Chapter 056 – A Huge Conspiracy

When Li Xuan previously entered into a state of unification before, he discovered through his mind’s eye that there was the existence of his black-garbed female protector as well as a darkness system mage who was enveloped in darkness elemental energy.

This darkness system mage who wore a standardized, ordinary magic robe harbored an intense destructive and slaughtering intent. Furthermore, the mage’s imposing air was also much stronger than that which Li Xuan sensed on those 4th Xiang 10th layer mages in the past. In addition, this darkness system mage was also exceptionally skilled at concealment. If not for Li Xuan being able to use his mind’s eye to directly see a person’s soul, Li Xuan wouldn’t even have been able to judge this person’s strength.

A person could admittedly hide their cultivation level, but the strength of their soul was something they wouldn’t be able to cover up. The only exception would be if that person was a spirit system mage, and only then was there just a possibility.

It was exactly because of this that after Li Xuan realized the strength of the woman protecting him wasn’t up to par, Li Xuan thought through it carefully and then directly set up a ‘inadvertently hitting a side carriage’ plan. This was a very simple strategy. Basically, after the Windline Beast carriage had traveled a certain distance, when the opposing party was careless or distracted, Li Xuan would abruptly shield off the other person’s perception and quietly leave the Windline Beast carriage. After he got off, he would let the carriage continue on for a while.

Precisely because the other person was an expert, the other person would have the arrogance of one. After sensing the target once, the other person naturally wouldn’t meticulously lock his spirit force onto the target again.

Li Xuan’s judgment could be said to be precise to the utmost degree. As expected, after getting on the carriage, Li Xuan could sense the other party’s darkness system inspection magic. Therefore, Li Xuan surreptitiously set up a thin and faint layer of fire and wind elemental magic on himself and the two other girls so that he would be able to directly trick the other party. After all, in this world, those who were able to use the mind’s eye were most definitely of the rarest kind.

After that, Li Xuan grasped hold of the opportunity and broke open the back door of the Windline Beast carriage in one stroke. Dragging Gina and Feng Yao with him, he immediately used wind, fire, and lightning auxiliary magic to boost himself, and then used the Dragon Lightning Evasion bodily art to take the two people and swiftly escape.

As expected, not even two minutes later, the Windline Beast carriage which had already traveled nearly two thousand meters away suddenly exploded. On the other hand, the black figure far into the distance disappeared into a puff of black smoke at the exact instant the carriage exploded, twirling up into a tornado and then shooting up into a black cloud in the sky, which then rolled away and disappeared.

From the beginning to the end, the black-clothed woman guarding Li Xuan wasn’t even capable of responding.

When the woman finally did react, she immediately flew into a rage. However, seeing that the black cloud had already disappeared without any trace far into the distance, she mournfully screamed to the sky and then turned into a gale, speeding towards the Windline Beast carriage.


In less than an hour, Li Xuan had brought Gina and Feng Yao back to Iris City. Right when he entered the city, he noticed that a crowd of Li Clan servants were in the midst of making inquiries about something. However, after these people saw him, they suddenly went into daze, after which they all let out big shouts and charged towards the clan residence one by one. Of them, the facial expression of a manager dressed in a black magic robe suddenly changed. However, his face soon let out a gratified smile, and he walked forward, heading in Li Xuan’s direction.

After thinking a bit, Li Xuan already understood. Most likely, that black-clothed female mage transmitted the news of his death to the clan, which immediately attracted the clan’s absolute attention. Perhaps she could not judge whether it was a genuine or fake death. As such, because the female mage was unsure, she dispatched people outside to scout and look around in case something unexpected occurred.

As Li Xuan pondered in his mind, he eyed the manager dressed in a black magic robe walking towards him and subconsciously swept a probing glance over him. With this glance, Li Xuan’s heart couldn’t help but go ‘ba-thump’.

This person could deceive anybody, but he was definitely incapable of deceiving the Li Xuan who was in a state of unification!

The things which Li Xuan’s mind’s eye had seen were things that were imprinted almost eternally in his mind. As such, the things he saw were different from the things other people saw with their physical eyesight.

“Young Master, Young Master, you’re alright, it’s good that you’re alright! Grand Elder Feng previously said, said that he was afraid that you might’ve suffered the ambush of an expert, so he made all of us servants go out to investigate. Young Master, it’s best that you hurry home. Clan Leader and the elders are all in a panic….”

The manager slightly bowed as he spoke in a respectful manner. As he talked, he expressed the image of lingering fear for Li Xuan’s wellbeing, wiping the sweat off his face from time to time.

Seeing the stooped back and wrinkled face that made it so that no one suspected him, this old man was an extremely honest and trustworthy servant. However, Li Xuan knew that this person definitely was not like this.

He, was a hidden cause of disaster within the Li Clan. From the past Li Xuan’s memories, Li Xuan understood that this was Manager Ge Lang, who previously stood at the preceding clan leader, Li Hengyi’s, side, serving for thirty years.

Originally, Li Xuan would not have suspected this person. However, his mind’s eye had seen through everything…. He suddenly understood that the Li Clan seemed glorious and radiant on the outside, but they had in fact been infiltrated. It was a very likely possibility that the Li Clan might collapse in the not too distant future! A 5th Xing realm darkness system mage envoy had hidden in the clan for thirty years, serving only in the capacity of a manager. Then who exactly was the power behind this man, ordering him? Could the Li Clan withstand this sort of power?

Li Xuan calmly glanced at this man and then let go of Gina’s and Feng Yao’s hands. Walking over to the man’s side, he used his leg to violently kick the man’s chest!


The old man suddenly staggered and fell to the ground. He soon began to cough violently with a reddish, purplish face, as if he was unable to withstand Li Xuan’s explosive force.

“You’re only a slave, yet you dare not to kneel when seeing your master? Kneel! Kowtow!” Li Xuan coldly glared at this person, looking as though he would immediately kill him if he put up even the slightest resistance.

To an ordinary 2nd Hui 9th layer mage, Li Xuan’s display of power was sufficient to overwhelm them. However, the opposing party was a 5th Xing darkness system mage envoy! Naturally, he wouldn’t be afraid of Li Xuan. However, in order to continue concealing his identity, he would have to silently bear it!

Li Xuan acted this viciously before the whole crowd on the road once more because he knew that this man had already silently tolerated for thirty years as a slave. Consequently, he would definitely be able to bear this moment.

As expected, when Ge Lang heard Li Xuan’s words, his face flashed green and white, answering with an angry but trembling voice after a long while: “Young Master, this slave Ge Lang was the previous clan leader’s, the current elder’s personal—”


How could Li Xuan give him the chance to continue? Rushing forward, he used his foot to step on Ge Lang’s face, stamping him to the ground. He then used magically formed shoes to trample on the man’s aged face, laughing coldly: “A slave like you has the audacity to act this way? The way I see it, you’re tired of living!”

“Young Master, Lord, how about letting him go. Although this elderly grandfather is a servant, he has probably toiled a number of years within the Li Clan. You shouldn’t be too rude….”

At this moment, Feng Yao really could not bear to watch any longer. This vicious young master was too cruel to treat an aged man so ruthlessly.

“En? How does anything this Young Master does have to do with a lowly maid like you?” Li Xuan turned around and slapped her, making her fall to the ground.

Although Feng Yao was a 2nd Hui 3rd layer wind system mage, she was far from being a match worthy of contending with Li Xuan.

“You—Young Master, if you want to kill or punish me, then come at me if you have the ability! Treating an old man like this, some kind of hero you are!” Feng Yao was infuriated, and climbed up to her feet while holding her face as she glared coldly at Li Xuan.

“Feng Yao, don’t assume that just because this Young Master bought you, he fancies you! This Young Master has played around with countless women. Just wait a bit, and this Young Master will kill you and take your corpse, stripping it naked and throwing it to hang on Iris City’s gate! You want to die? Then go die. This Young Master will guarantee to let your name resonate throughout the entire Wade Empire!”


When Feng Yao heard him, she was so enraged that her face went a deathly pale white. Recalling what had happened to Li De, her face immediately grew even more unsightly.

“Ge Lang? Does a servant like you wish to learn from Li De? Kneel, kowtow, and apologize! From now on, when you see Young Master, you must kneel and kowtow, understand?!”

“Yes, yes, Young Master!”

Ge Lang spoke the words one by one, after which he tightened his lips and picked up his body, kneeling to kowtow on the ground. However, nobody saw that in the exact moment his forehead touched the ground, his face twisted and distorted into a most malevolent and sinister expression.

However, Li Xuan, on the other hand, grew even more afraid in his heart. That a person could tolerate things to this extent, one could see how huge the conspiracy was!

“The Li Clan still assumes that I’ve found someone to rely on. It seems that it won’t be easy to stabilize this clan!” Li Xuan sighed in his heart.



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  2. i like this novel. the more they hate him the stronger their souls become for him to absorb. so he will do everything to break them before killing and eating up their souls. at least he is a douche for a reason.

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  3. add more hate to the fire, and when the slave reports to whoever sent him to destroy that carriage finds out afterwards that the slave led li xuan to him, even more hate will arise.

    Master Enticer Li Xuan


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