Chapter 054 – Lisa’s Death【3】

At this moment, Lisa’s eyes gaped wide open, as if she could not die contentedly with her eyes closed!

“Li Xuan, you dare to kill me? Even if I become a departed spirit I won’t forgive you!” Lisa’s soul carried an incomparably intense hatred and rancor, suddenly struggling to come out of the twitching corpse and turn into an evil spirit. Her soul threw itself towards Li Xuan in a threatening manner.

“Hmph? You even wish to become a departed spirit?!”

Li Xuan laughed coldly in his heart, directly sending a surge of soul force to trample and engulf Lisa’s soul, absorbing it. In the exact moment that Lisa shrieked in fear, Li Xuan utilized his soul to completely annihilate her!

“Ahhh—Don’t! Li Xuan, A-Xuan, you, you, how about you let me go?! Lisa, Lisa knows that she is wrong now, knows what she did wrong….
A-Xuan, I beg you, let me off! I actually truly love you! I just hated that you were too disappointing….
A-Xuan, Big Brother Xuan, Big Brother Xuan, I’m willing, willing to give my body to you! I’m willing to become your se* slave and let you humiliate me however you want! Just please, I beg you to let me go….
Ahhh—! Li Xuan, I won’t let you die a proper death! I will definitely return to haunt you and destroy your whole family! I will definitely make it so that you beg for life, but can’t reach it, beg for death, but can’t have it! I will torment your entire clan—”

Lisa started to beg and plead relentlessly, but seeing that Li Xuan was completely indifferent, she immediately erupted forth with her vicious nature and attempted to resist. However, her soul was still strangled to pieces by Li Xuan’s powerful soul, and after shattering into a cloudy mist of soul fragments, she was finally swallowed up and absorbed by Li Xuan.

And the previous soul force that he had used up had actually recovered by an entire half!

“En? It seems that the recovery of my soul’s strength doesn’t have a very strong relationship with the strength of the person whose soul I’m absorbing. Rather, it depends on how strong the other person’s willpower is. The more resentment a soul contains, the more energy I can absorb!
If it’s like this, from now on, when I want to absorb soul force, I can first take trample over the people a person cares about, and then absorb the sky high resentment from that person afterwards! Like that, the recovery effect will be even better!”

After pondering deeply, Li Xuan’s figure flashed and his hand shot out like lightning, seizing Balan’s neck.

At this time, there were many people on the road watching.

Balan held a large degree of influence. Killing him publicly would be unwise, but killing him in private….

In an instant, a plan flitted across Li Xuan’s mind.

“Hmph, Ju Ding Sect? Bai Hui Sect?”

Li Xuan calculated in his heart. If Balan was with him, and this Balan died within the Manton Clan, then….

“Balan, you wish to take action? I, Li Xuan, am completely carefree at this time. I don’t care if I live or die, so if you want to do something, who cares if I just accompany you with my life?!”

Li Xuan snorted coldly, and Balan ceased his struggles at once.

Seeing Li Xuan’s fierce expression, his eyes vicious and his imposing manner resolute, a sense of fear suddenly arose in Balan’s heart.

“You, you killed Lisa! You really…. aren’t giving me, Balan, any face!”

Balan’s tone was icy as he spoke. He was many times stronger than Li Xuan, but he was suddenly snatched up into the opposing party’s hand. Admittedly, Li Xuan’s actions were very swift, but his strength was also something that absolutely could not be underestimated.

And this person, ruthless to the utmost degree, his infamy shaking the whole of Iris City, was clearly a deranged madman! Arguing with this type of person really wasn’t worth it!

If he knew earlier, he wouldn’t have brought Lisa with him! He really miscalculated this time!

“Face? Me killing her is giving you face! Even that kind of lowly woman is worthy of living in this world?
Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. That matter about entering the Bai Hui Sect, we can talk about it now! However, I first want to go to the Manton Clan for a bit. After all, I do have an arranged marriage with their clan’s Siyu, and if I enter a sect, I won’t be able to return for a long while. Hence, I need to deal with this marriage contract first!” Li Xuan calmly spoke, and then casually released the Balan whose face had already turned purple from choking.

Cough, cough. “Phew—Li Xuan, on the path of cultivation, one avoids the feelings between men and women by all means. This marriage can take place at any time—”

“No, you are incorrect. I’ve already suffered loss before, so the woman of me, Li Xuan, will be directly given a label, and then we’ll talk about future matters later. If she dares to betray me later, I will kill her without any regrets. After all, the previous one was at least stronger than this slut! Moreover, this matter concerns the reputations of two clans, so before I leave, I must take care of this affair! So, Balan, no need to say much. If you’re sincere, then just wait until after the engagement takes place. If you’re not sincere, then just leave! I, Li Xuan, am not a person that is afraid of causing trouble! I’ve already died once, why would I fear dying once more!” Li Xuan spoke in a frosty tone after he cut Balan’s words off.

“En…. This way is also good. What time will the marriage take place? Since you and I are destined to become fellow disciples in the future, then I’ll also go take part in the excitement.” A sliver of disdain and killing intent flashed across Balan’s eyes, followed by a certain degree of fear, but Balan still responded with a slight smile.

As for the Lisa who had already died in a pool of blood, nobody paid her any mind.

“Tomorrow will be fine. Because it is an engagement, we will go to the bride’s house. Wait until the actual wedding, and then it will be at my clan. However, that is a matter that will happen far later in the future!”

“Alright, since it is like this, I’ll go and prepare a congratulatory gift. In any case, tomorrow’s affairs have already been taken care of, and we fellow brethren now stand on the same side!”

“En, alright. Take your time, I won’t see you off.” Li Xuan nodded slightly, his tone still apathetic.

And this kind of attitude didn’t cause Balan to have any doubts. He assumed that Li Xuan was just reckless and arrogant, nothing to worry about it. Balan himself, on the other hand, was from the Ju Ding Sect after all, not to mention, he was even an elite within the sect. Naturally, he wasn’t worried that Li Xuan would harm him!
(TL: I believe the author made a mistake. I thought Balan was from the Bai Hui Sect, but here it says that he’s from the Ju Ding Sect. =/)

Furthermore, there was still this kind of public occasion!

However, he was not aware the the safer the place, the more dangerous it would be!

He further did not know that in Li Xuan’s mind, he was already a dead man!


“Young Master, where are you going now?” Gina inquired at once. By this time, Li Xuan had already finished discussing with Balan, but he was still headed for the beast carriage.

“Where am I going? Of course I’m going to Reid’s home. This Reid isn’t an open minded character, so since I’ve killed his daughter, I can only kill him as well.” Li Xuan said with complete calmness.

“Young Master, how come *you won’t baptize him and turn him to the right path, making it so that he isn’t constrained by the secular enmities of this world?” Gina immediately responded.

“Him? That old fool, he doesn’t even know how to repay his debts. He even sides with his daughter. A daughter will most definitely follow her father, and with his daughter this way, his fathering skills are complete crap! This kind of person doesn’t even have the potential to grow, so why do I need to use him?”

After Li Xuan said this, he immediately entered into the beast carriage.

Right when he went in, those waiters and other people of those small shops cowered a bit. He previously killed a woman in rage, and the scene of that woman’s head flying up five meters into the air still lingered in those people’s hearts. As such, when they saw Li Xuan, almost everybody was meek and timid, not daring to be even the least bit disrespectful.

“Young Master Li, I am honored by your presence. I don’t know whether you’ve taken a fancy to a *spirit beast? This one will offer it to *you.”
(*TL: first time this term’s showed up, different from magic beast)

“The best Windline Beast then.”

“Alright. Young Master Li, if you could please take this seat. Please wait a moment. Yao’er, offer a first-rate elemental elixir to Young Master Li.”

“En, Yao’er will go and do it now. Please wait a bit, Young Master Li.”


“Young Master Li, here is the Windline Beast.”

“En. This Yao’er of yours is pretty good at waiting on others.”

“Ah—Ah, this, Young Master Li, if *you’d like, this young lady, Yao’er, is *yours then!”

“You are quite sensible. Not bad, not bad! You have prospects for the future!” Li Xuan chuckled. With just one sentence, Li Xuan took this pure young lady who had previously served him, Yao’er, as his own maid.

“Your slave, Feng Yao, greets her new master.”

At this moment, realizing her fate, a hint of desolation flashed across Feng Yao’s eyes, although she quickly covered it up. She then followed up with a gentle bow to pay her respects, demonstrating the utmost veneration.

“En, you may rise. First get on the Windline Beast carriage. This Young Master is going to go kill a person.”



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  2. Lovin it all… MCs that have no damns to give about nothing as far as fall out from actions… how quickly he killed that female as well…..damn unique as far as MCs go…..course now that he can literally mind break a b*tch i think id have prefered to see her turned into a meat toilet…but meh w/e im happy for the trans


    • You sir are quite ruthless, not that I mind. You know it actually took me all damn day to remember who Lisa was. I really couldn’t remember at all, until this chapter which slowly brought it back to me. Though I’m glad this bitch is dead it really didn’t feel like she suffered enough.

      Wonder what sort of future his new servant is in for, better yet can’t wait for her reaction to Gina’s endless praise of him. I think if she knew Gina’s past and then heard her talk now, nothing to could be scarier than imagining just what the hell he did to cause Gina to change like that


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