Chapter 050 – Gina Gets Baptized【2】

It was precisely because romance did not exist in this world that romantic actions shook a person’s soul so hard. A woman could not even imagine how a man would be willing to wait bitterly for sixteen years, then finally, in the midst of despair, jump off a cliff to his death.

A woman would not be able to imagine further that for a woman, a man’s hair could turn white overnight, or that he could go insane, despair, weep bitter tears, or fall down on his knees before his enemies….

Although some things like this happened in reality, without something to compare it to, such actions would not leave a deep impression.

Therefore, at this moment, Li Yun wept.

However, what she did not know was that telling this story was only secondary to Li Xuan. Instead, Li Xuan’s main objective was to purify Gina’s soul.


“Young Master, the previous Gina was too ignorant and was blinded by hatred. When Gina truly plummeted into hell and degenerated into a demon, Gina’s eyes could not see the beauty of time or the sun. Now, because Young Master was so generous and was not bothered by the exhaustion of his spirit force, Young Master has baptized Gina and allowed Gina to understand Gina’s past crime, freeing Gina and letting Gina become a new person. Gina thanks Young Master for his selfless heart, and will eternally be unable to return the favor. From this moment on, Gina will single-mindedly focus on praying for Young Master and becoming Young Master’s most loyal servant. May Young Master instruct Gina, and may Young Master allow Gina to become Young Master’s servant….”

Gina’s words caused Li Yun’s consciousness, which was deep in thought, to tremble. Flabbergasted, she ‘looked’ at Gina, whose eyes had become clear and whose face radiated a holy glow, and was stunned for a time.

How, how did this happen?

Gina’s hatred was engraved into her bones. How, how did it become this way?

“En, Gina. From now on, you will be my servant, and I will order and command you.”

“Yes, Young Master, this is Gina’s honor. Master is worthy of praise.” At once, Gina gave a slight smile and bowed as she spoke with the utmost respect.

“Alright, Young Master is going to lie here for a bit. Go and make yourself look presentable in the meantime. Here is a magic crystal card with three hundred million gold coins in it. Take it and go buy some proper magic equipment, at least a set of 2-star superior grade equipment. After you’ve bought them, return and wait upon Young Master as Young Master rests.”

Li Xuan spoke casually, then threw that anonymous magic crystal card to her. At once, Gina bowed once more then took the crystal card and left.

“Xuan Er, this is….”

“This is the ‘Baptism Technique’ of light system magic. However, because this magic is too formidable, I could not use it, so I just used a magic technique from the spirit system similar to the Baptism Technique which is not as exhausting. It can only be used on people with weaker spirit than me, and the stronger the spirit force is, the greater the backlash.” Li Xuan gave her an explanation.

“Baptism…. This….” Li Xuan was shocked once again.

“Xuan Er, exactly, exactly how many elements of magic can you control?” Li Yun’s spirit spoke with a bit of a tremor.

“This, Auntie, however many you think Xuan Er has, then that is how many. However, the amount I can use externally for now is only three, which are wind, fire, and lightning.”

“I, I understand. Xuan Er, you, you truly are extraordinary. You make Auntie feel proud.”

“Auntie, you can continue feeling proud.”

“You little imp….”


“Shuang Er, so what you’re saying is that after Older Brother Xuan healed Big Brother (TL: Li Mo), he even healed Elder Sister Ning Xuan? Where would he get such medicine!” At this moment, Li Ru was a bit skeptical.
(TL: older brother = Li Xuan, big brother = Li Mo, from Li Ru’s perspective)

On the other hand, Siyu who was on the side immediately heightened her attention. Clearly, this was real news!

“I don’t know! Young Master didn’t say. At first, Young Master was very elegant and friendly. However, after a while, I feel like he gradually turned more evil, and also became more vicious.”

As Shuang Er thought about it, she recalled the scene where the thing hanging between Li De’s two thighs got stuffed into his mouth at the Li Clan, and she couldn’t help but vomit once more.

This scene was truly too excessive to people’s tolerance levels.

“En, perhaps Older Brother met someone formidable and has a powerful master—”

*Cough cough “Ru’er, your mother is calling for you to go back home and cultivate.” At this moment, Huyan Weike immediately spoke out.

If he didn’t say anything, Siyu would not have suspected anything. However, since Huyan Weike cut in to speak, it obviously meant Li Ru had guessed correctly concerning this matter.

It was a pity Huyan Weike spoke a bit late because Li Ru had already voiced some key words.

“Grand Elder Huyan, I’ve only just returned to the Li Clan, and I want to play with Big Sister Siyu and Shuang Er. I’ll go cultivate after a bit.”

“Ru’er, if you need to cultivate, then you shouldn’t be lazy. Although your innate talent is still acceptable, you still have to work hard, or else if your strength doesn’t improve, you’ll get bullied by people sooner or later. After all, your big brothers and sisters can’t always be by your side, protecting you.”

Siyu advised her.

“Big Sister Siyu, your words are the most sensible, so Ru’er will listen to you. You guys go ahead and play. Shuang Er, take good care of Big Sister Siyu. I’m going to go cultivate now~”

“En, go ahead Miss Ru. I’ll take good care of Miss Siyu.”

Shuang Er immediately responded.

After Huyan Weike also left, Siyu also found a reason to bid farewell to Shuang Er.


“Father, Grandfather, it seems that behind Li Xuan, there is probably an exceedingly strong master.”

“This, is it possible?” Siyu’s father Tainuo Manton answered dubiously. He believed that considering how rash, arrogant, conceited, and complacent this youth was, how could anyone take this kind of trash as a disciple? For cultivators, if they had no morals or ethics, to improve on the journey of cultivation was very difficult! Even if his innate talent was good, he would only walk a bit farther than other people.

“This is a possibility. Previously, I was about to take action against the Li Clan and secretly destroy this genius. However, at that moment, I was locked onto by a surge of force. That force already surpassed the grand elders of the Ju Ding Sect! That is why I temporarily did not dare to act impetuously, and instead gifted a 4-star lower grade magic robe to demonstrate sincerity!
If it really is like this….”

“What? Grandfather, don’t tell me even *you?”

“That’s right! From the start, Li Xuan had never really shown such outstanding innate talent, yet he suddenly has tri-element innate talent, as well as innate meditative talent comparable to an 8th Fa king! On top of that, he still has innate spirit attribute! With this kind of exception innate talent, Ju Ding Sect naturally won’t be able to keep their seat anymore! Leaving aside these things, simply think about his sudden monstrous performance and then think about that rumored ‘five element mage’! There was news about how a 6th He ancestor appeared at Allan Auction House, and then Li Xuan suddenly got his hands on a few medicines! From this, it is very likely that there is a 6th He ancestor standing at his back!”


“6th He ancestor level expert! 6th He realm! This, this is impossible! In the entirety of the Wade Empire, 6th He realm mages don’t even necessarily exist! How can this, this puny piece of trash….”

Siyu was instantly incomparably stunned. With such a master behind this person, then Li Xuan’s future accomplishments….

“Calm down! Are you two so average? Just this bit and you both are raising your voices and making a big fuss! What’s next? If you guys were to get locked onto by the spirit of an expert like this then, would you guys be kneeling and pleading for forgiveness?” Yatuo answered in extreme discontent.

At this moment, Siyu and Tainuo both lowered their heads in shame.

“This expert’s warning has allowed me to understand that for now, the Li Clan is untouchable. Furthermore, I’m afraid that the Li Clan has some suspicions about our plot to ruin Li Yun. Therefore, we must demonstrate good will for now, and we can’t conduct too much movement. If a mishap occurs to Li Xuan this time, the members of the Li Clan will really go insane, and at that time, Huyan Weike’s master…. Right, how come I didn’t think of this person…. However, if that person truly is Huyan Weike’s master, then it explains Li Xuan’s presumptuous behavior. It’s just that, like this, this matter has become even more troublesome of a problem!”

“Grandfather, how can one person make you this afraid? Don’t tell me that the background of this character is very significant?”

“Background is very significant? It’s not significant, but completely unimaginable! You know the four forbidden lands. In the Distant Sea, there is an innumerable amount of experts, and this person is from the Distant Sea! We can’t afford to offend him!”

“Ah…. this, this…. Then Grandfather, doesn’t that mean I would have to genuinely live with that bastard?”

Siyu immediately spoke with immense displeasure.

“So what? Grandfather will teach you an illusionary magic formation. At that time, just control Gina to replace you at the most crucial moment, and then you can easily protect your body. Otherwise, you can control Li Ru, or Ning Xuan, and the best scenario would be to let other members of the Li clan see this happening! It would be just like that time when we conspired against Li Yuan (TL: Li Xuan’s grandpa). This way, under enormous pressure, at least Li Xuan’s reputation will be ruined! Furthermore, rumors say that that 6th He ancestor level expert absolutely loathes perverse affairs like those between family. At that time, he will have nothing to rely on, and the only path left for the Li Clan will be destruction!”

After thinking a bit, Yatuo slowly relayed all that was on his mind, and all these thoughts were simply a series of wicked deeds. One could say that they were terribly vicious.



33 thoughts on “Chapter 050 – Gina Gets Baptized【2】

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  2. And this guys is the reason why people should refrain from commenting about how our MC treated badly Siyu, she’s just a piece of trash. Going as far as making MC rape his own family, hoping for some JUSTICE PORN; hopefully MC will deliver :faith:

    Liked by 3 people

      • she would do that even w/out her grandpa advice (it’s not an order if she’s not being forced to do it and she isn’t commanded to do it either)

        if you consider her personality it would happen either way and she would be happy if it worked out


      • I think the implication was that when he tried to force himself on her she substituted herself for one of his relatives. She didn’t have a plan to make him sleep with his relatives to ruin his reputation. That was indeed her grandfather.

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  3. Well our MC just turned out to be a saint in comparison to those people. And he just brainwashed a person. Dafuq…
    It seems that this world is even worse than other xianxia worlds.



      • She wasn’t turned into a slave nor she was brainwashed. He already said he used light element to cleanse her soul, she was completely tainted by her “revenge” even though she knew her father was a huge d*ck, bullied and killed countless people for no reason other than his statut.

        I find it funny that people still think MC is a villain when auntie herself said it in this chapter that he is just putting an upfront to show no weakness at all. He is ruthless indeed, but not villain nor stupid. In this world, not showing off his all-element ability, limiting his power to only 3, and playing the cruel brainless MC is his best way to survive and avoid most of the potential trouble.

        Anyway, I can’t care less about how people are narrow-minded, as long our translator don’t drop it, I’m fine with it.


      • No, her father followed orders to improve her life.

        Her dad was following orders. And “being cleansed” was basically removing her hatred and making her loyal to him… which is brain washing.

        And don’t just insult people. People maybe pissed at the MC, but they like the story itself.

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  4. I’m amaze the man even think of teaching her illusionary magic formation to used other girl to replace her at the most crucial moment so then she can easily to protect her body. He really will do or think of anything as long he got benefits out of it huh.


  5. The brainwasheď gina is creepy as fuck..
    And siyu’s grandpa are underestimating Li xuan far too much!!.. this move will not only ruin siyu, but also devestate their clans alltogather..
    Maybe siyu will be the 2nd people he will baptised’

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  6. thanks a lot!
    well, gina has been controlled…hm…oh, it’s interesting that they linked him with the 6th he expert that appeared at the auction house. they’re the same person though, haha! hmph, kill that family!


    • Btw people, he didn’t brainwash her… it’s like he basically “buffed” her with a spell that gave her a very high IQ… Clear minded, she can think and analyze everything before making a decision, casting aside her emotions if necessary. Reread the chapter properly…


      • Well…. if your dad works a servant and gets killed because, and your hatred for your fathers killer gets erased because that very same guy tweeks your soul for 3 hours.. is that good though?
        I would call it brainwash.. no metter what the excuse are..
        Not that I would hate the mc for it though. Brainwashing are awesome!! =)


      • If a guy tweak my soul to make me smarter, I’d love it even if you call it brainwashing.
        She still hates him. It’s just that now, she has another feeling counterbalancing it: gratefulness for the length he is going at to make her stronger.
        She’s not blind by hatred: she now understand how the world out there works now.
        If she knew the guy also put a timed bomb in her soul so she can’t ever rebel against him, she’d be less grateful for sure.
        But she wasn’t brainwashed. Being brainwashed means he made her forget about her hatred. That is not the case: she just clearly weighs up the pros and cons of her situation now.


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