Chapter 059 – Still Miserable Even If Not Dead

“My name is Feng Yeyuan. From now on, I’ll be following close by your side in order to guard you personally. You may also ask me questions if there is anything you do not understand.”

The female mage who had never talked had now spoken. Furthermore, her tone was very gentle.

“En, then I’ll call you Elder Sister Feng in the future?” A slightly frivolous smile hung on Li Xuan’s face.

“This, if you’re content to do so. Right now, your mission is to return home, rest, and then prepare for tomorrow’s engagement.” Feng Yeyuan turned and faintly smiled, after which she shook her head gently. Her beautiful and alluring appearance paired with her faint smile immediately made her an even lovelier.

Her walking at the front with her bottom occasionally swaying, a snake-like waist, as well as a narrow, skintight black magic gown would truly be an incomparable temptation to most people.

Li Xuan clicked his tongue twice, but he was not really aroused. Although he felt that this woman of this strange world was exceedingly beautiful, there was still a hint of rejection in the depths of his heart. One could imagine the situation to be like a modern person loving an extraterrestrial being. Naturally, it would not be a very comfortable feeling. Perhaps he would really have to fully recover the entirety of his soul to be able to gradually make it so that there weren’t any barriers between him in this world. Only then would he truly have the thought to interact with women.

The past Li Xuan was admittedly a person who could give up anything for the sake of love, but his understanding of emotions was something even the current Li Xuan felt reached a level of idiocy.

His thoughts had still lingered on the romance of a kiss and the intoxication of holding hands, and he couldn’t even imagine the feeling of a hug, which was simply inane.

As Li Xuan walked, his eyes glued onto Feng Yeyuan’s bottom with absolutely no restraint, which caused the Feng Yao beside him to despise him immensely. Gina, on the other hand, constantly wore a warm smile on her face, and when she looked at Li Xuan, her gaze was so worshipful and zealous….

This point caused Feng Yao to be extremely depressed. She even guessed in her heart that Gina had been brainwashed to the point of ruin. When she had the time, she would definitely have to enlighten her in secret.

“Alright, we’ve arrived. Go and rest. These days, you’ve been cultivating and running around all over the place.” Li Fu’cun spoke with concern.

“Alright. Then this Young Master will return to his courtyard. En, Manager Ge Lang, come over here.”

“Ah—Young, Young Master! This slave heeds orders!” Ge Lang nearly crumbled. It looked as though Li Xuan had locked onto him.

He didn’t dare to act impudently, and at once began to kneel onto the ground in front of the three great elders, hastily kowtowing as though he was pounding garlic.

“En. You’ve assumed the role of manager for quite a while now, and it is hard to avoid pride. This is why the Young Master is training you a bit. You must know that if one is not disciplined, it is hard to become a capable person! However, actually you’ve performed the role of a manager quite well! This light attribute 3-star middle grade Sacred Light Pill has a wonderful effect on recovering from the effects of aging, so why don’t you consume it now. You can take it to be my, the Young Master’s, compensation.”

Li Xuan told him in a seemingly more amiable way.

Yet once Ge Lang heard Li Xuan’s words, his heart could not help but go ‘ba-thump’. He was inwardly startled: “This person! Could it be that he’s found out that I’m a darkness system mage? No, that’s impossible! The only thing I demonstrate is 2nd Hui 9th layer earth mage ability, while my actual strength is 5th Xing envoy 1st layer! There’s no way he could see through me! He’s definitely just trying to use gracious and benevolent methods so that I feel gratitude towards him.”

As Ge Lang’s thoughts ran through his mind, he did not dare to hesitate. After all, the three experts were still watching.

“Ge Lang, if the Young Master is rewarding you, then you should just accept it. Although a 3-star middle grade medicinal pill is considered one of the absolute best medicines of the Li clan, you have indeed toiled much these past years. Your body is not very good, and you’re an earth system mage as well! You should have a strong affinity with the light element!”

Huyan Weike faintly laughed as he spoke.

“Many thanks to the Young Master, many thanks to the Young Master!”

“En. It is not really necessary for you to act like this. There are so many servants within the Li Clan. As the Young Master, I’ll naturally distinguish between reward and punishment properly. If you make contributions, you will be rewarded. Err and you deserve to be beaten! In regards to your previous offense to this Young Master, we just so happen to be at the main gate, so I’ll just punish you by making you kneel here for a day and a night. Do you have any objections?”

Li Xuan’s tone carried a certain degree of a superior’s dignity as he spoke.

At this moment, Li Xuan was standing loftily, while Ge Lang was crouched on the ground before him in a kneeling position. By slightly lifting his head, he could only see LI Xuan’s dim gray mage boots. On those boots were two embedded Windline magical beast cores, which were able to reduce the burden of traveling and decrease the wind resistance. On the other hand, the magic formation’s symbol on the boots represented that this was a 3-star upper grade magic equipment.

“There will come a day that I make you look at my boots like this! No, lick my boots!” Ge Lang cursed inwardly in his heart.

“This slave has no objections. The Young Master clearly distinguishes between reward and punishment and does thing in the right manner. This slave wholeheartedly submits.” After Ge Lang said this, he at once kowtowed thrice.

Now, he did not dare to express the slightest bit of hostility. At the entrance to the Li Clan, he knew that there were many experts who ran their attention over this area both day and night. If the slightest irregularity showed from him, forget the fact that he would die if he was found out, he would also involve and expose his entire organization.

And as a slave, if he did not speak these flattering words, it would make the people such as those great elders assume that he did not inwardly submit. Thus, they would believe that he would not serve much use in the future. As a result, Ge Lang had no choice but to throw away his dignity and fawn on Li Xuan like a dog.

“En! Very Good! This Young Master enjoys it when others kneel and kowtow before him. From now on, when you see this Young Master, you cannot neglect this practice!” Li Xuan chuckled.

“Yes, understood….”

Ge Lang was helpless, and under Li Xuan’s gaze, he consumed that Sacred Light Pill. Trying his best to suppress the destructive effect the light attribute pill had on his darkness element, he knelt at the main gate in silence.

“Alright, let us go in then.” Huyan Weike completely ignored this matter. If Li Xuan wanted to teach a manager a lesson, he naturally would not interfere, even if it were a manager that had served the Li Clan for thirty years. Even if it were someone who served three hundred years, their status would still be incomparable to Li Xuan’s.

Under Huyan Weike’s guidance, the group of people stepped into the Li Clan residence through the main gate. On the other hand, Ge Lang faintly trembled from top to bottom as he tried to endure.

To darkness system mages, all light element methods were extreme poison to them! Conversely, all darkness system magics were highly toxic to light system mages as well!

Therefore, swallowing a 3-star middle grade Sacred Light Pill into Ge Lang’s darkness element stomach was no less than throwing a bomb into his body. Kneeling for an entire day and night at the main entrance this time would definitely make Ge Lang handicapped for a time, if not kill him.

Without any big commotion, effortless, trampling Ge Lang in one go, and destroying his enemy while chatting and laughing without any sort of sign. This was Li Xuan’s method.


After returning to his courtyard, Huyan Weike and the others all departed. Only Gina, Feng Yao, and Feng Yeyuan remained with him. By this time, Shuang Er had already disappeared to who knows where while playing with Li Ru.

Seeing that the sky was darkening, Li Xuan simply leaned against the pavilion to rest for a bit. After eating some delicacies such as elemental fruit and relaxing for a time, Gina and Feng Yao continued to remain by his side without leaving even half a step. On the other hand, Feng Yeyuan was like a block of wood who had once again assumed her icy and solemn attitude.

In this world, cultivators did not need to eat or drink, nor was there any concept of three meals a day. However, eating and drinking still existed, albeit simply as a source of amusement and relaxation. Most poor people simply relied on the elemental energy that wafted off gold coins, certain types of magical plants, or the meat of low-leveled magical beasts like the Rhom Beast to survive. There was an energy contained within the magical beast’s meat that was a bit stronger, so eating it once every while was enough for them to survive for quite a while.

It was also because of this that there was nothing in this world outside of cultivation. Cultivation had become the prevailing norm, while anything else simply developed in passing.



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  2. Soo.. he doesnt want to be involved in this world’s woman deeply yet. One would think about his interaction with his aunt, little servant, and gina.


  3. Wow i wouldnt like that world…..were food is more of a afterthought instead of emjoyed…….far as the women go….hes just lining them up for now…so that when hes ready hes got a smorgasbord to choose from……..i really hope he mind breaks his new wife to be as well…..shes a witch an needs to burn….ty 4 the trans


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