Chapter 061 – Xing Yi Magic Fist Battle Magic Skills

The water element, when corresponding to Xing Yi Magic Fist, was the swallow form.

The swallow form. Within bird species, the swallow was the most agile and nimble. Through the essence of water, the opportunity of soaring and spiralling into the sky arose. One could take the water of the kidney to ascend, interacting with the heart’s fire. The《Book of Changes》states: water and fire mutually aid each other; the Confucian school states: it restores *vital essence. The said swallow form manifested through the fist can arouse the waist’s energy to give rise to agility. It’s fist procedure requires the mind to be opened, vigorous spirit, and strong mental capacity and reasoning. An erroneous procedure makes the waist sluggish and the body feel heavy and cumbersome. Furthermore, the energy no longer flows smoothly.
(*TL: new term)

In regards to the swallow form, Li Xuan was very adept in his old world. This was because he routinely trained in bodily arts in the wild while living in his old world, which interlinked with the swallow form. Naturally, he needed to practice it everyday.

And at this moment, Li Xuan began meditating with the water element as a basis, entering the natural state of unification. He then began to practice Xing Yi Fist’s building integrals’ *Tribody Stance, after which he began to practice the swallow form.

(*TL: raw = 三体式; basically a nickname for a foundation building process for Xing Yi Quan, which is known in Chinese as 形意拳筑基三体式. The three bodies refer to heaven, earth, and the body. It’s form is the root of all change within Xing Yi Quan. Picture link. Think of it as a beginning routine which Li Xuan has to go through before doing other things, kind of like a primer. It does also serve as a starting point for other types of martial arts too.)

While training, Li Xuan poured forth pure water elemental energy. This was an absolutely different form of cultivation taken from a martial art, but the feeling of mutualism that arose from it was quite strong.

It was only under these circumstances that Li Xuan’s ability to divide his mind was really demonstrated. This was because a fraction of his mind needed to maintain a meditative state to gather water elemental energy, while another needed to focus on practicing Xing Yi Magic Fist! It just so happened that the simultaneity of both processes allowed the training to progress very smoothly.

After his previous experience, Li Xuan condensed a certain degree of soul force and sent it against the mass of water elemental energy to suppress it, after which he relied on pure willpower to compress it.

On the outside, Li Xuan’s body suddenly burst forth with myriad of water elemental energy, the entire mass turning into the form of a swallow-type bird. However, this aerial creature was more like a valiant Vermilion Bird, its aura majestic and its bearing imposing!

The swallow form which brimmed with the pure water elemental energy of the world circled around next to Li Xuan. Taking a step forward and shooting out his fist, a flying swallow immediately let loose a resounding cry and opened its beak into a gaping maw. Its face was fierce and sinister, seeming as though it wanted to devour everything in its path!

Roaring forth and crashing forward like a tidal wave, its aura was world-shaking to the point that the world elemental energy in the surroundings began to tremble!

“Xing Yi Swallow Form, Cloud Ascending Waves, Soaring Pierced Celestial Tones.”
(TL: blubbers because naming techniques are the bane of me.)

Li Xuan lightly shouted, then swiftly began the true circulation and compression process. At the same time, Li Xuan also started to cultivate the water element similar to how he cultivated using the method of the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual. In this instant, he even analyzed the feasibilities of certain requirements within the《7th Xing Tempering Skill》in detail.

Throughout this process, nobody disturbed him. Originally, Huyan Weike and Li Fu’cun and the others who heard the news about the mystical power of his spirit had prepared to go experience it for themselves. However, after entering into his courtyard, the three great elders discovered that Li Xuan was unexpectedly in the midst of enlightenment. Looking on from a distance and seeing the entire body of energy, they were stunned once more.

However, remembering the existence of Li Xuan’s 6th He ancestor level master, the three soon grew numb and simply stood there waiting.

As for the fluctuations of water elemental energy, when they arrived, Li Xuan had pretty much already finished cultivating his water system, so he had already moved on to cultivating his wind system. Hence, the only element they felt was wind.

“Wind system—Xing Yi Tiger Form.”

Li Xuan shouted out inwardly.

Tigers were the kings of the mountain-type species. They could leave their dwelling place to prevail over their enemies and possessed a ferocious bravery to attack their prey with. In the water of the kidney within the abdomen, pure energy springs forth. The《Red Book》states: the tiger rises towards the water. It also manifests itself as the wind; the wind arises from the tiger and dwells within the fist like a pouncing tiger. The strength of this form stems from the tail of the rear end area (the governing vessel, also known as the Chang Qiang acupoint). Its fist procedure entails that pure energy springs forth, that one’s mental capability is sufficient. An erroneous procedure makes it so that turbid energy does not decline, and all energy channels are obstructed. The《Book of Medicine》states that the Governing Vessel serves as the origin of a hundred channels. Once the Governing Vessel is broken through, all one hundred channels will also be broken through. The《Fist Record》states: when the tail of the rear hits, the figure I unseen. Like a fierce tiger hiding within its den, its posterior is as light as a sprite, and the timing of its coming up and going down are divided distinctly.
(TL: OMG I’m going to have to do this for like eight more forms…. askfalsdjfklasdjfa)

Dwelling upon the profundities of the tiger form, Li Xuan’s figure swiveled around while his aura continuously grew more and more tyrannical, its might incomparably powerful!

“Xing Yi Tiger Form, Dawn Wind Sky Stele, Thundercloud Moving Wild Intent.”

Li Xuan brandished his fists and danced about. Immediately, a fierce tiger form abruptly appeared behind Li Xuan’s body while Li Xuan’s body moved like a wild tiger rocketing down the mountain. With a violent whistle, his tiger fist shot out like an artillery shell.

Immediately, space seemed to tremble as a truly savage and beastly aura appeared. At this moment, the faces of Huyan Weike and the others who were guarding outside the door changed uncontrollably, and they instantly charged inside. However, once they caught site of the tiger phantom hovering behind Li Xuan’s back, their faces instantly twisted into horror.

“This, this is….”

“Savage Behemoth!”

“No, this is a Flying Black Fiend Tiger’s aura!”

“You’re wrong, this is a Black Flaming Tiger’s aura!”

“You’re all incorrect. This is…. This is a battle magic skill that is at least of the 5-star grade!”

The Feng Yeyuan who had kept her mouth shut for the whole time finally spoke.

“5-star grade….”

When they heard her, Huyan Weike, Li Fu’cun, and the Youming Elders could not help but shudder.

These past several days, the mental blows they had received were enormous. Every time they saw Li Xuan, they would suffer mental blows, so this time, they truly were a bit numb now.

“En. From the looks of it, the existence of that 6th He ancestor is genuine.” Li Fu’cun could not help but sigh in admiration. On the other hand, a deeply hidden fury and wariness flashed across the Youming Elders’ eyes, disappearing as fast as it came.

A plan that had been set into motion for thirty years was actually going to get ruined by this little mixed breed! If not for the fact that his father was a mixed breed, how would they have neglected to take action against him before? If the Dark Magic Organization was to take action, they would have to seize Iris City first, and the Li Clan was the most ideal place to start!

The two Youming Elders stopped thinking anymore about it. The faces of all four, however, soon contained traces of helplessness as they smiled bitterly.



Exhaling out a breath of turbid air, Li Xuan stood up in the Tribody Stance to conclude his training session. Assessing his body state, his was very satisfied.

This time, he had transformed both the masses of water elemental energy and wind elemental energy into liquid form in one go! Furthermore, under the spinning state they were in, the whirlpools allowed him to absorb the elemental energy in the world much faster than before. It had improved to the point that he did not even need to meticulously absorb it out of his own accord!

This kind of cultivation speed could be labeled as absolutely terrifying!

“What a good fellow. You’ve improved again?” At this time, Huyan Weike’s facial muscles were still twitching a bit, his expression exceedingly marvelous to behold.

But this question was just a simple question. After all, while battle magic skills were powerful, they were hard to train. Furthermore, how could it be so easy to advance?

“En, it was just luck. My wind system has reached the 3rd Fen realm.”

“Ah? Wind system…. has reached 3rd Fen realm? 1st layer?”

Li Fu’cun shivered as his heartbeat involuntarily accelerated. As a grand elder, Li Fu’cun suddenly felt as though the calming arts he had cultivated for such a long time had been practiced in vain.

“Right! I’ve finally comprehended one of the wind element battle magic skills that Master imparted to me, which allowed me to break through. I even said that I wanted to enjoy the happy feeling of breaking through, but I didn’t even feel anything. It was really too disappointing. I say that I’m a 3rd Fen magister, but I don’t even know what the big deal is!” Li Xuan appeared the image of discontent, causing Li Fu’cun and the Youming Elders to feel immense shock.


Feng Yeyuan’s lips trembled as she pointed at Li Xuan. Unexpectedly, she couldn’t even get one word out of her mouth.

“Good! Good! Hahahahaha! It seems that we do not even have to contend for one of the spots for the Wade Institute. In less than three days, they will definitely come to personally hand us an invitation!”

“Hahahahaha, that goes without saying!”



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