Chapter 018: The Title As One of the Top Ten Experts

Different from how Weylin could enjoy the privilege of using Arena #1, the guide simply gave Jiang Nan a golden emblem signifying his identity as a competitor, then led him to Arena #3.

Arena #3 mainly hosted ordinary fights that were more of the sparring nature, and people could participate once they became a totem warrior. One could say that experts almost never appeared in this arena, which was quite suitable for Jiang Nan to test his strength.

In other words, Arena #3 was used especially for ‘low-level’ masters.

After Jiang Nan arrived, the competition had already been in session for a long time. A person was currently standing in the arena and looking down disdainfully at the spectators with a cold eye!

This person’s height was a full two meters, with a bald head, bloodshot pupils, a bared top, and militaristic leg guards wrapped around in chains. On his chest which bulged with muscle, three horizontal and four vertical malevolent scars were visible, for a total of seven scars.

After being swept by this man’s eyes, a number of spectators were frightened to the point that they had begun trembling. However, after regaining their composure, they started to cheer madly.

They were too excited!

A few minutes before Jiang Nan had entered, something extremely fierce and invigorating had occurred in Arena #3.

At that time, a match had just concluded. A totem warrior had prevailed over his opponent and was in the midst of revelling in the crowd’s cheers.

At this moment, the supervisor in charge of this match walked into the arena and announced in a clear voice, “Mr. Link from the Sheffield Clan has already obtained six successive victories! I don’t need to say much about his strength. Competitors, do any of you wish to challenge Lord Link?”

When a competitor challenged an arena’s master, the loser would leave while the winner would remain in the arena. This was the most basic method of competing in the Totem Arena.

Seeing that the competitors below the stage were not very pumped up, the supervisor said enthusiastically: “Ladies and gentlemen, today is the first opening day of the Totem Arena. According to regulations, the arena rewards for the first day are the most valuable!”

Following the supervisor’s words, a number of guards pushed in a large cart around the arena. On it was a two meter high black cage which was draped over with red cloth, and nobody knew what was inside.

“This will be the reward for today’s victor!”

The supervisor spoke with a laugh: “Right now, I still don’t want to announce what this mysterious good is. However, I pledge with my twenty years worth of experience as an arena supervisor that within these twenty years, I have never before seen such a precious good!” After saying so, he pointed at the arena master, Link, then suddenly spoke a few decibels higher, “Esteemed totem warriors, as long as one of you defeats Link and maintains guard of the arena before the sky darkens, *you are today’s winner! *You, will be able to take away this most mysterious, most valuable reward!”

A mysterious and valuable reward…

Something unknown would always provoke the curiosity of humanity. Beneath the arena, there were still seven competitors, and six of them abruptly stood up!

The supervisor chuckled in satisfaction, “Good! These six competitors, which of you wishes to challenge Lord Link first?”

“I dislike extraneous words. If there’s one, then there’s just one. All of you come at me!”

Suddenly, a hoarse voice sounded forth.

Startled, the supervisor assumed that it was the arena’s Link who said these brazen words. However, if one looked a little closer, listened a little deeper… This wasn’t right, this was not the sound of Lord Link’s voice!

Right at this moment!


A muscular man descended from the sky like an iron tower. Bald with bloodshot eyes, he dropped down next to Link and his massive figure smashing into the arena caused it to faintly tremble. Before anyone could react, five fingers like a steel bar… had already clamped onto Link’s neck!

Link was, after all, a veteran totem warrior. Once he saw that the muscular man had seized his throat and exposed his two ribs as an opening, he swiftly lifted his leg and rammed towards the man’s underarm with his knee.

Yet just with this, Link felt as though he had rammed into an iron panel. With a ‘crack’, he actually shattered his on kneecap!

“To me, this degree of strength… is useless!”

The muscular man barked lightly. Twisting his wrist, like a hammer pounding iron, ‘BAM’, he smashed Link onto the arena floor!

Flesh flew for a time…

Those who stepped onto the totem arena needed to be aware of the possibility of the death, was the current consensus of the other totem masters.

“Good heavens, it’s Hank! Hank actually came to Arena #3!”

At this moment, a sharp-eyed spectator already recognized the identity of this muscular man, and the arena’s supervisor was already flabbergasted to the point that he was speechless.

The supervisor was very aware: this muscular man was named Hank, and had faith in the power of steel. He was a Primary-rank 9th level Steel Totem Warrior.

However, Hank was ranked ninth on the Totem Rank in Sun City, and as such was considered one of Sun City’s top ten experts. Based on reason, this kind of expert would be competing in Arena #1. He definitely would not appear in Arena #3 which was prepared for low level fighters!

Why did Hank come to Arena #3?

At this moment, Hank twisted his neck as continuous sounds of joints cracking rang out. Proudly looking down at the other competitors beneath the stage, he said, “I’ve said it already. All of you come at me! What are you waiting for?”

The supervisor finally came to his senses and said in a strained voice: “Lord Hank, *you are one of the top ten experts. Is there a need to bother about Arena #3’s competitors… Right, Miss Weylin is currently at Arena #1. If *you are interested…”

“Today I want to be in Arena #3 and try out these puny little fellows!”

Hank swept a frosty glance over the supervisor. As he spoke, his blood red eyes unconsciously swivelled about and looked towards that black cage.

In truth, Hank knew what the ‘mysterious reward’ was, and came to aim for that reward!

Or else, he would not have lowered himself to come to this ‘low-leveled’ Arena #3.

Seeing Hank’s small action, the other competitors also understood his aim. One of them cupped their hands together, “Lord Hank, since *you have taken an interest in this reward, then I’ll do this simple favor. This competition… I forfeit!”

Another also spoke out: “Hah, I know my worth. Lord Hank, I won’t fight over this reward with you!”

In the blink of an eye, the rest of the seven competitors retreated and left the arena one by one, leaving only Hank in Arena #3.

Hank sent a haughty look towards the supervisor.

The supervisor hastily spoke: “Lord Hank, according to the Totem Arena’s regulations, only when the sky has turned dark and no one has defeated *you can *y-you take the reward and go.”

Damn him. Arena #1 was the experts arena. Who in Arena #3 could defeat Hank? It looked like… that reward which would cause any man’s heart to palpitate… would definitely belong to him!

As the supervisor thought this over, he also called people to come and clean up Link’s corpse. Yet right at this moment, an arena guide led Jiang Nan into the arena.

Previously, the guide had been managing some trifling affairs outside the arena so he was not aware of what had happened inside. As such, he simply entered the arena and shouted without even taking a second look: “Competitor #37 entering the arena! Alias: Professor! May the supervisor arrange a match!!!”

There was still another competitor?!

Hank’s back was currently facing the entrance as he greedily fixed his eyes on that black cage, complaining impatiently: “Arrange what? There’s only me left now. If he wants to fight, then fight with me! If not… f*** off!”

The guide tilted his head upwards and suddenly felt as though Hank’s back was a bit familiar. However, he did not spot Hank’s distinguishing blood-red eyes so he never even thought that one of the top ten experts had actually appeared in Arena #3.

He turned and spoke to Jiang Nan: “Lord Professor, there is only this one competitor left. *You…”

“Since there’s only this one left, well then, I’ll just fight with him.”

Jiang Nan blurted these words out without even thinking. The humiliation even worse than a dog or pig as well as the doubts that had been weighing on his mind about his strength had already burdened his heart for much too long. Regardless of whether he won or lost, Jiang Nan urgently needed a match in which he could fight to his heart’s content!

Furthermore, Jiang Nan had only ever heard of Hank’s name, but never actually seen him. He just considered this iron-tower like muscular man as an ordinary competitor at Arena #3.

Therefore, Jiang Nan walked into the arena with a faint smile on his face and even directed a cupped greeting in politeness to Hank, “This is my first time participating in the Totem Arena. If I lack any manners, please excuse me. Mister… what is your name?”

“Dead people don’t need to know my name!”

Hank’s gaze constantly lingered on that black cage, hating that he couldn’t quickly grab the reward within into his chest. In his perspective, Jiang Nan’s abrupt appearance was undoubtedly provoking his title as one of the top ten experts!

After this loud shout, Hank turned his whole body like a huge windmill and sent an iron fist smashing towards Jiang Nan’s face!

“Steel Totem Secret Art, 24th of Iron Roar’s Hundred Forms, Massive Windmill!”

A knowledgeable spectator exclaimed in excitement.



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  2. Thanks for the chapter XD

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  3. LOL!!! The MC is unlucky, wanted to check out his skills and ends up unintentionally challenging one of the strongest. But Hank is even more unlucky, cos he’s definitely going to die.

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