Chapter 063 – Subduing Feng Yao

“En. Go stand on the side.” After saying this, Li Xuan slightly waved his hand and Feng Yeyuan obediently moved to stand at the side at once.

Before Li Xuan, she was the image of utmost veneration and respect. However, in front of others, she once again returned to the image of a cold beauty.

After a short while, the door was pushed open with a creak.

“Young Master, your servant Gina and Feng Yao have come before *you.” Gina’s voice was as gentle and sweet as before. Without her bone-deep hatred, this girl had also become more pleasing to the eye.

“Come in then.”

Li Xuan coolly answered, then leaned against the back of the magic-enchanted chair within the room, crossing his legs and closing his eyes to rest.

Gina lead Feng Yao by the hand to Li Xuan’s front and then shook it, giving her a meaningful glance. Feng Yao slightly struggled, but still knelt down after some hesitation.

“Young Master.”

The two of them knelt and kowtowed, their tones respectful.

“Arise, Gina, but Feng Yao, you remain kneeling.”

After he said this, he casually stirred up some wind elemental energy to pull Gina up, and then turned a calm gaze towards Feng Yao.

At this moment, Feng Yao returned his gaze without any fear.

“Your heart is steeped with hate. Is it the grudge over the murdering of your parents, or a grudge of your clan?” Li Xuan asked coolly.

“En? You, how do you know? I’ll take care of my own business, you don’t need to worry about it!” Feng Yao’s facial expression immediately grew a bit unsightly. Her secret had just been declared out of the blue!

“It’s true that this has nothing to do with me, but right now you only have two paths to choose from! Open your heart and surrender yourself to paying allegiance to me; this is the first path. With this choice, you can also take revenge. Because you are one of my people, your grudge will also be my grudge!”

“Dream on! Even if I die, I won’t let a malicious person like you abuse me!” Feng Yao was instantly enraged. Clearly, she assumed that Li Xuan had just completely exhibited his perverse nature and wanted to play around and have some fun with her.

“Then I’ll kill you right now, and then hang up your naked corpse on Iris City’s gate. Do you think I don’t dare?” Li Xuan laughed coldly with a face full of disdain.

“You shameless, vicious, and nasty person!”

Feng Yao was so furious she nearly went mad. How come this person did not even have the slightest bit of mercy, the tiniest bit of feeling for an attractive woman like her? He had even lost himself in infatuation with that Lisa. From the looks of it, it was not that he had been provoked to madness by her, but rather that he was already abnormal!

Although she thought this way, when she looked at Li Xuan’s icy exterior, a sudden feeling of dread and fear appeared in her heart. Li De’s affair could be said to have shaken the entire Wade Empire, yet he was a man, and she was a woman! If she really was hung naked at the city gate, then her entire Feng Clan would be utterly disgraced. Even if she died, she would still feel sorry towards her deceased ancestors and forefathers!

“I accept!”

Feng Yao submitted, but at this moment, she suddenly felt as though her heart was exhausted. The feeling was like a string pulled taut had been suddenly loosened.

The huge pressure exerted by her great enmity seemed as though it had suddenly, but thoroughly crumbled and collapsed.

“Alright. Do as I tell you now!”

After Li Xuan spoke, he guided her to do as he instructed her, then merged together multiple types of Baptism Techniques from various systems of magic that highlighted their respective merits. After using it on her, Feng Yao was instantly baptized.

Opening her eyes, a hint of confusion flashed and then disappeared, after which she regained her previous clarity.

“Young Master, previously, Feng Yao was not aware of Young Master’s generous, benevolent, and selfless nature, and instead misunderstood Young Master. Now, Feng Yao understands that she was previously drowning amidst anger and foolishness, her heart taken captive by demons and unable to break free. It is *you, Young Master, who has saved Feng Yao and allowed Feng Yao to understand that a person’s foresight must look much farther and broader…. Young Master, Feng Yao is grateful that *you have given her a new life. From now on, Feng Yao will definitely change and devote herself sincerely to Young Master. May Young Master order and command Feng Yao as he wishes and give Feng Yao a chance to atone for her previous sins.”
(TL: I don’t think I clarified this, but Feng Yao is speaking in third person. This usually indicates humility/lowliness, which is why I don’t outright use I.)

Feng Yao now also spoke with utter devotion, her tone extremely respectful.

“Feng Yao, congratulations for transcending your sea of bitterness.” At this time, Gina congratulated her with a smile.

“Gina, without your advice, I, Feng Yao, would have still been caught up and lost within my hatred, unable to find my true self. I would have also been unable to realize the master of my heart, so Gina, Feng Yao must thank you as well.”

“No thanks is needed. You are Gina’s good elder sister. If Gina doesn’t help you, then who would I help?”

The two of them were now like a pair of blood-related sisters, chatting as though they were incomparably familiar with each other.

“Feng Yao, come here. Young Master will awaken your innate talent, so wait for a bit, Gina. A while later, Young Master will continue to help you awaken your innate talent as well! On the other hand, do not speak of this to anyone nor let anybody know. Remember, nobody! Understood? However spreads this out shall go and kill themselves. I don’t need to say much else!”

“Yes, Young Master. Gina (Feng Yao) definitely will not divulge this to others!”


It was only after Li Xuan spent one hour to awaken the two people’s 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent that he let out a sigh of relief.

With these people’s foundations, once he awakened their innate talent, Li Xuan discovered that their cultivation speed instantly increased by several times. The Gina and Feng Yao who would have originally been able to advance only once per year were now able to advance once every two or three months.

And this sort of improvement made the girls so happy that they wept once more.

On the other hand, the Feng Yeyuan who was immersed in meditation touched the level of a peak 4th Xiang 10th layer mage for the first time….


Deep in the night.

Li Xuan covered up his aura and then entered into a state of unification. Altering his physical appearance, he then wore a standard black magic robe and mask and then stealthily left the Li Clan.

At this moment, due to being completely enveloped by an immense amount of spirit force, nobody detected Li Xuan’s coming and going.

Under less than twenty minutes, Li Xuan arrived at Allan Auction House once more.

This time, he had only reached the vicinity of Allan Auction House before two guards caught sight of him and then went into daze. A person soon came hastily to receive him respectfully, while the other one instead went inside at once to go report it to the higher-ups. The speed at which they did this was simply unbelievable.

“Lord, Miss is currently hosting an auction. If *you could please follow this servant towards the VIP lounge to relax for a short while, Miss will immediately cease the auction to rush over.”

“En, alright!”

Li Xuan gave a slight nod of his head as he answered calmly. After following the servant, he then sat down on a top-grade magic enchanted chair within the VIP lounge.

He had just picked up a few elemental fruits and a plate of Lightning Panther meat to eat when that Ivy came bustling in in a rush. Behind her were the same two people, Ai Daya and Ai Da’te.

This time, we’ve both advanced one layer. Most likely, we should be able to somewhat sense a portion of the Lord’s aura…. Ai Daya and Ai Da’te could not help but think this in their hearts.

It had been nearly one hundred years and they had finally advanced to the next layer, reaching 5th Xing 2nd layer. This truly was not an easy task, so they naturally were a bit more confident.

However, when they looked at Li Xuan once more, a look of horror simultaneously flashed across both people’s eyes as their faces grew went pale.

If Li Xuan’s previous aura could be described as a great ocean, then what they now sensed was like the boundless heavens, vast, enormous, and indiscernible. It seemed as though his body had been merged into a furnace containing all living things, and that he had already reached an incredibly high realm in which he was the embodiment of all living things.

Wiping away the cold sweat that appeared on their foreheads, Ai Daya and Ai Da’te could not even speak anymore. They directly knelt and kowtowed to pay their respects.

“Lord, *you, we welcome *your arrival once more to Allan Auction House….”

Ai Daya and Ai Da’te spoke reverently at once.



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    • I think the threat is less “threat” and more “order”, just in case some sort of mind-purge/counter-brainwash happens.

      That said, I actually like this MC. He’s a bastard and he knows it, which is awesome.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Arghhhh! This is bull****! Why can’t it be more like: “Ooooh~ Young master, I was mistaken, you are exceptionally brilliant~” after lighting his hair on fire!

    This is bull***!


  3. Isn’t he worried that in the future a mishap may happen, and all of his allies *cough* minions *cough* would rebel against him?

    Even though by that time he will be OP these are people he personally brought up, so they will strong, vicious, and cunning.

    It seems like a waste to brainwash everyone as well, his bodyguard after being with him for awhile would naturally come to have strong feeling for him, so at this point it seems like a waste.


      • Lol, normally that’s the it should be right? But it’s been translated to chapter 71 ( which i’m very thankful for) and it will still take awhile before he ” is strong enough to where he doesn’t need to use the methods” or something like that.

        Also based on his personality, brainwashing an entire country wouldn’t surprise me.

        But hey we can only hope right?


      • Naw it’s all cool this is the kind of story that get’s your blood boiling because of all the drama and bloodshed and you can’t wait to see how he comes out on top.

        If he stops using brainwashing for all the little things, than the readers will win in the end and make the story more enjoyable, so i’ll just wait and go along with the flow.

        Thanks anyway ^_^ and thanks for translating this.


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