Chapter 066 – Sister Complex?

“Elder Brother, from now on, treat Ru’er as well as you are now, okay?” After Li Ru said this, she once again recalled Li Xuan’s previous betrayal and how she was almost pushed to the brink, which immediately caused her heart to grow anguished…

She was not very old, and one could say that this kind of scar would accompany her for life.

“Nope, from now on, Elder Brother won’t treat you this well—”

“Ahh—Elder Brother—”

“Elder Brother will treat you more than a hundred times better than I’m treating you now!” Li Xuan chuckled.

“Wuwu, Elder Brother you’re awful~ All you know is to tease Ru’er…” The little girl acted like a spoiled child in Li Xuan’s arms. And as Li Xuan looked at her, he genuinely began to feel as though he had found his little sister.

Little sister, this phrase. Exactly how long ago did he use it? The previous Li Xuan who was a martial emperor on Earth had long lost his younger sister when she was twelve to disease… At first, Gina’s simplicity, honesty, and innocence had led him to reminisce about the feelings between his younger sister and the rest of his family. However, now, one could say that this Li Ru had truly and deeply touched Li Xuan’s heart.

However, once Li Xuan thought about these things, he naturally began to think about his past world and his current world.

No matter what world he was in, it seemed as though he was always solitary and alone.

“Ru’er, from now on, how about you train with Elder Brother. Elder Brother will teach you a battle magic skill—Xing Yi Chicken Fist Form.”

“Elder Brother, what Xing Yi Chicken Fist Form. This name sounds absolutely horrible~” Li Ru bickered sweetly, her pair of delicate, lotus-like hands tracing over Li Xuan’s chest from time to time.

“*Cough cough…. This is a battle magic skill that is probably around…. the 4-star grade. It’s name, en, is called ‘Xing Yi Chicken Form, Phoenix Nirvana, Ninth Fiery Berserk Firmament.”

Li Xuan shallowly explained a bit of its profundities.

“Elder Brother, you’re so bad, mentioning *desire to me. From now on, you’re not allowed to say it, or else Ru’er really will get angry~!” Li Ru’s pink face blushed deeply as she beat against Li Xuan’s chest bashfully. Her shy expression along with her large, watery eyes that blinked was truly an exceedingly adorable sight.
(*TL: ‘Fiery’ for the characters 欲火, which basically means lust/desire)

At this moment, it was Li Xuan’s turn to sink into a state of sluggishness.

“Ru’er, you’re really quite sensitive! Elder Brother did not even think about that, but you already did! It seems Elder Brother is still far from Ru’er’s level!” Li Xuan snickered teasingly.

“Wuwu, Elder Brother is teasing Ru,er. Ru’er’s going to ignore you now.” Li Ru struggled free from Li Xuan’s embrace in embarrassment and then covered her face as she ran away. These strange twelve-year old little girl really made it easy for people to love her.

However, because of her family’s past circumstances, occasional fragments of worry and sorrow would appear in the depths of her clear and limpid eyes, along with a faint trace of self-deprecation.

This sort of feeling had arisen due to her circumstances — something Li Xuan was well aware of. It would most likely take an excruciatingly long time before she could truly recover from it.

The effects one’s environment could have on them were the most terrifying. Imperceptibly and silently, it could virtually transform a person’s character.

It was exactly like Li Xuan, who, due to living in the wilderness for twenty-some years, now had a bone and blood-deep bestial instinct.


“What an adorable younger sister. This past Li Xuan, exactly what kind of a beast were you that you could harm your own little sister! Even being rude to your younger sister would have been better than pushing her off to other people….” Li Xuan murmured in his heart. However, he immediately discovered that he himself had become somewhat wicked as well. Such a sister complex was definitely no good.

Although there would always be traces of somewhat improper thoughts after the event, to the actual notion itself, Li Xuan was not very keen about it. All he really wanted to do was just treat his younger sister better.

“Li Xuan, do you have any thoughts about today’s engagement?” Li Yun asked with a smile from the spirit compartment located between Li Xuan’s eyebrows.

“Any thoughts? I don’t have any thoughts, but let’s just consider this as me making a sacrifice for the clan.” Li Xuan chuckled.

“You say it so grandly, but do you really think that Auntie does not understand you?” Li Yun spoke with contempt.

“Auntie, which part of Li Xuan have you understood? If you want to understand me even deeper, then this Young Master welcomes you with utmost sincerity!” Li Xuan sniggered.

“You…. As expected. Forget about it. I won’t joke with you anymore. In any case, when I was cultivating my spirit system last night, I felt as though I had made somewhat of an improvement, so I’ve probably reached 3rd Fen 6th layer. However, won’t improving my spirit system cause ** to come apart?” At this moment, Li Yun was no longer in a playful mood, but rather speaking in an earnest and serious manner.
(*TL: Censored, and I don’t know what it’s referring to either. Probably her body.)

If one was to really talk about sparks, to get raped in spirit by the other party would not be good—and although Li Xuan had never done such a thing, with this brat’s fearless and unreasonable nature, what couldn’t he do?

(TL: I don’t get it. I’ll leave the raws there for you guys.)

“There won’t be any problem, so Auntie, you should just stop worrying and just cultivate. At that time, the physical body will be able to improve at the same time, and all you’ll have to do is spend a few more days cultivating it to the same level.” Li Yuan answered likewise in a serious manner to explain.

“Then, then that’s fine. That relieves me.” After Li Yun said this, her spirit condensed into a corporeal form and hugged Li Xuan’s own corporeal form.

On the other hand, Li Xuan wasn’t the least bit polite, and he directly grabbed onto her soft and ample breasts, firmly groping it to his content.

Li Yun simply rolled her eyes in exasperation and then dispersed her corporeal form. In the next moment, she had already appeared in a different location to continue condensing a corporeal form to meditate and cultivate.

Snickering, Li Xuan directly went to another area within his spirit compartment and began to cultivate, fusing the soul force of the people he had killed with his own in detail.

“Intent combines with qi, qi combines with force, force combines with the heart, and the heart combines with the spirit….”

In this state, a portion of Li Xuan’s spirit once again began to meditate. This meditation, however, was completely focused on gaining enlightenment concerning the spirit and spatial systems, not the other elements.

Meanwhile, Li Xuan’s actual body used a Rainfall Technique to rinse off his body, then used his fire system magic to dry it. He then put on the fire attribute 4-star lower grade magic robe set that Yatuo had gifted to him.

This magic robe set consisted of a mask, wrist guards, and boots to form a set, and they really were superior articles of magic equipment.

The fire-system magic formation and the magic runes on the equipment flowed in clarity, their strokes and arcs elegant and beautiful.

After the magic robe settled on Li Xuan’s body, it immediately began to self-adjust its size. Besides the fact that it appeared exceedingly well-fitting, a faint, warm energy also circulated from time to time, involuntarily repelling the dust in the air.

This kind of equipment was even more comfortable than the thermal silk undergarments of Earth. After Li Xuan put it on, an indiscernible feeling of vigor even pervaded off of him.

“Since the feeling of wearing good equipment is so wonderful, wouldn’t wearing even higher-quality equipment feel even better? No wonder those fellows like to wear their best equipment from morning till night….”

A few thoughts suddenly arose in Li Xuan’s heart as plans began to form in his mind.

Taking advantage of the fact that it was still early, he walked over to his private cultivation room without any sort of misgivings and first took a look at Li Yun’s physical body’s situation. He then directly performed an elemental healing and then continued to cultivate his Xing Yi Magic Fist.

First were the three sets of systematic drills for the twelve Xing Yi forms, and only after Li Xuan finished did he begin to take a stab at the other systems.

At present, his wind, water, lightning, and spirit system had all been cultivated to 3rd Fen 1st layer. What remained were his fire, wood, earth, light, darkness, and spatial systems that needed to break through to 3rd Fen 1st layer.

Breaking through was not actually a problem, and compressing the elemental energy no longer posed any difficulty either. The main issue lay in the fact that it was extremely hard to make any progress concerning his spatial magic. After all, very few people were capable of spatial magic, so Li Xuan was a bit troubled.



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