Chapter 057 – 3rd Fen Realm

Ge Lang continued to kowtow nonstop, and Li Xuan did not tell him to stop either. It was only after a long while later that he had kowtowed until blood flowed from his forehead that Li Xuan indicated for him to stop.

By this time, the black-clothed female mage, Elder Feng, Marshal Huyan Weike, and Grand Elder Li Fu’cun were all walking in their direction.

“Li Xuan, you brat. Previously, you made us worry for such a long while. If there is nothing wrong, please refrain from running all over the place in the future. Right now, Iris City is not safe.” Huyan Weike already spoke out with a laugh from a distance away.

“*Great Elder Huyan, can’t you see that this Young Master is standing here before you well and in good health? If one does not even dare to go out, then even if more geniuses appear in the Li Clan, I’m afraid their cowardly nature will be unalterable!” Li Xuan chuckled.
(*TL: Great Elder will be used as a term to collectively refer to all the higher ranking people e.g. grand elders, elders, ascetics, etc.)

“You brat! Although what you say does not sound good, it is still correct. From now on, when you go out, I’ll let Elder Feng stay by your side. I believe you also know that we originally thought you were a bit resentful and uncomfortable. Now, young fellow, it seems as though it is extremely difficult to make you feel uncomfortable!”

After the words left his mouth, Huyan Weike had already arrived with Li Fu’cun and Elder Feng.

“Li Xuan, what happened back there? I clearly saw that your Windline Beast carriage had been struck open.”

The black-clothed female mage who wore a mage’s mask inquired in a clear voice, although it contained a certain degree of trembling.

Clearly, she had been careless in her duty of protecting Li Xuan, this genius. As such, she had to get things straight, or else even if the clan did not blame her, she would still feel uneasy in her heart.

“Elder Feng~ before I answer your question, can you take off your mage’s mask? You must know that if you’re going to be with me, the Young Master, yet wear that mask all day, it does not look very becoming. Perhaps it might even make me imagine you as an old witch.” After Li Xuan swept a gaze over the black-robed female mage’s fine curves, he anticipated looking at her appearance.

“*Cough cough…. Li Xuan… she is your elder!” Li Fu’cun responded a bit awkwardly.

“*Cough cough…. But Grand Elder…. I am a genius!” Li Xuan imitated his way of speech.

“Ah….” Li Fu’cun and Huyan Weike couldn’t help but look on blankly, after which they both let out a bitter laugh.

Within the clan, whoever dared to speak to the elders this way was simply looking for a beating, but this little devil….

“Alright, I won’t wear this mask when I guard beside you in the future. However, if you want to do anything in the future, you can’t run around sneakily; you have to tell me. You know that the Li Clan is a major household, and there are many who target us secretly. You are the clan’s hope…”

After thinking for a bit, the black-clothed female mage reached out her hand and directly took off her mask.

In this instant, one could only pay attention to her hair that rippled out like a wave and tumbled down like a waterfall, her gentle and willowy eyebrows, a pair of beautiful, lucid and dazzling eyes, a small, jade nose, her pink cheeks that slightly flushed with color, crimson, vermilion lips, a faintly smiling face with a red glow like a flower, her fair and delicate neck that looked as clear as ice or snow, and her wonderful body shape that faintly harbored a hint of allure.


When Li Xuan glimpsed this female mage’s beautiful appearance, he couldn’t help but feel as if he’d been petrified. How was this an old hag who lived several hundred years? Clearly, this was an enchanting woman who caused people’s blood to boil!

“How is it? Does it cause you to feel hot-blooded? No matter. If you wish to pursue me, wait until your strength surpasses mine and then I’ll interact with you a bit more deeply!”

Elder Feng’s words were clear and crisp, tinkling like a silver bell. When she wasn’t suppressing her voice, it sounded as lovely and moving as a nightingale.

However, these words abruptly caused Huyan Weike and Li Fu’cun to express embarrassment on their faces.

In the Li Clan, actual seniority was decided by strength and not by lineage. Once a person’s strength reached the 4th Xiang realm, that was elder level. 5th Xing envoy realm and that was grand elder level.

“Elder Feng, then just wait until I surpass you, hehe.” Li Xuan spoke arrogantly.

“Shouldn’t you say what happened before now?” Elder Feng asked calmly. In regards to several issues that would arise due to her removing her mask, she had long since grown aware. She understood the concept of a femme fatale quite well, so in order to avoid some troublesome issues, she constantly wore this mask as she performed her duties for many years.

However, she also understood in her heart that this kind of escape, in the end, did not benefit her path of cultivation. This was because cultivators had to face all trials and difficulties head-on, treading forward bravely in order to truly continue improving.

“This matter is actually very simple!” Li Xuan slightly smirked, “I already realized early on that *my innate talent is unique, and that the heavens and the earth revere solely me! This would definitely cause people to harbor some evil intentions towards me, so after riding the Windline Beast carriage for a while, I simply got off and took another route to return to Iris City. As for the Windline Beast carriage, I made it so that the driver continued to drive towards Iris City. This way, wouldn’t anybody who wanted to kill me just follow that carriage?”

Li Yuan spoke in the most casual manner with absolute indifference, but the eyes of Huyan Weike and the others all lit up. On the other hand, a roaring wave crashed through the heart of Ge Lang who was currently standing humbly and servilely on the side!

It turns out, it turns out that he had been played by this brat! Ai, he could only blame his excessive arrogance. He had never thought that the brat would use this kind of method! However, after this time, would he still have a chance?

Ge Lang thought malevolently in his heart.

At this time, Li Xuan had already taken Gina and Feng Yao to follow after Elder Feng and the other two in the direction of the Li Clan’s residence. On the road, Li Xuan mentioned the matter about Siyu, and because the clan had already been making arrangements, one could say that it was settled in one go.

Li Xuan did not know that because he had already surpassed the innate talent of Wade Empire’s number one genius, Yao Gang, the Li Clan had now truly devoted all their efforts to support him. They were even afraid that he would be irritated by the engagement, so they temporarily decided against bringing it up, choosing instead to follow along with his wishes. However, now that Li Xuan brought it up, Huyan Weike and the others naturally felt as though a burden had been lifted off of their chests.

“Li Xuan, your excursion this time lasted the entire day, but I haven’t see you rest or cultivate. When will you reach the 3rd Fen realm? You said just before that you returned from Wakelyn Town, right? But, hasn’t it only been around an hour?”

It was still Grand Elder Li Fu’cun who was the most concerned about Li Xuan’s cultivation. As such, after only a few steps, he made an inquiry. In regards to the issue that he was not able to see through Li Xuan’s cultivation, he did not think that it was anything out of the ordinary. After all, spirit system mages could conceal their cultivation level without restriction.

“That was actually not too simple. Think about it, Grand Elder. To be able to return in just an hour, doesn’t one have to be at least at the 3rd Fen realm? This Young Master simultaneously trains in wind, fire, and lightning. Lightning system mages themselves are inherently adept at speed. Moreover, wind system mages can use the Light Body Technique and Wind Soaring. Furthermore, with the support of the fire system’s Propulsion, hehe. Actually, for this 3rd Fen realm, this Young Master’s lightning system has already entered into the 3rd Fen realm.”

“Ah? 3rd, 3rd Fen realm already?”

The three elderly members who were ahead in the front trembled and halted when they heard what Li Xuan said. Their faces were all ecstatic, but also contained a strange light. When they looked at Li Xuan, their gazes were no longer that of looking at a person. Instead, it was that of looking at a complete freak.

“3rd, 3rd Fen realm already?” Li Fu’cun’s voice trembled.

“Right! However, it’s only the lightning element. For the other two, it’ll probably take several days.” Li Xuan casually answered.

“Do you feel anything? Like the feeling of an expert? One must know that the 3rd Fen realm already has a title for it. From now on, you are a 3rd Fen magister!” Huyan Weike was so excited that his voice shook.

“Do I feel anything? Ah, so it turns out that this was the feeling of a 3rd Fen magister. So it’s just like this. Isn’t it just being a 3rd Fen magister? Is it that surprising?” Li Xuan thought about it for a bit. Just this realm was incapable of being compared to his Void Tearing realm in his past world. It was simply like comparing the flow of a river to the turbulence of an ocean.

“….Admirable, admirable.”

For a long time, the three people’s faces all twitched, and their expressions were all quite marvelous. However, after recalling Li Xuan’s monstrous innate talent, the three people were finally able to keep silent.

However, anybody could see the excitement and ecstasy emanating from them.



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