Chapter 045 – Naked Confrontation

“You… What did you say?” Siyu Manton’s face immediately grew ugly.

She was an exceedingly beautiful woman. Youthful, pretty, good family background, exceptionally high status, as well as extremely good innate talent, 5th Xing envoy innate meditative talent!

At her side, there was no lack of admirers, and in her eyes, all men were lowly. For the sake of a woman’s laughter, they would even be willing to kowtow meaninglessly. As such, although she did not really show it on the outside, she utterly despised men in her heart!

She especially despised how Li Xuan acted in the past. Just for Lisa, he actually knelt before the clan’s manager, actually stole his elder brother’s life-saving medicine, and actually brought harm to his younger sister, almost allowing her to get raped… This kind of man was even more lowly!

As such, she heavily considered that marriage with such a person was simply compensation, a type of ‘pity’, somewhat like giving alms to the poor, and also a sort of profanity to herself!

However, she had never imagined that the other party would refuse her, and this directly!

“What did I say? To say anymore is simply a waste of breathe! You think that getting together with this Young Master is my privilege, but this Young Master thinks that if you were to be my slave, it would be your honor! Alright, this marriage contract thing or whatever will be exactly like this then!”

“You, you bastard! You—”

Siyu Manton immediately flew into a rage. A sudden urge to teach him a good lesson suddenly arose in her heart, but in the next moment, Li Xuan had already landed a slap on her face alongside a slight breeze.


A muffled noise immediately stunned the entire crowd.

“You—you dare to hit me?” Siyu felt her tingling cheek, immediately thinking as though it simply was not reality.

“If not for the fact that you took care of my younger sister, I would have already thrown you out of this courtyard! It’s good that you actually have a bit of ability, and dared to arrange guards in my courtyard. In my eyes, you’re simply looking for death! Furthermore, don’t display that sort of noble and elegant act before me. A woman is, after all, a woman. In the end, a man will still become sick of you. You are no exception!” Li Xuan spoke in disdain.

Right as these words left his mouth, the expressions of Li Ning, Li Mo, Siqin Duanyue and Ning Xuan all turned a bit unsightly.

However, none of them spoke a word because after thinking back to the matter of Lisa, they decided to maintain their silence.

In truth, Li Ning himself didn’t even have much of a good impression towards this haughty and disdainful Siyu Manton. So although his son’s words were a bit ugly to the ear, they were in fact quite classic…

“You scoundrel, shameless!”

“Thank you for your praise! Remember, don’t bother me from now on or pretend that you’re all that, or else I won’t guarantee that I’ll be able to keep from killing you!”

“You’re simply an egomaniac, a lunatic!” Siyu Manton immediately collapsed into a mess of fury.


Coldly snorting, Li Xuan picked Li Yun’s body off the ground, then turned and walked towards his cultivation ground. Directly activating the magic formation, he completely ignored Siyu Manton.

That disdainful and contemptuous look of his had thoroughly struck an incomparably huge blow against Siyu Manton’s excessive pride and self-confidence!

A piece of… trash, actually dared to treat her this way. One could say it hadn’t really left a good taste in her mouth.

“He’s, he’s simply a madman!”

Siyu was so angered that she nearly cried. At this moment, those two maids had also dazedly ran over, and seeing Siyu, they complained tearfully about Li Xuan’s distasteful actions. On the other hand, Li Ning and the rest just looked on in discontentment as they knitted their eyebrows.

“Hmph. There will come a day that you realize just how big of an opportunity you’ve given up!” Thoroughly enraged, Siyu firmly believed that Li Xuan definitely did not know how extraordinary she was, how talented, or how fast she trained. When he did, he would definitely feel remorse upon shame, turn pale with fright, regret endlessly in dejection, and would definitely feel inferior…

As Siyu Manton went over this in her mind, she never realized that from beginning to end, Li Xuan had never taken note of such a small character as her.


“Brother Ning, Yun’er, she….”

“Let Xuan Er and her be together for a bit.”

“Siyu, don’t be too mad. Previously, he was quite hurt by Lisa, so he’s probably quite irritable.” Ning Xuan was, after all, a woman as well. Furthermore, the Manton Clan’s family head had also come over, especially to handle certain matters. Since the talk didn’t go so well, it would be better to drop the matter sooner rather than later to maintain the face of both clans.

Besides this, the Wade Empire’s Institute had already assigned the number of placements, and Iris City only had five available ones. With so many large clans within the city, harmoniously assigning people to those seats was of paramount importance.

This was because everyone could guarantee one thing, which was that those who attended the Wade Institute and graduated would at least be 3rd Fen 6th layer experts, while those who were better would be terrifying legends.

In the past, graduates of the Wade Institute whose innate talents weren’t too bad had all stepped into the 5th Xing realm. They had earned the title of lord envoy and possessed absolute status and authority!

If within the clan, one only had about a twenty percent chance of becoming a 5th Xing envoy, those that stepped into the Wade Institute could increase that twenty percent by at least forty!

Just this fact alone was enough to show how strong of an organization the Wade Institute was, as well as their power! Even ordinary sects wouldn’t be able to contend with it!

“Uncle, Auntie, Siyu was quite impetuous before. This is Siyu’s wrongdoing…”

Only after a long while did Siyu calm her anger. After considering the big picture, Siyu bore the trampling of her pride and reluctantly apologized for the sake of her clan.


On the other side, Li Xuan had carried Li Yun’s corpse into his own cultivation room and directly activated the magic formations to prevent against any disturbances.

At this moment, he focused his entire attention on Li Yun’s body. Although this woman had already died and her complexion was no longer good looking, the sweet fragrance belonging uniquely to her still had an irresistible attraction.

“This is most likely the ‘fox charm’ or ‘inner charm’ of legends. A woman such as this truly is of superior quality.” This thought receded as fast as it had appeared in Li Xuan’s mind.

After looking at her for a bit, Li Xuan took off all her clothes and placed her in a meditative posture.

It had to be said that although her body was already dead, this woman’s clean and flawless skin, her perfect and jade-like body, her voluminous and perky peaks that swayed ever so delicately, as well as those cherry red tips on her peaks truly were a beautiful sight.

After looking appreciatively for a while, Li Xuan sat down cross-legged behind the woman and began to circulate the pure elemental energy within his body. He directly began the process of healing with a method similar to that of using inner jin.

Since the body temporarily didn’t have any soul, Li Xuan did not worry about his actions being too major or that he might affect her unknowingly. As such, he let loose and began the slow process of healing accompanied by the miraculous elemental energy.

The integration of both martial arts and magic allowed the healing effect of inner jin to combine with the light, wood, earth, water, and other elements to enable the effect to increase geometrically.

Hence, the efficacy of this kind of healing was exceedingly outstanding.

Li Xuan wasn’t the slightest bit courteous when dealing with that destructive force in her body, and went into a direct confrontation using the enormous power of soul oppression. In an instant, that destructive force was swept up and and stored into the depths of the space between Li Xuan’s eyebrows.

After eliminating that destructive force, the following tasks were much easier.

But while Li Xuan used one portion of of his mind to heal, the other was committed to conversing with Li Yun.

Li Yun could naturally see everything that was happening outside, and her soul condensed within the depths of the space between Li Xuan’s eyebrows to chat with part of his soul.

“Xuan Er, this place, is it the spirit compartment of spirit attribute mages?”

“That’s right, Auntie.” Li Xuan gave a faint laugh as he answered.

“I never thought that you could actually heal me… However, my body is already like that. Can it recover?” Li Yun spoke with a bit of worry.

Li Yun who was purely in spirit form was likewise naked. Furthermore, her appearance was just like when she was fifteen or sixteen years old. As such, her appearance stood on the same level as Ivy, causing Li Xuan to stare at her ravenously.

“Xuan Er, what are you looking at?” Li Yun protested a bit awkwardly. Only at this moment did she suddenly realize that the Xuan Er before was already an adult.



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