Chapter 051 – Xing Yi Magic—Dragon Lightning Evasion!

After Gina left, Li Xuan committed a portion of his mind to instruct Li Yun as she continued cultivating, while the remaining portion was used to study a book—the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual.

Previously, Li Xuan considered this book to be a piece of trash. After thinking a bit deeper about it though, he realized that the section about a portion of energy channels in the book had a special use – something he had never lightly tried out before. However, after cultivating Xing Yi Magic Fist for a time, Li Xuan was able to feel its benefits.

Now that he had time, he might as well study it.

After sweeping through the third floor of the clan’s Hidden Book Pavilion, Li Xuan’s sea of knowledge had expanded remarkably. The experience even caused his perspective on the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual to change.

“The lightning system…. Dragon Lightning Evasion battle magic skills—bodily battle skills? Not bad.”

After pondering deeply, Li Xuan tested out whether one of the techniques that concerned elemental circulation would work.

Under this experimentation, Li Xuan’s exceptional ability at spatial visualization was also gradually expressed.

“Seeing that Gina is at my side, it’s convenient to use her to experiment. Her soul force is not that strong, but she has a resolute character. Furthermore, with me taking care of her, she shouldn’t go as far as dying if my experiment fails….”

After Li Xuan contemplated a bit in his mind, he closed his eyes to visualize the universe.

He first imagined the vast and boundless universe as a space devoid of anything, while still visualizing the existence of the universe. Absorbing elemental energy through the point between his eyebrows, he breathed deeply, guiding it all the way to his brain and making it so that his mind was completely empty and undistracted. He then led it throughout his four limbs and entire bone structure, expelling through his feet. After completing an entire cycle, his entire body and mind drifted in a state of nothingness.

Under this sort of condition, Li Xuan automatically entered into a state of unification between nature and man.

As a result, Li Xuan naturally began to tidy up the pieces of information he had learned. Because the Hidden Book Pavilion belonged to the Li Clan in Iris City, the majority of the books pertained to fire system mages, while the information on other systems of magic were quite weaker. Those pieces of information simply contained some general knowledge and fundamentals. As such, Li Xuan had a more thorough cultivation of the fire element. As for the rest of the elements, he maintained the same level and realm as fire, but there were far less offensive methods he knew of concerning them.

It was like one type had a framework to build on, while the other had no such framework. In whole, if one was to discuss about the offensive strength, the remaining elements were absolutely inferior to the fire element.

“Three thousand paths, but all lead to the same result. If the fire element is like this, then why can I not take from these circumstances and apply the same concepts to the other elements? I have Xing Yi Magic Fist, and this art can even replace the meditative arts and battle skills of the other eleven systems of magic. Is it even necessary for me to adhere strictly to some basic things that aren’t even that strong?”

After Li Xuan thought for a long while, he suddenly recalled Xing Yi Magic Fist and was immediately enlightened. He seemed to have neglected the fundamentals and instead focused on the details.

“Since I can match one system of magic with a form of Xing Yi Fist, then is there any need to have any other arts or techniques? Simply referencing other magic cultivation arts and learning some fundamentals as necessary is sufficient! For example, magic skills such as Gravity Technique, Gravity Reversal, Wind Blade, Spirit Fire Ball, Withered Ghost Vine, Hailstone, Aqua Sword…. These aren’t difficult. However, after condensing elemental energy to a high degree and instantly activating it, its might can’t be looked down upon either!
What are the fundamentals? The fundamentals are the true essence that result after hard work and numerous revisions! In the end, I was still confused in the past!”

Reflecting on himself three times a day – this was something Li Xuan absolutely had to do in his past world. However, after coming to this world, it was not until he really immersed himself into a state of unification between nature and man that he received this sort of enlightenment.

Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual, Xing Yi Dragon Form, Dragon Lightning Evasion and Dragon Dance Tribute!

Closing his eyes, Li Xuan’s figure flashed as he immediately activated the bodily art, Dragon Lightning Evasion. At the same time, the energy channels that he originally held some scruples about began to break and pierce through as an innumerable amount of elemental energy began to condense into a vortex.

Although this process was similar to having his soul torn apart, Li Xuan never knitted his eyebrows in the least. Only some cold sweat permeated outwards from his skin.


In the air, lightning elemental energy crackled and flashed, appearing like purple cracks as it leapt through the air relentlessly.

All of a sudden, a surge of lightning elemental energy swept through like inner jin, and Li Xuan’s body jolted. At once, a deep, purple-colored dragon composed of lightning appeared in the air and descended upon Li Xuan’s body.

At this moment, the might and aura of Xing Yi Fist was completely revealed. As if the lightning dragon was attached to his body, Li Xuan’s entire person abruptly surged forth with a thick, savage aura. With the sudden appearance of this aura, Li Yun’s spirit was unexpectedly jerked to attention in the space between Li Xuan’s eyebrows. After borrowing from Li Xuan’s spiritual perception to study the situation outside, Li Yun’s spirit was exceedingly shocked!

Clearly, this scene was truly too terrifying!

The Li Clan. Was this the true awakening of the Li Clan’s bloodline?

In the past….

Li Yun did not dare to imagine it, but she was thoroughly excited now.


“Dragon Lightning Evasion, Dragon Dance Tribute! Xing Yi Dragon Form—”


A sky-shattering might suddenly undulated outwards. At this moment, jin force abounded within Li Xuan’s body in high concentrations, but it was stable and steady, moving about in a very orderly manner.

As nature took its course, form took shape into intent, spirit and intent merged together, and the internal and external both came forward as one. He had genuinely entered into a high degree of unity between external form and internal intent, truly reaching the extent of simultaneity in both spirit and form!

“Prostrate Hibernating Dragon—”

Whoosh—crackle crackle—

The enormous lightning dragon suddenly moved, even causing space to vibrate and tremble.

“Reverse Dragon Form—”



“Dragons are the creatures of legend. There is the form of the dragon descending to the world of mortals, the form of a crouching dragon soaring to the sky, as well as the art of Dragon Body Bone Compaction. By nature, the dragon is a form of Yin, but is regarded as Yang within the fist arts. Within the abdomen, it mitigates the heart’s fire. The ‘Red Book’ states: ‘The dragon seeks out from within the fire, yet also behaves like a cloud. The cloud is of the dragon, and is the so-called dragon form within the fist. The strength of this form arises from the Cheng Jiang acupoint (located at the mentolabial groove directly below the lip, also known as the Ren meridian/conception vessel), and cycles interconnectedly with the tiger form’s qi. For both forms, one is ahead, the other behind, one ascending, the other descending. For one’s fist procedure, the innermost being is empty, the heart’s fire mitigated, and the mind opened, with the burgeoning of wisdom. As for the contrasting procedure, the body is burned by Yin fire, and is without any vigor.’
The ‘Fist Channels’ states: a wave of indeterminacy, a wave of life. It is like a sacred dragon travelling against the current in the water suddenly leaping out and soaring into the air, its sound grand and powerful, causing people to tremble.
This is might, and also spirit form, but even more so, the realm of intent!
However, in the original Yin Yang five elements of my past world, the dragon was previously categorized into the two attributes, Yang and fire. However, in this place, it is lightning! Correct, lightning. And lightning is probably classified into metal….”

After Li Xuan had gone through the motions of Xing Yi Magic Fist’s dragon form in one stroke, he clearly felt that the lightning system’s energy mass within his dantian had grown a bit more substantial.

Without knowing, the strength of his lightning element magic had involuntarily advanced towards 3rd Fen 1st layer. In other words, based on the cultivation of his lightning system, Li Xuan could already be considered as a magister of the 3rd Fen realm!

“The Dragon Lightning Evasion bodily art is indeed very profound. After combining Xing Yi Fist with magic, it’s unexpectedly this tyrannical!” Li Xuan was a bit excited in his heart. Although he did not completely understand how to fully manifest the Dragon Lightning Evasion’s spirit and form into lightning, he knew that the enlightenments he gained within the state of unification between nature and man were absolutely not wrong!



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