Chapter 053 – Lisa’s Death【2】

Li Xuan was currently observing the mass of aqua blue liquid lightning elemental energy in his dantian in silence. This globe-like mass of blue seemed to look like a rotating earth, causing a feeling of splendor and beauty.

Within this mass contained lightning elemental energy, dense and powerful, yet pure and highly spirited.

Correct, elemental energy also had a spiritual aspect to it. It was similar to how when he absorbed world spirit qi in the past, it also contained a certain degree of spirit. Of course, this was only a type of spiritual nature, and did not mean that it was living.

Therefore, under the powerful pressure exerted by Li Xuan’s soul, the mass of lightning elemental energy was finally condensed into a ball of liquid, forming a ‘celestial body’. In this manner, through the process of the lightning elemental energy globe’s rotation, it would become more and more stable.

As for the light and fire elemental energy that was previously agitated, it was now calm.

This time’s session of training exhausted a significant portion of Li Xuan’s soul energy. However, under his control, Li Xuan also gained a deeper understanding of his soul.

Even though he had only recovered one tenth of his soul at present, one could imagine just how powerful his soul had been at the Void Tearing realm. It was no wonder that when he condensed his soul energy into world spirit qi, he was able to use *Xing Yi Fist to tear into the void. According to his present circumstances, when the time came that he reached the Void Tearing realm, the strength and might of his soul would definitely be exceedingly terrifying!
(*TL: I don’t think I mentioned it, but I’ll be using Xing Yi Fist and Xing Yi Quan interchangeably. Fist and Quan mean the same thing, but I’ll probably be using Fist more because ‘Xing Yi Magic Fist’ – it’d be weird to go back to Xing Yi Quan, in my opinion.)

Because he was unparalleled on Earth, he continued to bitterly cultivate in solitude. Without any object of comparison, it was also hard for him to understand exactly how strong he was. He could only surpass himself, time after time, making it so that he grew stronger than he was previously. However, he had never imagined that there would come a day that he would look back proudly and see that his past experiences were actually so tedious. It turned that he had inadvertently traveled a far, far distance!


“Xuan Er, why did you raise such a ruckus just before? Is this the result of rousing the potential of 8th Fa king innate talent?” Li Yun could not help but transmit her question to him.

“Auntie, for now, you don’t need to worry about this matter. There are some things that you will naturally know about when the time comes.” After a short moment of contemplation, Li Xuan answered her.

In truth, he had already blocked off a large portion of might within his spirit compartment. However, Li Yun was still able to sense a tiny bit of it, which was why she asked this question. Yet it was only this tiny bit that shocked Li Yun.

“En, then Auntie won’t continue asking. You’ve already been out for several hours, are we going to head back now?”

“Not yet, let’s just stroll around a bit.” Casually replying, Li Xuan once again began cultivating again.

This time, his forceful compression of the lightning elemental energy into liquid through his powerful soul was something completely unprecedented in this world.

And after compression, Li Xuan clearly felt that he still lingered at 3rd Fen 1st layer. However, in terms of strength, he was already far beyond comparison with anyone at the 3rd Fen 1st layer.

As of now, just a simple [Thunderbolt] could already compare to a major killing technique.

“After changing the lightning elemental energy into liquid form, the difficulty of cultivation has increased by several times! However, this is also fine. In any case, this rate of cultivation is still faster than those so-called geniuses!”

After getting a full understanding, Li Xuan did not harbor and misgivings in his heart. Instead, after some additional contemplation, he took Gina and left the pavilion.

On the road, Li Xuan discovered that eight or nine out of every ten pedestrians would take a detour when they saw him. A few ladies who had slightly better looks even covered their faces and avoided him at a running pace, shrieking the entire way.

As he walked, seeing that everybody acted so exaggeratedly, his face immediately grew a bit ‘unsightly’.

“Gina, have I, the Young Master, forcefully taken any common women? Slaughtered their entire family, that they avoid me so vehemently?” Li Xuan wiped off his cold sweat as he spoke, but he was actually very satisfied with this sort of result.

“Young Master, these people’s hearts have been deceived. There are demons twined around their hearts, and they can’t distinguish evil from good or right from wrong. Young Master can baptize them one by one and lead them to the path of light, though, and then they will understand that Young Master is actually the most compassionate person.” As Gina answered with the utmost sincerity, Li Xuan could only listen speechlessly.

In the spirit compartment located between his eyebrows, Li Yun let out a ‘pft’, then began snickering.

“Xuan Er, this domineering image of yours has already shaken the world. It seems as though others have assumed that you’ve been traumatized by Lisa, and now think that you’re a lunatic.”

“They can do whatever they want. How could I, the Young Master, care about other people’s opinions? I’ll just *‘face a thousand pointing fingers with a cool scowl, and bend my head’…. bend my head only for beautiful women.” Li Xuan spoke without thinking in a leisurely manner.
(*TL: citation from one of the best known modern Chinese writers, Lu Xun. The quote is just that which is between the single quotation marks. The phrase after, for beautiful women, is something Li Xuan adds himself)


Li Yun only rolled her eyes, speechless, but continued covering her mouth and giggling, simply ignoring Li Xuan.

Li Xuan only chuckled, then divided a portion of his mind to continue studying the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual, leaving the remaining portion to deal with what happened on the road.


“Li Xuan, stop!”

A familiar voice drifted over, causing Li Xuan to frown involuntarily.

“En?” Li Xuan turned his body around. Behind him was a man and a woman, standing their haughtily.

These two people were Lisa and Balan.

“Li Xuan, I heard you recovered your innate talent? That you have 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent?” Although Lisa’s face was a bit unsightly, she still spoke with some degree of courtesy.

“So what if I did? And so what if I didn’t?” A cold smile hung on Li Xuan’s face as he watched Lisa and Balan with thoughtful intent.

“Brat, speak more politely. Remember, even if you are part of the influential Li Clan in Iris City and are their treasure, the Li Clan is but a clan. Compared to a magic sect, they’re nothing! So, to avoid offending an existence you can’t afford to, you’d better fix that attitude!” Balan barked out.

Just like before, his tone was still arrogant and disdainful of everything.

“Oh, what you say sounds reasonable. Then, Mage Balan, exactly what, may I ask, brings your noble self here to stop this Young Master?” Li Xuan chuckled, but he did not cover up the bare killing intent in his eyes the slightest bit.

Balan’s gaze also clashed, a murderous intent billowing out yet disappearing as fast as it came. He laughed coldly and said: “Your innate talent is pretty good. My Bai Hui Sect wishes to take you on, so get your stuff ready then leave with us! You must know that the Bai Hui Sect and the Ju Ding Sect are equal. If you enter into the Bai Hui Sect, it won’t be so easy for the Ju Ding Sect to cripple you like they did that trash, Li Yun!”

“Oh! It seems that I must thank you~! En, how about this. We’ll mention this later. For now, let’s just talk about this lowlife, Lisa.” Li Xuan said with a dazzling smile.


“Li Xuan, what did you say?”

“What does this lowlife Lisa have to do with you?” Li Xuan’s tone carried a trace of a smile as he inquired.

When Balan heard this, his face couldn’t help but stiffen. What did Lisa have to do with him? Of course they were lovers! Although he still couldn’t get Lisa to give up her virginity to him, it was almost about time.

“She is going to enter the Bai Hui Sect very soon, so my relationship with her is the exact same relationship you have with her!” It was only now that Balan finally looked at Li Xuan directly. This piece of trash seemed to be very calm, his attitude steady. He definitely wasn’t a person that the past timid and mediocre yes man could compare to.

It seemed that the rumors were true.

“This being the case, this woman still owes me her life, so I’ll just take it now. I’ll talk to you about entering the Bai Hui Sect after!”

“You dare!”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”

Li Xuan laughed coldly. With a flash of his figure, he passed by Balan and appeared next to Lisa. Extending his hand outwards, a fire needle directly pierced through the spot between Lisa’s eyebrows like a blazing red sword, completely running her head through.


Fresh blood sprayed.



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