Chapter 009 – The Wicked Will Likewise Be Tormented by Those Wicked【1】

Another guard whose physique was tall and straight was flabbergasted, his expression immediately turning deathly pale and his two legs beginning to tremble.

It’s not that he’d never seen a dead person, but this was the first time he’d ever seen such a gruesome death. All he could feel was that even his soul had begun shuddering.

At this time, Li Xuan’s figure flashed and appeared besides that 2nd Hui 6th layer mage. Unexpectedly, he didn’t even have the least bit ability to resist and was pierced through the space between his eyebrows by a fire needle. His body twitching, the elemental energy scattered and he tumbled to the floor.

This scene unfolded quite quickly, causing people’s hearts to be astonished as well as boil in anger and quail in fear.

However, at this moment, Li Xuan’s figure abruptly halted, and a peculiar feeling immediately began to surge forth. His soul began to heat up indescribably, and a wave of unfathomable energy began to rapidly converge beside his body…

By this time, the two young masters didn’t even have a chance to scream before they were shocked dull by the development of events. Following that, even though they possessed strength, they were unable to circulate the energy within their bodies, and stood so rigidly that they couldn’t even muster up the courage to face Li Xuan’s next attack.

(TL: peng = bang)

There were six consecutive hits, three for each youth. Li Xuan wasn’t the least bit lenient, and momentarily halting after those attacks, he directly dispersed the energy at the area between the eyebrows of both of them. In other words, for these youths around 1st Yuan 9th layer, their cultivation had been destroyed and their innate talent had suffered devastating damage!

A foot knocked that lanky youth over, and stepping on his face, Li Xuan extended his arm out towards that meat-colored ring on his finger. That small ring was a special ring, and it faintly emitted a power capable of disrupting space, which immediately incited Li Xuan to think of an interspatial ring.

Interspatial rings were extremely precious, but a few large clans could still somewhat get their hands on several of them. In this world, besides wood, fire, wind, earth, light, darkness, water, and lightning magic, there were still four other extraordinary existences: time, space, dimension, fate.

Time, as the name implied, had to do with time. There were no such elemental fluctuations of time, but it existed throughout the whole world. Those who trained in time all cultivated through laws, and needed to be at the emperor level (10th Fang) or higher in order to begin grasping the laws. As such, in general, mages basically didn’t need to think of these things.

Space was also the same way. Spatial elemental energy abounded everywhere and was used anywhere. However, this terrifying might required powerful control, making spatial magic easy to learn but hard to perfect. It was easy to learn because any mage who reached the 3rd Fen realm met the requirements of training spatial magic. However, just the concept of imagining space and sensing its general appearance intimidated the vast majority of mages. Just one kind of spatial magic was similar to a regular polyhedron. Most people were totally incapable of imagining the extent of the complexities of the structures within, and to use elemental energy to follow along those paths was extremely challenging.

And the most basic spatial magic formation for an interspatial ring was constructed from a regular 512-sided polyhedron. Hence, interspatial rings had become extremely treasured objects.

As for the information on dimensional and fate magic, Li Xuan didn’t understand the least bit, so he wasn’t clear on it.

And this knowledge was only acquired because Lisa had wanted to know in the past, so the old Li Xuan had ran over to the Iris City’s Li Clan and painstakingly took the time to understand it. Because of this, he had already identified that flesh-colored ring as an interspatial ring.

“This, this ring was something that our Roth Clan’s head gave me, you, you dare to—ah—!”

That lanky youth spoke with difficulty, but directly had several of his teeth broken with one step.

“Brat, let me tell you, not only have I recovered my innate talent, it’s even increased a bit! Therefore, I, Li Xuan, will soon be viewed with importance by Iris City’s Li Clan! If you have something that you’re not satisfied with, then don’t hesitate to come to Iris City and trouble me! However, next time, you won’t just receive something as simple as getting your cultivation destroyed!”

Li Xuan loosed a cold chuckle, then viciously stepped on that lanky youth’s face again. His head slanted, and after his body continuously rolled over a few times, he simply fainted.

As for the other obese youth, his body had already started shaking uncontrollably. It was like that fear had deeply affected him, making him feel as though his body had submerged into a dark hell.

That indescribably bone-chilling coldness in the air especially made him feel as if he was facing the grim reaper. This type of feeling was really too devastating.

“Young Amar (艾玛), Philroth (菲尔罗斯) has already paid an appropriate price to save his life, and you? Your status within your clan is only average. Would your clan be willing to offend the Li Clan for you?” Li Xuan’s words were spoken very gently, and when that fatty Amar heard them, his face grew even more unsightly.

At this moment, there were many distant people pointing their fingers. Clearly, they were quite shocked by this incident.

Some distance away, in a magic enchanted carriage, a lady dressed in green pushed aside a small curtain, and seeing how Li Xuan acted and spoke, her beautiful eyes faintly lit up, immediately revealing a sliver of a smile.

“En? I didn’t think that this person truly changed. However, with these kinds of words, Li Clan’s inner circle is going to be quite a show.” The green-appareled woman told herself silently, then loftily looked towards the distant scene again and closed the curtains, telling the maid beside her: “Tell the driver to drive the Windline Beasts home, this young lady’s no longer going to the auction.”

“Ah, Miss, *you’ve prepared so long for this auction…”

“It’s no longer necessary. Getting my hands on that object was truthfully in preparation to help save Li Xuan and allow him to properly enter Iris City’s Li Clan. Now, it’s not needed anymore.”

That green-clothed lady said in a light voice, then didn’t speak further.

That purple-garbed maid slightly opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything more, only deeply staring at that youth in the distance through the carriage door.


“Li, Young Master Li, this, this time I, I brought 30,000 gold coins to attend the auction, to pre, prepare to auction off an elven slave, *you, *you—”

At this moment, Amar truly felt the fear of death, and his heart couldn’t help but feel chilly, an unspeakable feeling springing forth—I, could it be that I’m just going to die in the hands of this abnormal fellow?

Although he was thinking these things, his attitude was extremely cautious and respectful. After all, if the other party really recovered his innate talent, he’d definitely be someone he’d have to look up to. Even if Iris City’s Li Clan didn’t help, to protect such a talent, they would still interfere. If they didn’t capture those who acted against Li Xuan, they wouldn’t really care, nor would they care one bit if Li Xuan was a piece of trash. However, none of these were true! At this moment, Li Xuan was a true genius who would cause people to envy him, be jealous of him, and hate him! 5th Xing innate talent means there is no bottleneck in becoming a 5th Xing Envoy! What kind of tremendous talent was this!

So Amar crumbled. Before, when he had wanted to bully him, he was a piece of trash, only a mixed breed. But now, the other party’s status had clearly changed, so he could only admit defeat and blame bad luck.

Let alone the fact that his 2nd Hui 6th layer fire mage guards didn’t even have an opportunity to act, and were instantly killed. What could he do?

Just like the other party said, if he killed him, he wouldn’t have to bear any kind of responsibility whatsoever. But, if he offended the other party, he definitely wouldn’t have an easy time when he returned home.

“An elven slave for thirty thousand? Do you think I’m an idiot, or are you an idiot? I gave you a chance, but you didn’t take it! Very good, there is no longer any need to speak further with you! Die!”

Li Xuan faintly laughed coldly, his gaze hardening, and that fatty immediately shrieked: “Ah—don’t! I’ll give, I, I, everything I own I’ll give…”

“You’re sure you won’t make a mistake and forget anything?”

“I’m sure, I’m sure, I won’t, I’ve offended Young Master Li. Here are two gale rings, a fire element staff that’s two-star grade, two magic crystal cards, one of them with thirty thousand, another with 98,000…”



28 thoughts on “Chapter 009 – The Wicked Will Likewise Be Tormented by Those Wicked【1】

  1. Clearly, they were quite shocked by this incident.

    small curtain, and seeing how Li Xuan acted and spoke, her beautiful eyes faintly lit up,
    Here’s seems to be something missing. Don’t think the paragraph would have started with small curtain.


  2. This MC wastes no time at all getting into the good ‘ole fashion practice of looting the opposition. Thanks for the translation…I find a sick, perverse joy whenever I engage in the shared dream of squashing the asshats of the universe.


  3. thank you!
    m-meat-coloured ring? that image is not pretty…!! flesh is…not much better, bit i guess still better…oh, that woman! is she who i think she is?? interesting—-! well now, lol, li xuaj’s cunning! he’s got a lot, now! ahaha!


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