Chapter 064 – Soul Oppression!

In response to their kowtowing, Li Xuan only casually combined some wind and light elemental energy to support them back up, after which he gave a faint nod of his head: “Arise, you two. No need to be so formal.”

“Yes, Ai Daya (Ai Da’te) thanks the Lord for his care.”

The two of them stood up and then answered respectfully.

“Lord, for *your arrival this time, might I ask if there is anything we can do?” Ai Wei’er did not kneel, but rather bowed, speaking in an exceedingly respectful manner.

“Just something trivial. This time, I need to take care of some matters, but I’ve taken in a disciple whose talent is still passable. This disciple is somewhat arrogant and unbridled, which is actually to my liking, but this person is from the Li Clan, which is in shambles at present and full of problems! The mission I am assigning you is to work together with the Li Clan, to preserve the Li Clan, and to protect Li Xuan! Correct, Li Xuan is my disciple, a disciple who possesses the spirit attribute and cultivates the wind, fire, and lightning elements just like I do, and also has 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent.
While telling you these things, I’ll also divulge a bit to you as well. The sect master of the hidden Xing Yi Sect of the Distant Sea is me. This sect master is not very talented, but I am still a peak stage 6th He 10th layer ancestor! Although I can only be considered as commonplace within the Distant Sea, to decimate the Wade Empire is still easily within my capabilities. Do you all understand my meaning?” Li Xuan’s tone was very cool, yet it was still imbued with a horrifying and savage aura.

When Ai Wei’er and the rest of them heard Li Xuan’s words, they were immeasurably terrified. 6th He ancestor…. 10th layer…. Peak stage…. As expected, it was an absolutely horrifying realm….

The Distant Sea…. To be able to found a sect in this kind of demonic land was already terrifying to the highest degree. Yet it was also hidden sect, which was a towering power! This kind of person actually came to a place like this…. Could it be that something major had happened?

Ai Daya’s and Ai Da’te’s hearts immediately sped up uncontrollably in a frenzy. At this moment, it seemed as though their tolerance level was not able to maintain control under the fact of this person’s background!

“Lord, to be able to labor for you is the honor of our Allan Auction House. Originally, we were already making a few preparations to form a good relationship with the Li Clan. After all, Young Master Li Xuan’s innate talent is indeed quite out of the ordinary….”

“En, as long as you understand. This is all for now. I will be leaving to deal with some other matters! Here are three thousand moyuan coins. Take it as a down payment for the reward I’ll be paying you later! Take it!” After Li Xuan said this, he casually took out a magic crystal card.

“Lord, to be able to handle these matters for you is our privilege, but it is not necessary for Lord to compensate us. We only hope that Lord might take on the title of ‘Elder’ for the Allan Auction House-”

“Miss, don’t be rude….”

As a guard, Ai Daya originally would not be allowed to interject. Such a thing would be violating the rules. However, at this moment, cold sweat blanketed his forehead densely and he immediately prevented Ai Wei’er to continue speaking. This was because Ai Wei’er was an ignorant person who did not know her crime, but they knew and understood that the hearts of some experts were cruel and ruthless, and that they did things completely on whim and preference. Furthermore, they detested when certain powers would rope them in to take on roles like a ‘grand elder, marshal, or ascetic’ at the slightest pretext.

“It is fine. This role is something I cannot undertake, but letting my disciple assume the role of elder will be fine. From now on, if Allan Auction House is in a difficult situation, I, Mu Xuan, will take action to help out once!” After Li Xuan gave out his answer, he put away his magic crystal card!

“Many thanks, Lord! We will definitely give you a satisfactory result!” Ai Wei’er bowed at once in gratitude with the utmost respect.

“En, alright. That is all, so I will be going now!” After Li Xuan said this, his eyebrows suddenly knitted together. He suddenly punched out an absolutely terrifying wave of soul oppression which charged towards the space between the eyebrows of a black-clothed figure one hundred meters away from the VIP lounge. The black figure’s body quaked and the person subconsciously used wind and fire elemental energy to instantly form an elemental shield. However, the shield was still destroyed in one hit. The figure’s body trembled and then immediately sank into a momentary daze.

With a “boom”, an explosion sounded from within his head. Only after a full three seconds did he regain his consciousness, after which his figure staggered a bit and then spat out a mouthful of bleed. His face had also turned deathly white.

“6th He 5th layer ancestor and above…. In just one go, he nearly killed me instantly. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was holding back, my entire body would have already turned into fine powder! To be this terrifying, this person is the real deal! He’s really a mage stronger than a 6th He 5th layer ancestor!”

After this person poke, he directly bowed with utmost respect in the direction the spiritual assault had come from and then turned into a phantom, disappearing from his original place.

However, he did not know that Li Xuan had gone all out with this attack. His originally vigorous and energetic soul force was nearly completely drained!

And this time, Li Xuan naturally found out that his present soul oppression was sufficient to deal a destructive blow towards a 6th He 3rd layer ancestor if he used ninety percent of his soul force.

This result was something that Li Xuan was highly satisfied with!

“From now on, don’t do this sort of meaningless thing. Don’t tell me a 6th He ancestor like me would deceive a tiny auction house like this?” As Li Xuan walked together with Ai Wei’er, he slightly halted, after which he spoke coolly.

At this moment, Ai Wei’er’s facial expression had gone completely white. Opening her mouth, she was originally planning on giving an explanation, but in the end, she still decided not to.

She had previously mentioned to a member of her clan that an expert at around the 5th Xing 10th layer level had come over once, but the clan did not really view it with importance. They assumed that the person was no more than a 5th Xing 3rd or 4th layer envoy. After all, a mage just a level higher had the capability to crush somebody just one level below them, and for Ai Daya and Ai Da’te to have made a mistake was quite normal. As such, the clan had dispatched a great elder who was only the strongest on the surface to observe secretly.

When she reported this time that the expert had come once more, the clan had sent out an expert to probe him out….

“Lord, my apologies. It is our wrongdoing.” Ai Wei’er apologized with great sincerity, and that sincerity could indeed be heard and sensed through the tone of her words.

“En, as long as you know that you’re wrong!” Li Xuan responded indifferently, and then quietly left Allan Auction House under Ai Wei’er’s respectful guidance.


“What’s wrong? Weiya, why are you injured?”

Within Allan Auction House, Ai Wei’er, Ai Daya, and Ai Da’te had already returned to headquarters, and Ai Wei’er’s grandfather Ai Moyue was right in the middle of conversing with great elder Weiya.

“Ai Moyue, this time, we can definitely be sure that this expert is at least an ancestor at the 6th He 5th layer or above…. Ai.” Weiya spoke with a bitter laugh.

“He’s a peak stage 6th He 10th layer ancestor. He said so himself.” Ai Wei’er grumbled, a bit discontent that her grandfather took such arbitrary action. This was why her tone was a bit icy.

“6th He 10th layer ancestor?” When Weiya heard this, his body could not help but shudder, almost unable to stand firmly.

“10th layer…. 6th He ancestor…. No wonder you were injured….” Ai Moyue pondered for a bit, after which his eyes exhibited a certain degree of determination as he said: “Wei’er, exactly what is the situation? Tell us about it in detail.”

“Yes, Grandfather. The situation is like this. Originally….”

At once, Ai Wei’er recounted what had happened the two times Li Xuan had came, after which she sank into silence.

Only after Ai Moyue muttered to himself for a long time did he say: “According to your words, he only extended a portion of spirit force outside of his body and nearly killed our Allan Auction House’s most powerful great elder in one instant? This kind of strength is a bit too terrifying!”

“It is! Previously, if not for the Lord being lenient, I, Weiya, would have probably been unable to see tomorrow’s light of day!” Weiya smiled bitterly as he spoke. Thinking back to the absolutely horrifying feeling that had occurred within his head after that bang which resulted in his mind going completely dull, cold sweat involuntarily rolled off Weiya’s body.

To a true expert, three seconds was enough to instantly kill their enemy several tens of times over!

That he hadn’t died was just due to the other person giving him a chance at life. After all, for spying on an expert and offending him, getting killed was also very normal.

However, the other party had spared him, so he definitely could not neglect to recognize the other person’s good intentions.



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