Chapter 060 – A Mysterious Master

Li Xuan was actually already quite accustomed to everything in this world. The only thing that he was a bit uncomfortable with was the absence of eating a meal every day. However, there were snacks every so often, so he was still pretty satisfied.

In a large clan, banquets and feasts abounded, and many kinds of foods would be provided as entertainment for the guests during these events. However, these foods were rare delicacies, true items of luxury.

“Gina, take Feng Yao to go and take a walk. Also, furnish a room for her. From now on, both of you will wait on this Young Master while bathing.” Li Xuan casually spoke.

“Yes, Young Master. To wait on Young Master while bathing is Gina’s privilege.” Gina responded at once with utmost respect.

Feng Yao, on the other hand, directly rolled her eyes. If not for the fact that she carried a deep grudge, she would have already died without any qualms. However, after thinking that Li Xuan’s prospects were very good and that the Li Clan’s family background was quite influential, she temporarily submitted.

This Young Master. If he was only arrogant and hedonistic, then as long as she abided by his wishes, she would be able *get the wind if she wanted it or the rain if she wanted it in the future.
(*TL: Idiom meaning she’ll be able to get everything she wants)

With this sort of perspective, Feng Yao stopped opposing Li Xuan. She understood that if she provoked this person’s wrath, she would most likely meet her end. This fiend was truly too cruel…. However, he was actually very handsome, although it was a pity that these good looks belonged to him….

As Feng Yao pondered in her mind, Gina pulled on her hand and dragged her way. Now, only Feng Yeyuan and Li Xuan were left.

“Hey, Elder Sister Feng! Hello.”

Li Xuan casually started a conversation.

Feng Yeyuan apathetically glanced at Li Xuan as her icy demeanor faintly faltered. She answered helplessly: “You little devil, what are you thinking about doing now?”

“I’ve decided that from now on, I’m going to call you Yeyuan. Calling you Elder Sister Feng makes me want to vomit.” Li Xuan chuckled.

“Of course this is fine. However, you can talk about this once your strength surpasses mine.” Feng Yeyuan laughed delicately.

“Ah…. I’ve already surpassed you. Try me.” Li Xuan said with a dazzling smile. Immediately, a terrifying aura immediately locked onto Feng Yeyuan.

The Feng Yeyuan who originally had an enchanting smile on her face immediately went rigid. All the tiny hairs on her body abruptly stood on end as beads of cold sweat appeared all over her. The feeling of being locked onto by that horrifying power was exceedingly strong, as if she would definitely die the moment she moved the tiniest bit.

“You—” Feng Yeyuan turned pale with fright.

“Hehe. Yeyuan, consider this our little secret. In fact, this Young Master has only learned an oppressive technique of the spirit system. It really isn’t that strong. Scaring people with it is still manageable, but it severely depletes my energy.”

As Li Xuan gave her an explanation, he recalled the soul force that had not even recovered to three tenths of its original strength, after which he laughed mischievously.

These words actually had an underlying meaning to them, and implied two things. The first was that Li Xuan’s spirit attribute had clearly reached the 3rd Fen realm, because only 3rd Fen realm spirit system mages could extend their spirits outside of their body. The second was the fact that he could utilize spirit system magic under the circumstances that he was not familiar with the spirit attribute. This obviously indicated that someone had taught him.

And these two points were something that Li Xuan wished to communicate to the upper echelons of the Li Clan through Feng Yeyuan. Only by doing this would a collaboration with the Allan Auction House have a chance to work.

After all, if he disguised himself as an expert and went to the Allan Auction House to discuss the matter of a collaboration with the Li Clan without the Li Clan’s knowledge, the situation would take a turn for the worse. As for his current affairs, he could use some secret methods to leak out a few confidential secrets that only experts would be aware of. This would make him seem even more mysterious and powerful, thereby making people fear him even more.

As long as Li Xuan had around three or four years, he was certain that he could roughly recover to the same level he had been on Earth. At that time, just a surge of inner jin circulating around his body could be effortlessly used as a protective energy membrane to instantly decimate a ten meter thick block of steel.

This level of strength could probably compare with the more powerful experts within the 5th Xing envoy level.

“Good, good! As expected, Young Master possess superb innate talent. From Young Master’s spirit system magic, it seems that you have studied under a teacher? Which venerable master is this?” Feng Yeyuan suppressed her excitement. That previous surge of spirit force was definitely comparable to the spirit of a peak stage 4th Xiang 10th layer mage, a force that was infinitely stronger than her own early stage 4th Xiang 10th layer spirit.

“Sister Yeyuan, this is an expert that definitely surpasses a 5th Xing envoy. Accepting me as a disciple was only because he took an interest to my innate talent. As for his background, all I know is that he is from the Distant Sea. In regards to whether he will actually meet you, based on my master’s personality, he probably won’t. He usually conducts himself in a rather domineering way, and his natural character prefers associating with magical beasts. Moreover, his aura is comparable to 6th He ancestor level magical beasts.
I had originally decided not to say this out loud, but seeing as how Sister Yeyuan is so nice to look at, this Young Master decided to tell you. But you have to keep this a secret for Young Master!”

Li Xuan chuckled as he spoke.

At this moment, Feng Yeyuan stopped quibbling with Li Xuan over names. Although Li Xuan called her familiarly and was also handsome and built, she really couldn’t raise any interest in a welp like him. She would always involuntarily think of him as an immature and frivolous youth.

“Don’t worry. This is a matter of great concern, so I still have to discuss it with the great elders. Towards other people, however, I naturally won’t spread it.”

“En, this is also fine.”

Li Xuan said playfully.

“Alright, then I’ll leave first. I’ll let the *Youming Elders come to guard you—”
(*TL: 幽冥 – netherworld/hades/hell etc.)

“No need. These days, my master has been hanging around the area, so just wait until after the engagement is over. Go ahead and discuss. Simply returning to my side after you’re done is fine.” Li Xuan laughed, casually misleading Feng Yeyuan.

Feng Yeyuan was about to hesitate, but remembering that Li Xuan’s spirit force could even frighten her, she was put at ease.

At once, Feng Yeyuan turned into a stormy gale and whirled away.

And it was only now that Li Xuan truly calmed down.

“Xuan Er, you’ve got the clan members running around in circles~” Li Yun laughed enchantingly as she spoke.

“I really do have a master.”

“Ah, how come I wasn’t aware?”

“There are many things that you don’t know. Go ahead and keep training. If you don’t, I’ll smack your bottom.”

“Really, you little pervert! Good heavens!”

“*If undisciplined for three days, then the roof tiles get dislodged, right? It seems that your bottom really does need to get smacked.” Li Xuan chuckled as a hint of relief flitted across his eyes.
(*TL: In a story, because a family is really busy, there’s no time to watch the children. As such, after three days, the roof tiles get dislodged because there’s nobody making sure the kids aren’t behaving naughtily.)

Scheming and contending against others was not really a method a master martial emperor like Li Xuan enjoyed employing. Whether it be in glory or in shame, he would normally pursue a policy of killing without exception, or at least wreaking havoc and destruction. It was just that he was currently too weak to match up to others, so he could only use plots and schemes, bypaths rather than a direct one.

However, to Li Xuan, as long as he could kill people, no method was sufficient to make him think too excessively.

In the spirit compartment, Li Xuan flirted teasingly with Li Yun. However, that only used a portion of his spirit. His actual self was still wholeheartedly trying to sense the world, reflecting on his current situation within this world from time to time.

Daily introspection thrice a day was something Li Xuan would often do.

“Refining medicine, refining equipment, earth, fire, wind, lightning, light, darkness, water, wood, spirit, space; at present, I’ve already gotten a grasp on ten systems of magic. Furthermore, they must all advance. This is indeed very difficult, especially since I have to transform all of them into a liquid state. How troublesome!” Li Xuan pondered deeply. He did not bother with his current environment though. Because he could focus on multiple things at once, he could cultivate anywhere.

And in this pavilion, he just sat there staring out far into the distance with his eyes wide open as though he was deep in thought. In reality, he was already deeply immersed in a state of unification and in the midst of training his second system of magic—the water element, attempting to form it into a vortex to transform it into a liquefied state.



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