Chapter 058 – Li Xuan’s Scheme

“3rd Fen realm, 3rd Fen realm is good! At 3rd Fen realm, one can already forge and refine equipment! The refined equipment of my Li Clan—” Li Fu’cun immediately muttered to himself in excitement.

“Refine equipment? Refine what equipment. To use this kind of innate talent to refine equipment is just a waste. One must know that Li Xuan is a tri-element mage, no, a four element mage! How could he have time to waste on refining equipment.” Huyan Weike spoke in dissatisfaction.

“Ah… right, you’re right. Indeed, it’s just me being senile!” Li Fu’cun hastily corrected himself. However, he felt that his words were already too late because some fellow had already taken an interest.

“Refine equipment? Grand Elder, this Young Master is interested in refining equipment.” Thrilled, Li Xuan spoke at once in excitement.

“For this, our Li Clan requires one to be at the 3rd Fen realm for the fire element in order to refine equipment. Ideally, one’s wind element would also have been cultivated to the 3rd Fen realm….” Huyan Weike’s original intention was to make things difficult for Li Xuan as he said these things. However, he suddenly realized that this fellow was already cultivating wind, fire, and lightning, not to mention that one element had already reached the 3rd Fen realm. As for the other two, it was only a matter of time.

Immediately, he involuntarily shivered. As a 5th Xing envoy, he had been continuously shocked by this freakish youth. His cultivating heart was really unstable!

Huyan Weike sighed emotionally in his heart.

“This is a simple matter. I’ll reach the 3rd Fen realm very quickly.” Li Xuan answered casually.

“….This, how about we talk about it after you’ve reached the 3rd Fen realm. However, harsh words must be said first. If, at that time, your rate of progress slows down, you can only give up refining equipment.” Huyan Weike laid down some rules in a helpless manner.

“Then what is considered to be an acceptable rate of improvement?” Li Xuan asked.

“T-this, two months, no one month! Right, advance one layer per month. T-this will be considered acceptable!” Huyan Weike originally wanted to say half a year, but remembering that half a year was the rate of progress for people who were just somewhat more talented, he had to be a bit harsher towards Li Xuan, cut down the time limit, and increase the pressure. This was why he had said two months.

However, after he said this, he realized, Hasn’t it been less than two months since this fellow came? He’s already charged towards the 3rd Fen realm from around 2nd Hui 2nd layer. T-this, this must be cut even further! As such, he hardened his heart and changed it to one month.

“One month?” When Li Fu’cun and Elder Feng heard him, a strange look couldn’t help but appear on their faces. However, after seeming as though they thought of something, the expressions on their faces once again grew marvelous to behold.

“One month? Advance by one layer?” Li Xuan said with a bit of astonishment.

“What. Do you dislike that the time is too short? Are you afraid that it will be hard to improve?” Huyan Weike was finally a bit satisfied. An astonished expression from Li Xuan was truly hard to come by!

“*Cough cough. This, if I advance according to this speed, then this Young Master wouldn’t be performing up to par! Young Master has decided. I’ll advance at least three or four times per month, which conveniently makes it so that all the elements I cultivate advance at the same time.” Li Xuan responded with a chuckle.

“Are you sure?” Huyan Weike’s heart nearly burst open. Advancement that was a matter of life and death to other people was simply effortless for this guy!

“Why wouldn’t I be sure? If it wasn’t for my innate personality being lazy, then I would have already advanced so many layers already! This is still taking into consideration that I would be forcefully suppressing my advancement because my foundation would not be stabilized! Or else, how would I be able to instantly kill mages at the same level as me!” Li Xuan spoke with a tone that seemed to tell people that what he said was inevitable and absolutely correct.

Immediately, the entire group of people around him were so shocked that they completely retreated in defeat, dumbstruck.

This, this was simply….

“This is simply bullying people! This kind of innate talent completely tramples all geniuses! Even I was a genius whose name resonated throughout the entire Wade Empire. I used only four years to go from the 2nd Hui realm to the 3rd Fen realm, which was basically advancing once every five months. Hence, I reached 3rd Fen 1st layer at nineteen years old, but in comparison with him…. There’s no comparison! Right now, he’s only sixteen years old. A sixteen-year-old 3rd Fen magister…. If we announced this outside, would anyone believe it? I’m afraid only the true core, elite disciples of those great sects and the ancient clans of those four forbidden lands have people whose growth potentials are comparable to him….”

Huyan Weike was excited once more. At this moment, if it weren’t for the fact that he was on the road, he honestly would have lifted his face to the heavens and roared with laughter.

At this time, Li Fu’cun and Elder Feng were all silent, while Manager Ge Lang’s heart was a complete mess.

Advancing one layer every ten days on average, this kind of speed was simply…. This wouldn’t do, wouldn’t do! He absolutely had to report this to the organization. It was necessary to act ahead of time, or else if they let Li Xuan mature, it would be the end for them….

Ge Lang’s faint surge of emotion did not arouse anyone’s notice, but Li Xuan detected it.

His lips could not help but naturally curve upwards. The smile that stemmed from his clear understanding gave him the confidence to handle what would soon happen.

“To destroy the enemy, one must first confuse their reasoning, disturb their state of mind, and make them dread. Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ and the law of beasts, as expected, are very sensible.” Li Xuan combined his past wisdom from hunting beasts and some insights from a few books on the art of war. Now that he was implementing them, one could say that he utilized them as if he was controlling his own hand.
Although the words he spoke continued his image of a genius, thereby making the Li Clan value him even more crazily, it also indirectly communicated to his enemies to act in advance. Otherwise, the consequences would be severe.

A well and exquisitely arranged situation for thirty years would be undoubtedly meticulous and complicated, as well as stable. However, once a disturbance occurred, the situation would inevitably fluctuate. At that time, it would suffice to simply destroy them with one move.

As such, under the circumstances that one’s strength was not sufficient, one would have to borrow strength!

First, one could fabricate a powerful backer—for example, a groundless rumor of a powerful master!

Second, Li Xuan could seize one of the positions for the Wade Institute to become its most dazzling genius, making himself known to the entire nation. This way, the Wade Empire would not spare any expense to protect him for the sake of his maturation!

Third, he could secretly involve another facet of power—the Allan Auction House! By allowing it to ally with the Li clan, two powers would be cooperating and the situation would become even more ideal. At the same time, the Li Clan’s position would be even more stable!

These three things were issues that Li Xuan could easily control in the palm of his hand.

What he had to do now was continuously increase his reputation. Regardless of whether it was good or bad, he had to at least associate his reputation with his innate talent, a four-element mage who advanced once every ten days…. If this spread to anyone’s ears, it would undoubtedly send them into a frenzy!

If the Wade Institute’s people were to attain precise information, it did not even need to be said. They would obviously personally come!

This was Li Xuan’s plan. Additionally, in order to create a reason for killing people and to expand his methods for dealing with others, he played himself off as a petty and vengeful person, ruthless and vicious. In fact, this sort of image would also make other things more convenient in the future as well.

As for the engagement, Li Xuan arrived at the conclusion that Li Yun’s crippling definitely had to do with the Manton Clan, according to his speculations. Thus, he drew out Balan in order to make it so that he died within the Manton Clan. Consequently, Balan’s Fenport Clan would rally up their mages and duke it out with the Manton Clan. At that time, even if the two clans did not actually battle it out, the Manton Clan’s losses would be disastrous!

At that time, the Li Clan would once again form a good relationship with the Allan Auction House, and by then…. the Li Clan would truly have won.

Subsequently, Ge Lang and his organization’s schemes would have to be shelved, otherwise they would have to make additional preparations!

And at that time, Li Xuan would swiftly and decisively get rid of Ge Lang, deliberately making a show of strength and making him a warning to others!



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