Chapter 075 – Hidden Conspiracy

(TL: For those of you worrying, no, there is no rape in this chapter, and I hope there won’t be any rape scenes in the future chapters either.)

“Li Xuan, today is our celebratory day. Can we have a talk?” Siyu was a bit displeased with Li Xuan’s careless tone, but she still feigned affection as she spoke.

“That’s no good. This Young Master likes to do things, not talk about things. How about you use your tongue to talk with my little brother?” Li Xuan spoke with a lecherous tone.

“Li Xuan…. You….” Although Siyu’s scheming capabilities were quite good, she was, after all, only a fifteen year old lady. There was no way she could endure Li Xuan’s teasing and immediately sank into speechlessness, her face blushing and her ears scarlet.

“What you. We’ve already gotten engaged, and you’ve basically crossed the threshold already, so you’re this Young Master’s person. Since you are my woman, is there anything wrong with you using your mouth to serve your own man? Seeing as how you’re unwilling to do so, don’t blame me for driving you out of the Li Clan!”

Li Xuan’s tone grew fierce as he spoke with a cold smile.

“You dare!” Siyu’s *young miss temper was immediately ignited. Hearing how Li Xuan’s words were so intolerable, she abruptly shot up and glared at him with eyes of fury.
(*TL: Chinese term for the temper of girls who grow up feeling entitled and are spoiled and feel like the world revolve around them)

“I don’t dare?” Li Xuan laughed maliciously, walked in, clamped onto her neck, and then lifted her up. His other hand seized her magic robe and directly sent some wind elemental energy into the magic runes, forcefully expanding it and then tearing it from her body.

“*Cough, cough—”

Siyu struggled and choked with a thoroughly red face, but she couldn’t even give the slightest bit of resistance. With her strength as a 2nd Hui 5th layer wood element mage, she was not able to muster up any strength to resist.

Siyu’s originally scarlet face already showed an inclination towards purplish green due to her throat being clamped onto. Although the human physique of this world was significantly stronger than that of Earth’s, the fatal points were all the same.


Throwing Siyu onto the magically-enchanted bed like a dog, Li Xuan towered over her body which was only dressed in her underclothes, his eyes staring down at her coldly in contempt.

“Ahh—You—You! Don’t—!”

Siyu was, after all, only a fifteen-year-old girl, so how would she have faced this sort of situation before? She immediately sank into panic and screamed, but at this moment, who would pay attention to her?

The more Siyu screamed, the more pleased Li Xuan felt. It seemed as though he would always have an indescribable feeling of excitement when he heard other people’s miserable screams when he mistreated them.

A Wind Blade directly tore Siyu’s animal skin undergarments off, and a budding body immediately presented itself. The feeling was unexpectedly similar to peeling off the skin of a lychee.

That white tenderness, that delectability….

Under Siyu’s ashamed and depressed eyes, Li Xuan indifferently swept his gaze over her, his eyes seeming as though they hid the wildness of a beast. However, within his heart, there was only disdain: “The women of this other world only amount to this! The only difference is that their breasts seem to be fuller and more elastic rather than weak, and that their body structures and such are a bit more perfect…. It seems that if the degree of civilization a human being exists in differs, the innate disparity is also different.”

“Li Xuan…. I beg you, I was wrong, don’t be like this okay? We, whatever you want to do, I’ll agree to it….”

A hint of insanity flashed through Siyu’s eyes, and the hatred hidden within them was even more so buried within the marrow of her bone. However, her eyes were currently brimming with tears, so she looked to be an extremely tragic sight when she spoke.

Li Xuan pondered a bit. In the instant he felt Siyu’s murderous intent, he was prepared to kill her and get rid of future trouble. However, if he really did such a thing, Siyu’s death would only serve to tell outsiders that the Li Clan was so weak that they were not even able to protect her, or even place suspicion on himself. Furthermore, after Siyu’s death, the other party would definitely continue to send another third generation disciple over to stabilize the Li Clan. By then, the result would still be pretty much the same as it was now.

If so, then it would still be better for him to exhaust some of his spirit to baptize her. By doing so, he could sow some dissension between her and her family, and it would not be too late for him to understand exactly what the Manton Clan was planning! Additionally, he could also glean a large portion of the Manton Clan’s secrets off of her. When she was no longer useful, he would not need to expend any effort, and could simply kill her off directly!

As Li Xuan contemplated, he released his spirit force under Siyu’s purposely meek yet vigilant gaze and feigned a gentle expression that communicated he was willing to negotiate. He then manipulated his spirit force to charge into the area between her eyebrows. In that instant, he encountered a clear resistance, but Li Xuan’s current spirit force was something far beyond that of the past. Although the amount could not compare to before, its quality itself had made a small but significant leap. As such, Siyu’s spirit crumbled with one blow.

In the next moment, Siyu’s face which was previously brimming with tears immediately turned into an expression of absolute reverence. Her artificial act was immediately cast away and replaced with complete devotion.

“This Baptism technique of the light system is truly formidable! Although the baptism technique I use isn’t the genuine technique and also surpasses it, if those sanctimonious light element people at the peak of their strength wish to baptize others, I’m afraid its effect would be quite astonishing. From now on, I must proceed more cautiously!”

Li Xuan muttered to himself, then fixed his gaze on Siyu, speaking calmly in a low tone: “Siyu, exactly what kind of goal do you have in coming to the Li Clan? Explain yourself in detail!”

“Yes, Master.” Siyu gave a slight bow, the pair of moons at her chest swaying. The look of perplexion in her eyes immediately receded, and soon turned into a gaze bursting with veneration and zealotry.

“Master, behind the Manton Clan is the Ju Ding Sect. My goal in coming here, whether it be to control or destroy you, is ultimately to seize the Li Clan and get my hands on the Li Clan’s heritage treasure, the spatial element pearl.” Siyu explained word by word, sentence by sentence.

“En? Ju Ding Sect? Heritage treasure? Then Li Yun was also harmed by you all?” Li Xuan’s heart thumped violently as he immediately connected the dots, interrogating in a severe tone.

“In response to Master’s question, Li Yun was driven to death by my father, Tainuo. Fang Shaoyan originally wanted to expose it, but was found out by others…. As for the initial interest he had in Siqin Duanyue, besides her beauty, the ultimate reason was to confirm whether or not there was a mark similar to a dragon’s wings between her ** after her innate talent was awakened.”

“En? Why is this?” A slight chill traveled through Li Xuan’s heart.

“This was because such a mark could prove that Siqin Duanyue was a member of the Qinsi Clan, because in this world, Siqin is not an existing surname, only Qinsi. And that year, a rumor from the Distant Sea told that there was a brother-sister pair who were named Qinsi Hanmo and Qinsi Hanling. They were related by blood, but because their innate talent was exceedingly great and because they constantly lived together, they committed a great taboo. It was said that Qinsi Hanling became pregnant with Qinsi Hanmo’s child…. Later on, in order to avoid wasting that innate talent, for the sake of destroying that child, the clansmen did not even hesitate to give up the Qinsi Hanmo whose talent was a bit weaker…. I am not aware of the concrete details.
However, Fang Shaoyan said that while people pursued after the two to kill them, the woman forcefully gave birth to the child, and after being forced into a corner, she exhausted all her wood element spirit force and sealed it into the child’s body. She then *abandoned the child deep in the depths of the Magical Beast Forest, and then dashed into that deathtrap, Savage City. It was the Savage City that is as famous as the Distant Sea, Thunderwind Island, and Black Ice Palace, an ancient city where only death resides, no life….
Later on, many people went to search for the infant for a period of time, but nobody was ever able to find it. The only reason why Fang Shaoyan suspected the relationship was because Siqin Duanyue’s appearance was a bit similar to Qinsi Hanling’s. However, after the examination, it was found that Siqin Duanyue only possessed trashy 3rd Fen envoy innate talent. Additionally, although it was similarly the wood element, when a small section of her chest was cut open, there was no protective magic formation or diagram seen, so Fang Shaoyan knew that he had made a mistake.
In order to avoid involving the spatial element pearl with his cover up of this matter, Fang Shaoyan recalled Siqin Duanyue’s moving beauty and then decided to rely on this to cover up the true facts….”
(*TL: raws say 将孩子远远丢进, which literally means that she threw the child far into, but I’m pretty sure the author doesn’t mean that.)



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  2. Sigh.. i hope that he does not continue brainwashing people on the future, and those that already did can regain their clarity like the bodyguard did…

    .. well a lot of thanks ceruleonice for translating..


  3. After reading “*TL: raws say 将孩子远远丢进, which literally means that she threw the child far into, but I’m pretty sure the author doesn’t mean that.”
    I imagine a small baby been thrown in a snow forest, then it does a few rolls mid air and finally slides in the snow making a fighting stance, stops, and hides like a ninja XD
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