Chapter 048 – Suspicion

At this moment, Li Xuan was watching every with a cold eye, while Li Yun still hadn’t gotten heads or tails of what had just happened.

She did not know that the enormity of the portion of soul force Li Xuan hid from her was enough to frighten two experts of the Allan Auction House. Furthermore, once that soul force was restored to one hundred percent of its strength, it could even exert a devastatingly withering force on the spirits of most 5th Xing experts.

Therefore, unless the opposing party wished to die, they definitely would not casually take action for fear of provoking wrath!

In addition, although only ten percent of Li Xuan’s soul force had been recovered, under his full-on offensive, he could undoubtedly cause Yatuo’s spirit to collapse into pieces.

After blowing up the opposing party’s spirit, the other person’s cultivation was virtually crippled. Although better medicines would be able to recover the person’s cultivation, for a person of the 5th Xing realm to recover, medicines of at least the 5-star grade were required! At least 5-star upper grade medicines! Medicine like this was said not to exist in Iris City. However, even if it did, absolutely no one would know about it!

This was because a medicine like that was equivalent to an additional lifeline for a 5th Xing envoy! Once people were aware of it, it would definitely be a world-shaking revelation! Foul wind and bloody rain would occur at the slightest pretext, while blood would flow in rivers!

Towards this Manton Clan, Li Xuan did not have a very good impression. As such, he decided that for a clan like this, as long as he reached 5th Xing 1st layer or recovered around sixty percent of his soul, he would annihilate it!

If he just left it alone, a clan like that would become a disaster to him.

That ‘marriage contract’ or whatever was probably made just in case Li Yun recovered, and as a simple primer. If she did indeed recover, such a marriage contract would truly become a primer, and the Manton Clan would be able to grab ahold of Li Yun. It could be that Tainuo would be able to take her as a wife, and at that time, Siyu would have already snatched Li Xuan up. By then, they would have two geniuses in their grasps.

In addition, even if Li Yun was still not okay, their method of doing things would still appear to be an act of benevolence, cherishing old affections. Meanwhile, it would also win Li Xuan’s heart. Once Siyu had Li Xuan in the palm of her hand, and the Li Clan fell under Li Xuan’s control, then….

How could Li Xuan fail to think of these things? In truth, Li Xuan also knew that even if something really happened to the past Li Xuan (TL: Lisa lover), Siyu would still take action to save him. After ensnaring him into deep infatuation, by using sexual entrapments and letting Li Xuan demonstrate his strength to attain status within the Li Clan, a marriage alliance would result between the two clans. It was killing two birds with one stone….

Regardless of whether their plans failed or not, there were ultimately no disadvantages towards the Manton Clan. However, if the plan did succeed, even if it was just a tiny step, the Manton Clan would still obtain unlimited benefits!

After all, everybody was aware of how ‘generous’ Li Xuan was to Lisa!

As Li Xuan calculated in his heart and understood what was going on, he relayed his analysis to Li Yun, and once she heard him, she immediately grew infuriated.

“Shameless and petty! These people are truly wolves with a savage heart! It was only because I was so blind at the beginning that I actually thought him to be a pretty good person!” Li Yun exclaimed aggrievedly and angrily in her heart.

“Auntie, rest assured. These people won’t be able to jump around much longer.”

“En, Auntie believes you. But Xuan Er, are you seriously going to get together with that woman? I can feel that you absolutely despise people arranging your marriages.” After pondering a while, Li Yun finally asked.

“En, on top of being annoying, it’s loathsome. However, don’t you think that it would be good if we could use this woman against the Manton Clan?”

“Xuan Er, don’t deceive yourself. Although this woman looks sincere, she’s not easy to deal with. It’s not as simple as you imagine it to be!”

“Don’t worry, Auntie. Soon, I will prepare to run a few tests and experiments. Once they succeed, I will let these people know exactly how capable I am and trample them!”

“Xuan Er, your innate talent is extremely important. Right now, many people eye you covetously, and you can’t be careless. If something is especially dangerous, you must not do it.”

“Rest assured, Auntie….”


“Li Xuan, this is a 4-star lower grade fire system magic robe. It just happens to match well with your fire element cultivation, and I’m sure it will complement you will. Just think of what just happened as me, Yatuo, being a bit rude. I hope you are not offended. You also know that at our age, there will always be times that I am a bit irascible.”

“Alright, then this young master will humbly accept it, and we will just leave the matter at this. As for the marriage contract, you all may arrange it however you see fit. I have no suggestions.”

“Good! If so, this is wonderful! Hahahahaha!” Yatuo immediately replied in delight.

“En, this is the best way!” At this moment, Huyan Weike also laughed. He was naturally aware of Li Xuan’s fiendish nature, and if anybody arranged a marriage for him, they would fear his displeasure and failure to give face. Huyan Weike had never imagined that after this ruckus, the engagement would proceed.

Huyan Weike still did not quite dare to believe it, but then he remembered how previously, Yatuo’s expression had suddenly turned pale. Looking back at Li Xuan, a thoughtful expression slid into his face.

“It seems that Li Xuan’s growth is not limited to merely this. Behind him, there is probably an exceedingly powerful teacher supporting him. That expert, is it *Teacher whom I have not seen for twenty-some years? Perhaps Teacher has taken an interest in his talent?”
(*TL: 恩师 – connotation of great respect)

As Huyan Weike made this conjecture, he felt that the possibility was quite large. This was because that year, his teacher had constantly sighed emotionally, saying how good it would have been had he had 7th Xing monarch innate talent…. Now that he thought about it, that powerful, old Teacher from the Distant Sea had clearly already secretly taken Li Xuan as a disciple. This way, he and Li Xuan were fellow disciples….

It was no wonder he felt this way. At times, Huyan Weike would feel a familiar tyrannical spirit force fluctuating that reminded him of his teacher. Definitely, it was most definitely like this.

Thinking that he had figured it out, Huyan Weike’s gaze toward Li Xuan contained an even higher degree of closeness.

In any case, this affair had started due to the marriage contract with Siyu as well as Li Yun’s situation. Now that it was resolved, there was no need to talk much about allying to secure positions to go to the Wade Institute. They would naturally cooperate wholeheartedly.

Like this, after exchanging a few formalities, Yatuo and his companions left. Huyan Weike, on the other hand, undertook the responsibility of overseeing the courtyard, while the black-garbed woman in charge of protecting Li Xuan continued to guard near Li Xuan’s cultivation ground. She still had not officially appeared.

When everybody had left, Li Xuan’s heart breathed a sigh of immense relief.

He did not like a very raucous environment, because while he was not afraid of such a situation, he was unaccustomed to it. Now that everybody had left, only Shuang Er, Gina, Siyu, and Li Ru were left in the courtyard.

“Elder Brother, I do not want to fuss over any conflicts with you. After all, you are still my elder brother, and are about to get married to Big Sister Siyu. I hope that you two will be blessed, but if you treat me that way again in the future or treat Big Sister Siyu badly, Ru’er will not forgive Elder Brother.”

Li Ru contemplated in silence for a long time before gathering the courage to walk to Li Xuan’s side and tell him this.

“Ru’er, I’m sorry.”

Li Xuan extended a hand out to rub Li Ru’s head, his heart swelling.

Yet at this moment, both Li Ru and Siyu felt a strange feeling bubble up when they heard Li Xuan’s words.

This wicked Li Xuan could also apologize? Did they hear wrongly or something?



33 thoughts on “Chapter 048 – Suspicion

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  2. Heh heh. I’d love to see how he would use that woman. Want to try and control him? Dream on. This new and highly improve li xuan is as ruthless and savage as a beast when provoked. Trying to poke the hornets nest, those ‘wanton’ family had it coming. Hahaha

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  3. -“…but if you treat me that way again in the future or treat Big Sister Siyu badly, Ru’er will not forgive Elder Brother.”

    Li Ru contemplated in silence for a long time before gathering the courage to walk to Li Xuan’s side and tell him this.

    “Ru’er, I’m sorry.”-

    “i’m sorry, i’m going to RUIN her, she’s not going to walk for a week, then i’m going to engage in crippling emotional warfare, culminating in the destruction of her clan… Ru’er, I’m sorry.”

    thanks for the chapter

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  4. He should bow in apology dammit!!! Even if he wasn’t the real other guy, he took the body and life of him, and as such is him in this life… he of his own free will chose to take over this other dudes life, so he should take the crimes too….

    And please get along with Siyu… she’s still an innocent girl.. and she’ll be a beauty…

    Thanks for the chapter XD


    • Hell no, he shouldn’t take the crimes too. That’s like punishing the son for the crimes of the father, it’s a shitty thing to do. They have no responsibility for the things they didn’t do and had no affect on. Sure he is using the body but as we’ve clearly seen he’s a completely different person.

      Just because the body’s previous occupant was a complete scumbag does not mean he has to rectify all his wrongs, they are not perpetrated by him. Sure he might suffer from the consequences of what the other guy did because they think he’s him and retaliate, but that’s a different matter.

      To be honest, I do want him to at least treat the little sister well and take care of the previous occupant’ family but I don’t want him to do it out of some sense of ‘obligation’ to a dead scumbag. Instead I want him to take care of the people that treat him well simply because of reciprocity and basic empathy.

      That poor, poor girl though, god I’m glad the previous Li Xuan got demolished for what he did to his little sister. As the elder brother of my twin-sister myself I’d have been glad has he set aside a small area inside his mind containing a mental torture chamber operating 24/7 for the things he did.


      • No, it isn’t like a son taking responsibility for his father.

        Right now, he took the other guys life. He became the other guy. He is the new other guy……

        He isn’t just transporting to another world, he took someone else’s place. He took that guys identity, memory, and body and became the other guy.

        Also, nobody is to know that it is a different person using that body…. so in the eyes of the world, he is being shown as that other guy…..

        If he doesn’t want to take responsibility for the other guys actions, then he shouldn’t be him.

        He should fake his death and do something to change his appearance.

        His soul and energy would be different too.

        But right now, he IS the dick that did that bad stuff. Different soul, but same identity…

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      • I don’t know why I can’t reply to the person I actually want to reply to so I’ll do it like this.

        He usurped his body and he also gained his memories true. But that does not mean he came became him, they are two separate people living in the same body who both know of this worlds Li Xuan’ past. He had however no part in the actions of the previous Li Xuan and so also has no responsibilty over those actions. It happened to someone else. Had their minds melded into one you’d have a better case for your side but that didn’t happen either, they were two separate entities. So, what you mean to say is that so long as he assumes the identity of someone he should also settle all the debts of that person? Why exactly, they are two different people. He is not the person that did those horrible things people just THINK he is, those are two completely different things. People thinking you are something does not actually make it so.

        Say for example he changed his appearance into the young arrogant master he killed in the jungle (I forgot his name) and took advantage of the identity to better his station, is he then also obligated to settle all the feuds and take care of everyone around the person who’s identity he assumed? Li Xuan took over the previous’ body and uses it basically as a tool, it has no mind or ‘soul’ of it’s own anymore it’s just a vessel. And the identity he assumed is just a facade, he is still himself and he behaves as he sees fit according to his own morals and ideas. If he didn’t he’d still be stuck pining over that Lisa woman and what kind of fun would that have been.


  5. “he decided that for a clan like this, as long as he reached 5th Xing 1st layer or recovered around sixty percent of his soul, he would annihilate it!”

    Wait, that’s several whole levels above being simply “ruthless” LOL

    So what’s after “ruthless”? Tyrannical? Demon Lord?


  6. Oooooohhhhhhh i hope he mind recks her……im talking total frickin mind reck… talking like the inability to even think the word no to anything he says…..on a side note…..i hope he does the little sis right though….give her the good life from now on


  7. thank you—-!
    well, yes, do annihilate that family! lolol! oh, i’m glad about his aunt, she’s really nice! also, really good that he apologised!


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