Chapter 047 – Unyielding Spirit

In this world of cultivation, although there was love between men and women, there was absolutely no romance. However, Li Xuan’s words were tantamount to splashing oil onto a raging fire. His sudden blazing of passion was sufficient to spark a fire in any pure and chaste woman, moving their hearts and making them crazy.

It was similar to an oath of eternal life, similar to giving one’s hand in marriage and growing old together. This notion kill instantly knock out any girl who was not well-versed in the ways of the world and still daydreamed about her knight in shining armor.


Walking out of the magic formation, Li Xuan saw that there was still a crowd of people all around and knitted his eyebrows.

At a distance, that purple-clothed lady, Siyu, had already changed into a green magic robe. Beside her stood an exceedingly pure girl who was currently standing there coldly, a scowl distorting her face.

This young girl was only around twelve years old and seemed to be even younger than Shuang Er. However, there was quite an air of cold beauty surrounding her.

“Li Xuan, a beast like you still knows to come out!”

Right when Li Xuan looked over and the young girl caught his gaze, blazing fury of the utmost intensity flashed across her big eyes, and she immediately barked out in criticism.

Yet right after she scolded him, her big eyes immediately flooded with tears. Clearly, after thinking about her painful experiences, she was deeply hurt.

“Li Ru, this is my younger sister Li Ru….”

Li Xuan sighed sorrowfully in his heart and then directed a chuckle in Li Ru’s direction. At this, Li Ru was so frightened that she retreated several steps and directly hid behind Siyu’s body.

On the other hand, Siyu acted as though she hadn’t been berated by Li Xuan at all before. Her face carried a faint and gentle smile, and when Li Xuan’s gaze fell on her, she even blinked her big and bright eyes cutely.

“Siyu, do you know what I wish to do right now?”

Li Xuan’s words caused Li Ning, Li Mo, and Huyan Weike, along with the rest of the people, to go look blankly.

“You, what do you want to do?” A hint of panic flitted across her eyes, but she swiftly calmed herself.

“I want to gouge your eyeballs out and stuff them up your *chrysanthemum!” Li Xuan said laughingly.
(*TL: slang for assh***)

“You—” Siyu was instantly enraged. Although she did not know what a chrysanthemum was, she was not a fool. The word obviously did not mean anything good.

“So you are Li Xuan? You’re quite bigheaded!”

A severe voice suddenly rang out into the air.

“Oh, so you’re Tainuo Manton? The boyfriend who once sought so crazily after my aunt to the point that she wished to commit suicide? Yet now this boyfriend is already someone else’s father?” Li Xuan saw that Huyan Weike along with many other people shot looks at him in hopes to make him temporarily hold back, but how could Li Xuan shrink back in fear before them?

“How can the name Tainuo be something that that trash for a woman and an incompetent, suicidal useless thing like you say?” Tainuo Manton was immediately infuriated.

“Hmph. I originally assumed that the person of Auntie’s heart was a character of indomitable spirit. However, your sight amounts only to this. Your breadth of mind amounts only to this! No wonder you are only at the cultivation level of 4th Xiang 6th layer!” Li Xuan declared without any regard for the people around him. He did not take any of Tainuo Manton’s words to heart.

At the same time, Li Xuan also knew that the true expert was the elder standing behind Tainuo Manton. Even Huyan Weike probably was not his match.

It was also because of this that Huyan Weike wished for him to endure patiently for a bit.

There was one problem. As a martial emperor who shattered space, how could Li Xuan genuinely pretend to act like a grandchild before these people, a type of person who was taken into consideration later?

If there was enmity, he would never wait until several or even tens of years later. The majority of the time, he took vengeance on the spot!

Based on his innate talent, he was the genuine future of the Li Clan! If he was destroyed like Li Yun had been, the members of the Li Clan would definitely go insane!

Primary 7th Xing monarch innate talent and perfect 7th Xing monarch innate talent were as different as the sky and the earth!

He, Li Xuan, was the Li Clan’s soft spot!

“You can only speak needlessly! Admittedly, you possess 7th Xing monarch innate talent, but before you mature, you’re simply you, and not a 7th Xing monarch! Handing my daughter to you was a show of respect for you, as well as a sort of compensation for Yun’er! A thing like you who is unable to recognize good intentions, no wonder your cultivation was crippled by someone!”

Tainuo Manton basically already knew that Li Yun had died, so he felt as though he had been freed of his fetters. As such, he was relentless with his words.

“Tainuo, take your words into consideration! I admit that my Li Clan cannot match up to your Manton Clan, but in terms of genuine cards, we are about the same! There are still some words that a latter generation member like you is not qualified to speak!”

Finally, Huyan Weike could no longer tolerate it. Seeing that Li Xuan was not intending to back down, he stood out unyieldingly at once.

“Brother Huyan, the grudges between the younger generation should be resolved between the younger generation! The main objective for our alliance is only the protection of our younger generation’s safety, it is not necessary to involve ourselves in their disputes!”

“Brother Yatuo, these words of yours can be counted as drawing the line between public and private interests. However, keep in mind that these are your words.” Huyan Weike’s face slightly darkened, after which he replied calmly.

“These words are naturally mine! Based on our level of strength, teaching a lesson to the younger generation as we wish is really rather excessive.” Yatuo narrowed his eyes as he spoke, but the gaze with which he looked at Li Xuan was definitely not friendly.

“Hehe, right now, I’ve changed my mind! Siyu is it? Her looks aren’t bad, and her figure isn’t bad either. Although her chest is a bit flat and her butt lacks some meat, to take her as a ** is still acceptable! As of now, I’ve decided to accept this engagement!”
(*TL: word censored)

“You dare!”

“This engagement! I object!”

“If you don’t agree, then beat it! Why run over to my Li Clan?!” Li Xuan also shot back fiercely without giving the other party the slightest bit of face!


Yatuo immediately flew into a rage and instantly took action.

However, in the next instant, his body suddenly shook with a true chill. It seemed as though he had been suddenly locked onto by a peak expert, and that sense of dread was exceedingly strong.

In a flash, it was as though he had sunk into a deep, icy hole, and it felt like he was about to be murdered without any chance of resistance. Yatuo suddenly awoke from his anger.

This Li Clan’s Huyan Weike, when had he failed to express veneration and respect for him? His sudden unperturbed manner…. Clearly, the Li Clan had an extraordinary expert keeping watch.

And this terrifying and savage feeling as though a god had targeted him suddenly caused him to recall Huyan Weike’s master, rumored to come from the wilderness, yet also rumored to be of the Distant Sea. An absolutely extraordinarily abnormal expert who could not be offended….

At this, Yatuo collected himself and then laughed awkwardly, saying: “I, Yatuo, was rude. Originally, the marriage between our two households was something good. Regardless of who did wrong and who did right, such a marriage is a cooperation which will allow our two clans to advance one step further.
My granddaughter is naive and straightforward. Although her innate talent does not match Li Xuan’s, in terms of the quality of her appearance, it truly is something to praise…. Despite Li Xuan’s personality being a bit strong, his innate talent is good, and although he is common born, he has the potential to become an expert. The two sides match quite well…”

Yatuo suddenly going back on his word caused Huyan Weike, Li Ning, and the others to all look at him strangely.

On the other hand, Tainuo and Siyu nearly simultaneously interjected: “Father” “Grandfather!”

“You two have no part in this conversation, step back!”

“Yes…. Father (Grandfather)….”

Although the two people were extremely unwilling, they could not help but yield.



38 thoughts on “Chapter 047 – Unyielding Spirit

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  2. He’s already like this when he’s not strong enough… when his strength catch up, he’ll be a real tyrant lol.

    Thanks for the chapter, your intro made me hungry!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the chapter XD

    So we meet the sister… that poor poor girl 😥

    The old bastard in the body wasn’t evil, but so blinded by love…. there wasn’t much of a difference… but the guy who took over his body…. is a douche for the sake of being a douche….

    Why is he so antagonistic towards everybody… he doesn’t need to make enemies for no reason….

    He’s acting worse than Chu Feng at his worst (and Chu Feng is only really bad to those that wronged him badly… and he still isn’t this bad)….

    I get he has the Spirit of an Expert, and he isn’t the real pathetic love sick douche, so his arrogance is normal…. he doesn’t need to be a jerk….


      • Well, there is no point, and lots of those people don’t deserve to be treated that badly….

        I mean this girl, she knows about the bad stuff he did, he shouldn’t blame her for being antagonistic… or his sister… he should be apologizing and trying to be nicer while she’s watching…

        He’s just making needless enemies… making needless enemies is just stupid…..

        Basic Xianxia rule is
        -Don’t make enemies for no reason
        -Don’t spare your enemies for no reason
        -F*ck your women for any reason


      • but you’ve to hand it over to him, he’s a mc who totally goes beyond all of our expectations. i love that part of the novel. being mr. goody two shoe always doesn’t pique the interests of readers.


      • you seem to forget… the MC never treated the poor sister in this manner, it was the guy before… if you read it, the MC did feel bad for what has happened to the sister…

        as for the fiance… the MC has already been shown to be a perv to some extend… so that pretty much his character showing up…

        he doesnt antagonize ppl without reason, but he isnt someone you would back off when being provoked at… actually like that about him, and all the other MC’s in this genre…


    • I find him quite refreshing to be honest. I mean, he is EXACTLY like all the people from this world : overbearing when he has power. At least, he is not abusing it and is still good towards the people who don’t offend him and I find this just fine. I don’t really get why people want him to be all loveydovey with people around him, it’s a ruthless world so he doesn’t want to show any weakness.


      • I don’t think people want him to be lovey dovey… but he’s just a jerk in general….

        Xianxia MCs are never lovey dovey, and they aren’t the best moral role models…. but this guy is just a douche cause he can be….

        I mean, his new fiancee had issues with him cause of all the horrible things he did, it was a fair judgement, and he just looks down on everyone…

        And how he treated the poor sister…

        If he were a saint (not battle level), then people would be pissed, but he’s just too much of a jerk….


      • I dont see anything wrong with MC that do abuse his power..
        Its unique and it gives a new pov of these generic themed story..
        Everything else is rightious, why cant one be evil for once?


      • you know people tend to use force when they have power. can’t blame the mc, he had been a martial emperor before being reborn. that pride and arrogance cannot be dissolved that easily.


    • He just is an arrogant person and won’t take responsiblity for the actions the previous body owner did, for the simple reason that he did not do it. I think at least…
      He’ll try to fix his situation but I don’t think he’ll ever give an apology.
      I guess it like a ghost took over your body and committed a crime and you are going to jail for it, all people will accuse you but in the end you are innocent.
      Well it doesn’t change that he is a d*ck though, at least he took (responsibility of) his aunt?

      As I seem him at the moment, he is a person that doesn’t belong in that world so he feels no connection to it. He is trying to find a place in that world, in a very immature way but the only way he knows: with strength.
      I can be wrong though


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  4. Why did he scare his sister? He helped the brother and made up to him for the actions of the previous Li Xuan. Why not try to make it up to his sister who the previous Li Xuan fucked over even worse than the brother?


  5. thanks a lot!
    hmph, he’s not worthy of li yi! that tainuo or something! oh, the sister has appeared! he has tl make it up to her a lot…


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