Chapter 078 – Torment

“You—Yes, the dog slave there. Arrange the best upper class room for this young master. We’ll be staying here for a period of a time, so here’s ten thousand gold coins as a down payment.”

After the man said this, a pallid gleam flew out from his hand. After it passed over the attendant’s hand, the attendant’s magic crystal card held an additional ten thousand gold coins.

The attendant went into a slight daze, then immediately responded with difficulty: “T-These two esteemed guests, we are already full. The best room was booked just now by another guest….”

“Oh, so it turns out it was something like this. Make that dog slave beat it. Right now, this young master is in a good mood, so I won’t kill him. You—”

“You want me to beat it?”

Li Xuan turned around, his gaze cold as it fixed onto the two people.

“Hmph! Yes, you, the old fart over there!” The youth was beyond arrogant as he swept his eyes over Li Xuan. Seeing this 2nd Hui mage who wore measly 2-star grade magic robe, his heart filled with disdain.

“Good, you’ve said it very well!” After Li Xuan said this, a cold light flashed as the dagger in his hand shot out like a burst of lightning.



A person’s head immediately flew out like a soccer ball that had been kicked up into the air.

At this moment, blood gushed out from the handsome man’s neck like a fountain, and his body was still in the middle of pointing towards Li Xuan!


The beautiful young lady next to the man shrieked. However, her voice was immediately cut off because the profound iron dagger that had beheaded the man had circled around in the air to pierce through her head, directly slicing it into two halves!

“Spatial system and wind system. By combining the Wind Blade with the profound iron dagger and shooting it out by using the cyclical inner jin technique, the effect is pretty good!”

Li Xuan thought calmly in his heart and stretched out his hand to catch the dagger. Right as the four 4th Xiang 10th layer mages were about to take action, a terrifying soul oppression immediately exploded forth. The four mages’ consciousness’ were immediately jolted as their minds sank into emptiness and their heads submerged into dizziness! Furthermore, the backlash from their interrupted magics also activated at the same time!

Li Xuan directly used Dragon Lightning Evasion, causing his body to flicker as it appeared before the four mages. With just a thought, his entire arm was immediately strengthened with numerous auxiliary magics, and he swept the dagger out in an arc, slitting the throats of all four mages.

The eyes of all four nearly popped out at the same time. They never imagined that as 4th Xiang 6th and 7th layer experts, they would not be able to muster up even the slightest bit of resistance against this person!
(*TL: Sorry, correction – there are two bodyguards of the 4th Xiang realm for the lady and man each, so four in total)

After these six people were instantly killed, the previously clamorous and noisy inn immediately sank into absolute silence. When the people in the inn looked at Li Xuan, an intense fear along with a deep sense of veneration appeared in their eyes.

As for the attendant, his body had already begun trembling. Clearly, the situation had completely crushed any courage he possessed!

“Alright, it’s all quiet now. Lead the way!”

Li Xuan directly projected his soul out to seize the lingering six spirit forms into the spiritual compartment located between his eyebrows, and then commanded the attendant in an icy voice.


After reaching his room, Li Xuan bluntly said that he was going into closed-door training and that nobody was to disturb him, then waved the attendant away.

As for the dead bodies in the inn, the servants had already dealt with them.

“Ahh—you brat! You dare to kill me? I am Fang Qinghan of Ju Ding Sect. Moreover, my father is Young Lord Fang Shaoyan!”

“You necromancer! Since you’re able to seize our spirits, you’re clearly a malicious, darkness attribute necromancer! I’m going to publicly reveal all of your crimes to the public and make it so that the entire continent will pursue you and seize you!”

“Is that so? I don’t know if you are Fang Shaoyan’s son, but you can still die a happy death! And right now, you can die while properly enjoying this feeling!” Li Xuan’s tone carried a certain degree of iciness to it, making Fang Shaoyan shiver uncontrollably.

However, exactly what sort of personage was he! He naturally would not feel any fear.

However, once he looked into the distance, he discovered that in this dreary world, there was dense, hazy fog everywhere. He couldn’t help but be startled into fear. W-what was this place?

He swivelled around towards another direction. In that direction, there was a transparent curtain of light. In that curtain of light, he could see a thronging mass of figures struggling and screaming. Inside, it seemed as though there was purple lightning flashing through the dense fog.

Right after his thoughts ran through his mind, a clear screen of light suddenly enveloped him and his apprentice sister. Within this screen, a change gradually appeared in this dreary world. It soon transformed into a terrifying, purplish cyan color.


Fang Qinghan suddenly felt a genuine chill because at this moment, numerous purple lightning bolts began striking towards him.

“I’ll let you taste the flavor of tribulatory lightning! Although this method of mine is only an imitation of torn space, it is more than enough to torment you despicable souls!”

Li Xuan laughed coldly as he spoke in a sinister tone.


“I-I beg you, let me go…. N-no matter what kind of conditions you have, I’ll agree to them!” After getting struck several times by the tribulatory lightning, Fang Qinghan had nearly gone insane.

Li Xuan did not bother with his words, but rather gave a slight snort and answered in a frigid tone: “My name is Li Xuan, otherwise known as the Li Xuan whom you guys and the Manton Clan have teamed up against, got it? Isn’t this astonishing? It’s a pity you have no chances left!”

Li Xuan’s words thoroughly stunned Fang Qinghan. Seeing how an intense and boundless hatred began to emit from Fang Qinghan’s eyes, Li Xuan laughed heartily and controlled an even greater amount of lightning elemental energy!

After understanding the mass of energy formed by elemental energy, the mass within his spirit compartment turned into two polar cyclones. These two cyclones seemed to turn into an appearance that represented the Supreme Ultimate of the Yin Yang 8 Divinatory Trigrams.

After lightning elemental energy entered into Li Xuan’s spirit compartment, it gradually transformed into an existence especially made to restrain souls through his soul’s forcible refining, not to mention that Li Xuan’s soul was exceedingly strong.

This method was something Li Xuan deliberately employed. His failure in tearing space apart allowed him to understand that one’s soul had to be completely capable of bearing the terror and the chaotic streams of the void, or else it was destined to die after the fact.

And clearly, Earth’s spatial restrictions were much weaker than this world’s. After all, the spatial elemental energy that existed here further strengthened the spatial restrictions themselves. If so, the divisions of strength after his Inner Jin realm would be different. Although the Void Tearing Realm was after the Encompassing Dan Realm, it could probably only be called the ‘Voidal Dan’ realm because one could not truly tear into the void.

Li Xuan understood all of this in his heart.

At this moment, only a portion of his mind was focused on pondering these things. The other portion of his mind, on the flipside, was unleashing tribulatory lightning on Fang Qinghan to torment him.

This Fang Qinghan’s innate talent really wasn’t bad. Furthermore, after Fang Qinghan was aware of the grudge between them, he also gave birth to an insane and crazed hatred. With this build up of resentment, after Li Xuan tormented him to death, the soul energy would have been extracted out. Its effect would be several times better than directly absorbing the soul!



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