Chapter 068 – Honorary Elder

After a journey full of jokes and laughter, the party arrived at the Manton Clan.

The main gate of the Manton Clan was much grander in aura compared to the Li Clan’s. In addition, the auras of the inlaid Flaming Thunder Tiger sculpture and the wood element Towering Great Tree sculpture appeared very awe-inspiring.

“Hahahahaha, you’ve all come. Quick, quick, please come in.”

Receiving the party at the entrance were Tainuo Manton and Yatuo. As for the servants attired in black magic robes standing at the side, they were automatically ignored by the group. Only Li Xuan noticed that a person within in the group whose figure carried a certain degree of allure seemed to be suffused with the aura of danger.

Li Xuan’s eyes slightly narrowed as he entered into a state of unification instantly. He then immediately opened his mind’s eye and looked at that person again. With a second look, a few thoughts arose in Li Xuan’s mind. As expected, this was a person whose aura did not differ much from Ge Lang. The person’s strength was also around a 5th Xing 1st layer envoy.

“Within Iris City, it is said that the number of experts who have stepped into the 5th Xing realm can be counted on one’s fingers. It seems that this is not so! However, most of the 5th Xing envoys are all at the 1st layer. Those at the 3rd layer are far less, and further up, there is only a miniscule amount.”

Li Xuan pondered in his mind, and then promptly disengaged from such a state.

Previously, when his soul was still amalgamated with the past Li Xuan’s soul and not even a tenth of his original soul force had been recovered, it was difficult to maintain control while being one with nature. However, now that his soul was pure and tempered, on top of the fact that he had recovered significantly and had also undergone the baptism of tribulation lightning, making him incomparably powerful, nobody would be able to notice his actions.

As for the strength he possessed back when he was a martial emperor on Earth, not including the power of his soul, he was indeed only comparable to a 5th Xing envoy at around the 5th to 10th layer. Because there was no concrete comparison he could make, his judgments weren’t too detailed. However, in regards to how mighty his soul was, it most likely far surpassed 6th He ancestors!

After all, once a martial artist tore through space, it was no longer just a matter of physical, bodily strength. Martial artists placed great emphasis on being one with nature, and by borrowing one’s soul force to better unite with nature, merging intent with qi, qi with force, force with the heart, and the heart with the spirit, one would be able to tear through space in one go. This was comparable to *using four taels (50 grams) to push a thousand catties (0.5 kg). It was not necessary for one to possess the strength of a thousand catties. Instead, simply using of the four taels to push the thousand catties through skillful and uncomplicated methods would suffice.
(*TL: accomplishing much through little means)

If it was simply a physical fist punching out and tearing through space, such a realm would be far beyond the Void Tearing Realm.

“Iris City’s Li Clan has arrived!”

At this moment, the servant in charge of logistics declared the Li Clan members’ arrival in a loud and clear voice.

The servant’s words also interrupted Li Xuan’s analysis and contemplation about the strength comparison between his past world and this new world.


After walking into the courtyard, one could see that there were already many people present, chatting and conversing with great gusteau and excitement. However, after Li Xuan’s party of people all walked in, the grounds immediately sank into silence. Strangers and familiar people soon began to walk up one by one.

“The two Youming Lords have also arrived. Lord Feng has also arrived….”

“Youming Brothers, please, come over.”

“As expected, Elder Feng is worthy of admiration. At such a young age, you are already a 4th Xiang 10th layer mage….”


The disorderly mess of voices all congregated together, yet they did not sound raucous or noisy.

Those that could refer to the Youming Elders as the Youming Brothers naturally had a high status. On the contrary, when Li Xuan’s family entered, nobody went up to strike a conversation.

Although a number of people took a few glances at Li Xuan, some queer lights flashing through their eyes, in the end, nobody went up to start a conversation with him. After all, in their eyes, Li Xuan and the people with him still lingered at the cheap and lowly ‘newly rich’ status.

Right at this moment, a clear declaration suddenly rang out from the outside: “Allan Auction House, Miss Ai Wei’er and Lords Ai Daya and Ai Da’te have arrived!”

“Ah…. Members of the Allan Auction House actually came!”

“Young Miss Ai Wei’er was already a 2nd Hui 5th layer mage at fourteen. This innate talent is quite outstanding!”

“That’s right! However, what you don’t know is that this Young Miss Ai Wei’er originally disliked cultivating, and only began when she was eleven years old.”

“En, using only three years to advance fifteen layers. Advancing five layers a year on average, this speed is terrifying!”

“Naturally! There’s no surprise, since it’s the Allan Clan of the Allan Auction House! It’s not that trashy Albee Clan!”


Yatuo and the others who were originally in the middle of welcoming Li Xuan’s family immediately fell into a daze. However, ecstasy soon appeared on their faces. Immediately excusing themselves in haste, they handed Li Xuan’s group of people to a member of the latter generation by the name of Ada Manton to chat with, then personally went over to receive Ai Wei’er’s group of people.

At this time, Li Ning’s eyebrows involuntarily knitted together. Turning his head to look at the entrance, a sliver of dissatisfaction flashed across his face.

On the other hand, Li Mo and Ning Xuan’s actions were much calmer.

“Elder Brother Xuan, I heard that Young Miss Ai Wei’er is the most beautiful person in all of the Wade Empire.” Li Ru stood at Li Xuan’s side, while Gina and Feng Yao’s eyes clearly expressed indignance.

They believed that the treatment towards Li Xuan was disrespectful and lacked attentiveness. These people truly had no eyes.

Shuang Er, on the other hand, simply stood there with a face full of ignorance and simplicity.

“Pretty woman are still going to get—forget it. Take it as though I never said anything.”

Li Xuan blurted out a few words of truth, but right as the words left his mouth, he caught his mother Siqin Duanyue shooting him a glace. Immediately laughing in embarrassment, he retracted his words.

“Haha, Young Master Li is truly…. Your words are too sharp! Balan admires you!”

Ai Wei’er’s group of people had not even entered when Balan stepped over to Li Xuan’s side, laughing and chatting.

After speaking, he directed a shallow bow in greeting towards Li Ru and said in the most gentlemanly manner: “This should be Little Sister Li Ru. As expected, you are exceedingly intelligent, lovely, and cute. My name is Balan Fenport—”

“Fenport your little sister! I say that it’s still best for you to screw off to the side. Don’t set your eyes on my younger sister, or else I’ll beat your face up!”

Li Xuan pushed Balan’s hand to the side without the slightest hesitation to keep this shameless person from touching his sister’s hand.

“Uh—” Balan’s face was a bit unsightly, but he still endured it and did not flare up. Furthermore, he now had a rough idea about Li Xuan’s character, so he simply laughed awkwardly, stepping to the side.

Clearly, he had most likely gotten ahead of himself.

By this time, Ai Wei’er’s group had already walked into the courtyard. The current Ai Wei’er’s long hair rippled down her back like a waterfall. She had jet-black, crescent eyebrows, a pair of brightly dazzling eyes, a straight, jasper nose, cheeks that were faintly flushed with pink, cute, pert lips, goose-egg cheekbones that sparkled like jade, lovable dimples that bloomed like flowers, tender skin as soft as snow, and a graceful figure that seemed to leave a trailing illusion of a celestial maiden with every step.

These looks of hers made it so that the crowd couldn’t help but gawk with round eyes, their faces sluggish.

And under everybody’s gazes, Ai Wei’er looked in every direction, her large and beautiful eyes finally dropping on Li Xuan.

In a flash, a hint of astonishment flitted through Ai Wei’er’s eyes as her heart rate began to go ba-thump, ba-thump as it accelerated. She who had originally been taking in everything with the greatest serenity was now unable to keep her mind from dissolving into a mess.

This was because her first feeling was that this person seemed to give her a bone-deep feeling of familiarity and intimacy. The natural aura that seemed to lure her in made it even harder for her to maintain self-control as well.

Perhaps for a long while, or just a tiny instant, Ai Wei’er went into a daze. Her two eyes then lit up as a radiant and dazzling smile appeared on her face. At this moment, her appearance was similar to that of a burgeoning lily that brought a pure fragrance with it, intoxicating people.

At once, Ai Wei’er went to Li Xuan’s side with steps as light as if stepping on lotuses, and then, with a tremoring but gentle tone, she said: “Young Master Li, our Allan Auction House would like to form an alliance with the Li Clan, and would like to invite you to become an honorary elder of our Allan Auction House. What do you think?”

Ai Wei’er’s soft and demure tone was a stark contrast to Li Xuan’s unbridled and arrogant behavior.

“Oh, so it’s the beautiful Ai Wei’er.” Li Xuan stretched his hand out and touched Ai Wei’er’s tender face, and this action immediately caused all of those in the courtyard to sink into stupefaction as their jaws dropped to the ground.



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