Chapter 016: Appointed Fight

Although this youth’s tone was appropriately humble, his expression was extremely irritating. On top of the fact that this youth was the friend of Sauron, Weylin’s archenemy, she naturally would not treat him well.

Let alone the fact that Weylin opened her mouth and cursed at any person.

The youth slowly and deliberately lifted his head, “Get lost… Did you just tell me to get lost?”

Suddenly, he abruptly flung his head back and looked down on Weylin with his towering height, saying in a dark voice: “I have faith in the power of the wolf! Weylin, you had better clean up that mouth! The price of insulting the Wolf Totem is not something you can bear!”

Wolf Totem?

Weylin smirked and laughed, immediately connecting the dots in regards to this youth’s identity, “This woman was still wondering which little doggie was barking~ It turns out that it’s Reyne Mountain’s wolf cub, Victor!”

Pausing, Weylin lifted her head and stared at Victor furiously, “So this woman cursed you! What can you do about it?!”

Once these words slipped out, not just Lola and the managers, but even Jiang Nan furrowed his eyebrows. Miss Weylin’s temper… Ai, she really can’t restrain herself a bit?

On the contrary, Eddy was on the side with an expression that said, “I knew early on that Weylin, this woman, would definitely be like this’ as he shrugged and laughed coldly.


Victor barked angrily and was about to take action to harm her. However, he was not a foppish young master who would make a scene after eating his fill: once he remembered that Weylin was a member of the Rheinhardt Clan and that she represented a faction of power in Sun City, he really did not need to hold a death grudge over just a simple sentence. Victor only laughed coldly, “I can be counted to have experienced Miss Weylin’s temper! Today, I still have some business to take care of, so I’ll chat with Miss Weylin another day!”

After saying so, he retreated to one side.

This action caused everybody at the scene to silently praise him in their hearts. Although Young Master Victor was of a lecherous nature, he understood his opportunities and the moments he should have some restraint. He was really quite versatile, a terrifying person!

On the other hand, Weylin let out a sigh that said she could no longer be bothered. Victor had already submitted, and if she continued to curse him, it was no longer insulting Victor himself but rather insulting her own identity and mind.

Therefore, Weylin just glared at Victor, then called out to Jiang Nan and the others to continue walking.

It seemed as though this little disturbance was about to settle…

But right at this moment, Sauron abruptly spoke out as if he wanted to act the mediator: “Aiya, Young Master Victor, Miss Weylin just has this kind of temper. Don’t *you be offended! Miss Weylin, *you truly should fix that temper of yours a bit.”

Laughing, Sauron continued to speak: “Why is it necessary to start pointing and cursing right when you meet? Even if you two really started fighting, you two couldn’t really get into a scuffle on the road, right? That kind of action would only serve as a joke to those peasants. Both of your identities are noble, so if you want to fight… Hah, how convenient that this year’s Totem Arena has been set early in advance. How about we head to the Totem Arena to fight a bit?”

Weylin stared blankly. It was clear just by looking at Sauron that he was trying to instigate both sides to participate in a match!

Victor was also looking at Sauron with suspicion.

Acting as if he did not see their two gazes, Sauron continued speaking: “Miss Weylin was assigned by the Rheinhardt Clan as its representative for Sun City. Victor is also a well-known figure of Reyne Mountain’s younger generation… Rheinhardt and Reyne Mountain, exactly who is stronger and who is weaker… Tsk tsk, this is really quite an interesting subject!”

What malicious words! With just a few words, Sauron had brought the argument between the two to reflect the opposing strengths of the powers backing the two up. This way, these two people would have to have a contest to determine each other’s strength for the sake of their clans’ reputations!

As expected, when Victor heard that this argument of theirs had already been escalated to involve the reputations of their clans, he couldn’t help but laugh viciously and correct himself: “Not bad. The Totem Arena is a place that will not harm any relationships… Weylin, we no longer have to chat another day. You have a Snow Swallow faith. Does the Swallow dare to challenge the proud Wolf?!”

“Why wouldn’t it dare?!”

At this moment, Weylin represented the Rheinhardt Clan and naturally wouldn’t back down, “Once the sun sets along the mountains, we’ll have a fight to the death on the Totem Arena!”

At Weylin’s declaration, West Farm’s team of people promptly rushed towards the arena in the northeastern direction.

Jiang Nan naturally went with them.

But not long after Weylin had left, Victor’s expression suddenly shifted and he looked sidelong at Sauron with loathing in his eyes. An air of wildness and ferocity billowed out from his body!

In fact, ‘Reyne Mountain’ was not a faction of power in the territory of Sun City. However, for the sake of seeing Yulianne’s charm or vying for a chance to view the ‘Tortoiseshell of Destiny’ (TL: I’m still laughing), many powers thousands of miles away had sent people to rush over to Sun City.

Victor’s circumstances were also like this.

Victor’s father had friendly relations with Suzanne Farm’s lord, and if he wanted to take care of some business in Sun City, there was an unquestionable link to the assistance from Sun City’s central power, Suzanne Farms. As such, Victor went to look for Sauron right after arriving in Sun City.

But what Victor had not thought of was: right as he had found Sauron, Miss Weylin had also arrived, and Sauron unexpectedly still… provoked them to get into a martial competition?!

For the sake of his clan’s reputation as well as Weylin’s crappy temper, Victor accepted the challenge. However, after reflecting on it in detail after the fact, he grew angrier the more he thought about it… Damn it! He had been used by Sauron as a freely hired thug!

As such, he shouted viciously: “Sauron, I’ve come this time as a representative of ‘Reyne Mountain’ to gain Yulianne’s favor, not to help you fight! Why exactly have you incited me and Weylin to fight? Is it on the basis that I don’t dare to have a fallout with you, or on the basis that Reyne Mountain is afraid of your Sommer Clan?! The Wolf… fears nothing!”

“Young Master Victor, calm down!”

Sauron responded calmly and leisurely as he explained to Victor with a smiling face: “I’m definitely not trying to ruin the relationship between you and Weylin. It’s just that… Ah, Young Master, *you also know that my lord has already gathered all the powers within Sun City. However, there are still many who openly submit, but are secretly defiant. They voice their agreement externally, but internally rebel… Of these insubordinate powers, Weylin is the biggest one!” At this, a cold gleam flashed across Sauron’s eyes although his face maintained an elegant smile: “That I’ve asked *you, Young Master Victor, to take action, is in preparation to teach Weylin a lesson while demonstrating my clan’s power at the same time.”

“You bastard! How come you don’t take action yourself then? Based on your strength, don’t tell me you can’t beat Weylin?”

“Correct. I can, in fact, do it myself. But… the fact that I’ve let the opportunity to fight her go to you is out of consideration for you, Young Master Victor!”

Sauron smiled even more familiarly, “As everybody knows, Weylin is ranked 10th on the Totem Rank in Sun City. In today’s fight, if *you, Young Master, prevail over Weylin, then that is equivalent to becoming one of Sun City’s top ten experts. You will have the capital to establish yourself in Sun City! For the sake of a ranking within the top ten, don’t *you agree… that this fight is worth it?!”

The top ten experts…

When he heard this phrase, VIctor’s eyes lit up, “What you say makes sense!
For the Wolf’s honor and dignity, after this fight, I will replace Weylin as one of Sun City’s top ten experts!”


The Totem Arena was located in the northeast corner of Sun City and covered an area the size of 52 hectares, but it was only a small-scale arena that was temporarily constructed there.

From the entrance’s poster, the stadium mainly had four arenas. Of these four, Arena #2, #3, and #4 were ordinary arenas, and as long as one’s strength was at the Totem Warrior stage, they could compete there.

As for Arena #1, it was called the ‘Peak Arena’ or the ‘Experts Arena’. As the names imply, Arena #1 was made especially for experts. Those who wanted to compete… were required to possess the strength of one of the top ten experts in Sun City or more!

Weylin went directly to Arena #1!

However, when Weylin arrived at the arena’s entrance, she suddenly discovered that the atmosphere within the group was a bit strange.

Common sense would say that if one’s miss was going to go fight in the arena, no matter if their words were sincere or only flattery, the subordinates ought to say a few obligatory but encouraging statements similar to ‘Beat him in one go!” or “Miss is formidable!”

However, on the entire way there, Lola, the three managers, and the twenty overseers only hung their head in silence. None of them spoke even one word.

Weylin was a bit curious in her heart, and while ordering Lola to help her register, she said in a displeased manner: “How come none of you are speaking anymore? Are you mute?”

The three managers exchanged glances between them, and the oldest one stepped out with a bitter laugh: “Miss, there are a few words we would like to say, but we are afraid… we are afraid that you won’t be very happy.”

“If you have fart, then let it out!”

“Ai!” The elderly manager let out a sigh and spoke in a soft voice: “Miss, what Sauron said was not wrong. *Your temper… truly should be fixed!”

The manager lowered his head: “Just then, *you set a duel with Victor just because of a few words, is it worth it! Even if *you are a primary rank 9th level Totem Warrior and are confident in being able to beat Victor, *you need to think about it! Regardless of whether or not *you prevail over Victor, does it benefit *you or our farm? On the contrary, *you will only offend Reyne Mountain who stands behind Victor and invite a powerful enemy that our farm cannot withstand!” Letting out a sigh, the elderly manager pounded on his chest and urged Weylin: “Miss, I’ve watched over you since you were a child. Even if you flare up at me, I still have to say this—Fix your temper, or else *you will bring disaster upon yourself sooner or later!”

Another manager also commented: “Miss, forgive my words, but if you can… please cancel this fight!”

“You! You! You!”

Weylin continuously pointed at each of the three managers’ noses as she spoke in fury: “You all assume that *I am a woman who has no brain, that what *I just did was an enormous mistake?”

The managers only hid their heads in their chests as they maintained their silence. Clearly, they were trying to demonstrate through their actions, Miss Weylin, in our eyes, *you are truly a fool with a big chest but no brain!

“Ha, haha! *I even did this to satisfy you, yet you all f***ing grumble about me?!”

Clearly understanding everybody’s thoughts, Weylin’s hands fisted tightly as she laughed uproariously in grief and indignation.

Suddenly, she grabbed Jiang Nan’s collar and angrily asked: “Rodi, does a lowly slave like you look at me this way too?”



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  2. “Miss Weylin, in our eyes, *you are truly a fool with a big chest but no brain!”

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