Chapter 020: Reward (1)

The victor gets a reward?

Jiang Nan’s mood immediately brightened. This was a reward he had used his genuine ability to get, a symbol of glory!

However, after sweeping a glance over the black cage, he suddenly sighed helplessly.

This cage was a full two meters tall with a diameter of one meter, not to mention that the reward inside was probably quite large as well. If this reward was just a small toy, Jiang Nan would still be able to secretly bring it back to the farm. However, with such a massive size as this, if Jiang Nan were to bring it back, how would he explain it?

In addition, Sun City was just a small place, and this time’s Totem Arena only consisted of fights between primary-rink totem warriors. For this level of competition, the reward definitely wouldn’t be too valuable, so giving it up wouldn’t be much of a waste either.

Jiang Nan waved his hand, indicating that he didn’t need this reward, then departed with his hand grasping his chest.

“*You don’t need the reward?”

The supervisor stared blankly, then quickly chased after him and said in a low voice: “Lord, how about giving this arena some face? Right now, the field has at least three thousand spectators, and if *you just decline under all their gazes… Please forgive me, I’ve spoken a bit bluntly. However, if you decline this reward, how will the crowd think? They’ll think that this arena is stingy and that the reward is too puny! Furthermore…”

Jiang Nan was pained to the point that he saw stars. Abruptly waving his hand, he cut the supervisor off.

“Alright, alright. You’ve already given me more than enough reason, there’s no need to continue. Just call some people and send this to the third block outside the competition field.”

The third block was where Jiang Nan had dug through a pile of garbage and found some equipment, an extremely remote alley.

This was Jiang Nan’s intention: the reward was too excessively big, so he definitely couldn’t take it. However, his injuries were quite serious and he already had no more energy left to tangle with the supervisor. As such, he only wanted to fake taking it, and then… directly dump it into the trash heap.

The supervisor let out a sigh of relief and stopped nagging Jiang Nan.

Yet right as Jiang Nan reached the arena’s exit, the supervisor once again chased after him, “Lord, Lord!”

“Mister, I am an injured person right now! I urgently need treatment!”

Jiang Nan pointed out his mouth which was still leaking blood. Was this manager without end?

“Lord, please don’t misunderstand. I, it’s not that I wish to delay your treatment…” The supervisor didn’t dare to offend the Jiang Nan who had defeated Han. Laughing bitterly, he said: “It’s just that, according to the Totem Arena’s regulations, I am required to ask *you a question right now.”

The supervisor solemnly drew out a small record from his bosom as he said seriously: “Just before, the whole process of *your battle was recorded. By tomorrow at the latest, the arena will be able to evaluate where you stand on the Totem Rank based on the abilities *you have demonstrated today… Might I ask, when announcing *your rank, would *you like us to publicize your true name?”

“I’ve already answered this question before when I was registering—anonymous, alias: Professor! On the other hand, you can make my totem level known after my ranking.”

Jiang Nan only felt that his body was about to fade into nothingness. Growing more impatient, he glared at the supervisor and said: “Mister, can I leave now? Can I go rescue my own life now?!”

“A thousand apologies. Please, please…”

The supervisor was so frightened that he dropped his head down. In truth, he still wanted to explain to Jiang Nan, Lord, *you probably did not notice, but the opponent *you defeated was actually the Blood-eyed Hank of the top ten experts!

But seeing Jiang Nan’s appearance…. Forget it. It’s still better to let him go quickly and get himself treated.

Jiang Nan left the arena.

From start to finish, he wasn’t the least bit aware of Hank’s true identity.

And as the supervisor stared towards Jiang Nan’s receding back, his expression revealed a strange light.

Under most circumstances, he wouldn’t question an anonymous identity. However, the opponent Jiang Nan had just prevailed over was one of Sun City’s top ten experts, Blood-eyed Hank!

Without a doubt, Jiang Nan had already replaced Hank on the Totem Rank and become one of the top ten experts.

Furthermore, the change in the Totem Rank not only represented the glory and shame between two people, but even more symbolized that a character capable of changing the tides had appeared in Sun City! It even signified that the various powers of Sun City would undergo several private and secret negotiations in order to rope this expert in!

In Sun City… the climate was about to change!

Several minutes later, the supervisor returned to the arena. At this moment, Hank had been taken on a stretcher to receive treatment, but the spectators still hadn’t scattered.

The supervisor knew what the crowd was waiting for. Walking to the center of the arena ring, he spread his arms apart and said in a lengthy tone: “Ladies and gentlemen! Just before… you all witnessed history unfolding in Sun City!”

“For five years, from the time Miss Weylin became one of the top ten experts, the top ten ranking has never changed since… But today, a new expert has finally appeared! He has defeated Hank and become a new member of the top ten experts!”

The supervisor spoke passionately: “Ladies and gentlemen, I know what you all are waiting for: all this unfamiliar Lord Professor has become one of the city’s top ten experts… exactly where is he ranked?!”

“Don’t fret!” The supervisor was nearly roaring as he announced: “In Arena #1, Miss Weylin is currently in the middle of challenging Mister Victor. Once the victor is decided, by tomorrow evening at the latest, the arena will publicly declare the new… Top Ten Totem Ranking!”


At 5:07 in the evening, Jiang Nan arrived in the small alley located on the third block.

During Sun City’s winter, the sky would darken terribly earl. Although it was just past five, the narrow alley was already a layer of pitch black darkness.

At this moment, several farm guards were pushing a large cart to send the cloth-draped black cage to Jiang Nan’s side. Once they saw the critical condition of Jiang Nan’s injuries, they didn’t dare to disturb him. Presenting him with a few bottles of high quality rapid recovery medicine, then turned and left.


Jiang Nan collapsed decrepitly beside the trash heap. His opponent’s strength was really too strong. He had at least three ribs broken and a probable cerebral concussion from this beating.

And this was still an ordinary opponent in Arena #3. If he met an expert belonging to the top ten…

Jiang Nan didn’t even dare to imagine it. Stuffing the medicine that the guards gave him into his mouth, he gradually began breathing evenly and felt a bit better.

However, Jiang Nan had directly bore tens of fists and had long since been battered black and blue, his face swelling like a peach blossom. Although these medicines could mollify his pain, they couldn’t get eliminate the blood and inflammations on his face.

He absolutely had to think of a way to cover up his injuries. Or else… once Miss Weylin saw traces of them, she would definitely get to the bottom of it and find out that he cultivated as a ghost totem master.

In the end, what was he to do?

Closing his eyes in contemplation, Jiang Nan suddenly thought of a terribly interesting idea.

He began to move, but right at this moment…

Dong, dong!

The black cage which Jiang Nan hadn’t paid the least bit of attention to suddenly rang out with two knocking sounds.

Jiang Nan nearly jumped out of his skin. Could it be that the reward he had already prepared to discard… was an animal?

“Are you a person? Do you understand what I’m saying?” Jiang asked with a hoarse voice.

Dong, dong!

No voice echoed out from within the cage, but it immediately replied with two knocks. Clearly, even if the cage wasn’t holding a living person, it was a living being intelligent enough to understand Jiang Nan’s speech.

As long as the creature was intelligent, he couldn’t throw it away in this dump to wait for death.

Thinking up till here, Jiang Nan once again put on his mask and used his shabby gown to cover up the slave clothes on his body. Once he confirmed that nobody would be able to recognize him, he threw the red cloth on the cage aside.

Surprisingly, inside the cage was a….



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  2. That’s a very immoral cliff my man!

    Also : “And this was still an ordinary opponent in Arena #3. If he met an expert belonging to the top ten…”

    Oh wait for it… And that was with him not using his strongest attacks because they would reveal himself.


  3. You can’t leave us hanging from such a cliff~! That’s immoral~~!

    No but seriously, infront of such a cliffhanger, I couldn’t even get agitated, I just smiled..

    On that note, thanks for the chapter, or rather the rapid releases over the last few days(or has it been more..? Can’t tell with my current schedule..) and I hope that you don’t leave us hanging for too long.. xDD


  4. (-_-)

    Really…. a double cliff hanger for the exact same subject…. it is the exact same cliff hanger as the last chapter…..

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  5. Let’s see….the reward is a living creature. Hanks, a strong fighter wanted it. It’s intelligent enough to understand human speech. It’s either a fairly powerful beast or a beautiful girl? That’s what most novels would have anyway. Seeing that this was the reward at arena 3, where the experts aren’t the strongest, they wouldn’t be able to tame a powerful beast. So I’m assuming….it’s a girl!! Maybe the female lead?


  6. Harem is common in chinese society except from communist is banned this. Communist think that harem would make a lot of children and not because of love or anything. In common modern society harem is also very common, ex. I have a girlfriend then i met someone hot in bar then i pick her up to nearby motel, this is so common. The logical explanations for this harem stuff is woman is 4-12x more than man in some modern city so this kind of logic is justify harem, so if you married 1 woman there is 3-11 woman waiting for YOU to feel you LOL.


  7. y do i feel that almost all chapters that have been released all have cliffhangers? it is just me or everyone else understand my feeling ? 😦 thanks for the chapter


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