Chapter 062 – Spiritual Baptism

After stupefying these people once more, Huyan Weike, Li Fu’cun, and the others naturally left in satisfaction. As for Li Xuan’s reward, he actually didn’t really care about it…. For the present Li Clan, Li Xuan could just casually swipe half for himself already. Was there even anything that required a prior settlement?

After sending off Huyan Weike’s group of people, Feng Yeyuan stayed behind at Li Xuan’s side, wholeheartedly fulfilling her duty with the utmost effort to protect Li Xuan.

And when Li Xuan saw that the two Youming Elders had departed, he naturally paid particular attention to them.

The difference between humans and beasts lied in their instincts. To a certain extent, Li Xuan was more like a wild beast who lived deep in the mountains. As such, before the Youming Elders came by, he meticulously planned to break through in his wind system right then, thereby demonstrating part of Xing Yi Magic Fist.

Otherwise, based on his cultivation and his mind’s eye, it was naturally extremely simple to guard against anyone discovering him.

Li Xuan himself was not a person afraid of things in the first place. Seeing as how he would reveal his battle magic skills eventually anyway, he decided to exhibit a bit of it then.

At the same time, this was also intended to cause the Youming Elders to send false news. As long as Huyan Weike and the others’ excitement confirmed the existence of Li Xuan’s 6th He ancestor level expert, the opponent would also restrain themselves out of wariness.

On the way back to his room, Feng Yeyuan did not have any qualms about going in with him. At this time, Shuang Er had also returned from who knows where, and when they entered, she had even secretly glanced in all directions like a little thief.

However, when she noticed that Li Xuan was looking at her, she couldn’t help but receive a sudden scare and stick out her tongue. She then tightened her lips and lowered her head, dreading as she walked towards Li Xuan’s side.

“Young Master….” Shuang Er’s body rocked side to side as she spoke in embarrassment.

“You even remember Young Master?” Li Xuan said in a cold voice.

“Ah—Young Master, during the day, Shuang Er was with Miss Ru….”

“Enough. Go prepare a tub of bathwater for Young Master…”

“Young Master, is the Rainfall Technique fine?”

“Hot water that has been heated!”

“Ah…. Al-alright. Shuang Er will go do it now….”

“Wait, go call Gina and Feng Yao back.”

“Yes, Young Master…”


After Shuang Er left, Li Xuan studied Feng Yeyuan. Giving a slight nod of his head, he spoke in a low voice: “Yeyuan, I want to try to use my spirit force to examine the cultivation state of your body, so don’t  resist. Is that okay?”

“You’re only sixteen years old and have to focus. Don’t always be preoccupied by women. Wait until your four systems of magic have been cultivated till the 3rd Fen 1st layer and then I’ll let you examine my body. That should be fine.” Feng Yeyuan’s tone carried a certain degree of affection.

Clearly, she considered Li Xuan as a youth who had matured early and had been bewitched by her charm.

“No—Young Master is speaking sincerely. I don’t want to look at your physical body, but rather test out a method of the spirit system. Letting me try won’t bring you any harm.”

“Alright then, Young Master. Besides my ** areas, you can examine the other areas as you like.” Feng Yeyuan was, after all, quite old already. Furthermore, she had much knowledge and experience, and did not put up any resistance towards a few things. Furthermore, based on Li Xuan’s innate talent and cultivation speed, their relationship would be that of peers on the same level soon. As such, his request was not very unreasonable.

There were no cultivators at this stage who lacked decisiveness and resolution, and the shy and bashful emotions between men and women had long disappeared.

“En, please relax. En. Meditate and visualize your environments as a world of nothingness. After that, within that space of emptiness, let your body gradually grow transparent and then fade away. At this time, boundless energy will eventually congregate at the space between your eyebrows. There, it will seem as if there is a swirling vortex that is devouring all your energy….”

After Li Xuan said this, he suddenly spurred on a large surge of soul force and directly unleashed a spiritual Baptism Technique.

No matter who it was, Li Xuan’s purification or baptism techniques did not really have any side effects. The process was basically pulling a person who had sunk into deep prejudice or hate out of the abyss, making them feel remorse and shame for their past deeds and driving them to repent.

This kind of method could be said to be abnormal to an obscene degree, and after Li Xuan learned how to utilize it, this was his second time using it. However, this process was still very simple for him!

Throughout this process, a thread of a spiritual imprint branded itself onto Feng Yeyuan’s soul, and at this moment, Feng Yeyuan awoke from her state and opened her eyes.

“Young Master, many thanks for your enlightenment. Feng Yeyuan has only now realized how stubborn she has been in cultivation. It would be better to let go, both physically and mentally. To let go, evolve, and attain a higher level of being – this will let me see a beautiful paradise, to see everything limitlessly in its most natural state. Young Master, previously, Yeyuan has committed many wrongs. May Young Master please forgive Yeyuan’s sins.”

Feng Yeyuan’s tone was as devout as a faithful believer. From the beginning to the end, she had not lost anything, nor had anything been stolen from her. She had simply given birth to a feeling of loyalty and devotion towards Li Xuan.

In this world, besides the past Li Xuan’s family, Li Xuan had never trusted anybody else. This was why he had used a Baptism Technique on Feng Yeyuan, converting her.

Of course, once he got stronger later on in the game, he could naturally discard such methods. However, for the time being, these kinds of methods were a must.

“En. That you can recognize your past sins and repent of them is very good. From now on, properly devote yourself to Young Master. Young Master will now awaken your innate talent!”

“En, many thanks to Young Master for his guidance and assistance. Young Master, the glory of the god above abides with you.” Feng Yeyuan spoke piously in the utmost gratitude.

“Alright, take a seat!”

After Li Xuan said this, he indicated to her to take a seat, after which he began to help her open up all her energy channels.

To his own people, Li Xuan would not hold back. In one go, he broke through her Governing and Conception vessels, her Eight Extraordinary Meridians, as well as other main energy channels. Li Xuan also aroused the wind elemental energy within his body and began circulating it around his body how Yeyuan’s wind elemental energy was circulating around her body. After testing it out to try the difference, Li Xuan discovered that his wind elemental energy had an immediate increase, which caused him to rejoice in his heart.

In this manner, the Feng Yeyuan who had originally possessed 5th Xing envoy innate meditative talent directly improved to possess 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent in just an instant.

At this moment, Li Xuan also realized that after breaking through all the main energy channels, one’s innate talent would leap right up to 7th Xing monarch innate talent, and this was the absolute limit most people’s bodies could bear.

Li Xuan could just wait until she reached the 6th He ancestor realm. If she still hasn’t died while staying at my side, expending a bit more effort to break through all her remaining energy channels will be fine, decided Li Xuan inwardly.

After his first experience with this process, the duration it took to perform it a second time was significantly shorter. This time, he had only spent a little under half an hour, and for the entire process from cleansing and baptizing her to the conclusion of her innate talent awakening, only thirty-some minutes had passed.

“Young Master, I had never thought that I, Feng Yeyuan, would also have 7th Xing monarch innate talent….” Feng Yeyuan was so emotionally moved that she almost felt as if she would give her heart to him. Voiceless, tears spilled over the rims of her eyes in the midst of her joy.

“Do not mention this outside, understood? If you divulge even one bit, then you might as well go die!” Li Xuan spoke with extreme severity.

“Yes, Young Master!” Feng Yeyuan’s face grew slightly more serious as she replied obediently.



19 thoughts on “Chapter 062 – Spiritual Baptism

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  2. This novel is too contradictory. The story line and plot is very good but at the same time the MC is too much of an a**hole. He is clearly brainwashing people and then tell that he cleaning their sins. when I was read this chap, I was very much itching to thrash this bas***d. And here I though Chu Feng was bad. Compared to Li Xuan, Chu feng is a saint.

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    • Well. the thing is a person will rarely admit that they are wrong. In their own mind everything is justifiable and they are always in the right, Do you think a corrupt official or a local tyrant will ever think they are wrong? You could self righteousness exists in evil people too.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Ugh… again? All he does is just brainwash people and then away goes their personality. Then all we can hear is:

    “Oooh young master, you’re so strong. Oooh, I have been enlightened thanks young for helping me see the light so I can repent for my sins. Oooh~ Young master~!”


  4. Okay, who the fuck are these Youming elders!? I just re-read the damn story from chapter 1 to gain a good foundation of the terms because of how complicated they can be some times lol. And I still don’t understand who the fuck the Youming elders are!


    • you don’t understand because the author never really went in depth about them. anyway, they’re first introduced in chapter 60. They’re supposedly elders in the Li Clan, and considering their status, they’ve probably been in the Li Clan for quite a while. However, they are actually members of an organization that’s trying to ruin the Li Clan who have simply infiltrated the Li Clan, so they’re on the same side as that Ge Lang guy who tried to blow up Li Xuan’s carriage that time. For every chapter so far they’ve been in, they’re always referred to as the Youming Elders. Do I know whether they’re brothers, related, or their actual names? No.


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