Chapter 077 – Killing and Seizing Souls!

His figure slightly distorting, Li Xuan’s body grew significantly taller. The inner elemental energy and inner jin within his body swirled about as he used the earth system’s Heaviness technique and the wood system’s Rejuvenation technique to thicken his body and make it more heavyset.

At this time, Li Xuan’s body had already transformed into that of a stern twenty-three or twenty-four year old youth. Rather than expressing the tenderness and immaturity of a sixteen-year-old, the current Li Xuan seemed more like an expert whose body reeked with the destructive aura of lightning.

Changing into a standard 3-star grade magic robe, Li Xuan hung a standard 3-star grade lightning attribute staff onto his back and then used a Thunderflash technique to fly out of the Magical Beast Forest.


Walking on the road which led to the Manton Clan in silence, a whole flurry of plans ran through Li Xuan’s mind. In confronting the Manton Clan, he would naturally make a killing carnival out of it! And killing so many people was naturally for the sake of seizing even more souls.

Within the Manton Clan, the people that were most worthy to kill were the core elite disciples. Although they were usually within their private cultivation rooms cultivating, every several days, they would collectively head towards the fighting stage located in the central courtyard and listen to the elders’ lectures about magic and their imparted teachings. They would also call out a portion of disciples whenever appropriate to test whether they improved or not.

And the reason Li Xuan prepared to leave the depths of the lake earlier was mainly due to the fact that today was the day that the Manton Clan would hold lectures and impart knowledge.


The lightning element is symbolized by metal, and metal restrains wood. Today, the Manton Clan’s wood element mages would suffer a destructive blow!

The concept of never failing to take vengeance for a previous grudge was exactly this!

Li Xuan’s figure was neat and straight, his face stern and steady. The current him was already cloaked in an air of killing intent.

Within these ten days, his soul had gradually recovered to around ten percent. The most beneficial thing that had helped its recovery was still all the soul energy that Balan had aggregated and the soul energy which had been completely shattered. After Li Xuan had fully digested and absorbed it, his soul had recovered by around one tenth compared to when he was wounded. Although it did not heal much further, at this stage, he was already quite satisfied.

As he coldly made his way towards the Manton Clan, his frigid and evil aura repelled everyone away. However, in this city, there were so many people, and eccentric people could be seen everywhere. As such, nobody really paid any attention to him.

After arriving outside the Manton Clan’s residence, Li Xuan located a corner and directly hid his aura, flying in without anybody discovering him.

After entering into the residence, he headed towards the fighting stage as if the place were his own home. He stood at a distance underneath a large tree as he watched the people discuss in hushed tones, a hint of wildness flashing across his eyes.

“Manton Clan, I’ll be collecting some interest now!”

Li Xuan took a deep breath and immediately entered a state of being one with nature. An icy aura that seemed to belong to a death god was immediately unleashed, savage, ancient, heavy, and wild!

His eyes locked onto the beautiful woman who was giving a lecture on wood system knowledge from a distance with a gaze that seemed as if he was staring at a dead person!

The instant his figure moved, the soul force that he had completely compressed in preparation violently burst towards the entirety of the square!

At this moment, a colossal, savage aura surged forth in a world-shaking manner, followed by the violent ascension of a massive dragon of lightning!




Immediately, an innumerable amount of soul energy accompanied by spatial elemental energy, the destructive aura of darkness elemental energy, and various other types of elemental energy abruptly exploded into a shockwave that expanded outwards.

A feeling similar to space tearing apart instantly descended on the scene!


“Enemy attack!”


“The enemy is here!”



For a time, shrieks rose and fell in succession, their durations extremely short because of the carnage that would fly about right after it sounded. This caused the scene which seemed as though it had been frozen in time to suddenly go silent.

A short while later, a bloody glow rose in the air as blood splattered in every direction.

When the enormous lightning dragon trampled all over the corpses from which Li Xuan seized the souls using spatial force, the mages who were no more than 3rd Fen 3rd or 4th layer and even a significant number of 2nd Hui mages were all crushed!

This entire event occurred extremely quickly. From the very moment Li Xuan took action and killed nearly one hundred elite disciples along with a beautiful 4th Xiang 10th layer woman, the time spent was no more than half a minute!

“Xing Yi Dragon Form, Dragon Lightning Evasion, Dragon Dance Tribute!”

After shouting this out in his heart, Li Xuan’s figure abruptly expanded and transformed into a giant dragon. Suddenly, a flurry of countless phantom-like claws instantly reaped the lives of the elite disciples who had not yet completely died!

Li Xuan simultaneously performed a large number of lightning system magics and Xing Yi Dragon Form battle magic skills relentlessly. In the next thirty seconds, by relying on the Dragon Lightning Evasion bodily skill, Li Xuan directly slaughtered the hundred people present in the site!

By this time, several exceedingly terrifying spirit forces were thrust in his direction. In response, Li Xuan stimulated the solar system soul core in his dantian and exploded forth with a fearsome soul oppression, dispersing all of these spirit forces. He then turned into a shadow as he dashed out of the Manton Clan. As his figure flashed, a Rainfall technique washed away the fresh blood on his body while it swelled and expanded. After speeding through two alleyways, he entered onto a large street in the form of a short, middle-aged uncle.

This short, middle-aged uncle wore a blue magic hat and a 2-star upper grade magic robe along with a blue water attribute staff in hand. A layer of faint water elemental energy enshrouded his body as well.

Currently, he was strolling idly about in the city with a big grin on his face. Sensing the world-shaking, murderous sounds as well as the insane howls coming from the Manton Clan, Li Xuan laughed coldly and directly entered into a Spring Breeze Pavilion in a proud manner.

“Innkeeper, arrange your best room!”

“Of course! My lord, we just so happen to have one more upper-class room of the best quality. I wonder how many days *you will be staying?” Seeing that the middle-aged uncle before him with a special aura was dressed in a 2-star upper grade magic robe, he immediately decided that he would not dare to bicker over the man’s arrogant attitude. Instead, he inquired of him with a flattering tone.

“How many days will I be staying? How about three days for now!”

Li Xuan answered calmly, taking out his anonymous magic crystal card and directly paying ten thousand gold coins.

“Lord, please come this way. If you need something, just call *me!”
(*TL: says it in a humble way 小的)

After an attendant of the inn spoke respectfully to Li Xuan, he brought Li Xuan to the room.

At this moment, a young man and woman walked in arrogantly wearing a white and cyan magic robe.

At the same time, two mages, one a lightning system 4th Xiang 6th layer mage and the other a 4th Xiang 7th layer wood system mage, followed behind them without lagging behind even one step.

“Apprentice brother, I’m afraid we will have to remain here for several days. I heard that the Manton Clan and the Li Clan connected through marriage.”

“En. That Li Clan unexpectedly did so. Hmph, they’re simply going through their final struggles!” The young man with a bossy and domineering air laughed coldly.

Although their two voices were quite soft, they could not hide their words from an expert like Li Xuan who was capable of catching every little detail. As such, after he paused momentarily, he did not bother with it and continued walking forward.



15 thoughts on “Chapter 077 – Killing and Seizing Souls!

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  2. TBH, I like ruthless, arrogant, and OP MC. Because of that reason aloneI read this novel. But that baptism (brainwash skill wannabe) just ruin the story.

    Why? Because it’s not fun when an arrogant people (especially girl) became tame in short time. TBH I like to see how in the end that arrogant people become speechless any finally join or killed by MC.

    But, it’s still enjoyable to read, more enjoy if that baptism -brainwash wannabe doesn’t exist. LoL


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