Chapter 079 – Humiliation, Violation, Trampling!


“Ahhh—Li Xuan, you bastard! You won’t die a proper death, you won’t die a proper death—! Ahh—!”

Fang Qinghan’s soul howled malevolently, but no sound came out. The thoughts of resentment were all bombarded directly by the bolts of lightning….

Li Xuan smiled coldly and then grabbed the woman next to Fang Qinghan. Although it was only a spirit form, in Li Xuan’s spirit compartment, a spirit form was equivalent to a physical body.

Tearing apart the instinctive layer of protection enveloping her that was highly condensed with magic energy, he revealed the woman’s ** spirit form. In front of Fang Qinghan’s eyes, Li Xuan violently wrought havoc over her spirit form and even more ruthlessly tore it to shreds, causing her to wail and howl incessantly.

This spiritual humiliation, violation, and trampling thoroughly tore the young apprentice sister Fang Yuyan whom Fang Qinghan admired to shreds. The form was then crushed and turned into pure soul energy which Li Xuan devoured.

In the spirit compartment, the material form Li Xuan took on was almost like a terrifying fiend. The scene of him eating Fang Yuyan’s body alive caused Fang Qinghan to fall into absolute madness.

He was bound against a pillar as countless bolts of lightning struck him. However, he no longer feared. He wailed and roared, similar to a fiend of the abyss.

“Not bad, not bad! You’ve instantly exceeded two layers! A great supplement!”

Li Xuan laughed heartily and then used his spirit form hand to grab at Fang Qinghan. The entire physical form below Fang Qinghan’s chest was grabbed into fragments by Li Xuan’s hand, and the remnant pieces of spirit force that had crumbled and tried to reattach itself to Fang Qinghan’s body were abruptly absorbed and gobbled up by Li Xuan.

The instant that spiritual energy was absorbed, it was once again baptized in the tribulatory lightning and then transformed into a force that carried a desolate, ancient aura of lightning, merging into Li Xuan’s soul!

Li Xuan could deeply feel that this portion of Fang Qinghan’s soul was extremely mighty because he could clearly sense the changes in the recovery of his soul after absorbing it!

He was utterly delighted. His previous consumption of soul force was not only recovered in an instant, it had also improved by a certain degree.

This caused Li Xuan to feel immense pride and confidence. He was no longer worried about facing his future difficulties!

His spirit transforming into a phantom, Li Xuan instantly appeared in another area of his spirit compartment.

In this spirit compartment, Li Xuan’s spirit was ruler, so it was naturally tyrannical and undefeatable. Although the tribulatory lightning did not merge with his spirit form as well as Li Xuan had wanted it to, and although the might of the tribulatory lightning was pretty average, it was still hugely effective against these souls.

Li Xuan was not too demanding about this point. After all, following the gradual strengthening of his soul, the tribulatory lightning would also transform eventually. It would definitely become stronger and stronger.


After arriving in the other place of his spirit compartment, Li Xuan let out a smile of satisfaction as he watched the people struggle frantically below.

At this moment, the frenzied souls suddenly halted and looked up simultaneously at Li Xuan. When they saw Li Xuan’s appearance, one of them howled in a deranged manner: “Li Xuan, so it’s you! You’re actually a necromancer! You—”

“Li Xuan, you filthy bastard! You won’t die a proper death—”

“Li Xuan, you will regret daring to touch my Ju Ding Sect—”


Not one of these people failed to curse and howl hysterically at him. They believed that by throwing out the most vicious and evil curses at Li Xuan and damning him, they could alleviate the anger in their hearts.

However, Li Xuan was totally unconcerned. Instead, he riled up the tribulatory lightning and struck it towards the insane group of people.


Immediately, countless shrieks, wails, and moans rose and fell in succession….

This area which had been enveloped by Li Xuan’s spirit was gradually refined. The energy within it no longer held the tiniest bit of resentment, but was rather pure and wholesome soul energy.

Li Xuan’s body jumped into the area and then began spiritual meditation. Synchronizing with his physical body in the outer world, he gradually began absorbing the spiritual soul energy available.

“Necromancers only enslave spirits and forcefully bestow a corpse on them. Only by forcing them within the corpses can they be unintelligent departed spirits that are fully manipulated without any resistance. Unless you can produce these things by the thousands, things like this are not intimidating in any way!
And even if there were thousands upon thousands of departed spirits to carry out a massacre, in front of true experts, a large-scale ‘offering of the gods’ from a light mage would release the spirits of thousands of departed spirits and use purifying energy purify the entire group. The departed spirits would then be completely annihilated…. So this really isn’t very useful.
Only when a necromancer cultivates to an extremely high level will he be able to enslave the spirits of high-level experts. This way, the departed spirits that are produced will have their own awareness and will be much stronger…. However, to do this takes much too long. Furthermore, to command a force of departed spirits requires that you yourself cultivate into a corpse-like state. This way, every departed spirit that you control can be controlled like your own body. Their actions will be unified….”

Li Xuan pondered over the evil practice of necromancy and ultimately gave up any thoughts of studying it. Although he did not understand too much, the Li Clan’s Hidden Book Pavilion allowed him to have an understand of this world that far surpassed normal people.

Therefore, after mulling over whether he wanted to leave some souls to employ necromancy, Li Xuan gave up the notion and decided to focus on the destructive aspect of darkness magic.

The darkness type magics all possessed power of a destructive nature. It was, along with the lightning, fire, and spirit systems, one of the true offensive systems of magic.

Darkness type magic was quite outstanding in terms of offense and stealth. Furthermore, the darkness system had evil magics like summoning and controlling type arts. However, those that had a complete grasp on these branches of magic weren’t many, and these branches of magic only suited certain people, so learning it was difficult as well.

However, Li Xuan did not care much about these things. Whatever he wanted to learn, he could research himself. It was similar to how he learned the Rainfall technique from Shuang Er. Li Xuan simply remembered the rhythm of the chant she used as well as how the layers of elemental energy overlapped. By doing so, he learned how to do it very easily, and he could even use it instantly.

To a martial emperor who was used to manipulating inner jin, manipulating the waves of elemental energy that were formed and circulating the natural energy contained in the world was extremely easy.


While cultivating in this space of pure soul energy, Li Xuan felt his soul healing and turning for the better. From the rapid recovery rate at the beginning to its slowing down towards the end, the entire process was very smooth.

And after the last thread of soul force was absorbed, Li Xuan felt as though he was extremely ‘full’. At the same time, Li Xuan could faintly sense that his soul had recovered by around one ninth!



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