Chapter 008 – Instant Kill

Seeing Lisa’s deathly pale face full of contempt, Reid’s heart was rather upset. While this matter was ultimately Lisa’s fault, she was, after all, his daughter, and if she suffered wrong, then he would still feel pain on her behalf. Thus, he hadn’t really approved of the Balan from Bai Hui Sect. However now, he no longer had such a feeling.

Perhaps he had worried about that debt of gratitude before, but now, that slap as well as Li Ning’s words made that feeling of appreciation totally wash away. Since it was like this, then you guys had better not regret it!

“Lisa, you must work hard. If you get angry simply at something like this, then it only shows that your temperament is lacking! Doesn’t Balan hope for you to enter the Bai Hui Sect? Once you enter the Bai Hui Sect and have their resources, then how can a brat with just 5th Xing innate meditative talent even match you?
Hmph, even if he’s a direct descendant of that Li Clan, can he obtain resources better than what you would obtain in the Bai Hui Sect? Not to mention that the Li Clan consists of tens of thousands of members, and members of their younger generation can be found anywhere. How many of them are even excellent anyway? Furthermore, his innate talent’s been restored? It may not be necessarily so. That he put on such a show is definitely not just to show you that you’ve judged wrongly, but precisely this: it further highlights that his heart still cares for you!
After all, what kind of methods or achievements can a child like him have? A cowardly person won’t genuinely turn strong and powerful just because he experienced one thing. That’s totally impossible, so you definitely don’t need to take this matter seriously.”
(TL: clarification: Balan guy is the guy who was with Lisa in the very first chapter)

After muttering to himself a bit, Reid immediately revealed his thoughts, making them sound indisputably correct, and these words allowed the Lisa who had slipped into a wrathful craze regain clarity.

“What Father says is correct. This Li Xuan is only a small character, and my goal is rather to surpass the elite of the Bai Hui Sect and become a core disciple. How could I possibly set my sights on this kind of incompetent and worthless person. I must’ve lost it to think of such a thing. I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to concentrate on my cultivation.
Hmph, the more Li Xuan’s going to be like this, the more superior and outstanding I’m going to be to let him know that my vision is definitely not something a small character like him can even hope to achieve!”

After Lisa said this, she once again renewed her self-confidence. However, in the depths of her heart, she was still hard pressed to calm down from receiving such a heavy slap that had flashed past so agilely.

As for that blazing [Spirit Fire Ball] in the air, it was still as dazzling as before.


“Xuan Er, your performance today really made your father happy. Since you’ve recovered your innate talent, returning to the Li Clan shouldn’t be a cause for worry. That’s why before we went out today, I brought a portion of our family’s savings to buy a staff for you. That way, when you cast magic, you can do it even quicker and exhibit more power. It will even allow you to sense magic more clearly, and this way your cultivation will receive a large benefit.”

Li Ning earnestly spoke as if this decision was something he had contemplated over for a long time.

“Father, it’s fine as long as it’s your decision.” Li Xuan respectfully answered.

His heart was a bit moved because he understood the implications behind his father’s decision. Li Ning was going to give his magic robe to Li Xuan, as well as sell a special magic ring of his to buy him a staff, and this ring was a present from Li Ning’s sister-in-law that he cherished very much.

And Li Ning normally couldn’t bear to sell such a thing, not because of the object itself, which was secondary, but because of the special meaning it held.

Li Xuan didn’t try to change his father’s mind because he knew that once he made a decision, it was extremely hard to change it. Furthermore, for a person such as Li Ning, even if he himself had to go beg for food, he absolutely wouldn’t want to see his child enter the Li Clan without even one piece of equipment!

It was because Li Xuan understood all this that he didn’t dispute his father’s decision, and it seemed as though the fuzzy image of his family from his past world had suddenly become incomparably clear.

Thinking about his past world, Li Xuan suddenly thought that this world’s written language was a bit similar to Earth’s, as if it was derived from *oracle script. Because he had completely merged with the memories of this world’s Li Xuan, Li Xuan also had a very good understanding of this world’s language, and was thus able to make a comparison. Only after comparing did he realize that there was a probability that this world and Earth were connected in some way.
(*TL: early form of Chinese script)

But, this was only a hypothesis because the characteristics of each race in this world were quite disorderly and even included elves and existences like dwarves. However, there still seemed to be a few similarities between the cultural heritage that was passed down in this world and the ancient eastern culture of Earth, as if this world’s culture was a variant of Earth’s. As such, Li Xuan thought it to be a bit strange.

Besides the discrepancies in culture, whether it was climate, the months and years, or the ‘sun’ and moon’, it was nearly all the same. Furthermore, the method of counting years was basically identical, which was why Li Xuan had made the connection between this world and Earth in the first place. However, what was different was that when Li Xuan looked at the sky, there was no Milky Way, nor was there Pegasus. There was no Altair or Vega star, and all in all, there was quite a big difference between the starry sky of Earth and this world.

Therefore, because Li Xuan didn’t quite understand the situation, he only held a few speculations in his heart.

Suddenly, he thought about when he had followed an ordinary fighter from the past world to mature himself. At that time, he had been surfing on the net, and had stumbled upon a shared hard drive by chance. On that hard drive, there were two unique and interrelated files of information. One of the files held an explanation of the Pleiadian Alaje’s method of cultivating spiritual awakening, while the other was a piece of music accompanied by a cultivation manual.

This music and cultivation manual had already been downloaded once before, and at that time, Li Xuan had just tried to download it to give it a try with an open mind. After it was downloaded, he began to visualize the universe in monotone, as an empty expanse, according to the cultivation manual, and then concentrate his consciousness into the area between his eyebrows and start cultivating. The first time he cultivated in this state, he was able to successfully cultivate the inner jin he hadn’t been able to before.

At once, he prepared to continue looking through that shared hard drive, but when he typed in the website address, he discovered to his surprise that the website had already expired, and was no longer in existence!

If he hadn’t been listening to the music as well as looking through the manual, then Li Xuan would have definitely thought that he had been dreaming.

Immediately, he understood that he had most likely attained something truly good just now. Therefore, he promptly preserved these two files onto numerous USB storage devices and carried it with him wherever he went after deleting the files from his computer.

The following years, as if he had gone crazy, he began to use the music to assist his cultivation of inner jin nonstop. By doing so, he felt that his strength was able to advance by leaps and bounds every day.

It was also because of this that in twenty-some years, he was finally able to tear space apart and reach the legendary realm of a martial emperor.

“Xuan Er, wait here for a bit. Father’s going to just go and immediately come back, so you don’t have to accompany me.” Li Ning’s words broke Li Xuan’s state of reminiscing, so he nodded and answered: “Alright, Father.”

Li Ning nodded his head slightly, then turned and firmly headed towards the distant equipment store. Li Xuan knew that he was going to sell the ring and buy a staff, so he couldn’t help but be a bit upset.

In terms of age, truthfully, Li Ning wasn’t even as old as the past Li Xuan, but now, Li Ning was his father, and a determined and great one at that, so he was always very respectful to him.

“Oh~~isn’t this the lovesick young master Li Xuan? Tsk tsk tsk, why are you spacing out here huh? Why aren’t you going to see your beautiful wife?” A flippant and insincere voice that was similar to that of a drake’s drifted over. It was rough and low, awfully unpleasant to listen to.

Clearly, this was a youth who was still going through puberty.

“Hahahahaha! Why would he dare to go see? I just heard Lisa say that this fellow ran to her house and fell to his knees, yet still had the marriage agreement terminated! If you’re incapable, you’re incapable, trash is just trash! You can’t even look after your own woman, hahaha, it’s truly pathetic, ah, pathetic. If you were originally lacking, then you should’ve just died earlier, at least saving others from the trouble of looking at you.”

Another voice that was as piercing as a court eunuch also floated over, and it was even more shrill and unbearable.

“Hahahaha, don’t say something like that. Look at this mixed breed’s expression, he wants to kill someone! Ai, I’m so scared~” That drake voice snickered and spoke.

“Yoh, awesome, awesome. Looking at his appearance, it actually really appears as though he has the air of an expert.” That court eunuch voice continued to ridicule him.

Li Xuan only swept a glance over these two people indifferently. He discovered that these two people both wore a slightly shimmering, dark cyan magic robe, and wore two dark brown rings. These rings seemed to have a hint of lively spiritual movement circulating around them, and the tall-figured youth with the court eunuch’s voice of the two even had an eye-catching meat-colored ring on his pinkie. This ring couldn’t help but cause Li Xuan’s gaze to intensify.

“Little mixed breed, what are you looking at that you have such a long face, huh? You want to do something? Kyd, go, teach him a lesson, and let him learn some manners!”
“Yes, Young Master!” The eyes of that lanky youth with the court eunuch’s voice immediately hardened, and he arrogantly pointed at Li Xuan as he instructed a guard beside him.

This guard was a 2nd Hui 7th layer mage, and classified as a wind mage. His speed was quite formidable, and his [Wind Blade] had reached a degree of perfection.

And after hearing his young master’s command, that wind mage immediately laughed malevolently, then dashed towards Li Xuan. In his eyes, there was no need to use [Wind Blade], and could simply charge near him. After a few [Wind Fist]’s, he would beat him black and blue until even his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him. It was naturally quite straightforward!

Thinking this way, his face already exposed a directly oppressive smile. It’s just that, right as he charged towards Li Xuan’s side, a sudden nip of frost blossomed in his heart.


Without the slightest warning, a flame condensed into a flame needle, and abruptly picking up speed, it unexpectedly pierced through the space between Kyd’s eyebrows!


Kyd let out a blood-curdling shriek, and his body violently convulsed. It seemed as though he couldn’t believe, couldn’t believe that he would die here!

“No—No—I can’t die, can’t die! My daughter is still waiting for me to send money back home for her to go to school! I can’t die! Can’t die!”

Kyd suddenly went crazy, and the elemental energy surrounding him surprisingly went berserk. It seemed as if his whole body was preparing to charge towards Li Xuan and tear him to pieces in fury. But at this moment, Li Xuan’s figure flashed, and once more drawing near Kyd, he unleashed yet another fire needle and violently pierced through the space between Kyd’s eyebrows. Under Kyd’s frantic movements, a huge amount of fire element began to condense within his brain, and in a flash formed into a [Spirit Fire Ball] and exploded!


A flaming head suddenly flew into the air, and as scarlet blood and broiling flame intermingled, a smell like burning hair immediately wafted through the air. At the same time, an indescribably dense smoke pervaded through the air, and in the next moment, that badly deformed head tumbled down before the two young masters.



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