If he wanted to continue living, under no circumstances could he admit to being the Professor.

Even the matter of ‘Rheim Script’ could possibly expose him, so he could not use it at all.

By now, West Farm’s elderly manager had seen that the discussion had concluded and hastily said: “Madame Suzanne, what ought to be said has already been said. We will definitely carry out *your orders as you wish. Now…. can we be dismissed? Our house’s Miss needs rest.”

“Of course you all can disperse now. How can I possibly delay Younger Sister Weylin from resting?”

Suzanne suddenly laid her hand on her chest, “Aiyah, wait a moment. I suddenly remembered an extremely important matter. If Miss Weylin could stay behind to make a decision, as well as the rest of you to act as witnesses for me.”

Weylin was so heavily injured that she was dizzy, “Suzanne, what kind of sinister plan does a lowlife like you have now?”

“Aiyah, Younger Sister Weylin. Can you not fix that temper of yours? Besides, I’m not looking for you to set some sinister plan in motion. Rather, it is something that has to do with receiving Yulianne.”


The room suddenly sunk into absolute silence.

Suzanne took her time to stroll towards Weylin’s side, “Younger Sister Weylin, in regards to the matter of receiving Yulianne, I have a small proposal. If *you could please consider it carefully.
According to the information sent from Yanjing, Yulianne will arrive in Sun City in around twenty odd days.” Madame Suzanne spread her hand open and began counting, “For the sake of receiving Yulianne, in terms of the clothing, food, living, or travelling arrangements…. clothing, food, and travelling can be easily taken care of. In fact, based on our wealth, we can take care of these things very well. However, for the living arrangement…. Younger Sister Weylin, for the sake of allowing Yulianne to dwell happily in Sun City, I’ve prepared to construct a temporary residence for Yulianne within twenty days according to the scale of His Majesty the Emperor’s temporary imperial palace!”

Twenty days?!

Weylin slightly knitted her eyebrows, “Are you dreaming?”

“Whether or not that is so is not your concern. However, Younger Sister Weylin, Yulianne’s identity is definitely not ordinary. Therefore, her temporary residence must be built in the best environment located in Sun City, don’t you agree?
And as for the location in Sun City that has the best environment, it is naturally ‘Mount Longinus’.”

Madame Suzanne’s gaze fixed onto Weylin’s eyes, “However, by coincidence, Mount Longinus is located on your family’s territory. Younger Sister Weylin, for the sake of welcoming Yulianne, I politely ask that you temporarily set aside an area one hundred kilometers in circumference that encircles Mount Longinus…. and rent it to me!”


Weylin ignored her heavy injuries and immediately shot to her feet, “What a good idea, leasing! Suzanne, you lowlife! You’re really quite good at speaking! Why don’t you just f***ing say it straight out: you’ve taken a fancy to my family’s Mount Longinus, and you wish for me to cede it to you!”

“Aiyah! Younger Sister Weylin, why do your words sound so unpleasant?” Suzanne spoke with a smile: “I only wish to rent it, rent it! Younger Sister Weylin, you wouldn’t be as petty as to obstinately refuse to just lend the land to me, would you?”

Weylin smacked the table and stood up, wishing to say, “This woman is just that petty, nor does this woman wish to lend!”

But right at this moment, *thunk! *Thunk! Sauron’s fingers knocked against the table, “Miss Weylin, if *you could please carefully consider the proposal of my family’s Madame.”

Sauron said coolly: “The objective of welcoming Yulianne overrules all other matters. If Miss Weylin is unwilling to rent Mount Longinus out, don’t tell me…. that you wish to impede the receival of Yulianne? Do you want Yulianne to be dissatisfied? Do you want His Majesty the Emperor to blame us?” Nailing the severe accusation in, he said, “I, as Sun City’s number one expert, do not wish to see you commit such a heavy crime!”

If you’re not willing to cede your territory, then *I’ll just kill you on behalf of the authorities!

The entire room sank into a death-like silence.

Everybody understood that Suzanne Farms wished to take advantage of Weylin’s heavy injures to swallow up the resources of West Farms.

But what did it matter even if they did understand? Sun City’s Top Ten Ranking had just been recently announced, and Sauron had now dominated first place for ten consecutive years! Who would dare to defy him at this time, or dare to step out on Weylin’s behalf?!

“Father, your daughter is unfilial. She is unable to protect the estate that *you have passed down….”

Weylin suddenly kowtowed towards the south, the place where her father’s tomb was located.

The managers of West Farms immediately understood what the Miss was going to do and howled desperately: “Miss, we cannot cede the land!”

“If I don’t cede it, then don’t tell me that this woman will just stare wide-eyed as you guys are completely slaughtered by Sauron?!”

Weylin bit her lip and angrily squeezed out a few words, “Suzanne, within three days, Mount Longinus’ map will definitely be sent to you!”

After she said this, Weylin disregarded Jiang Nan’s support and bore her own injured body as she departed from the conference room. As she left, bright red blood began seeping out of the bandages wrapped around her stomach, staining the red carpet the entire way.

Every representative looked distantly at Weylin’s receding figure. Several people were filled with indignation at this injustice, while some people’s facial expressions faintly changed. There were even some who stared at Suzanne with strange gazes…. with no one aware of what they were thinking.

On the other hand, Suzanne abruptly fell into silence as she waved her hands with limp enthusiasm, “Everybody is dismissed. Sauron, you stay.”


After everybody had dispersed, Sauron stood at Madame Suzanne’s back, “Madame, are *you not happy?”

Suzanne touched a drop of Weylin’s blood that fell on the ground, then spoke as though she was not looking for an answer, “Sauron, what do you think of Weylin, this person? Based on your judgment as Sun City’s number one expert.”

“In my perspective, Weylin is a youth with astonishing potential.”

Sauron’s expression also grew solemn, “Five years ago, the fourteen-year-old Weylin consecutively defeated four great experts in one day, rising into the ranks of Sun City’s Top Ten Ranking. This kind of talent is rarely seen! And in these past five years, although Weylin has been occupied with managing the farm and has neglected her training, I still see a bright future ahead of her—at twenty-five years of age, Weylin’s strength will be enough to give me a headache!”

“That’s right. On the path of totems, Weylin is young and has potential. Sooner or later there will come a day that she will possess the strongest power in Sun City.”

Madame Suzanne nodded, “Then…. do you know how I regard Weylin? Based on my identity as an aristocrat and the farm lord.”

“Madame’s meaning is….”

“In my perspective, Weylin is only a standard manager. Perhaps her head is capable of managing a farm, but it is still not enough to clash head-on with me.” Suzanne abruptly slammed her hand onto the table, “But it is only now that I discover, I’ve judged Weylin wrongly!

Just now, I humiliated Weylin in front of 103 representatives, pushing her to surrender and cede the land to me. How great of an insult and disgrace this is, and how unwilling she was! However, when you look at Weylin’s reaction, she unexpectedly bore it!” Suzanne spoke eerily: “Weylin is only nineteen years old. Nineteen years old, yet she understands what it means to bear patiently, the mindset that *as long as green hills exist, there will always be wood to burn…. If she were to be given a few years time, until she is twenty-five years old, where her strength is no longer inferior to yours and her head is capable of challenging me, in Sun City…. who will be able to keep Weylin in Check?!”
(*TL: as long as there’s life, there’s hope)


Madame Suzanne flicked off the fresh blood from her fingertip, “I cannot give Weylin the chance to grow. Weylin…. must die!”



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  2. I don’t like Weylin… but Suzanne must die -_-

    And her “powerful” (cause we know in the wider world, he’s probably just a wimp) lacky >.<

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  3. Well I’m thinking dam Weylin your in serious predicament. First they forced her into selling her land And now they want to kill her. I start to sympathize with her and then I realize how much of a b**** she was too Jiang Man and then I think what goes around comes around!


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