Chapter 022: Who Can Protect Us?

The plan Jiang Nan came up with was quite unique: there were quite a few local ruffians in Sun City. Jiang Nan pretended to go out on a casual walk, and ‘inadvertently’ offended two petty hoodlums. After that, he depended on his physical strength to fight with these hoodlums.

Although Jiang Nan was heavily injured, taking care of a few small-time hoodlums was nothing difficult. However, he carefully controlled his actions so that while he was beating these two hoodlums up, he subtly suffered a few fists as well…

Just like this, Jiang Nan’s injuries had a foolproof origin!

He could proudly say to anyone, “My injuries? Alright, I got into a fight with a few hoodlums and became like this!”



Ten minutes later, several guards of public order escorted Jiang Nan into the stadium. They were about to hand this ‘middle-of-the-street brawler and destructor of public order’ who had gone looking for trouble to Weylin.

And Jiang Nan simply waited for Weylin to come out in ‘distress’. He could already imagine what would happen next.

Weylin would come out, and seeing Jiang Nan’s horrible conduct, she would immediately fly into rage, “You damned lowlife, just what have you done?!”

Without any need for Jiang Nan’s explanation, the peace-keeping guards would tell Weylin, “Miss, *your slave got into a fight with other people and was beaten to this state.”

And amidst Weylin’s scolding and whipping, she would roar fiercely: “Who f***ing dares to touch this woman’s person? Lola, go round up everybody to go out and search, and come with me to annihilate that group of lowlives!”


Weylin was this kind of person. At home, she would beat and scold anybody, but once a person of her household suffered torment from an outsider… she would forever be the first to stand out!

Jiang Nan was right in the middle of daydreaming in satisfaction when suddenly, the stadium’s entrance was struck open as Lola and a few overseers ran out in panic.

“Rodi, you…”

As expected, Lola was startled when she saw Jiang Nan’s monstrous state. However, what followed was like the howling of a madman: “Rodi, quick, go to the eastern side of town! As long as you see a doctor, even if you have to kidnap him, you must bring him over to *me! If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility!”

“Doctor? Miss Lola, does somebody need treatment?”

Lola was near tears, “You damned lowlife, what are you wasting time for? Miss Weylin, she, she’s been heavily injured! She’s almost dying!”


In fact, Lola was not the only one to command Jiang Nan. After Miss Weylin had been beaten into a critical state, all the farmhands who had come along also took action. Whether inviting or dragging, ten odd minutes later, all the famous doctors of Sun City had all been brought to the emergency room of the stadium.

And Jiang Nan and the rest simply stood guard outside of the courtyard.

At this time, Jiang Nan found out what had happened during Weylin’s duel from an overseer who he had a pretty good relationship with.

Weylin’s duel had started at five o’clock. Once it began, using her ability as a Primary-rank 9th level Snow Swallow Totem Warrior to take on the form of a swallow, she soared into the sky. In ten-some hits, she beat Victor until he was covered in dirt, without the slightest intent of holding back!

However, Victor’s faith totem was the wolf, and in this critical juncture, the bloodthirsty nature of the wolf exploded forth. Unable to find any substitutes in the arena, Victor unexpectedly tore off two pieces of flesh from his chest and used them as concealed weapons to attack Weylin midair!

In a moment of carelessness, Weylin was struck to the ground.

After that, Victor no longer left any chance for Weylin to fly up again. Transforming into a wolfman, he used his sharp teeth and claws to beat the Weylin who wasn’t proficient in fighting into a critical state.

At this moment, spectators who supported Weylin could see that she was destined to lose. Afraid that Weylin would throw her life away if the two continued fighting, they began shouting: “Miss Weylin, concede! You’re still young! One or two more years, and you’ll definitely be able to get revenge!”

Originally, this was supposed to be encouragement spoken out of good intentions, but what kind of temper did Weylin have?!

“*I won’t give the title as one of the top ten experts to Victor! I absolutely will not!”

At once, Weylin jumped up and risked it all. Throwing caution to the wind, she got pierced in the abdomen with a sharp claw for the sake of getting a chance to pummel Victor’s head!

In the end, Victor was beaten until he fell unconscious on the ground, while Weylin was directly sent to the emergency room on a stretcher covered in blood.

After hearing this, Jiang Nan clapped his hand to his forehead helplessly. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

At long last, he let out a deep breath and sighed: “To go as far as this… for a mere title?”

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Lola did not pick a fight with Jiang Nan when she heard his complaint. Instead, she nodded like mindedly, “That’s right. If at that time, Miss was willing to concede, how much better it would have been. If you lose then you lose, what’s the worst that could happen? At most, she was just give the superficial title as one of the top ten to Victor…”

“What do you understand! Being one of the top ten experts of Sun City is not just an empty name!”

An elderly manager interrupted Lola’s words. Seeing her confused expression, he answered helplessly, “Lola, right now you’re Miss’ personal maid, so you have the right to know a few things now.
These years, our farm has been stirring things up in Sun City, making us seem quite impressive. But in truth…. danger lurks on every side!”

The manager continued to speak: “Internally, the farm’s master, Count West… I’ll say something I shouldn’t say. The Count is simply a hedonistic and useless man who cannot uphold the future of the farm! Externally, countless hidden enemies covet our resources and even think of annexing our farm in their dreams!”

Lola said in surprise: “Mister Manager, our farm is a branch of the Rheinhardt Clan though. Do people still dare to annex our farm?”

“Why wouldn’t they dare?!” Another manager spoke out: “Correct, we are members of the Rheinhardt Clan. From the perspective of common people, we have a strong backing, thus allowing us to use the Rheinhardt Clan’s name to stir up trouble… But Lola, from the perspective of Rhein headquarters, they have at least two thousand farms such as ours. We are only outer members in an enormous group that can be casually abandoned any time!
Hence, once we run into any danger, the clan headquarters usually won’t send any reinforcements.”

The elderly manager let out a sigh, then continued from where the other manager stopped: “Additionally, even if clan headquarters were willing to help us, look at our enemies! Forget about other people, just look at Suzanne Farms. We have the Rheinhardt Clan backing us, but behind Suzanne Farms… stands the Sommer Clan, one of the seven great aristocracies! Their support is not much inferior to ours! Lola, tell me… why. Why is it that even though it is a mess both internally and externally, we continue to develop and prosper from day to day?”

Lola said proudly: “It is all because of the efforts of Miss Weylin!”

“Correct!” The elderly manager responded enthusiastically: “The reason our farm can prosper till this day can be completely attributed to Miss Weylin! However… exactly what does Miss Weylin rely on-rely on to uphold the future of our farm?”

Lola’s mouth opened and closed. She already understood the manager’s meaning, and said in a low voice: “Miss relies on her combat ability, on her title as one of the top ten experts.”

“Precisely!” The elderly manager said resolutely: “It is precisely because of Miss’ ranking that the smaller powers haven’t dared to provoke us in the past several years. This is why Suzanne Farms must rack their brains on how many resources they will need to expend to forcefully annex our farm!
However, once Miss is no longer one of the top ten experts, our farm’s reputation will scatter to the wind, and enemies as insignificant as cats and dogs… will also dare to casually act against our farm!
Just before, Miss risked it all not for the title, but to protect the honor of our farm!”

After saying so, the manager just let out a deep sigh then went silent.

On the other hand, Lola was so stunned that she had nothing left to say. She was also aware of the severity of this matter!

In today’s match, Weylin knocked Victor unconscious. However, if one looked at the results of the fight, one had fainted with light injuries, while the other was so heavily injured that she was near death. In truth, Weylin had been defeated.

Weylin had already lost the title as one of the top ten!

West Farms no longer possessed the protection of one of the top ten experts!

If so, then West Farms had already fallen into disrepute. Early tomorrow morning, a countless number of enemies would flock over to swallow the farm in one gulp!

When Lola realized this, she jumped about in desperation, “Mister Manager, our farm can’t lose the protection of one of the top ten experts! Miss… Miss is already no longer one of the top ten experts, so we have to take swift action and look for another one of the top ten experts to protect us!”

“You say this so easily!” The manager answered helplessly: “Now that Sun City has already developed until now, each of the top ten experts have already affiliated themselves with their own respective powers. None of the current ten… will be willing to protect us!”

For a time, everybody had gone silent.

As they continued guarding beside Weylin, no one was aware that Jiang Nan had already defeated Hank, and that the top ten rankings had already been altered.

One of the top ten experts who could protect them, Jiang Nan, was simply crouching next to them.

“Get out of my way, I want to see Miss Weylin!”

Amidst everybody’s silence, several rough noises suddenly resounded from the outside.

“Please wait. Miss Weylin is still in the middle of emergency treatment, and no visitors are permitted!”

“Is that so? Weylin can’t take any visitors… but what if it’s me, Sun City’s number one expert, Sauron, visiting her?”

In the middle of disputing, Sauron took several hired guards of Suzanne Farms and rushed in.



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