Chapter 026: What, What, What Generous Conditions

“As you command, Madame!” Sauron immediately answered with an enthusiastic shout, telling all the various representatives to hastily convene for an emergency meeting.

At this time, Weylin was still destroying things while Jiang Nan helped to support her. However, when she heard Sauron’s voice, “Something major definitely happened. Rodi, help this woman to go attend the meeting!”


Looking at Weylin’s bandaged body, he wanted to persuade Weylin to cancel that notion, but Weylin’s face had already turned color, “Did you not hear what this woman said? Rodi, is a lowlife like you laughing that I’ve been heavily injured, so you dare not to obey me?”

Weylin shot a glance towards the other farm members in the distance, and then used a very hushed and quiet voice to say something that should absolutely never be said to slaves, “Rodi, I beg you. I don’t care whether you still hate me, but please help me over to the meeting room okay?”

“Alright, *you are the master and I am the slave. I must unconditionally obey *your orders.”

Jiang Nan helped support Weylin as she walked to the site of the meeting.

Lola and the three managers also hastily followed along with them.

The conference room was set up on the second floor of the restaurant in a large hall. On the outer edges of the hall, Suzanne Farm members were already standing guard, while an enormous round table capable of seating 150 people was situated in the center of the hall.

When Jiang Nan walked into the conference room, Madame Suzanne and the other various representatives had already taken their seats at the round table. Seeing Weylin come in, Madame Suzanne said, “Aiyah, Younger Sister Weylin, you’ve already awakened? Quick, quick, sit next to Elder Sister, and let Elder Sister check your injuries.”

“Beat it, this woman doesn’t need your false concern.”

Weylin defiantly sat opposite of Suzanne.

“Aigh, Younger Sister Weylin, your temper, really….”

Madame Suzanne shook her head in vexation. Today, she was attired in formal, lavender-colored apparel of an aristocrat, her bearing graceful. Every single one of her actions effectively demonstrated the air of a great aristocrat in Sun City.

However, it was a pity that Suzanne had even gone as far as wearing a gauze veil to cover her face to add to her dignity.

“Alright, now is not the time to discuss private affairs. Since you despise Elder Sister, then please take a seat opposite me.”

After Suzanne played down Weylin’s actions to get rid of the awkwardness, she knocked on the table to indicate that the meeting had officially begun, “The topic of today’s meeting is something I am sure everybody is already aware of: Sun City’s Top Ten Ranking has changed, and an anonymous Professor who is a primary-rank 8th level Strength Totem Warrior has defeated Hank, thereby becoming Sun City’s ranked fourth expert!”


Weylin had no clue about the ranking changing, so when she heard the first half of Suzanne’s words, she assumed that Suzanne was ridiculing her for losing to Victor. However, when she heard the last half….

She abruptly turned her head around, “Rodi, what is this lowlife Suzanne saying?”

“Miss, she said that someone named Professor defeated Hank and became…. Sun City’s…. f***ing fourth ranked expert?!”

Jiang Nan’s tone turned extremely strange.

Professor defeated Hank….

The opponent he defeated yesterday was actually Hank!

Based on Jiang Nan’s expectations, if his performance in the bitter battle he won in the ‘amateur’ Arena #3 was able to land him in the top one hundred, that was already pretty good. Additionally, he assumed that his exact level was at most around primary-rank 2nd or 3rd level.

But…. Suzanne actually said that he possessed the fighting strength of a primary-rank 8th level totem warrior! Moreover, he had even pushed into the Top Ten Ranking?!

Calm down, calm down for the sake of maintaining this model image!

Jiang Nan immediately resumed his ‘even if the heavens collapse, I will continue eating my food as usual’ look.

Weylin, on the other hand, did not take notice of Jiang Nan’s minute change. Instead, she stared at Madame Suzanne dubiously.

“I have already collected some data pertaining to Professor. If everyone could take a look.”

Suzanne wouldn’t bother taking notice of a slave’s reaction either, and simply hinted to the servant to distribute a stack of folders while she herself pointed at a white form, “This is the Professor’s application form for the arena. Although he only wrote down the word ‘Professor’ on it, it is already enough to clarify many issues.”

“What can one word clarify?” A representative sneered in disdain.

“Mister Cabo, it appears that you do not understand true aristocratic script!” Suzanne called the representative’s name out, “Please take a look at the calligraphic style and structure of the word ‘Professor’. I can tell you with utmost certainty that this kind of script is called ‘Rheim Script’, a sort of script used only by those of the imperial household of our Rheim Empire. For those that can write out this sort of script, even if they are not members of the imperial household, they are still major personages noble to a degree that we cannot even fathom!”

Rheim Script?

Jiang Nan looked skeptically at the word ‘professor’, which he wrote. This was the first time hearing that the script he used was actually symbolic of a major personage.

In fact, Jiang Nan’s speaking and writing were all taught to him by Auntie Alisa. That Alisa could teach him aristocratic script…. Could it be that she used to be a major personage, noble to a completely unfathomable degree?


By this time, Madame Suzanne had already begun speaking again, “First understand the origins of the Professor’s script, and then consider the appearance in which he came: at that time, the Professor was wearing a golden mask with a corner broken off, a raggedy robe, and a calico skirt…. In brief, the Professor’s appearance can be summarized in eight words: shabby, ragged clothing, and depressingly poor and destitute! A major personage who can print in Rheim Script, yet poor to the extent that he cannot even buy a set of proper equipment…. At this point, can we not already deduce the origins of this Professor?”

Her tone rose even higher, “Lord Professor is a person without any power backing him up! Depressingly poor and destitute, he is a fallen noble aristocrat!”

Everybody nodded to express their agreement with this conclusion.

“Since everybody agrees with my conclusion, then…. how should we treat Lord Professor?”

Madame Suzanne’s laughter rang out, “In my perspective, the Professor possesses strength, but is economically hard-pressed. We can take advantage of this fact to rope the Professor in by using a large sum of money and make him work for us, thereby making him one of our members! Does everybody agree?”


The representatives’ answers resounded loud and clear. As the ranked fourth expert of Sun City, who would not want to use an expert like the Professor for their own gain? Who wouldn’t want the Professor to help them establish a great territory?!

“Alright! For the sake of utilizing this Professor, I, Suzanne Sommer, command with the identity of President as follows:”

Suzanne’s expression was solemn as she stood up, “First, immediately issue a fully-manned announcement inviting Lord Professor to come to Elegant Forest Restaurant to meet us!
Second, announce with my personal guarantee that once the Professor is willing to meet with us, Yulianne’s Reception Committee will provide all the things he requires in Sun City at his convenience!
Third, everybody await orders at the restaurant! Without my permission, no one may leave! Once the Professor appears, I ask that everybody welcomes Lord Professor with the grandest courtesy! The above mentioned concludes my orders!”

After she finished speaking, Suzanne suddenly lowered her voice, “Everybody, all these commands as mentioned previously are to be given to outsiders to see on an official announcement, but between us…. Fufu, if any of you meet the Professor in private, there’s no harm in telling him this: just say that Madame Suzanne appreciates his strength, and so long as he is willing to work for our farm, I, Suzanne, don’t have much, but several tens of thousands of gold coins, several tens of property estates, and hundreds of beautiful women are at his disposal!”

What generous conditions….

Jiang Nan’s heart beat involuntarily accelerated. He really wished to step out and tell Suzanne, “Madame, I am that Professor! Just hand those benefits over to me!”



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    • No, don’t worry, the question’s understandable. I was originally going to do both of them at the sane pace, and I also considered prioritizing Totem since it was only 275 chapters long. I made a poll though and majority wanted MER, so that’s what I’m focusing on. I don’t really have to abide by that though. I’ll think about it. But thanks for the compliment! I really like this story too.


    • Final chapter 275 was released in March of 2014, and it’s note says that it’s the final conclusion, so I assume that’s the ending because most, if not all, novels will specify that in the last chapter of their novel. I’m confused because the website I looked on says it’s ongoing, but another site says it’s completed. In any case, the story is apparently squeezed within 275 chapters. Maybe the word count per chapter is longer than normal, so we’ll see.


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