Chapter 067 – Initial Success Stage of the Dantian’s Solar System

According to the structure of the solar system within his dantian, Li Xuan sorted the elements in three ways: water, lightning, wind, then fire, wood, earth, and then light, darkness, spirit.

This setup was analogous to the nine planets of the solar system, and this sort of division was no doubt the best choice he could have made. Spirit represented the spirit system, and being set up at the very end made it easiest to control. Spatial magic was the entire universe itself which encompassed the system, representing the dantian’s spatial region. After superimposing spatial magic onto the dantian spatial region, changes would naturally occur in regards to its size. It could essentially form a space similar in effect to that of an interspatial ring, and with such a boundlessly large space, it would definitely be much easier to extract elemental energy when necessary from his dantian than from the outer world!

Relying others would never match up to relying on oneself! This was one of Li Xuan’s articles of faith. Suppose a day came that a seal was placed on this world and the world elemental energy was no longer be available for use. At that time, those supposed 5th Xing envoys, 6th He ancestors, 7th Xing monarchs, 8th Fa Kings, and even 9th Ming lords would all become useless pieces of trash!

However, by aggregating elemental energy within the body, even if the world collapsed and the universe was destroyed, the powers of the element would still remain with oneself, available any time for one’s use!

This was the aspect in which Li Xuan’s cultivation differed most from other people, as well as the most essential difference!

After the structure for the first ring of planets was constructed, Li Xuan immediately began to work on the structure for the second ring of planets. And this time, the process that would soon begin would involve the fire, wood, and earth elements.

The fire element corresponded to the Xing Yi Chicken Form.

“For users of the chicken form, chickens have the most mutually beneficial relationship with the world. It heralds the break of day, and is also capable of standing on its own with just a single leg. The might of shaking its feathers, and its bravery in battle, one can say that the art of the Chicken form is quite important. Within the abdomen, yin energy takes primary action. When the sky takes the form of the wind and the man the form of qi, the so-called chicken form within the first can lead to the elevation of jin from the heel, and can also encompass the qi of the dome of heaven to make it diminish. It is also able to disperse true qi into the four limbs. Its fist procedure overcomes the troubles of the lacking mind, and below, no leg will cause the worries of pain. A contrary procedure leads to deficiency of the mind, renders one’s senses ineffective, and also numbs the hands and feet.
The Chicken Form’s intent comprises of the phoenix. With Phoenix Nirvana, one can achieve eternal life!”

Li Xuan murmured in his heart. After bitterly cultivating the Xing Yi Chicken Form in his past world, he had trained to the point of developing a mystic ability similar to Phoenix Nirvana. Furthermore, this mystic ability was remarkably extraordinary!

“Xing Yi Chicken Form, Phoenix Nirvana, Ninth Fiery Berserk Firmament!”

Inwardly, Li Xuan let out a clear shout and immediately began to cultivate once more. Soon, the aura of a phoenix bathed in flames descended, and the phoenix formed by the massive amount of fire elemental energy was absolutely terrifying to any person.
(TL story – zoned out and actually typed clear sh*t instead of clear shout at first.)

Enveloped within the aura, Li Xuan easily manipulated a portion of it to merge with his soul. In one go, he condensed the fire elemental energy into a liquid form, turning it into a swirling vortex similar to a black hole.

At this moment, even after reaching this point, he had only spent around half an hour at most!

Seeing as how it was still early in the morning and no one had come to disturb him, Li Xuan settled his heart down and continued on with the wood and earth elements in one spurt of energy!

Xing Yi Fist wood system—Xing Yi Hawk Form!

“Hawk form users know the art of controlling their wings and are capable of freely entering the woods. They are also able to perform the aerobatic skills of flying. Within the abdomen, they restrain their intent and conceal their qi. Within the fist, they are able to manipulate the body and compress its shape. Its fist procedure is able to condense innate qi, and via the dantian, man is able to control his body to ascend and conceal his body when descending. A thinker of the past once said: like the continuous manipulation a bird employs for its wings, such is the intent. Its contrary procedure causes the exertion of the mind to go awry while the body is confined.
Xing Yi Hawk Form, Forest Delving Concentration, Heaven Earth Covering Inhabitance!”


Xing Yi Fist earth system—Xing Yi Bear Form!

“The natures of Bear Form users are the slowest, yet the most imposing, able to crane their necks mightily. Its physical exterior is Yin-natured while its interior is strong. Within the abdomen, one can depress the Yin qi into the dantian. When the fist takes on the form of a bear, it possesses the strength of an unyielding neck, and can also recover pure Yin qi. It can also interact with the qi of the Eagle Form, making its ascension manifest as Yang, while its descent manifest as Yin. When the two forms perform jointly, what is called Eagle Bear fighting spirit is also named Yin Yang Interaction. Although Yin and Yang ascends and descends, it is no more than a breath of adjustment.
Xing Yi Bear Form, Profound Primal Immersion, Heaven Earth Reverting to Yin Yang!”


Following the appearance of an enormous bear phantom beating its chest while roaring, the figure shattered. Li Xuan finally let out a deep breath and took a respite for a long while.

At long last, the three great magic systems of his second ring had all been converted into liquid.

In other words, his fire, wood, and earth systems had all stepped into 3rd Fen 1st layer.

After reaching this point, Li Xuan could be considered to have already reached the initial success stage in regards to his path of magic and inner jin cultivation.

“Xuan Er, are you training again? It’s already time, we ought to get going now.” Outside the private cultivation room, his father Li Ning’s call rang out right on time.

“Yes, Father! I’ll come out now!”

Li Xuan stuck out his waist, resulting in a series of erupting sounds similar to popping beans on a frying pan. After these little bursting sounds stopped, Li Xuan used the wind system’s Dispel technique and the light system’s Purification technique on himself, getting rid of the sweat that had accumulated on his body. Only after this did he walk towards the door in a relaxed manner.

“Father, Mother, Big Bro, Elder Sister Ning Xuan.” After exiting the room, Li Xuan saw that his entire family was waiting outside for him. Contrary to what one might expect, Li Xuan was still polite enough to greet them.

“En, A-Xuan. Let’s go.” Big Brother Li Mo allowed no explanations and simply walked over, hooking onto Li Xuan and dragging him to leave. Li Ning and Siqin Duanyue also shared a glance before laughing, after which they also turned and began to leave in satisfaction.

Outside the courtyard, not many elders of the clan were present. The clan leader was also absent, but Huyan Weike and Feng Yeyuan were both waiting.

“A-Xuan, when we go to the other party’s home this time, we must maintain courtesy. When the time comes, you must kowtow politely to Tainuo Manton.” Li Mo spoke in a deep tone.

The reason why he said this was because he was afraid that Li Xuan would be unwilling to kneel down, which would consequently result in conflict.

“Kneel and kowtow? No way! But when the time comes, I naturally have a way to deal with it. I won’t raise a ruckus, so don’t worry.” Li Xuan spoke with absolute certainty.

“As long as nothing goes wrong, then it’s fine!” Li Mo also breathed out a sigh of relief.

At this time, a group of people had also walked over, consisting of Li Ru, Shuang Er, and Gina.

“Li Xuan, when we go to the Manton Clan this time, we ought to uphold courtesy. I won’t say any more about this. However, this time, when we go, they will definitely send out some disciples of the clan to challenge you. Just take it as a lucky opportunity, and use it to establish your might. At that time, *cough *cough, you must be lenient – don’t start beheading people. The occasion is a joyous one.” Huyan Weike spoke with some embarrassment.

When the group of servants around them heard his words, the expressions with which they stared at Li Xuan became a bit strange.

“En, rest assured. I know propriety!”

“En. This time, it’s still better than Elder Feng accompanies you. Your entire family must also attend. In addition, I will also dispatch the Youming Elders individually to follow and protect you. Concerning the issue of safety, you can be at ease.”

“Hehe, no matter. Nothing will go wrong! Is Elder done speaking? If so, let us move out!” Li Xuan chuckled and directly waved his hand, cutting off Huyan Weike’s babbling.


Huyan Weike could only look on with a bitter smile. In the end, he still waved his hand and let Li Xuan’s party of people get going.


Their journey this time could be considered to be quite smooth because there was no passerby who caught sight of Li Xuan that would fail to get out of the way. Even when some of the spoiled young masters of other major clans saw him, they would directly avoid him with an artificial look on their face. Clearly, the majority of these people had all heard of Li Xuan’s ruthlessness.

Li Xuan, however, did not mind the least bit about seeing such a thing happen. Contrary to one’s expectations, when Li Ru saw how everybody was behaving, she even gave a thumbs up to her older brother, laughing: “Big Brother Mo, look at how scared these people are of Elder Brother Xuan.”

“That’s right. Currently, he is the most wicked young master within Iris City. Who dares to offend him?”

When these words left Li Mo’s mouth, Li Ning, Siqin Duanyue, and the others all began to laugh. Manager Li Pin, on the other hand, hastily lowered his head and posture, not daring to show even the slightest hint of laughter.



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