Chapter 055 – Eliminating the Roots!

In the Windline Beast carriage, Feng Yao and Gina were chatting quietly, while Li Xuan sat opposite them in silence with his eyes closed, contemplating about matters related to the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual.

In regards to this book, for now, he had basically already comprehended it. This time, he had genuinely gone through a full analysis of it instead of just taking it as it was. As such, he was now wondering about how to improve the Dragon Lightning Evasion bodily art.

This was because based on the circumstances, Li Xuan could conclude that after this method was revised, it could easily be applied to any of the eight elements, which included wood, fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, light, and darkness, to meditate in cultivation. It worked because the roots of the method were, in essence, just cultivation methods to activate the foundations of innate meditative talent.

And the foundations meant that for those who practiced the tempering arts of the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual, they would not necessarily awaken lightning type innate meditative talent. Instead, they might even awaken other elemental systems.

It was only after Li Xuan fully comprehended these things that he had a genuinely thorough understanding of the manual. As such, he could exhibit the merits of the book to the greatest extent.

Besides this, there were even some people who, when awakening their innate talent, did not awaken the innate talent most suitable for them. For example, some people might possess an extremely high affinity for the wood element, but inadvertently awaken the light element. Hence, they would become a light system mage, although their innate talent in the path of a light mage was quite inferior….

What Li Xuan had comprehended was an actual method to truly awaken someone’s innate talent. In other words, the understanding he had gained according to the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual could help people awaken the most suitable innate meditative talent!

“Xuan Er, have you never thought that running wildly all over the place like this would cause people to harbor evil intentions towards you?”

In the spirit compartment, Li Yun couldn’t help but relay her worry.

“Auntie, there is a phrase that says *‘inadvertently hitting a side carriage’, hehe. Not to mention, the clan has assigned a black-clothed beauty to protect me in the dark.” Li Xuan answered with a laugh.
(*TL: basic meaning is that when you do things, you accomplish something else rather than your main goal. As for the background to the phrase, an assassin was hired to kill an emperor, and he decided to throw a hammer or something to kill the emperor who was in his carriage. However, there were multiple carriages, and when he threw the hammer, he didn’t hit the main one. Instead, he hit a side one, thus failing his objective.)

“En? What ‘inadvertently hitting a side carriage’? But if there is an expert like a grand elder within the clan protecting you, then I’m relieved.” Li Yun couldn’t understand Li Xuan’s words, but she didn’t think it was weird. After all, it seemed as though Li Xuan’s personality itself was like that.

The Windline Beast carriage very quickly arrived at Reid’s home. Previously, Reid was only a common person, but by relying on Lisa, his originally *four-walled home was now renovated and re-furnished. Furthermore, there was even a small-scale 1-star lower grade elemental energy condensing magic formation.
(*TL: basically common home, nothing special)

When Li Xuan stepped out of the carriage and entered into the courtyard, Reid was right in the middle of conversing with a woman, his tone brimming with vigor.

The servants within the courtyard had also increased to six, but because there were in the midst of bustling about, they temporarily did not pay Li Xuan any mind.

However, once a middle-aged servant turned his body and caught sight of Li Xuan, his facial expression immediately changed.

“Young, Young Master Li, so *you’ve come. Arnold will go tell Master to come receive you….”

At this moment, the middle-aged servant had already begun trembling, his face turning into a sickly shade of white.

“There’s no need, you are all freed now!” Li Xuan glanced in all directions, and then casually gathering his magic, he immediately condensed six fire needles with just a thought. Shooting them out like hidden weapons, they launched out in all directions.


Six spatial piercing noises resounded in the air, and those six servants, including Arnold, immediately went rigid, after which their bodies planted into the ground in a pool of blood.

Hearing the commotion outside, Reid stepped out in almost an instant.

After seeing the servants lying in a pool of blood on the ground, his face immediately grew unsightly and infuriated. However, after he saw Li Xuan’s figure, his raging fire immediately calmed down, and a fake smile plastered onto his face.

“Hahahaha, Young Master Li. How is it that you’ve found the free time to come to my dilapidated house? Have those foolish slaves offended Young Master Li?” Reid’s tone carried a certain flavor of flattery.


Li Xuan chuckled. He then took out an item from his interspatial ring that had been frozen over with water elemental energy and threw it over.

“What?” Reid reached out his hand to take it in astonishment. Casually glancing down, his heart was immediately panic-stricken as a boundless fury surged forth in his heart!

“Li Xuan! You dare to murder my daughter! Argh, I’ll fight you to the bitter end—”

Immeasurable insanity soared in Reid’s heart. His daughter was his all, but now, he actually saw his daughter’s head, distorted in anger—the hole in the forehead that had been scorched pitch-black was heartstopping to the utmost degree!

“Reid, did you believe that I’d leave behind future trouble? All the people here must die!”

Li Xuan laughed coldly. His figure flashed, and Dragon Lightning Evasion appeared for the first time. At the same time, Xing Yi Dragon Form battle magic skill—Prostrate Hibernating Dragon was directly activated, followed up with Reverse Dragon Form!


A purple thunderbolt turned into an enormous dragon and pierced through in one stroke. Reid’s body shivered and then jerked twice as numerous sparks and snakes of electricity bloomed all over. His body then directly exploded.

“Ahhh—Li Xuan, you mixed blood, you dare to kill me, I won’t let you die a proper death—!”

The resentment Reid’s soul contained was insanely violent, and it immediately launched itself like an evil spirit, just like Lisa’s had, in an attempt to savagely assault Li Xuan’s spirit.

“Hmph, do you even have the chance?”

Li Xuan coldly snorted, then directly manipulated a strong mass of spirit force (soul force) to eradicate Reid’s soul. With just that bit of resentment, Reid’s soul directly shattered into tiny pieces, thus becoming a new source of energy for Li Xuan’s soul.

“Ahh… Young Master Li, I, I’ve only come to deliver a letter….” At this time, a middle-aged wife with a basketball-sized chest trembled as she retreated backwards, thus causing her large chest to sway along with her.


A frosty light flashed across Li Xuan’s eyes, and a Wind Blade directly pierced towards that woman’s throat.


Her head immediately flew into the air, its eyes full of fear, despair, and unreconciliation. She had never thought that she would die here, nor die under such an evil tyrant’s hand….


By this time, the entire Reid family, including the servants and slaves, which amounted to eight people, were all dead.

After dealing with all of this, Li Xuan went into a state of unification and used his mind’s eye to survey his surroundings. Seeing that there was nobody who had accidentally survived or hidden, Li Xuan turned and then got into the Windline Beast carriage, allowing the driver to lead the Windline Beasts back to Iris City.

In the Windline Beast carriage, when Feng Yao looked at Li Xuan once more, her face no longer held any sort of expression.

If with her previous boss, she lived a bitter and toilsome life, with this fiend, she believed that there was already no future for her.

If this fiend dared to use violence with her, she would kill herself! Even though she was a slave, and even though she was no longer the outstanding clan member she had been in the past, she still was not someone who would casually let anybody trample her!

As Feng Yao thought this in her heart, she instantly discarded all feelings of fear towards Li Xuan.

In the midst of her thinking, she suddenly felt a strong hand grip onto her own. Just as she was about to struggle, the other party took her and dashed out of the back door of the Windline Beast carriage.

After the person silently landed on the ground, she was just about to resist when he suddenly pulled on her hand and directly flew into the air.

It was only at this moment that Feng Yao realized that Young Master Li was actually carrying her with one hand and Gina with the other, and was currently speeding towards the opposite direction of the carriage. Clearly, he wanted to return to Iris City from the dangerous outer regions of the Magical Beast Forest.

Feng Yao stared out into the distance. That Windline Beast carriage that was still rushing along had already gone over a thousand meters away, and even with her 2nd Hui 3rd layer strength as a wind system mage, she almost could not see the Windline Beast carriage clearly.

She was just about to withdraw her eyes from the scene when that speeding Windline Beast carriage abruptly exploded! A terrifying, world-shakingly destructive aura directly decimated the entire road along with the carriage, turning the entire area into ruins!

That was destructive aura! That was…. a darkness system magic that only 5th Xing envoy level mages could use!



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