Chapter 025: Totem Ranking (2)

The Top Ten Ranking had been released!

For a time, the various representatives could not be bothered to welcome Madame Suzanne, and instead rushed towards the restaurant’s main gate.

However, Sauron simply knocked lightly on Madame Suzanne’s carriage in a relaxed manner, laughing: “Madame, the Top Ten Ranking has been released.”

“En, I already heard.” Likewise, Madame Suzanne was not the slightest bit flustered. Waving her hand, she spoke indifferently: “For the sake of manners, go listen for a bit.”

“Alright. Hearing the same details every year is really a bit boring…”

Sauron walked out towards the main gate of the restaurant.

Immediately, everybody, regardless of whether they hated or revered him, all respectfully stepped out of the way to make a path for him.

Even the horse rider was gazing at Sauron with a worshipping look in his eyes!

“The new term’s Top Ten Ranking is as follows…”

After first rushing over to Sauron to give a bow of greeting, the rider raised the Top Ten Ranking up high under everyone’s gazes, “Sun City’s number one expert: intermediate-rank 6th level Carnivorous Flower Totem Warrior of Suzanne Farms, Sauron!”

Sauron gave a slight bow. This was the capital he possessed to make everybody move out of the way!

After directing a smile towards Sauron, the rider continued: “Second is intermediate-rank 3rd level Cloud Totem Warrior of the Sheffield Clan, Lord Merlin!”
“Third is intermediate-rank 2nd level Wind Totem Warrior of the Sheffield Clan, Lord Gibson!”

The Sheffield Clan. To the various representatives present, this name was not unfamiliar. Do you still remember the scene that occurred before Jiang Nan entered the arena? Hank pummeled an unlucky fellow by the name of ‘Link’, and Link was a member of the Sheffield Clan.

At the same time, the Sheffield Clan was the only clan who did not become a member of Yulianne’s Reception Committee, and also the only clan who still had not suffered the power of Sauron.

“Sauron, Merlin, and Gibson are all intermediate-rank totem warriors who comprise the top three of the Totem Ranking. One could say that they are all popular with the general public. Next are the primary-rank totem warriors: Sun City’s ranked fourth expert….”

After inciting everybody’s applause, the rider was about to continue announcing, but right at that moment, “Less nonsense already! Exactly what rank am I?!”

On the side, Victor was already bursting with impatience. Leaping out from within the carriage, his beard and hair flew in all directions as he rushed towards the rider.

“This gentleman, I must announce according to regulations. These are the rules of the Totem Advancement Association….”

“Screw those f***ing regulations!” Victor abruptly grabbed onto the rider’s collar, a claw protruding from his finger, “A wolf will not be patient with you. Exactly what rank am I?”


The rider glanced at Victor’s urgent expression as well as that protruding claw, “Alright, I will help *you check. May I ask what *your name is?”

“Victor, the Victor who defeated Weylin yesterday!”

The rider’s facial expression suddenly grew incredibly awkward.

Victor stared blankly as he said in desperation, “Quickly say it! Exactly what rank am I!”

“This….Mister Victor, if *you could just wait a bit. After a few minutes, the ranking for those outside of the top ten experts will be sent over….”

The rider did his best to make his tone sound agreeable, but Victor’s expression still continued to grow even worse. No longer bothering about speaking tactfully, the rider shut his eyes, “Alright, I will just directly say it. *You…. are not ranked in the top ten.”


With a ‘pop’, Victor’s body suddenly grew two feet as he morphed into a massive wolf man and raised the rider up high, “That’s not possible! Yesterday, I already defeated Weylin! I’ve already taken Weylin’s place!”

“It’s true, *you did indeed defeat Miss Weylin.”

Hanging in the air, the rider quickened his words, “If there were no other unexpected incidents, according to the power you displayed during *your duel, *you should have replaced Weylin as the tenth expert on the Totem Ranking. But…. at the same time *your duel was going on, an anonymous competitor defeated Hank of the top ten! As a result, as a result he advanced to become one of the top ten experts and pushed Hank, who was originally rank nine, to rank ten, and simultaneously squeezed you out of the Top Ten Ranking!
Mister Victor, right now *you are probably ranked at…. eleventh place!”

Eleventh place….

This was a hugely embarrassing position!

If one was talking about the lower rankings, to be able to be ranked number eleven in a city of several hundred thousand people was considered to be a pretty good achievement. However, if one had to talk about the higher rankings…. Alright then, he was still lacking compared to the top ten experts!

For a time, Victor went into a daze.

Only after a long while did he roar out in difficulty, “Say it, what alias does that anonymous competitor have? What rank is he?!”

“I was just about to talk about him. *You, could *you first put me down?”

Victor loosened his claws, and after the rider fell to the ground, he immediately tidied his clothes and said seriously: “Sun City’s Top Ten Ranking, rank fourth is primary-rank 8th level Strength Totem Warrior of anonymous origin. Alias…. Professor!”

“Primary-rank 8th level?!”

Victor’s expression grew quite unsightly, “Shameful, you definitely saw wrong! I am already a primary-rank 9th level Wolf Totem Warrior. There’s no way I was pushed out of the Totem Ranking by an 8th level weakling.”

“I did not see wrong. Lord Professor is indeed only a primary-rank 8th level totem warrior.”

The rider continued to speak: “However, Lord Victor, although Lord Professor is only a primary-rank 8th level warrior and lower than you by one level, he demonstrated superior fighting techniques in yesterday’s match against Hank as well as an incomparably swift attack speed. After watching his match, the various members of the Totem Advancement Association all agreed on this unanimously: although the Professor’s level is not high enough, his tactics and speed most definitely qualify him to take fourth rank!”

The Professor’s tactics were naturally referring to when Jiang Nan disassembled thirty-seven of Hank’s joints in a flash when he was falling to the ground.

Based on this kind of tactic, it really did make him eligible to be ranked number four.

However, Jiang Nan could only take fourth place: the top three were all intermediate-rank totem warriors, and he still did not have the qualifications to challenge intermediate-rank experts.

The rider continued to explain Jiang Nan’s ranking, but besides Victor, nobody else was listening anymore….

In a corner beneath anyone’s attention, the smile disappeared from Sauron’s face. He quietly slipped beside Madame Suzanne’s carriage, “Madame, *you have heard it all.”

“En, I heard it all. A new expert of the top ten has appeared in Sun City. Furthermore, he is ranked fourth….”

The tone of the person in the carriage was very serious, “Fourth place. Before you, Sauron, that person still isn’t worth mentioning. However, we must consider a different situation….
Sauron, suppose that, suppose that this Lord Professor is our enemy, but he does not oppose head on. Instead, he ambushes our various resource locations and attacks ordinary overseers in the dark. How big of a loss do you think he can bring us?”

“Based on the strength Professor used to defeat Hank, if he was to mount sneak attacks in the dark, ignoring my own role…. before night’s end, he could wreck our five resource locations without anybody knowing as well as kill more than two hundred of our men, including our troops, overseers, and robust slaves easily!”

“Then…. on our farm, how many resource locations and soldiers are there?”

“We have forty-seven resource locations and two thousand soldiers in total.”

“Right, we have forty-seven resource locations and two thousand soldiers….” The tone of the person in the carriage abruptly went frosty, “This newly appeared expert of Sun City could destroy one tenth of our strength before the night’s end! Furthermore, this expert isn’t even under our control, nor do we even know his name!
Sauron, cancel the feast and convene an emergency meeting!” The person stepped out from the carriage with a grave and solemn face, “The topic of discussion…. how to treat this Mister Professor!”



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