Chapter 076 – Shifting the Plan in Advance, Cultivating Strength

“I understand now. It turns out this matter held so many implications.”

Li Xuan pondered in his heart and immediately realized that his mother, Siqin Duanyue, was definitely the descendant of the Qinsi Clan. This was because on Li Xuan’s chest, there was a mark that looked like ‘dragon wings’. However, Li Xuan had always assumed that it was a result of him cultivating Xing Yi Dragon Form to the extent of spirit form, and didn’t mind too much about it. After all, this thing only revealed itself when he cultivated, then disappeared when he didn’t. In general, it did not appear, but when Li Xuan heard Siyu’s words, his heart palpitated uncontrollably.

The things this implicated were simply enormous. Such a tangled and complicated situation was quite bizarre and troublesome.

“Siyu, I understand everything now. Right now, you may excuse yourself first and take action on your own accord to become a woman, a true woman. After that, you will go home tomorrow and do what you ought to do. However, keep this in mind. Externally, you are still Siyu, but in secret, you are a secret resource for me to gather intel on the Manton Clan.”

“Yes, Master. Siyu will definitely carry this out to the best of her ability, and definitely will not divulge anything.”

“Go ahead then.”

“Yes, Master!”

After she said this, she looked at Li Xuan with a bit of shyness flitting through her eyes, although it was not an embarrassment due to her naked appearance. She mustered up her courage and extended a finger out, poking it into her soft mound below.


Softly moaning, a thin trickle of blood rolled down her spotlessly white thigh, but Siyu did not pay any attention to this. She simply put on her magic robe and covered up her graceful **.

Walking for a few steps felt a bit unnatural, but Siyu quickly grew accustomed to it.


“Auntie, you’ve heard it clearly, right?” Li Xuan silently clarified with her in the spirit compartment.

“I heard it. I never thought that…. the Li Clan truly had a heritage treasure, but its whereabouts have been long lost. It is a spatial element pearl in which a massive amount of origin elemental energy is stored. Not only can it serve as a interspatial device, it can also store living things!
Li Xuan, do you know what being able to store living things means? It means that as long as one is not a unique sort of expert, one has access to a safe hiding spot at any time.
Even the spatial element pearl’s master can hide away into it, and once its master does so, the spatial element pearl will turn into a thread of spatial elemental energy and merge with the environment, making it so that nobody will be able to find it.
This thread of spatial elemental energy will not inflexibly stay in its original spot either. Instead, based on its whims, it will stay in its original position, drift about according to the movement of the world elemental energy in the environment, or even be blown by the wind to a distant place….
This pearl was already lost more than a thousand years ago when a 6th He ancestor of ours died and threw it to the wind. I’m not sure how that Fang Shaoyan heard that the pearl is still possibly within the Li Clan….”

Li Yun’s words caused Li Xuan to sink into deep thought.

In the face of absolute benefit, one could take a risk out of desperation. Although the Ju Ding Sect could be considered as a tyrant within Iris City, to want to rule over the five great clans and the three great sects of Iris City was also quite normal. Say the pearl really was in the Li Clan. Once they got their hands on it, their strength would truly shoot up, and who could ascertain whether that 6th He ancestor really died, or whether the pearl was truly lost?

Could it be that because the treasure was a hot potato, they planned for the ancestor to deliberately fake his death and ‘lose’ the pearl as a result? After all, how could a 6th He ancestor randomly die so easily?

As these thoughts ran through Li Xuan’s mind, he was aware that if he was able to think of this, then others would be able to as well.

“Forget this matter for now. It seems we will have to take action! I must implement the plan in advance and make proper preparations, or else the situation will become more troublesome.” Li Xuan muttered to himself, speaking with a seldomly used tone of caution.

“Xuan Er, what do you plan on doing?”

“En. I plan to cultivate a group of truly devoted subordinates, and then practice my battle magic skills. After cultivating a large, powerful group and fully healing your physical body, you, Gina, Feng Yao, and Feng Yeyuan can go take care of the issue and handle it properly.”

“En. Naturally, there’s no problem with this, but Auntie’s current physical situation….”

“It’s almost done recovering. After two more days, it will be more or less fully healed. However, at that time, I will secretly send you away.”

After a bit of thought, Li Xuan answered her.

“En, then I will wait for your good news.” Li Yun answered at once in great anticipation.

Li Xuan’s spirit continued discussing the plan with Li Yun, and then another portion of his spirit controlled his body to walk out of the new room.

After returning to his actual room, Li Xuan called Feng Yeyuan over and sent her away secretly to take a trip to the slums and gather a few orphans. She was then to look for a hidden location to use as a base for operations and temporarily hide them there. Then, he would come himself and set up the base.

After that, Li Xuan thought a bit more and decided to let Feng Yao and Gina fake their deaths to free themselves. This way, they would not be discovered by others, and it would also get rid of the vigilance the clan had against Gina.


That morning, Siyu used the excuse that she was not feeling well to return to the Manton Clan. After returning, because her body really was a bit different from normal, she easily deceived Yatuo and the rest, successfully avoiding any suspicion.

That afternoon, Li Xuan simultaneously pierced through both Gina’s and Feng Yao’s chest with a sword because they did something wrong. After they vomited blood and died, they were carried out of the Li Clan and thrown into the desolate mountain area on the outskirts of the city.

That night, Feng Yeyuan reached the ‘peak stage of 4th Xiang 10th layer’, then began closed-door training to break through to the 5th Xing envoy realm.

The second day, while Li Xuan was playing with Li Ru and Shuang Er in the courtyard, he suddenly gained an insight and also went into closed-door training. He decided that he would go into training for two months in his private cultivation room without break, and that no one was to bother him. In response, the clan dispatched the previous clan leader, Li Hengyi, to focus on maintaining strict guard.


A lake on the edges of the Magical Beast Forest.

At this moment, in the depths of the lake, waves of spatial elemental energy isolated an area from the outside world. At the same time, a 5-star grade magic formation was also established, allowing the bottom of the lake to truly become concealed area.

With the combination of Li Xuan’s spatial magic as well as Allan Auction House’s 5-star grade magic formation, this place became a genuine training spot.

Currently, there were already three hundred five or six year old orphans of both genders assembled. All these children came from the slums, and their actual innate talent was unknown for the moment.

When Li Xuan enveloped the group of children with light magic, these youngsters all crouched down.

This was not a baptism technique, but rather a simple spiritual pressure meant to further engrave loyalty onto their memories.

Only after this did he begin awakening each of their innate talents without any regard towards consumption.

Through meditation, Li Xuan confirmed each child’s physique and the element they had the most affinity with, and then directly awakened its respective cultivation path, making them specialize in only one system of magic.

After that, he bestowed Xing Yi battle magic skills to each according to their respective system of magic.

Starting out with a speed in which he used half an hour to awaken 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent for a child, he began the process of cleansing their marrows and muscles. For ten days and ten nights, Li Xuan was fully absorbed in this process.

And Gina and Feng Yao were naturally even more enthusiastic about instructing these children. The two of them along with Feng Yeyuan even declared a central faith for the children, imparting statements saying that they believed in the Master and were loyal to the master, giving them a lifelong creed.

At the same time, Feng Yeyuan and Gina who both cultivated the wind element naturally learned Li Xuan’s wind system Xing Yi Tiger Form. Feng Yao, on the other hand, learned the battle magic skills of Li Xuan’s Xing Yi Hawk Form, which corresponded with her wood element.

Under these circumstances, the process gradually grew routine and official after ten days.

With both Feng Yeyuan and Li Xuan there, Li Xuan felt assured about the situation on this side. As such, early morning on the eleventh day, he quietly departed from the base in preparation to carry out the first bout of slaughter against the Manton Clan’s elite disciples for the sake of restoring his wounded soul.



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    • He basically doesn’t deem her worthy. She was plotting against him to potentially control or kill him.

      He might be extremely ruthless but that doesn’t mean he has no standards, he won’t do it with someone he doesn’t like.


    • He’s a sadist but more importantly, he’s the calculating type, even when he’s acting like an asshole or a lustful beast, it’s because he wants to give that impression. His main goal is to reach the peak and secure his position in this world.
      That’s why I would be quite surprised if he raped a woman out of lust.


      • ah well, i didnt say rape her out of lust, but more like a “eh, well we’re already both on a bed and she’s naked, she’s also going to go tomorrow to report she lost her virginity, so there isnt much harm in having sex with her now” kinda thing(to begin with, would it TECHNICALLY be rape in this scenario?)


      • Well, he brainwashed her so she clearly isn’t able to make her own decisions. That’s not much different from being drugged.
        That technically would be rape.


  2. After reading the latest chapter of CCM, I kinda think it’s quite logical for Li Xuan to brainwash his subordinate when he try to train them to become almost as strong as him. Who want army of super loli/shota soldier stabbing them in the back.

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