Chapter 019: Tearing Bones

For a time, Jiang Nan was a flabbergasted.

He’s just going to directly start attacking?!

But… this was really f***ing…. awesome!

Looking at Hank’s fists, the two hands covered in Jiang Nan’s sleeves swiftly made a seal… Suddenly, he abruptly raised his two hands.

His two hands motioning, one could only see a golden radiance burgeoning in them. The golden light soon began to spread out starting from Jiang Nan’s arms, and in the blink of an eye, it had completely suffused throughout his whole body.

This was the Radiance Technique used especially for concealing his ghost aura!

However, from the spectator’s point of view, a body covering golden light was precisely the representation of a ‘Primary-rank Strength Totem Warrior’. A spectator yelled out loudly: “It’s a Strength Totem! Hah, we’ll have something fun to watch: one Steel Faith, the other Strength Faith. This time, it’ll be a full-blown force-type duel!”

Another spectator shouted: “Professor, go all out against him, all out!”

Jiang Nan didn’t disappoint the crowd. He was just in the middle of appraising his opponent’s strength.

Aiming at the muscular man’s fist, Jiang Nan condensed his ‘necromantic energy’ onto his right fist. Letting out a deep shout, his fist directly met the muscular man’s fist!


As if an iron hammer had smashed onto a steel plate, the two people’s fists had barely touched when a series of sparks began to shoot out.

Immediately after, two human figures suddenly separated, retreating towards the arena’s two sides.

Jiang Nan had taken the initiative to part away first. All he felt was the universe’s massive power heading towards him, colliding against him and making him dazed. To keep from giving the opponent a second consecutive chance, he proactively retreated to a corner of the arena.

But Hank did not have such an easy time as Jiang Nan.

Truthfully speaking, Hank’s strength exceeded Jiang Nan’s by one level at the minimum. However, for the sake of increasing the degree of his offensive power, he had spun and struck his fist out.

For this type of attacking method, if Hank’s opponent wasn’t equal to Jiang Nan, Hank’s fist would have directly pulverized his opponent’s head. However, although Jiang Nan’s strength could not match him, there was a limited difference. Hence, when Hank and Jiang Nan’s fists crashed together, the spinning quality did not stop for a time and unexpectedly caused Hank’s legs to stagger and half-kneel onto the ground.

“Delightful, delightful! There’s actually a person who can beat Hank into kneeling!”

“Hank, stand up! Keep fighting! You’re one of Sun City’s top ten experts!”

The spectators continuously hooted and cheered, but they didn’t know the real facts. They assumed that Jiang Nan had held the advantage in this first bout.

In truth, Jiang Nan was already seeing stars while his ears rung, to the point that he didn’t even hear the audience call out, the title of ‘one of the top ten experts’.

This man’s strength was truly too powerful!

Jiang Nan fiercely bit the tip of his tongue, forcing his mind to clear up. He spoke to himself, “No can do. I can’t fight against this freak using strength. Based on this degree of strength, after ten odd bouts, I’ll definitely be beat to the point that I’ll vomit blood…”

Just as Jiang Nan was pondering battle tactics, Hank had secretly suffered loss. Flying into rage out of humiliation, he had already leapt up and begun charging towards Jiang Nan with an iron fist.

Hank’s strength was incomparably tyrannical, yet his speed was not slow either. With just a moment’s thought, Jiang Nan discovered that the iron fist had smashed into his chest.

Boom, boom, boom!

How could Jiang Nan’s amateurish capabilities compare with the extensive experience of one of the top ten experts? With one strike, Hank got the upper hand. Repeatedly attacking with his left and right fists, he directed a series of combined fists towards Jiang Nan’s upper body.

Unable to dodge, Jiang Nan could only bitterly attempt to resist these for the sake of his life…


After half a minute, Hank had already whipped out 157 fists. Jiang Nan didn’t even know how many he had blocked or deflected. What he did know was that he felt a burning and agonizing pain in his chest and forehead and as though his bones were about to shatter.

Actually though, if Jiang Nan had used all of his fighting capabilities and utilized ‘Skeletal Poison Blade’, ‘Dark Steps’, and ‘Death Armor’, even if he wasn’t Hank’s match, he still wouldn’t have been beaten into such a sorry state.

However, just look at the distinguishing characteristics of these methods. For example, Skeletal Poison Blade allowed skeletal lances to grow out from Jiang Nan’s entire body. At the same time, it was also accompanied by poison. If Jiang Nan used these methods, even before Hank would’ve won, the arena’s soldiers would have probably already shouted ‘Kill the Ghost Totem’ and chopped him into mincemeat.

The Radiance Technique was a method of ‘sacrificing battle capability’ to keep his identity secret!

Ai, it seems as though his strength was still no good. He was actually beaten into this state by an ordinary competitor in Arena #3….

According to his estimations, he was probably just a Primary-rank 2nd or 3rd level only!

Jiang Nan’s consciousness began to grow fuzzy. Almost entirely out of instinct, he used his last breath and deflected two fists, taking advantage of the opportunity to slap a palm onto Hank’s chest.

This was the first time Jiang Nan aimed for Hank’s body.

A pity that Hank was a Steel Totem Master and that his entire body was like a steel plate. Not only was Hank not hurt when Jiang Nan’s palm landed, his own palm was actually jolted into sharp pain as his bones cracked.

“If you wish to harm my body, your strength… is still not qualified enough!”

Seeing Jiang Nan’s powerless resistance, Hank suddenly roared and used one arm to seize Jiang Nan’s collar while raising his other fist, “Brat, now… go die!”

After saying so, Hank began to fling Jiang Nan around to shatter him to death just like he did to Link.

And right as Jiang Nan was about to lose consciousness, in the line of thinking as a medical professor, he was still occupied with his own hand’s bone.

Alright, so his fourth and fifth finger bones had been shaken to the point of fracture.


Once he thought about bones, Jiang Nan’s a flash of light flickered in Jiang Nan’s head as he abruptly remembered one of his classes in his past world.

In that class, Jiang Nan had been teaching his students how to disassemble a human head’s bone, otherwise known as the skull. He said, “Gentlemen, bones are one of the body’s hardest organs. Some bones are even harder than steel plates. Generally speaking, it is impossible to break apart the structure of the bones by only using human strength.

As Jiang Nan said this, he simultaneously disassembled a skull into parts, “However, although a skull is solid, the sections connecting the bones are fragile. Therefore… as long as you can accurately strike against these sections, you can take any solid bone… and tear it into fragments!”

Couldn’t the contents of this class also be used to prevail over Hank?!

Hank’s body was incomparably domineering. Forget about Jiang Nan’s hand, even a blade probably wouldn’t be able to slash him.

Just like disassembling a human skeleton, Jiang Nan was completely unable to fracture all of Hank’s bones. However… he knew where all the sections connecting Hank’s bones were located, and could tear them apart!

Thinking up till here, Jiang Nan’s eyes fiercely shot open.

Seeing Hank’s right hand grasping onto his collar, Jiang Nan swiftly extended two fingers without the slightest hesitation and pressed on a spot between Hank’s ring and pinkie finger.

And then…


Jiang Nan softly poked.

Hank’s finger bones were dislocated.


Hank let out a stifled yelp. Although only two of his fingers were dislocated, the ten fingers were connected to the heart. The acute pain of one’s finger getting dislocated wasn’t something ordinary people could bear!

Furthermore, Jiang Nan was familiar with the structure of the human body. At the time of dislocation, he had also conveniently pushed on the dislocated bone and torn the nerves of Hank’s two fingers! These two main nerves were connected with the spinal cord, and once torn, Hank’s whole arm could be considered crippled!


Hank’s stifled yelp turned into a wailing and miserable shriek. His right hand could no longer exert force, so he naturally let Jiang Nan go.

But after having gained the upper hand, Jiang Nan wasn’t merciful. Originally, Hank had raised him into the air, but now his body was falling. Following his body’s inertia, crack, crack, crack… Jiang Nan’s dissecting speed was unfathomably quick. In an instant, he had torn apart thirty-seven bone-connecting segments!

One could only see Hank’s finger become disfigured, then his whole arm distort. Following that… the shoulder, pelvic bone, thigh, all the way down to the kneecap, various bone-connecting sections had become disfigured. Like mud, Hank’s entire body slumped to the ground!


Following the sound of Hank toppling over, the field had suddenly turned dead silent!

Exactly what had just happened?!

The spectator’s eyes couldn’t follow Jiang Nan’s speed. All they knew was that when Jiang Nan had sunk into dire straits, he had suddenly counterattacked. A frenzy of dazzling hand gestures and Hank had already collapsed.

This man…

Had actually turned the tables, won, and instantly killed one of Sun City’s top ten experts, Hank?!

“Alright! It seems I’ve won!”

Jiang Nan gasped for breath. He was no longer in the mood to care about the crowd’s reactions. After straight up enduring Hank’s punches, his internal organs burned with piercing pain. It was necessary for him to look for a quiet place to recover.

After he said this, Jiang Nan stepped out of the arena.

When he passed by the supervisor’s side, he even laughed and said, “I didn’t deal a killing blow. Look for a doctor, and once that mister rests for a few days, he’ll be fine. On the other hand…” He asked the question he was most concerned about, “Where approximately in the Primary-rank Totem Warrior levels do I place?”

“The arena’s surveyors need some time to assess your level. By tomorrow, at the latest, *you will know your exact level…”

The supervisor answered as though his soul had left the earth. What he had said was only procedural talk. In truth, he was still recalling that series of phantom-like gestures.

In the next moment, the supervisor abruptly came to his senses and hastily called after Jiang Nan, “Lord Professor!”

“En?” Currently, Jiang Nan was agonized to the point that his internal organs felt as though they were on fire. Forcefully suppressing a breath, he hastily said: “Mister, I need to recuperate right now.”

“No, no. I don’t wish to disturb *you.” The supervisor looked towards Jiang Nan’s sorry figure then laughed in embarrassment, “I only wanted to say that *you’ve forgotten something that belongs to you…”

At this time, a number of security guards had already pushed the black cage over. Picking up his pocket watch, the supervisor said: “Right now is five o’clock in the evening, and today’s arena competition has concluded. Without a doubt, *you are today’s victor, and this mysterious reward is already yours!”



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  2. ceruleonice : You evil genius here i was suffering from totem withdrawal and you come back with 2 chapters i am really appreciative of your efforts and i am sure i am not alone in this reasoning. I know its hectic but ‘we be routing fer yer’ arrghh.

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  3. huh, the fight seemed like complete BS to me. he was about to die then turns the tables because of medical knowledge? sure, it sounds cool but…really?


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