Chapter 052 – Lisa’s Death【1】

After recovering a portion of elemental energy, Li Xuan silently comprehended the profundities of the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual’s [Dragon Lightning Evasion] bodily art. Under the state of unification, the difficulty level of this type of bodily art was greatly reduced. Under less than an hour, Li Xuan had already practiced this art to a proficient level. In addition, he had also stabilized his lightning system which had reached 3rd Fen 1st layer.

Sensing the whole solar system within his dantian, the sudden expansion of the energy mass for his lightning system suddenly caused it to be a bit conspicuous.

After muttering for a bit, Li Xuan circulated a large portion of soul force and began to truly cultivate inner jin, ignoring the magic aspect of his cultivation.

“Light Jin, Dark Jin, Manifest Jin, Encompassing Dan, Void Tearing, Path Convergence, Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Thunder Tribulation….
According to my estimations, the latter stages of martial arts cultivation can be divided into these realms. However, this is a method one can only attain after a person has acquired a special ability…. As of now, I’m already at the middle stage of Manifest Jin. After reaching the late stage of Manifest Jin, I absolutely must transform my inner jin into liquid form so that I can make preparations for the following Encompassing Dan realm! Liquid form…. That is completely transforming all the magic elemental energy into liquid!”

After pondering for a moment, Li Xuan called forth a large amount of soul force and truly began a process of forceful compression of his lightning elemental energy, which was currently at 3rd Fen 1st layer!

Forcefully compressing elemental energy was undoubtedly playing with fire. However, Li Xuan knew that if he could not pass through this stage, the merging of his martial arts and magic would be completely scattered.

Hence, Li Xuan maintained a ‘no destruction, no construction’ type of attitude. Based on his resolute and stalwart personality, he naturally would not give up so easily.

The degree of purity of his lightning elemental energy caused the difficulty level of this compression process to increase by an incredibly amount. Not only that, even if he really did compress it into liquid, if there was no sort of restrictive force on it, the liquid would instantly turn back into a gaseous mass.

As for the orbital revolution occurring within his dantian, if the centrifugal force caused by the rotation was not strong enough, everything would be for naught!

As for if the rotational force was too strong, the tolerance level of the body’s internal organs remained to be seen.

This was a major problem. On the surface, only by creating a balanced and general form of the solar system would it meet the standards of the Dao. However, the details mattered all the way down to the atoms and their internal structures, which consisted of the nucleus and the outer electrons. This sort of arrangement was like the sun of the solar system. Like the nine planets outside of the sun, the entire system’s set-up was identical.

This proved that all things conformed to a type of great Dao, which, in this case, was the form of the solar system.

In this situation, Li Xuan could only increases the restrictive ability and might of his soul, so he threw himself into this process and genuinely began to cultivate bitterly.

Time elapsed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, two hours had already passed. Gina, on the other hand, had already returned a long time ago. However, after seeing that Li Xuan was in the middle of cultivation, she sat on the side like a good child, maintaining watch over him. And although there was already a black-clothed woman following at Li Xuan’s side, making it so that his safety was not a problem, Gina continued to diligently keep guard.

At this moment, she was already thinking in her mind about how to repay Li Xuan’s benevolence.

As for her father’s death, Gina considered that to be her father’s liberation. Her father had already gone to heaven and received the everlasting light, a stark contrast to his previous life full of bitterness and misery, where he performed wicked deeds and dark sins as a person’s servant. Now that he had returned to heaven, enjoying the glory of the god above was his good fortune.

And the Young Master who personally brought this about was even more so the messenger of god. He was the rock which her heart and soul relied upon, her father reborn.

“Young Master, *you do not need to worry. Gina will pledge her life to protect *you.” Gina murmured to herself. The incomparable purity and sincerity that appeared in her eyes brimmed with a dense and powerful holiness.


“Auntie, intent combines with qi (energy), qi combines with force, and force combines with the heart…. This kind of cultivation places emphasis on nature combining with the self into one body. I am the world, I am the manifestation of all living things, I am elemental energy, and I am myself….” Li Xuan’s other portion of consciousness explained to Li Yun in the spirit compartment located at the space between Li Xuan’s eyebrows.

“If so, doesn’t this profane the lord of the elements? Wouldn’t condensing pure origin elemental energy be very difficult?”

“No, Auntie. You’ve got it wrong. The so-called concept of three thousand paths leading to the same result, allowing for whatever kind of cultivation, is only a method of cultivation… In fact, lacking innate meditative talent does not mean that one will not be able to become and expert. This is because innate talent only represents the comprehensive ability of a person and the strength of their foundation…. I’ll say it this way. Auntie, just do according to what I told you. Don’t tell me that I, Li Xuan, would harm Auntie?”

Li Xuan explained his own Dao to Li Yun, but Li Yun could only listen in confusion. However, Li Yun understood that Li Xuan’s rate of advancement was exceptionally terrifying! He would basically make progress every single time he trained!

One must know that tri-element magic and single element magic were different. The effort one had to put forth for tri-element magic exceeded three times that of the effort required for single element magic! Furthermore, because of other distractions, the difficulty level was stretched even further without limit.

“Li Xuan, in the future, Auntie won’t doubt you. Although Auntie does not understand, after gradually gaining proficiency in training and gaining my own insights, there will come a day that I will understand! Xuan Er, what you say is correct. If one cannot understand, then one can just comprehend through cultivation. Practice makes perfect. Xuan Er, your words are so outstanding!”

“Auntie, here, kiss.” After Li Xuan heard her response, he knew that Li Yun was now convinced. At once, he was quite joyful in his heart.

One could say that Li Yun was his first ‘disciple’ in this world, albeit the identity of this disciple was a bit special.

“Xuan Er, you’re doing this again.”

“Auntie, here, kiss me.”


“How about kissing my lips instead?”

“No. Now that Auntie has entered a crucial point in thought, Auntie needs to go cultivate. You pervert you, go mind your own business.” Li Yun immediately replied in embarrassment.

The feeling of spiritual communication was like reincarnating thousands of times – the level of familiarity would rise to a shocking level. Therefore, Li Yun’s and Li Xuan’s relationship really wasn’t unreasonable. The love between a man and a woman was not something forbidden, after all. Not to mention that their means of contact happened in spirit form, rather than physical form!


Crackle crackle—

Pop pop—

At this moment, light elemental energy and fire elemental energy went into disarray. The original gaseous mass unexpectedly began to change, as if it was about to collapse!

Moreover, Li Xuan’s face began to whiten by several degrees.

“You dare not to return to positions!”

Li Xuan’s soul violently sent a wave of absolute might. In a flash, space seemed to suddenly congeal, and all the people in the Spring Breeze pavilion suddenly went dead silent. That incorporeal but horrifying pressure caused each of their faces to turn as white as paper.

Expert! There was an expert here!

Everybody’s hearts were a bit frightened. Once this sort of enormous might acted, they would really die without any place for burial.

Immediately, numerous members of the younger generation from influential families fled away as they nearly pissed their pants in terror. Even some mages at the 2nd Hui realm glanced about vigilantly in a grim manner. They did not even dare to breathe, lest they make a sound.

After a short while, this incorporeal pressure disappeared, and every single person each let out a sigh of relief. However, a short moment later, many people’s faces all turned ghastly white, their bodies collapsing powerlessly. Several miserable shrieks resounded in the air after that, and noises of discussion as well as cries of repentance for their sins resonated through the air as people departed.




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  2. Ok so now he’s a the messenger of god… one step away from being a god himself XD

    Anyway this author has a knack for making up a convoluted cultivation system. I bet he’s the only one to truly understand how this thing works, even with all those explanations it doesn’t make much sense.

    Thanks for the chapter


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