Chapter 049 – Gina Gets Baptized【1】

“Elder Brother…”

Feeling Li Xuan’s gentle caress, the line of defense in Li Ru’s heart crumbled. Being alone outside and getting betrayed by her elder brother was a past experience that lingered around unbearably at her side like a nightmare.

She sobbed, she sorrowed, she resented, and she despaired, yet those past experiences continued to stay in absolutely clarity, unable to be expelled.

However, those sudden words of his that carried genuine remorse caused her frozen heart to react as though it had suddenly been exposed to the sunlight of spring, swiftly thawing it.

This feeling was genuine, honest, blessed, and wonderful.

It turns out, Elder Brother actually cared about me; it turns out, Elder Brother always felt very guilty inside.
So Elder Brother never really wanted to abandon Ru’er….

These thoughts caused Li Ru to throw herself into Li Xuan’s embrace as she whimpered and sobbed.

“Alright, don’t cry anymore. If you keep crying, your face will be like a Rhom Beast’s.”

“Ah, Elder Brother is the one who’s a Rhom Beast….”

“Hehe.” Reaching his hand out to wipe away Li Ru’s tears, Li Xuan calmly glanced at the disbelieving, complicated gaze of Siyu. He only chuckled, then turned and exited his courtyard.

“Gina, come with me!”

“Why do I have to go with you!”

“Your father is dead but grieved!”

“You, just you wait!”

Gina’s two eyes immediately turned red around the rims and she no longer hesitated to follow him.

Shuang Er, on the other hand, simply tightened her lips into a line and watched blankly from the side. Soon after, she walked over to Li Ru’s side in silence.

“Shuang Shuang, are you always with Big Brother Xuan now?”

“En, that’s right. However, Young Master is always in closed door training, so Shuang Er hasn’t really seen him that much.” Shuang Er seemed to have recalled something Li Xuan said and couldn’t help but reveal a gentle smile.

Previously, when Li Xuan said that he was going to save the fox ladies and tigresses from the deep water and scorching flame, she could never understand. Only after many days did she understand the shamelessness contained within his words, and couldn’t help but laugh. At once, she also felt a bit embarrassed, yet also felt that Young Master was quite reflective….

Turning it over in her mind now, she couldn’t help but be full of boundless interest.

“En, you definitely know some of the recent events. I heard that something happened to that annoying Li De. Tell me what happened.”


After walking out of the Li Clan, Li Xuan directly looked for a Spring Breeze Pavilion without the slightest qualms.

Seeing Li Xuan enter the dissolute place, Gina gritted her teeth and tightened her lips, following after him.

“Aiyah, isn’t this Iris City’s genius, Young Master Li? How rare, how rare….”

“Rare your little sister. This is a thousand gold coins. Take it and find a good room, then make sure nobody disturbs me, understood? You don’t understand? This Young Master will look for people to tear down your Spring Breeze Pavilion then….”

“Y-yes, Young Master Li. If, if *you’d please come in.”

The flirtatious mistress of the Spring Breeze Pavilion couldn’t help but wipe away some cold sweat. As expected, this young master was very domineering, seeing as how he was so arrogant….

However, as a person simply trying to make a living, she wouldn’t have any fall outs with money. Here, one thousand gold coins could get you a pretty good deal anyway. Although it wasn’t much, the opposing party was a big shot, so how could she dare not to find the best room for him.


“Xuan Er, you play this bullying image of yours quite well! Admirable, admirable! Who would think that you are actually a person who is very elegant, grounded, and calm! This scheme of yours probably has everybody fooled.”

Right after Li Xuan walked into the room, Li Yun couldn’t help but laugh.

In the spirit compartment located at the area between his eyebrows, Li Xuan and Li Yun were currently chatting.

“I’ve tricked everyone, but haven’t I failed at deceiving Auntie? Auntie, do you know? When I call you this, yet have improper thoughts towards you, I feel incredibly excited!” Li Xuan teased, hiding behind the bullying image he had meticulously built up.

“Enough, already. You’ve allowed my spirit to connect with your eyes, and eyes are the windows to the heart. I know that you are actually very ruthless and collected. Furthermore, those instinctual thoughts of yours are all very normal responses of the *seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. I actually quite like your frankness and genuinity. However, if Auntie were to grow to love you, that would not be good.”
(*TL: Refer to the 7 emotions and 6 sensory pleasures people are generally thought to possess. Emotions – joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate, lust; Sensory – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind)

Although the time they were together was not long, spirit communication enabled a myriad of things to change in a flash. Just a short day’s worth of time actually seemed like the familiarity of ten or even a hundred years. After their two spirits intermingled, the familiarity and closeness they felt with each other already underwent a qualitative change.

It was just like ten thousand years had passed in just a glance. At times, a simple look at someone could leave an impression that even ten thousand years would not be able to wipe away.

And communicating spiritually resulted in a sort of dependence that caused Li Yun to truly open her entire heart to Li Xuan.

“Big Sister Yun, I’ll tell you a story of a young master and his aunt tonight to let you know that even the love between an aunt and a young master can be spread throughout the entire world.”

Li Xuan suddenly thought about the story, *The Return of the Condor Heroes, and immediately laughed aloud as he spoke.
(*TL:; Wuxia novel by Jin Yong)

“En. Gina’s come in.”

“No problem. I can multitask. Talking like this with you to tell you the story will be fine.”

Li Xuan chuckled as he replied to her, while his actual body actually stood beside the magic enchanted bed in the room, staring calmly at Gina.

After Gina walked in, she did not have any sort of hesitation as she entered to stop just three meters away from him, watching coldly.

At this moment, Li Xuan slowly let out spirit force, after which he directed it to the area between Gina’s eyebrows in one go. After passing through with his spirit force, he simultaneously unleashed a soul attack against Gina using his powerful soul to oppress her.

After entering through that point on her forehead in one stroke, Li Xuan’s soul immediately seized Gina’s soul and brought it into his own spirit compartment after a series of fearful struggling from her side.

At this point in time, Li Xuan’s spirit compartment was divided into two areas. One area was where he was telling a story to Li Yun, and the other place was where he was going to refine Gina’s soul!

After setting up the area first, Li Xuan began to deal with her soul by using the light system’s Purification Technique to remove all the impurities from it. He then activated a Baptism technique and a wood system Nourishment Technique, as well as an earth system Primordial Benevolence to let Gina’s soul feel the vast breadth of mind he possessed. Following up with a wind system’s Light Freedom, he wanted to arouse a thirst and love for freedom in her as well.

After that, Li Xuan used the darkness element to make Gina’s previous hatred undergo autonomous comprehension and awareness. Next was a spiritual imprint in which part of Li Xuan’s spirit was blended into. He then turned this into a fulcrum for a meditative space for the spirit attribute. Through this fulcrum, he gradually condensed elemental energy to form into something deeply hidden within….

Maintaining this process for three hours, Li Xuan was a bit exhausted. However, after some careful analysis, he felt that he probably succeeded.

Through that faint spiritual imprint, he could instantly blow up the other person’s spirit compartment with a single thought, causing that person’s meditative talent to directly explode, which would cripple them.

This was only one aspect.

The other was that Gina’s hatred had probably disappeared, but to know the exact circumstances, he would have to examine this ‘baptism’ to see how effective it was.

In these three hours, his other portion of consciousness was narrating a wonderfully marvelous story to Li Yun. Based on Li Xuan’s current memorizing ability, to recall《The Return of the Condor Heroes》was quite easy. He could even recite it word by word.

However, he didn’t. Instead, he altered the story to make it fit with this world’s traditional style, saying that *Yang Guo was a youth who had the most optimum form of 8th Fa king innate talent. But because Yang Guo’s innate talent was too extraordinary, nobody recognized his talent. He later went on a journey, cultivating and finding a master on the way. At the same time, he also got involved in the grudges between two major sects, while also getting to know *Xiao Longnü of the Long Clan….
(*TL: is the main protagonist of the story; Xiao Longnü 小龙女 is his lover; Long – 龙)

Although he changed the details up a bit, the content was pretty much the same, and after he finished telling Li Yun the story, she dwelled emotionally upon ‘show me what love is’ and ‘till death do us part’.



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