Chapter 023: Intolerable Bullying

Why was Sauron here?

While Weylin and Victor were dueling, Sauron was constantly cheering for Victor. Now that Victor was lightly injured and unconscious, it would make sense for Sauron to tend to Victor instead.

“Lord Sauron, my family’s Miss is heavily injured and cannot take any visitors. If there is anything *you would like to say, *you can say it to me. Right… Has anything happened with Young Master Victor?”

The elderly manager who taught Lola a lesson went to receive Sauron. He was still worried: perhaps Victor’s injuries were heavier than they seemed, and Sauron had come to take revenge as his friend.

“Young Master Victor doing quite well. One or two more hours, and he’ll be able to wake up.”

After hearing these words, the elderly manager let out a sigh of relief, “Then the reason *you have come here is…”

“I’ve come to extend an invitation to Miss Weylin.”

Sauron dusted off his lapel, “The lord of our family’s farm—Madame Suzanne, is about to arrive in Sun City. Weylin, as a member of ‘Yulianne’s reception committee’, by reason should… Tsk tsk. If I might ask Miss Weylin to come and take a walk with me to go welcome my family’s farm’s lord!”


The elderly manager’s face immediately turned ashen. Several loyal and devoted guards even unsheathed the swords at their waists in preparation to fight to the death!

Welcoming Madame Suzanne sounded pleasing in word, but what sort of situation was Weylin in right now?!

Weylin’s abdomen was completely run through by wolf claws, and she was still in a critical state. Sauron’s pushing of Weylin to go receive Madame Suzanne was simply a way of tormenting her to death!

Lola also clenched her fists, “Lord Sauron, *you, *you’re… too unfair!”

“Young lady, you can’t make irresponsible remarks. I, Sauron, as the number one expert on Sun City’s Totem Ranking, have never profited from someone’s misfortune and used force to bully people. I am only doing my duty according to custom.”

Sauron cast a disdainful glance towards Lola, “Madame Suzanne is the president of ‘Yulianne’s Reception Committee’, and therefore has the authority to order Weylin to do anything. If the Madame has arrived, don’t tell me that Miss Weylin should not endure this tiny matter and personally go to receive her? Or is it that… you don’t even put my family’s madame in your eyes?!”

After saying so, Sauron took a step forward and raised his lanky right arm to place it horizontally across his chest.

After doing so, a beautiful mauve-colored flower sprouted out of his arm. However, although it was lovely, two rows of sharp teeth protruded from the stamen as they opened and closed, seeming as though they wanted to swallow a person whole!

Sauron’s meaning was clear: if Weylin did not go with him right now, then he wouldn’t mind using his abilities to make it happen!

“Sauron, this old man can’t beat you, but there are no cowardly subordinates of Miss Weylin who are afraid of death!”

Indignant at this injustice, one of the guards raised his sword and charged over.

Sauron gave a faint laugh, then softly said five words, “My treasure, time to eat.”

These five words seemed to contain a type of strange rhythm: at the first word, the carnivorous flower on Sauron’s arm began to move around; at the second word, the flower abruptly expanded and shot out towards the guard’s head. At the third word, the flower opened its maw of sharp teeth…. By the time the fifth word had left Sauron’s mouth, the guard had already been torn to shreds and vanished into Sauron’s arm!

“Tsk tsk….”
(TL: sound of lips smacking)

Sauron seemed to have just gorged himself full as he licked his lips, “A pretty good taste. West Farm fellows, now… can I take Miss Weylin with me?”

“Sauron, this old man’s going to go all out!” The rest of the ten odd guards also rushed forth.

“All of you halt!”

The elderly manager suddenly let out a loud shout. Fixing a rigid gaze on Sauron, he tightened his fists with extreme unreconciliation, “Let the doctor stop the emergency treatment. Rodi, go get the carriage ready. We… will ask that Miss Weylin goes on a short walk with Lord Sauron!”

“Mister Manager…”

Lola and the rest of them stared at the manager, dumbstruck.

The elderly manager’s lips quivered as glistening tears rolled about on the rims of his eyes. His aged eyes were nearly streaming with bitter tears.

He had already guessed Sauron’s objective: Suzanne Farm wanted to take advantage of Weylin’s heavy injuries and thoroughly beat her down, seizing the opportunity to swallow West Farms.

However, so what if he already guessed this? Even if the rest of the guards charged over and put their lives on the line, Sauron could eliminate them all just as he did before, then pompously take Weylin far away.


At least this way, he could somewhat compromise and protect the lives of his farm men out of consideration for Weylin
(*TL: I generally get what the author’s trying to say, but don’t particularly get this sentence itself, so raws are up there for you guys.)

“Did you not hear me? When Miss Weylin is not here, I am your boss! Quickly do as I say!”

The other managers also understood the elderly manager’s way of thinking, and helplessly began doing as they were told.

*When a wall is about to collapse, everybody will shove it over. Without the protection of one of the top ten experts, they had degraded to the point where anyone could trample over them. They weren’t even equal to pigs or dogs anymore.
(*TL: hitting a person who’s down)

The top ten experts…

If only one of the top ten experts could appear in their farm… how good would it be!


Elegant Forest Restaurant was located one kilometer to the north of the arena. At normal speed, a carriage could get there in around five minutes.

However, under Sauron’s meticulous dawdling, Jiang Nan only arrived at the most extravagant restaurant of Sun City after driving the carriage for a full twenty minutes!

The unconscious Weylin had been bumped and jolted on the carriage for twenty minutes.


Stopping the carriage at the restaurant’s entrance, Jiang Nan took advantage of the opportunity to size up the restaurant while waiting for Sauron’s further instructions.

On the verge of President Suzanne’s arrival, the restaurant’s front entrance was already brightly lit with lanterns and decorations. A two-meter wide red carpet was also rolled out fifty meters from the entrance to the corner of the road.

On the other hand, two elite guards stood on either side of the road, while a sign was placed on the main entrance of the restaurant, saying: “Respectful Salutations to President Suzanne.” Below the sign, a number of representatives from various powers who had arrived earlier were all whispering to each other as they waited for Madame Suzanne.

At this moment, one of the female representatives who was on good terms with Weylin came over and asked curiously: “Rodi, Elder Sister Weylin is heavily injured and needs rest. Why have you guys…”

“Correct, Weylin needs rest, but custom is custom!”

Jiang Nan was just about to answer when he heard Sauron laughing from the side: “I also want to let Miss Weylin rest, but Madame Suzanne is the president of the reception committee, the temporary chief of Sun City’s various great powers. If the Madame arrives, then no matter how unwell Weylin is, she must attend the reception. This is customary. In regards to the customs of our Suzanne Farm, do you… have any objections?”

“Sauron, you….”

The female representative wanted to say, ‘Of course I have objections!’, when someone suddenly tugged lightly on her clothes and said in a low voice: “Better to keep your words to a minimum. Victor wants to take advantage of this chance to pressure Weylin. Who would dare to stand up for her? Their end would most likely be even crueler than Weylin’s!”

After hearing these words, the female representative fumed as she glared at Sauron, then corrected herself: “Of course I have no objections. You’re the number one expert of Sun City, so do whatever you want.”

“Aiya, from your words, how come it seems like you’re saying that I use my power to bully others?”

Sauron wagged his finger, then unfurled his arms towards the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, if none of you have any objections towards Weylin’s attendance, then I welcome the representatives to gather in welcome of Madame Suzanne. Right now, if all of you could separate into two lines and await Madame’s arrival.”

The various representatives stood on each side of the red carpet.

Time passed in minutes and seconds, when suddenly, Victor charged out from the restaurant.

His appearance was quite wretched: bandages seeping blood were wrapped around his chest, his face was deathly pale, and his hair was disheveled. However, an air of arrogance belonging uniquely to the wolf clan still appeared between his two eyebrows.

Sauron hastily went to meet him, “Aiya, Little Brother Victor, you’ve awaken? Slow down, slow down. I know you’re eager to welcome my family’s Madame, but your injuries are still quite serious. You need much rest.”

“Who says I came to welcome Suzanne?”

Victor’s words left Sauron flabbergasted and speechless. He spoke arrogantly: “I came here to await the new ‘Top Ten Ranking’!”

Sauron replied in astonishment: “Victor, my boy, according to convention, the ranking will most likely only come out tomorrow. It’s better that you still…”

“Who says tomorrow evening?!” Victor raised his head in excitement and let out a wolf’s howl, “Using the name of my father, I made a request to the arena that once I prevailed over Weylin, they would bring the new top ten ranking to me before midnight… Hmph, within half an hour, the new top ten ranking will definitely appear before me!”

Half an hour? In just half an hour, the new ‘Top Ten Ranking’ would be announced?!

The crowd squirmed in excitement!



11 thoughts on “Chapter 023: Intolerable Bullying

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  2. Hmm… well, West Farm is being bullied but I can’t seem to sympathize with them so far. I mean, the way they dealt with our MC and his aunt… I just can’t see a victim in Weylin.
    As a reader, are we supposed to be upset by whatever is happening to her right now? The author never managed to make this girl likable so far though.

    The fact that she had to shoulder the standing and prosperity of West Farms alone is far from enough to make me forget about her ruthlessness with her slaves…

    Thanks for the chapter


    • You do know that the girl need to do that for the future of her farm
      she need to be cruel and merciless
      and I also don’t agree
      MC maybe be treated badly by her but if you look at another point of view she is just monopolizing mc as her own to relieve some stress but she never deal the final blow
      and as for aunt you know she is insane yet the farm gladly accepted her
      and you know who made that possible

      Thanks for the chapter


      • Well, the reason doesn’t matter for me. She must be strict with her slaves, but what she does isn’t being strict or firm as a master, it’s oppression.

        Does she need to specifically bully him every single day, whip him for no specific reason, specifically burden him with extra work while other slaves are available like washing things alone late at night?
        She’s doing that for the sake of her farm, you say? That’s unlikely but let’s say that is the case. So what? Does that make her more likable? Should everyone forgive her tyranny and bullying?
        Good for her that some people can pity her, but I’m not.
        MC will obviousy help her anyway, since that is the direction the story is going toward (or else he wouldn’t happen to enter the top 10 rankings that timely). Then, out of nowhere author will try to BS us about her wanting to physically monopolize him because she fancied and loved the MC and was jalous or something. Love=Punishment blabla.
        I’ll laugh if that happens.


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