Chapter 072 – Balan’s Attachment!

After playing around a bit with Li Ru, Li Xuan directly helped her open up several of her energy channels, fixing her innate talent at 6th He innate meditative talent. Only after he did this did he send Li Ru back to her room to cultivate.

At this time, Li Xuan’s behavior was contrary to Siyu’s expectations. Rather than going towards their new bedroom to have some fun on their celebratory day, he continued to stay within his private cultivation room, working on the soul aspect of his cultivation.

Cultivating one’s soul was not a simple task, and the so-called spirit system of magic had a qualitative difference from Li Xuan’s understanding of the soul. In this world, the spirit represented meditation. People even considered it to be the undulatory frequency of magic. However, the soul that Li Xuan was familiar with instead possessed its own awareness and instinctive spirit force. To him, it was something that was capable of existing on it’s own.

And this sort of perspective did not really differ too much from how necromancers regarded ‘departed spirits’.

As for necromancers, they were a special type of existence belonging to the darkness system of magic, or in other words, a branch of darkness type mages.

“Water, lightning, wind, and fire, wood, earth, and light, darkness, spirit…. At present, I have already completed two rings of the solar system structure within my dantian. The third ring simply lacks the light and darkness systems.”

Li Xuan continued pondering over the entire course of his cultivation, making conclusions, learning from his experiences, and then straightening out the difficulties regarding the transformation of elemental energy into a liquid state.

At this time, the recovery of the soul was absolutely necessary. Without its recovery, its ability to compress the elemental energy would appear feeble and powerless.

“Although I can protect myself for now, my soul oppression is only an existence stemming from an injured whole. Besides intimidating others, once I actually use it offensively, the harm I inflict on myself will definitely not be small…. This time, although my soul had not yet recovered to a better state, I still took action to deal with those two 5th Xing 1st layer fellows. My soul was even heavily injured! Even if I had not consumed any energy for soul oppression at the Allan Auction House before, I would have still gotten injured from killing the Youming Elders….. Furthermore, this soul oppression is definitely not beneficial towards my future recovery….”

Li Xuan immersed himself in deep thought, and this time, he merged his minds and thoughts into a complete whole. He did not divide a portion of it to focus on any additional task, but rather meditated simultaneously, entering into that void realm of emptiness.

Very quickly, he naturally entered into a state of being one with nature and felt the soul energy located within the spirit compartment at the center of his eyebrows.

After those soul energies had been shattered, within the duration of the afternoon, they had actually congregated by a significant amount into a disorderly mess. Of those soul energies, the Youming Elders did not appear, but a fuzzy and blurry corporeal form of Balan did.

“You—! As expected, it’s you!”

Balan’s consciousness had actually recovered for a moment. His tone was exceedingly fierce and his blurry appearance radiated malevolence.

“En? You can still retain your consciousness?”

Li Xuan’s soul was also a bit vague and indistinct, but it was still much more powerful than Balan’s.

“Consciousness? Once my thoughts grew incomparably strong and the unreconciliation in my heart became indescribably powerful, I naturally recalled my spirit. I, Balan, am acknowledged as the number one genius of the Fenport Clan. How could I vainly—”

“Not bad, not bad! Just in time for my recovery!”

Li Xuan fixed his gaze onto Balan’s hazy spirit form as excitement welled up in his heart. His soul just so happened to be in a weak state, and since this Balan could actually forcefully fuse the Youming Elders’ fragmented spirit force with his own, he could see that this Balan was quite outstanding in regards to his spirit.

This also confirmed that Balan’s innate meditative talent was superb.

“Recovery? Hmph, we’ll see who recovers! Last time I crippled you, but this time, I’ll directly devour your spirit. Even if I, Balan, am unable to continue living, I will still bring you down with me! Once my spirit grows stronger, how difficult would it be for me to become something like a necromancer!”

“Balan, you think that I don’t know that you were the one who crippled me in the past? You think that your Fenport Clan is very powerful? You believe that your Bai Hui Sect is so awesome? Let me tell you now. Not long from now, all these people will become nourishment to recover my soul! Enough! Now, thank you so much for helping me stall for time in order to come up with a few methods to take care of you! This Young Master will let you have a taste of void lightning, the flavor of tribulation lightning!”

Li Xuan laughed coldly. Within his state of unification, he directly recalled the scene where he tore space apart and failed. From the chaotic streams in the void, countless bolts of purple lightning shot out from an enormous eye and immediately crushed his exceedingly powerful soul into pieces!

This point allowed Li Xuan to deeply understand that lightning had the effect of an absolutely destructive nature towards the soul’s consciousness.

“Lightning elemental energy, laws, fuse! The void, tribulation lightning, baptism!”

Li Xuan’s mind churned with numerous urges, and in his soul’s weakened state, he forcibly dragged lightning elemental energy over.

Darkness immediately descended within the spirit compartment, after which innumerable bolts of purple lightning appeared, followed by a glaringly radiant purple bolt of lightning which lit up the entire space. That tribulation lightning struck out and pierced through the Balan who did not have any time to prepare at a horrifying speed.

Balan’s spirit form instantly crumbled, turning into black colored grains, which then turned into fine powder that disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, Li Xuan suddenly felt his soul violently expand as soul energy that carried hints of tribulation lightning washed over his body and mind, as if baptizing him.

It felt comfortable and invigorating to his body and mind, seeming as though he had been submerged into lightning. As it tempered his body, he felt as light as a fairy, the feeling propelling him into a climactic high.



Opening his eyes, two purple-colored lightning bolts gradually faded from his eyes and receded into nothingness. At this moment, Li Xuan began to silently sense the spirit compartment within the space between his eyebrows and grew startled.

His spirit compartment had unexpectedly expanded to a size easily double that which it had been originally, and in a particular location which had been specially marked out, Li Yun stood there, trembling uncontrollably. Various bolts of lightning continued to wash and coil around her insubstantial but vague figure, as if she was as attractive as an electromagnet.

“En?” Li Xuan was just about to help her, but sensing that her soul was gradually transforming and improving as it grew purer and purer, Li Xuan abandoned the thought of interfering.

“In just this moment, my soul’s injuries recovered by around fifty percent, and now my soul has actually recovered to twenty percent as opposed to the ten percent from before…. But looking at it this way, according to the current situation, if I kill a few more experts, I’ll be pretty much fully recovered.”

Li Xuan muttered to himself inwardly. Because there were around two more months left before he had to head out to the Wade Institute, Li Xuan decided that he would go to the Magical Beast Forest to hunt and train himself for two months, and then leave for the Wade Institute.

However, right after this thought arose, Li Xuan realized that if he wanted to go out, he would have to change his identity. Because his current identity was that of a monstrous talent whose infamy was known to everybody, if he went out to train himself at this time, forgetting the likelihood that the clan might disagree, even if they did, they would still dispatch people to guard him.

Not only that, enemies like the Bai Hui Sect and Ju Ding Sect would not be willing to let this opportunity go! The Yama Clan would also send out experts to kill. Perhaps they would not be able to find out that Li Xuan was the culprit, but at least the other party would lose their most outstanding talent! They would most definitely prefer killing him to letting him go….

For a time, millions of thoughts ran through Li Xuan’s mind as he made a decision in regards to his future plans.

Right after, Li Xuan focused wholeheartedly on breaking through to the 3rd Fen realm with his light, darkness, and spatial systems of magic.



17 thoughts on “Chapter 072 – Balan’s Attachment!

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  2. It’s nice to have a protagonist who actually thinks things through for a change. Though he’s a bit too powerful, (he basically doesn’t suffer any setbacks). His intelligence and ruthlessness are so refreshing that it more than makes up for that.

    Though I am interested in this baptism thing, does it turn them into zealots believing what Li Xuan want’s them to believe. Or do they turn extremely logical and discard their feelings, basically judging everything by I.Q. instead of E.Q.

    I’d like the ladies in the story to still have a distinct personality if possible, otherwise it could get a tad tedious.


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