Chapter 044 – You’re Not Worthy!

“Hmph, just how many days has past? People even dare to casually enter my, Li Xuan’s, courtyard? You court death!”

Coldly snorting, Li Xuan arrogantly walked towards his room. At this moment, the room’s doors opened and a purple-garbed lady supported a white-haired woman dressed in a pale blue magic robe. Besides the woman was a man lightly holding her wrist as the three people walked out slowly.

Behind them were the familiar Li Ning, Li Mo, and Ning Xuan. As for Shuang Er and Gina, their figures still weren’t seen.

“Xuan Er, you’ve left the Hidden Book Pavilion.”

“Xuan Er, you’ve returned.”

“A-Xuan, you’re finally back!”

Li Ning and the two others all spoke out. At this moment, Li Xuan could discern the hope and relief in their eyes.

“En…” Li Xuan gave a slight nod, but his gaze still lingered on that woman whose hair was white and her spirit and appearance extremely haggard.

At this moment, Li Xuan’s heart violently thumped, while his expression grew more serious.

That woman’s spirit deficiency had reached a frighteningly low level, but her thin and sallow face caused people’s hearts to grow cold out of fright even more!

However, Li Xuan wasn’t startled because of her state of appearance. Rather, it was the feeling of the spatial tearing aura that emanated from her body. It was as if in an instant, Li Xuan’s inexhaustible inner jin had crumbled, broken through the spatial realm, then entered chaotic space. Subsequently, a massive, looming eye suddenly shot out a beam of destruction. In a flash, he scattered like ashes and smoke.

To his surprise, this feeling had unexpectedly appeared once again.

In the void was a great terror!

For those so-called experts who did not understand the origin of life, the situation was like *choosing a general from a group of midgets, something ridiculously laughable.
(*TL: meaning that the standards aren’t high, and instead of choosing things of high quality, you just something from a group of sub-standard things because that’s all you have)

And in this woman’s body, there was clearly a genuine explosive force within her, which had an absolutely destructive energy. It was just like concentrated sulfuric acid in his past world, whose destructive capability was astonishing.

However, there another energy within this woman’s body suppressing that explosive force.

Within her body, countless energy channels were all dried and withered, to the point that they even joined and grew along with her flesh. Her head could not move, her hands could not be raised, nor could her legs walk.

She could not speak, her eyes could not see, her ears could not hear. Even her conscious thoughts had a hard time functioning.

Yet she lived, she still lived.

Li Xuan could already ascertain that she, was his aunt, Li Yun.

The pride of the Li Clan who once uniquely possessed 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent, a lady who was once considered the most beautiful and youthful girl in all of Iris City, or even the whole Wade Empire. Yet now, her complexion was haggard and sallow, and she stood before him like the walking dead.

“Xuan Er, come see your aunt.” Li Ning’s voice disrupted Li Xuan’s momentary shock.

“En.” Li Xuan nodded, then calmly walked over.

Seeing her extraordinarily wan look and how her face was yellowing to the point that it was almost turning dark, Li Xuan had the same unfathomable feeling as before. In that instant, it was as if his heart strings had been plucked.

Perhaps this was due to the relationship between those blood-related? Or maybe this was a feeling that had been born towards this woman?

Li Xuan didn’t look too deeply into this, and simply swept a glance over the purple-garbed lady next to the woman.

Seeing Li Xuan’s stare directed at her, the lady simply narrowed her eyes, then calmly blinked a few times. After turning away from his gaze, she continued to focus on supporting the woman.

“Auntie.” Li Xuan walked over and flung the purple-garbed lady’s hand away in one go, then pulled Li Yun’s hands over and enfolded it within his palms.


The purple-garbed lady was a bit indignant, but she bore with it after giving Li Xuan a vicious glare. Li Xuan, however, simply ignored her.

“Xuan, Xuan Er… Auntie, has finally, waited until you… have come…”

A faint spirit force extended outwards and sank into Li Xuan’s mind. Slightly startled, Li Xuan clasped her two hands a bit tighter and also transmitted his own thoughts towards her: “Auntie, Xuan Er has come. Auntie, I have a bit of understanding on your situation, and probably have a definite grasp on healing you within a year…
Auntie, right now there are only two paths you can choose from. The first is that you choose to continue living under my healing, but others will know that you continue to live. The other is that you first die, and then I secretly revive you and restore your innate talent, or even improve it a step more. However, from that point on, you can only stay by my side…”

After thinking it through, Li Xuan sent this news over to her. Within his transmitted thoughts, he did not conceal the favorable feelings he felt towards her, which were similar in type to the feelings of love at first sight.

In regards to saying anything else, when did Li Xuan ever bother thinking it over before? After all, this place wasn’t Earth, so he did not need to fear any taboos. Even if he was still on earth, he would still do what he pleased. Whoever said anything idly, he would simply kill.

“Xuan Er… You…. I didn’t think, that you actually had strength and innate talent to this degree… These years, I hoped for your growth. Now that elder brother and elder sister-in-law can return to the Li Clan… I no longer, have any regrets… Death… is release…”

After Li Yun sent this over, her spirit rapidly faded away. However, right as her consciousness was about to get extinguished, Li Xuan stirred up an immense amount of spirit force and completely engulfed her spirit. In one motion, he collected it into the deep expanse located in the area between his eyebrows, which was the place where the soul force of someone he killed would usually go.
(TL: again, as per what the author said, spirit force = soul force, in case this paragraph above confuses you)

Li Yun died, or at least her physical body completely died in that instant.

And at this moment, Li Ning, Li Mo, and Ning Xuan, who had somewhat sensed what had just happened, all went into silence. In the corners of their eyes, sparkling tears spilled over unbidden.


“Xuan Er, right now, Father will tell you two things!”

“En? Father, say it!”

Li Xuan knew that the deep grudge of the past was about to be made known!

“You know that I, Li Ning, am the illegitimate son born between a servant girl and my father, Li Yuan, who was drunk at the time. Although I was the eldest son, I was born of a common person! That year… that year, who would think of me as an actual human being? Besides Yun’er… She was the daughter of my fourth uncle. However, at that time, my fourth uncle and his wife had already died, so she was simply taken in by my father to take care of. She had 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent, while I only had 2nd Hui innate meditative talent, which were nearly polar opposites. Yet, she sincerely and genuinely looked at me as her elder brother, and treated me as a human being.
Later on, after I married your mother, your mother once went out to shop. However, Fang Shaoyan of the Ju Ding Sect took a fancy to her, and attempted to steal her away and make her his slave. At that time, nobody dared to stand up for her, but Yun’er did. She even wounded him, thus injuring his innate talent.
Subsequently, Ju Ding Sect sent out more than five top experts of their school in preparation to annihilate the Li Clan.
Before the very eyes of the Li Clan’s elder and clan leader, they crippled Yun’er’s cultivation, destroying her magic root. At the same time, they ruined her sense of hearing, blinded her, and even tried to violate her body at that time…
After that, Huyan Weike took action.
Huyan Weike was not necessarily Ju Ding Sect’s opponent, but his master was a member of the Savage Distant Sea. Just based on the words Distant Sea, the Ju Ding Sect didn’t dare to casually take action. However, in the end, the Li Clan was unequal to the Ju Ding Sect. Even after Yun’er had been beaten till this extent, the Ju Ding Sect still extorted compensation from the Li Clan for Fang Shaoyan’s injuries for a total amount of one hundred thousand moyuan coins…
After compensating them, I was expelled from the Li Clan despite Yun’er’s pleas. However… what face had I to continue staying there? If not to take care of Yi’er, I would have long since departed from the Li Clan.”
(*TL: ‘-er’ e.g. Yun’er’is simply a suffix that indicates familiarity between people, just like they use Xuan Er)


“Correct, the matter is like this. The second thing is that that year, Auntie Yun had a marriage contract with my father, Tainuo Manton. Later on… my father got together with my the mother I have now. However, due to that year’s marriage contract, my father felt guilty towards Auntie Yi. After several visits, he and she both agreed to extend this marriage contract to me, Siyu Manton, and you, in order to compensate for Auntie Yi.”

The purple-garbed lady tightened her lips after saying this with a face streaming with tears.

Originally, she was extremely conflicted about this marriage contract. Especially after finding out the relationship between Li Xuan and Lisa, she was even more indignant.

However, after seeing Li Xuan kill so decisively on the road to the auction house, she hesitated in her heart. Yet seeing Li Xuan’s coarse manner and how he ignored her just before, as if he looked down on her, Siyu Manton was slightly dissatisfied in her heart. Hence, she spoke to him with a tone that carried a certain degree of arrogance.

“You? Compensate?” Li Xuan glanced at this faintly arrogant lady with a calm expression. His eyes full of contempt and disdain, he let out a cold laugh at once, “You? You’re not worthy!”



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  3. Li Xuan is a bully and a creep: he kills anyone offends him in the least, extorts from and bullies anyone weaker than him, and gleefully talks about indulging in pedophilia and incest. He has almost none of the qualities of a hero; any other OP bully and creep could be substituted in for him. The way his power keeps expanding without any effort is ridiculous. Please, let someone more powerful than him come along, kick his butt, and set him on a better path!


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