Chapter 046 – Auntie, You’re Very Beautiful

“Of course I’m looking at you, Auntie. Right now, we’re having a conversation. If I didn’t look at you, then who would I look at?” Li Xuan answered honestly.

Hearing this response, Li Yun did not know whether to laugh or cry. However, although it was a bit awkward, she was, after all, in spirit form, and it was not too unbearable.

Furthermore, after these years of endless suffering, she had grown to develop a sort of indifference to many things. As such, after a short while of unfamiliarity, she gradually settled in.

She thought Li Xuan was only a child. Only a child, so it wasn’t necessary for her to think in such complexity.

“Xuan Er, I’ve already died. Will healing my body be of any use?” As she watched Li Xuan wholeheartedly attempt to heal it, she was a bit touched, yet also a bit conflicted at the same time.

This was because she understood that without exception, healing in general exhausted the spirit force of the body. In fact, it would even leave remnant damage within the body at times.

“Auntie, just wait. I can definitely heal it, although the process will take a while. But, your soul…. En, your spirit can live within my spirit compartment. This way, you can essentially be with me throughout the entire day and night.

On that note, being able to divide my mind conveniently allows me to cultivate and chat with you at the same time.”

Li Xuan told her with a laugh.

At this time, a soul which covered a large area was known as the spirit. Li Xuan also knew that in reality, after reaching the degree of sentience, the spirit was then a soul. In other words, a soul was basically both spirit and consciousness.

“En, it is also good like this. In the past, I was after all a 3rd Fen 5th layer mage. Add to that the fact that I loved to read books, I can actually guide you a bit. For these past years, I’ve stayed in a reclining position for nearly the entire time. To keep the days from being so torturous as I awaited for Elder Brother and Sister-in-law to return to the clan, I could only repetitively meditate the things I had learned in the past one by one. With the passage of so many years, the things I’ve learned could be considered as a legacy.”

Li Yun’s tone carried a degree of self-confidence and solemnity. Clearly, she had spoken these words out of her heart.

Li Xuan nodded, then said: “Auntie, I will teach you a method of condensing your spirit. If you cultivate this way, your spirit body itself will gradually stabilize. When the time comes that your physical body is healed, you can come out and be restored to life.”

“Is this okay? If it is like this, does it not mean that all people can resurrect via this method?”

“Not necessarily. This only applies because your body is not actually dead. Inside your body remains a trace of your spirit, so as long as that is preserved, you will be able to come back to life.”

Li Xuan gave a short explanation, albeit not a very thorough one.

“Xuan Er, seeing your innate talent and accomplishments at present, Auntie is truly delighted.” Li Yun sighed in praise.

“Auntie, you’re already happy with just this? Just wait and then you’ll really be happy!” Chuckling, Li Xuan began meditating to recover. After that, he took Li Yun’s body and smoothly laid it down. Bending over to pick it up, he then put it on the furnished magic enchanted bed.

At the same time, Li Xuan manipulated a bit of wind elemental energy to pick up the bed and place it on the magic formation which condensed the world elemental energy. Only after doing so did Li Xuan shift his calm gaze to stare at the breathtaking sight of the jade-bodied woman.

The long hair that was like white snow, delicately fanning out on the two sides of her small but perfect face, and that slight thinness and unfathomably wistful feeling which still remained, even till now, till this moment, it still had a devastating effect on him.

Even though her body was lying flat, that white and soft chest still stood tall and full. That flawless curve, those lovely jade peaks….

Sweeping his eyes over them, Li Xuan’s eyes then fell on her smooth abdomen and that slight mound, which caused a sort of fire to begin raging within him. However, after taking a deep breath, that sudden urge soon quieted down.

Walking over, he softly hugged that beautiful body, after which he laid a light kiss on those cold, thin lips. Only after doing this did he set up a halo of magical light using earth and wood elemental energy to envelop her so that others could not see.

“Xuan Er, you just…”

Although Li Yun did her best to deceive herself before, Li Xuan did not confine her spirit force this time. As such, she was able to feel everything Li Xuan did on the outside.

“Auntie, you’re very beautiful. Xuan Er really likes it.”

“Xuan Er….”

Li Yun’s tone held a hint of helplessness. In truth, she actually wanted to firmly reprimand him with a few words, but after remembering that Li Xuan had helped heal her and his pale countenance, her heart could no longer bear to. As for feelings between those within the same clan, there were actually many *brothers and sisters who married within the clan. It was not forbidden for relationships to happen between clan members because according to an ancient ancestor’s memoir, those so-called brothers and sisters were already separated by many generations.
(*TL: not literally brothers and sisters, but referring to cousins as well)

It was just that Li Yun, with her condition and identity, did not want to face whether Li Xuan might have grown to the point of acting on strange sexual urges or if he truly had feelings head-on.

This was something she could not confirm. However, she had experienced the edge between life and death many times, and thus resolved that no matter how the other party treated her, she would try her best to help him until he fully matured.

“Auntie, don’t be so troubled. As a cultivator, facing the feelings of the heart head-on is of the utmost importance. Right now, at least Auntie has given me, Li Xuan, a type of urge to protect you. Regardless of whether it is pity, concern, desire, or something else, for now, this feeling is true.
Auntie, why must you worry about the matter of your identity? It’s true that we have the same ancestor, but the position in the family tree has been long lost. Your grandfather’s grandfather and the grandfather of my father’s grandfather can, at most, be counted as cousins. With such a distance in between, what are you afraid of? Based on my innate talent, I, in the end, will be a person who stands at the pinnacle of this world. At that time, any sentence I say will be the norm in this world!”

Li Xuan spoke calmly.

His words were not necessarily solemn or grave, but when Li Yun heard them, she was shaken to the core.

This, what kind of mindset was this!

Once again thinking to Li Xuan’s tyrannical spirit force and innate cultivation talent, Li Yun suddenly began to look forward to the future.

She was no more than fifteen years old when she was beaten half to death into a cripple, and she had not truly lived until now. In essence, besides experiences the line between life and death, she was still a young girl.

“Xuan Er, you have the heart of an expert, the talent of the expert! What’s left, then, is simply effort!”

“Naturally, Auntie. From now on, I’ll leave my vision unrestricted and link it to your spirit. If you don’t resist, then you can borrow my eyes to look at the outside world!
With me here, I am your two eyes, your heart!”

“Xuan Er….”

Li Yun was touched by these words.

Truly touched.



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  2. “This, what kind of mindset was this!”
    We’re all wondering the same thing XD

    Well well, so for him it’s love at first sight for his aunt? Didn’t expect that…

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