Chapter 024: Top Ten Ranking (1)

“Haha, I was careless, I was careless.”

Sauron suddenly let out a resonating laugh, “It turns out that my boy Victor will advance into the top ten of Sun City in just half an hour! This is a matter worth celebrating! Come, behind the horizontal banner welcoming the Madame, add another sentence: Celebrating Young Master Victor for being crowned one of the top ten experts of Sun City!”

Under Sauron’s flattery, Victor’s pale face immediately lightened with smiles.

However, everybody quickly realized that those two as well as an unconscious Weylin were still not conscious of a fact even more important than Weylin getting defeated!

Just as Victor defeated Weylin, Blood-eyed Hank of the top ten experts was also defeated! Victor was still not necessarily one of the top ten experts!

The various representatives from each power all knew of this news, but seeing how domineering Sauron was, they all chose to keep their mouths shut and watch this joke in tacit agreement.

On the other hand, members of Suzanne Farms wanted to notify Sauron, to the point that one of the overseers had already stepped out.

But right at this moment! “Hereditary Countess and the direct second daughter of the Sommer Clan in the Rheim Empire, Suzanne Farm’s Lord, Madame Suzanne, has arrived!”

An extravagant, gold-gilded carriage sped over from a distance. Driving the carriage was a golden armored warrior, while on both sides guarded four teams of warriors in cyan armor – elite soldiers!

At once, everybody present bowed in welcome, and the overseer who had stepped out reluctantly shut his mouth and returned to join the reception.

“We welcome Madame’s arrival to Sun City.”

Sauron swiftly strode over to the carriage’s side and surreptitiously explained all that he knew about Weylin’s duel under the cover of the many soldiers.

“Madame, the situation is like this: Weylin is heavily injured, and West Farms is well within *your grasp now.”

“Sauron, you’re too vicious. You actually instigated Victor to deal with Weylin….” The person within the carriage giggled, “However. A great man has to be ruthless–this is my faithful Sauron!”

“Many thanks to *you for your praise, beautiful Madame Suzanne.” Sauron also gave a light chuckle, “On the other hand, I’ve also taken the initiative to congratulate Victor on being crowned as one of the top ten experts at the same time as your reception. Please take a look….”

“You’ve done very well!”

By this time, the carriage had already arrived at the entrance of the restaurant and the voice of the person within had also grown louder. She purposely directed a few words towards Victor: “Young Master Victor is the young lord of Reyne Mountain, the only son of Wolf King Sophus. That such a distinguished character can rank into the top ten of Sun City is very laudable. Congratulations! I propose to cancel the welcoming feast prepared for me. Today, we will only celebrate the coronation ceremony of Young Master Victor as one of the top ten experts!”

When these words left her mouth, Victor’s cheeks instantly turned ruddier.

The person in the carriage spoke once again: “Sauron, invite Young Master Victor to step into the carriage. We will receive the cheering together.”

Victor’s ruddy complexion flushed as he climbed into the carriage in excitement.

How capable!

The various representatives were secretly astonished. Suzanne, this widow, only used a few words to curry the favor of Reyne Mountain’s young lord. It seems as though for a period of time, Suzanne Farms and Reyne Mountain will be standing on the same side.

Under the crowd’s cheers, the carriage directly entered the inner courtyard of the restaurant.

However, what was interesting was that: Suzanne never stepped out of the carriage. In order to show off her authority, she allowed the carriage to directly wheel into the inner courtyard of the restaurant.

This also led to a most direct consequence: Jiang Nan did not see Suzanne’s appearance.


“Gentlemen, the reception has already concluded. Please come with me into the restaurant.”

After the carriage disappeared, a servant from Suzanne Farms came to stand before Jiang Nan and waved his hand, gesturing for him to send Weylin into the restaurant.

Jiang Nan raised his horsewhip, preparing to enter through the restaurant’s main gate.

But the servant’s face suddenly distorted as he said in anger, “Is this a place where you guys can walk? The main gate is in the middle of welcoming Madame Suzanne. If you want to go in, then come with me through the backdoor.”


Jiang Nan swiveled his head to look at the elderly manager within the group, only to find the manager’s face ashen as he nodded towards him, “Rodi, who told us to be weaker than other people? We’ll just go through the backdoor then!”

The servant snorted in glee. Arriving in the inner courtyard of the restaurant, he casually pointed to a horse shed, “Gentlemen, there are a more guests than usual today, so there are not enough guest rooms in the restaurant. As such, we will just trouble you all to put up with this ‘horse shed’ as a room.”

“Horse shed?! You actually dare to let our house’s Miss sleep in a horse shed?!”

Everybody from West Farms all flared up, and the elderly manager could no longer tolerate it as he cursed in rage: “You disgraceful person! Even though we may have degraded, we still are, after all, members of the Rheinhardt clan! On top of that, my house’s Miss is the present Clan Supervisor’s direct granddaughter! You, you have the audacity to dare insult the descendant of the First Totem Millennium Aristocracy?!”

“Mister, I also have no choice!” The servant said in a strange manner, “The restaurant truly has no more guest rooms left! Not to mention Miss Weylin, even if the Rheinhardt Clan’s Supervisor Lord Rondor came…. he would still have to sleep in the horse shed!”

“If this woman’s grandfather came, a lowlife like you would seriously dare to let him sleep in a horse shed?!”

Weylin’s wrathful voice suddenly rang out from within the carriage.

Weylin had already woken up!

She struggled to push aside the curtain of the carriage. Seeing Jiang Nan driving the carriage, she leaned on his shoulder without the slightest scruple, “Rodi, help support this woman to go teach that lowlife a lesson!”

“Miss, *your injuries! You can’t move, lie down quickly!”

“This woman is still incapable of dying!”

Under Jiang Nan’s support, Weylin arrived before the servant. For the sake of emergency treatment, the whip she constantly carried at her side had already been taken away. Unable to find it, she randomly snatched up the horsewhip in Jiang Nan’s hand. Pa! Pa! Pa! She directed twenty-something lashes towards the servant’s head, “You damned lowlife! Even if this woman is injured to the point of no return, I’m still not someone a lowlife like you can bully! Brothers, seize this fellow!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The overseers of West Farms all whipped out their weapons.

“This Elegant Forest Restaurant is Suzanne’s estate, correct?” Weylin roared: “Then wreck it! Wreck it until Suzanne exchanges rooms for us!”

What a tyrannical temper! Following Weylin’s awakening, the group of people from West Farms all seemed to have suddenly grown a spine. They suddenly transformed into other people: murderous and unafraid of death!

As Weylin led her group forward, Sauron’s voice suddenly arose from the distance.

“Yulianne’s Reception Committee, all members immediately gather to convene an emergency conference!”

Weylin went blank, “Motherfu**er, has something major happened?”

It truly was something major!

While Weylin was beating people up, a post horse had arrived before the restaurant.

The horseman raised a golden yellow scroll up high that was three feet long with two thick arms, on which hung sharp thorny ornaments on either side.

Sun City’s Totem Ranking had three records: the third record being an ordinary bronze color which recorded unremarkable amateur totem warriors; the second record being a mild silver color that listed famous experts.

On the third record, which was what the horseman was currently raising, it was golden yellow, and it recorded the top ten experts of Sun City!

The Top Ten Ranking had been released!

The rider leapt down from his mount at the entrance to the restaurant, raising the announcement up high as he declared loudly: “Totem Advancement Association, Sun City Branch, announces to the entire city: match evaluations concluded last night, and Sun City’s top ten experts’…. ranking has changed!”



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      • This isn’t a story about him being a slave, it’s a story that properly starts once he stops being one…

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