Chapter 074 – Feng Yeyuan’s Independent Awakening

Sensing the solar system structure composed of nine great vortexes within the dantian and how they automatically orbited and made their own respective revolutions, Li Xuan was immensely satisfied in his heart.

Although the inadvertent, particle-sized black hole he had conjured earlier had been horrifying, at least he had been in a state of being one with nature. His mighty and oppressive soul force allowed not only the spatial magic to circulate properly, but also for the dantian to expand successfully. One could say that he had reaped the benefits of things he had never sown, and if something like this actually happened again, Li Xuan would not recklessly test it out.

His original belief that this process would consume a large amount of time was no longer an issue.

As of now, water, lightning, wind, and fire, wood, earth, and light, darkness, spirit, and the solar soul core were all functioning normally. Under the nourishment of spatial magic, the dantian also possessed a peculiar feeling of vitality.

This kind of situation also caused Li Xuan to greatly anticipate his future cultivation.

Concerning the realms of this world, regardless of whether it was a 5th Xing envoy or a 6th He ancestor, Li Xuan honestly still put it beneath him. True experts absolutely were not limited to just a 6th He level ancestor.

Li Xuan went through a few cycles of exhalation and inhalation and then deeply soaked in the meditative feeling of elemental energy itself. He gradually sensed each individual system of magic, and only after feeling that he could manipulate them effortlessly, as if he was using his own right or left arm, did he feel relieved.

He tilted his head up and looked at Feng Yeyuan who was making a breakthrough at a distance, a slight feeling of astonishment spreading through his mind. This was because during Feng Yeyuan’s process of breaking through to the 5th Xing envoy realm, she had unexpectedly broken through the additional spiritual imprint placed by Li Xuan.

She had broken through right when he regained his own consciousness, so the spiritual baptism that didn’t really have any impact on Gina and the others was actually removed by Feng Yeyuan.

Although she did not deliberately erase it, but rather that her spirit had instinctively rejected it, it still caused Li Xuan to sink into deep thought.

After Li Xuan had inlaid a spiritual imprint on Feng Yeyuan, he sensed that the other was truly acting out of consideration for him, so the idea came to him that he could dissolve the imprint. However, his method of removal was not perfected yet, so Li Xuan didn’t think much about it. Seeing how the situation had developed and believing that he should probably have a trusted aide by his side, Li Xuan did not give Feng Yeyuan an additional spiritual baptism.

After all of his elemental systems advanced to the 3rd Fen realm, Li Xuan could feel that his soul had automatically made some progress. Although it was not too much, it was probably better than the five percent from before.

And this progress of his also strengthened Li Xuan’s confidence in using and removing the effects of spiritual baptism.

“It turns out that this was the feeling of a 5th Xing envoy. It feels as though everything within the world is within my grasp, which is truly a feeling that people can delight in and enjoy…. The process of breaking through was even more splendid beyond compare. It felt as though I had entered an eternal paradise, a feeling that people cherish and pursue. Now that I think about it, the higher one’s realm is, the more intoxicating the feeling of breaking through should be….”

Feng Yeyuan spoke with a bit of a sigh. After she said this, she came to Li Xuan’s said and the bowed in gratitude: “Young Master, the reason why I was able to break through this time is all due to Young Master’s contribution. As expected, Young Master’s innate talent is superb. Simply watching Young Master cultivate can enlighten me so much! To cultivators, this kind of enlightenment is extremely hard to come by…. Therefore, Young Master, I am truly too thankful!”

“Yeyuan, you are my bodyguard, and in the future, my trusted aide. There’s no need for words of gratitude because the more you improve, the more this Young Master’s safety is guaranteed. Alright, you may go.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Feng Yeyuan gave a slight bow and then left the cultivation ground with a faint smile on her face.

After Feng Yeyuan left, Li Xuan once again divided his mind, with one portion of his mind studying《Understanding Magic Formations》, and the other studying《Principles of Medicinal Refining》. Both of these were things that Li Xuan now possessed the qualifications to see.
(*TL: changed《Principles of Refining》to《Principles of Medicinal Refining》)

To Li Xuan, reaching the 3rd Fen realm did not actually bring him any sort of pleasure. Everything was so natural that there was no difference from drinking a mouthful of water. But this is probably due to how advanced my realm was in the past world compared to now, thought Li Xuan.

In regards to reaching the pinnacle in one world and then starting over in another, it was true that the structural system for each world was different and that the representative pinnacle for each was according to different standards. However, no matter where or when an expert was reborn, that person would still be an expert.


In the new room.

Siyu was sitting down with a hint of unease. Something unexpected had occurred, which led to a change of plans.

Li Xuan looked very handsome and heroic right now, his character awe-inspiring–a person who truly could be considered a good choice. However, whenever Siyu recalled how this revolting person made his manager kneel, how he harmed his little sister for the sake of his lover, and how he hurt his elder brother…. When she thought of this, Siyu’s heart filled with indignation.

Furthermore, on what grounds could the Li Clan who had only been established for several thousand years be compared to her Manton Clan which had been succeeded for more than ten thousand years? However, this revolting person was now an honorary elder of Allan Auction House, so how could she rebel?

When she thought about her grandfather’s words, telling her that ‘a person meant to achieve greatness shouldn’t care about trifling matters, and that if this matter were to get uncovered, their entire plans would fall to waste’, she gradually accepted it.

Wasn’t it just **? She would just consider it as having been taken by Rhom Beast for a night.

As she thought, she waited for him in anxiety, but this patience of hers did not hold out until Li Xuan came, and seeing that he was not there, she was a bit angry.

“This Li Xuan thinks that just because he’s recovered his ability as a genius, he can ignore my existence? Hmph, no matter how talented he is, the lowliness in his bones cannot be changed!”

While pondering, she looked at the magical equipment in the space. The night was nearly over.

The more she thought about it, the more indignant she became. Glancing at the Gina who was in the middle of meditation while standing outside, Siyu let out a gentle smile and said: “Gina, how about you go check to see why the Young Master hasn’t come.”

“Yes, Young Madam.” Gina opened her eyes and smiled sweetly, then turned to walk over to where Li Xuan was.

A sliver of disdain flashed across Siyu’s face: “You even keep the Gina who’s only ten years old by your side? It seems that you prefer young girls, but this is good too! Lisa traumatized you to insanity, and it seems that your tolerance level is no more than this. After time has passed and the emotional shock you received has quelled, you’ll revert back to being a coward.”

As Siyu contemplated in her heart, a smile full of confidence revealed itself on her face.

However, after a short while, Gina came walking into the new room with Li Xuan. At this time, the sky was already starting to lighten up, and the second day was soon to arrive.

“Young Madam, the Young Master has arrived.” Gina announced at the entrance to the room.

“En….” Siyu gave a soft reply, then maintained her silence.

“Gina, go out and keep watch. Young Master is going to have a talk with Siyu.” Li Xuan turned Gina away and then walked into the room which had been decorated with splendor and majesty.

The previous insights he had gained while studying how to refine both medicines and equipment left Li Xuan with a certain level of knowledge concerning these two areas, and when he was just about to put his newly gained insights into practice, Gina arrived on Siyu’s command.



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