Chapter 065 – Individual Schemes

“Since it’s like this, it is still easy to handle. When it comes to the experts of the Distant Sea, our Allan Auction House definitely cannot match up to them, but it is still very simple to protect this Li Clan within the Wade Empire! Wei’er, this Li Xuan himself is also a genius with outstanding talent… I heard that he is getting engaged to a member of the Manton Clan tomorrow. Why don’t you represent the Allan Auction House to go attend? At that time, just give them some face and then go stir some things up at the Li Clan, sending them a few generous gifts while you’re at it.”

Ai Moyue stroked his beard as he spoke with a thoughtful look on his face.

“Grandfather, that you can think this way relieves Wei’er. Wei’er was actually quite afraid that Grandfather would completely ignore this matter! Although the clan’s dignity and status is very important, that is only true if one has the strength to back it up…. Although Wei’er is not aware of how strong our clan’s strongest expert is, on the outside, Elder Weiya is the strongest. Even so, when I was standing next to the lord, I did not even sense that he took action. He only halted slightly, furrowed his eyebrows, and then warned me with a single sentence.
During this time, there were not even any elemental energy fluctuations, much less a hint of any spiritual fluctuations!
From this, it is enough to deduce exactly how strong that lord is.
To make this person an enemy would truly be unwise. It isn’t that Wei’er worries about Grandfather’s judgment, but rather that you might have thought that I was overestimating the man and that Wei’er is too gullible.”

Ai Wei’er responded likewise in a thoughtful manner.

“Haha, my good granddaughter. Don’t tell me Grandfather cannot tell what you are thinking? If it was in the past, I definitely would not have thought much about this matter, but now, it is of paramount importance. Although Grandfather values the wealth of our family, I place further value on genuine experts. In this world, the things below the heavens do not belong to people, but rather experts! This is why you must be diligent in cultivation, Wei’er!” After Ai Moyue spoke a few words concerning the matter, he shifted the topic to relay to Ai Wei’er that strength was revered above all and to encourage her cultivation.

“Grandfather, rest assured.” Seeing how aware of the matter her grandfather was, Ai Wei’er’s heart also calmed down significantly.

However, in reality, when all was said in done, her supposed concern was a bit confused. She herself did not know that the aura emitted by Li Xuan’s state of unification had already deeply attracted her.

What she was worried about was not that the two sides might clash, but rather that she might not be able to see this person after her clan suffered loss.

Now that she got her answer, she behaved just like a little girl who was wholly satisfied from getting some candy, a smile of joy appearing on her face.


In the Manton Clan.

“Grandfather, tomorrow the engagement will be carried out…. If that 6th He ancestor that you speak of really is paying close attention, how am I supposed to use methods of deception to keep from sharing the bed with Li Xuan? After losing my body, it will become much harder for me to progress further.” Siyu could not help but ask. Although her Grandfather Yatuo had told her that the spirit system magic that was secretly inherited was exceptionally effective and that most people were unable to sense it, she was afraid that she was playing with fire because she had never faced a 6th He ancestor level expert before.

“A 6th He ancestor level expert is only the most severe estimation. Furthermore, it is not like the Ju Ding Sect lacks 6th He ancestor level experts. Take Ancestor Baixi for example, who is a 6th He 3rd layer ancestor. We do not need to worry so much! If we truly are unable to take care of this, we will naturally get someone else to handle it on our behalf! As for the secret spirit system magic, rest assured. Since it is called a secret inheritance, it is naturally deserving of this title.”

Yatuo muttered in contemplation as he clasped his hands behind his back, pacing back and forth, and then finally responded to her in a low voice.

“En, alright then. We’ll just do it that way then.” Siyu nodded in agreement in a helpless manner.

“Tonight, the Youming Elders sent over some news, saying that a tentative estimate of Li Xuan’s hidden master’s power is around 6th He 1st layer. Although the realms are the same, there is a two layer difference between him and Ancestor Bai, so there really is not anything to worry about. If there is anything to fear, it is that the Youming Elders may harbor malice towards us.” Yatuo said in a low voice.

“Grandfather, they would not go so far as to do that, would they?” Siyu responded with slight astonishment.

“You don’t understand. Although others may not know the Youming Elders, I have once seen them before while assuming another identity. These two most likely belong to the legendary ‘Dark Magic’ organization. If this is true, their loyalty regarding their reliance on us requires some consideration. It is also because of this point that I very rarely mention the affairs of both clans in front of them. Even now, they are not aware that I am in fact the one who crippled Li Yun’s cultivation.
For these kinds of matters, things that need to be downplayed should be downplayed, and things that ought to be concealed should be concealed. It is also necessary to consider carefully before speaking.
Let’s say that those two have other goals. If we happen to expose all our hidden cards, then we can only remain in a passive state and let others lead us by the nose. If it grows to the point that the matter poses a threat to the sect, would the sect even care about our wellbeing? I’m afraid they would simply kick us out of the way.
This is why Grandfather is constantly teaching you to think carefully. In fact, you actually do quite well in this respect.”

Yatuo stroked his beard while inhaling a breath of wood elemental energy from time to time. His entire person would then seem to grow more comfortable, and the grave expression on his face would also soften by a certain degree.

“Grandfather is wise. If what you say is really true, the number of things this implicates is far too much. If we involve ourselves further with the Li Clan, will….” Siyu said anxiously.

“Don’t worry. If the Li Clan were to collapse, they would have collapsed long ago, rather than putting it off till now. This can only show that their fate has still yet to occur. Furthermore, the Li Clan is as eye catching as the rising sun now. They have a freakish genius whose innate talent is comparable to 8th Fa king innate talent, not to mention his older brother who possesses 5th Xing innate talent as well as that woman Ning Xuan who has 6th He ancestor innate talent! Even that maid, Gina, possesses 5th Xing innate meditative talent!
That so many outstanding talents have appeared in the Li Clan within such a short frame of time can only mean that it will soon be time for the Li Clan to rise up, as long as no mishaps occur!”

“Then are we still going to contend against the Li Clan?” Siyu asked in confusion.

“That is different. You will soon understand what I mean after you think it through. The Li Clan is the Li Clan, while the Manton Clan is the Manton Clan! Both parties have a fundamental difference!” Yatuo answered with an icy smile.

Siyu pursed her lips and nodded her head at once, after which she sunk into deep thought.


As soon as day broke the next day, Li Ru charged into Li Xuan’s room.

Today was her elder brother Li Xuan’s engagement! Since they were going to head to the Manton Clan’s residence together, she was quite excited.

In regards to Siyu, Li Ru was also very fond of her. As such, for Siyu and Li Xuan to be able to get engaged was something that caused her great delight.

Therefore, before the sky even began to brighten, she sped over in the early morning.

“*Elder Brother Xuan, are you up yet?”
(*TL: She refers to Li Mo as 大哥, big/eldest brother, and Li Xuan as 哥哥, elder brother, because Li Xuan’s younger than Li Mo. Big Brother sounds cuter/intimate/less formal, but then I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between Li Mo and Li Xuan :/)

Li Ru’s tone was sweet and brimmed with an innocent and adorable quality, causing those who heard it to involuntarily feel a faint sense of peace and joy.

“Ru’er, Elder Brother is already up. Come here, let Elder Brother have a look at you.” Li Xuan’s heart was unexpectedly gentle. After all, this cute little sister was indeed innocent, naive, innately frank, as well as pure and kind-hearted.

“En, Elder Brother Xuan.”

Li Ru answered and then bounced energetically over to Li Xuan’s side.

Li Xuan sweeped her up into his embrace and then twirled her around a few times, after which he asked gently: “Young lady, you’ve come to see your elder brother so early. Were you so excited that you didn’t even rest the whole night?”

“That’s right, Elder Brother Xuan. Seeing you pull away from Big Sister Lisa’s shadow makes Ru’er very happy! Big Sister Siyu is a good person, and she’s also pretty and kind. On top of that, she is also very talented! Elder Brother Xuan, don’t disappoint her in the future, okay?”

“Of course.” Li Xuan chuckled and then planted a soft peck on Li Ru’s tender cheek. Li Ru immediately began to giggle from the ticklish feeling and then hid in Li Xuan’s chest, not daring to lift her head up.

After a short while, the room soon grew peaceful.



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    • I hope that he doesn’t. She’s innocent enough to fall without the brainwashing, and it’s nice to have someone who can act as a comforting relief around. The brainwashing might screw with how relaxing her adorableness is if he isn’t really careful about it.


      • Sorry, but any kind of spoiler will be moved to the Spoilers page, whether it be major or minor or even untrue (although IDK why someone would do that).

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      • Well, that’s the point of my comment… he has to deal with that best friend anyway. I just hope he’ll find a way to expose that best friend first to help his sister go through that. I wouldn’t like it if he just brainwashed her afterward.


  2. I think he should at least try to brainwash girls into something more human like. Just make them feel attract to him and feel like he’s the boss or something. The way the girls are now is like some kind fanatic doll that worship him like god and everything that related to him is fill with flower and rainbow.


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