Chapter 010: Dignity and Freedom, Sudden Opportunity!


Jiang Nan suddenly felt that reality was a bit too ridiculous. Imagine his situation a bit: in the middle of the night, a person seeming like a nightmarish ghost obstructs your path, and even tells you that he wants to make a deal with you.

This black figure had slipped through the patrols of the heavily-guarded farm, and had even hid his presence so that no one could detect him. Clearly, he was an important character who possessed mysterious power.

But this kind of important character actually wanted to strike a deal with a slave…

“You think my actions are laughable, right?”

That black figure had caught Jiang Nan’s expression, and said coldly: “No, it is not even one bit laughable! If only I didn’t want something only you could get a hold of, hmph! Do you think I want to lower myself and make a deal with a slave?”

Something only he could get a hold of…

Jiang Nan looked blankly, “Alright, tell me about the deal. Just first say what you need me to do for you first.”

“It’s very simple, I need you to do two things:” that black figure extended out a finger, “Number one. Within one month, obtain a detailed map of this farm for me, particularly of ‘Mt. Longinus’ in the west region of the farm.”

Jiang Nan directed his gaze towards the farm’s western region.

West Farms was located to the west of Sun City, and if one went further west, they would come across a boundless mountain range. Twenty-three of the tallest mountain peaks of that range formed into what was called ‘Mt. Longinus’.

Mt. Longinus was also considered Count West’s property, and was an extinct volcano. Just like in the vicinity of other extinct volcanoes, the resources were quite abundant around there.

However, it was due to the abundance of resources around Mt. Longinus that Miss Weylin had labeled the area as top secret information. For those who wanted to obtain a map of Mt. Longinus, the difficulty level was basically equivalent to trying to dig out a piece of Weylin’s mind.

“Why do you want a map of Mt. Longinus for?”

Jiang Nan furrowed his eyebrows as he sized this black figure up.

“That is something that does not concern you.” The black figure suddenly let out a queer laugh, and it was even a bit shady, “In any case, I know that if others were to try to get a hold of a map of Mt. Longinus, the difficulty would probably be higher than scaling the heavens, but for you…
Rodi, I know about the matter between you and Miss Weylin. Even if Weylin beats you, curses you, with your relationship with her, as long as you say one sentence, she’ll obediently hand over the map of Mt. Longinus over to you!”

“You don’t need to mention further. Alright, I admit, I can get anything from Weylin’s grasp.”

Once Miss Weylin was mentioned, it seemed as though Jiang Nan had just swallowed a swarm of flies, and he hurriedly cut off the black figure’s words. “Say the second thing then, what else do you need?”

“It’s still not time to reveal the second matter to you, Rodi, but first hear me out. Once you hand over the map to me, I can offer many benefits to you.” (TL: SKETCHHHHH)

Jiang Nan shrugged his shoulders apathetically, “Oh? Then what benefits can you give me?”

This benefit was…

The black figure suddenly tore Jiang Nan’s collar!

“Mister, your actions are really lacking manners!”

Startled, Jiang Nan was just about to call for help until he followed the black figure’s gaze to his own shoulder.

On Jiang Nan’s shoulder was a symbol similar to a capital ‘W’, and that symbol was the brand of a slave which contained totem power, indicating that Jiang Nan belonged to Count West. It was also because of this mark that as long as Jiang Nan did any sort of action violating the identity of a slave, then he would be captured a mysterious totem master and brought back to be flayed and whipped, to set an example to others!

“This is the benefit that I can offer you!”

The black figure pointed at the mark, “As long as you help me get a hold of Mt. Longinus’ map, I can help you get rid of your slave marking and allow you to become an ordinary person with your own freedom and dignity!”

Jiang Nan’s heartbeat accelerated!


The black figure’s hadn’t finished laying out the terms, and set yet another sentence. This sentence caused Jiang Nan’s rapidly beating heart to begin pounding, frantically pounding, “I can impart the Ghost Mystique Arts to you and give you power! Cultivate you to the point that no matter how the experts of the continent chase after you to kill you, you can become an independent and unfettered ghost totem master!”

Ghost totem master…

Jiang Nan could no longer utter any words, but he quickly thought of an extremely important problem, “Alright, I admit that your conditions are very enticing, but to me, they have no meaning. In order to become a ghost totem master, one must possess innate talent consisting of a Bridge of Ghosts, but just several days before, that talent test already proved that I am only an ordinary person. I have no innate talent, and even if it’s you, you can’t help me become a ghost totem master!”

“Who says you have no innate ghost talent?!”

The black figure’s tone was precisely the same as Alisa’s, “I also saw the circumstances of the innate talent test. Rodi, the reason that the totem pillars couldn’t properly judge whether you were an ordinary person wasn’t because you had absolutely no innate talent, but because your innate talent was too high! Under the shielding of some things, your innate talent had already exceeded the limits of that totem pillar, forcing it to be unable to judge your circumstances correctly!”

At this, the black figure coldly stared at Jiang Nan for a while, waiting for him to digest his words, and then patted his shoulder: “Rodi, I am a ghost totem master, and I can tell you with my dignity on the line that: you absolutely possess innate ghost talent, and I am able to cultivate you to become a ghost totem master!
How about it? Are you interested in this deal of mine?”

Jiang Nan calmly stared at the black figure.

Truthfully speaking, to accept a stranger’s proposal in the middle of the night was truly moronic.


The opportunity to retrieve his freedom and dignity had come, and he could only decide between taking a risk and accepting, or continuing to be a slave without any dignity that was lower than dogs…

Jiang Nan suddenly believed that he had no other options left.

“Alright, within one month, I’ll acquire Mt. Longinus’ map for you.”


That black figure unleashed a piercing laughter, then suddenly raised his hand to reveal a dim golden arc. Jiang Nan accepted it into his hands and took a look. It turns out that it was a dim golden sheepskin scroll.

“This is the secret entry manual to become a ‘ghost totem master’. Study according to the manual, and a month from now, I’ll come to get the map while simultaneously inspecting your cultivating progress! If your progress satisfies me… Hehe, at that time, I’ll tell you the information regarding the second issue.”

A secret ghost manual.

Jiang Nan’s fingertips trembled when he suddenly thought about Sun City’s number one expert, Sauron!

Just several hours before, Sauron had just lightly grabbed him and nearly brought him to extinction. If he was able to successfully train in the arts within the scroll…

Could Sauron still look down on him so easily?!

This wasn’t a scroll, but rather power, to give himself, to give his aunt the power to retrieve their freedom and dignity!

“Within one month, I’ll definitely learn the things of the scroll!”

Jiang Nan resolutely lifted his head, but when he did, he was the only person left in the pigpen! That mysterious black figure had already unknowingly traced away!

Jiang Nan looked at the secret manual within his hands, and an outrageous idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

This black figure knew him, could even tell of the relationship between him and Weylin, the matters that had happened back then which he didn’t wish to say…

Could it be that he was someone he knew, and disguised himself in coming over?!


Exactly who was he?!

Jiang Nan thought that something didn’t add up, but his gaze was filled with interest, “Alright then, West Farms. Within one of the first thousand-year old totem families, there’s actually a ghost totem master hidden among you! There actually exists a ghost totem master by my side?!”



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  1. ya know the moment he described Weylin I thought ‘shes a Tsundere, maybe a yandere…’ i mean im not sure but…. does she just favor him? love him? or are they already banging….. (all that S&M play JUST IMAGINE) XD xD XD … but damn man don’t leave us on this LETHAL cliffhanger! Why can’t she treat him nicer then… btw will she be the number one waifu…. a violent waifu is the best kind *cough*


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