Chapter 043 – 2nd Hui 10th Layer

After reaching 2nd Hui 7th layer, Li Xuan continued to amass elemental energy of all eight systems. Only after entering his dantian would these energies get sucked in by the respective elements and get absorbed into their proper places. But other people were unable to realize this.

Under the state of unification, as long as he didn’t activate that all-encompassing ‘mind’s eye’, he wouldn’t consume as much spirit force. Maintaining a constant stream of spirit force to maintain optimal conditions within his body was no problem either. This was why Li Xuan continued to stay in this state despite reading so many books – he could adjust his consumption accordingly.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

Seven days passed.

Half a month passed.

A whole month passed.

Within this entire period of time, Li Xuan had only gone out three times. And these three times were divided according to when he reached 2nd Hui 8th layer, 9th layer, and finally 10th layer.

Due to his progression, the elemental fluctuations of the world elemental energy were quite abnormal. Hence, in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles, Li Xuan returned to his private cultivation room to break through to the next layer before returning to the Hidden Book Pavilion.

As of today, Li Xuan was still at the peak of 2nd Hui 10th layer. However, he did not decide to break through. Instead, he chose to once again purify all the systems of elemental energy within his body to reach the perfect state of this realm.

Li Xuan understood that powerful attack and true strength would only result from cultivating each aspect of his fundamentals to perfection.

In this month, Li Xuan had also looked through all the books in the 3rd level of the Hidden Book Pavilion. There were not too many books, and many of these books did not waste any words. Many times, one sentence would contain a vault of information. After all, they were secret cultivation manuals, resources, and insights that obviously could not be compared to the information contained in novels and other such books in his past world. Those were packed with information to the rim and unbearably bloated, the majority of them tasteless.

But these were short and practical. At times, a type of magic chant that focused on its rhythm and frequency would contain an understanding of the natural Dao through its unfathomably close affinity embodied within. Through those hand-written characters, one could even feel the force and power with which these things were written at the time of creation.

And this feeling caused Li Xuan to look upon the people of this world with more importance.


“Elder Shu, I will be going out now. From now on, I will only come when I am able to go to the fourth level.”

“En. These past days, you’ve focused very well on reading which is seldom seen. Go out then… Right, the past few times you went out, was it to break through to 2nd Hui 8th layer?” The old woman asked in concern.

“En, Elder Shu. I’ve cultivated all three systems to 2nd Hui 10th layer. However, I’ve only just broke through to the 10th layer. To break through once more will be a bit troublesome.” Li Xuan spoke casually, his tone continuing to maintain indifference.

“W-what? 2nd Hui 10th layer already? All three systems?” Full of incredulity, the old woman cried out in surprise.

“It’s true. These past few days, I’ve been reading nonstop, but once in a while I’d go and just casually cultivate. The 2nd Hui realm as a whole really isn’t too difficult, but the 3rd Fen realm will be a bit hard.” Li Xuan continued to speak calmly.

“….En, good. 10th layer already, 2nd Hui 10th layer. Good. Good! Haha, very good! Go ahead then. Whenever you want to come in and check it out, I, Li Shu, will directly let you in.” The old woman laughed in great satisfaction.

“Hehe. Elder Shu, many thanks then!” Li Xuan chuckled and then turned to leave the Hidden Book Pavilion.

Only after he left did Li Shu’s face begin to express emotion and excitement, her eyes filling with anticipation. Apparently, she could already see the glory of Iris City’s Li Clan….


After Li Xuan walked out of the Hidden Book Pavilion, he left the state of unification. However, deactivating this state of enlightenment immediately caused him to feel a bit unaccustomed. Only after a short while did he begin to slowly get used to the feeling.

With this month of supplemental reading, Li Xuan finally had a complete understanding of this world’s power system. He had even had his own experiences in particular concerning spatial magic and his spirit attribute.

For this reason, a few unique ideas had popped up in his mind, and he urgently needed to test them out.

This was because by starting from a type of purifying magic of the *spirit system, then accompanying it with a ‘Baptism Technique’ of the light system, followed by the assistance of a Nourishing Technique from the wood system, and finally continuing on to use both bewitching and mental retardation type magics of the darkness system…. Couldn’t he enable a person’s spirit to be imprinted on by another person?
(*TL: spirit system/attribute are the same)

In his past world, as an expert capable of tearing space apart, just his force alone could shake everything within a several hundred meter radius around him. In terms of his spiritual cultivation, it was even more tyrannical! Yet now, with a guiding point, Li Xuan was certain that he could make a person’s innate character undergo transformation!

In this world, those who could cultivate the spirit attribute in addition to other elements were really far too few. One could even say that they rarely existed. Furthermore, ones who were comparable to Li Xuan in mental realm definitely weren’t many. As such, Li Xuan had confidence that no one else would be able to duplicate his accomplishments.

On the way back to his southern courtyard house, Li Xuan was astonished to find that there were actually no Li Clan disciples. He would occasionally meet a few servants, but after those servants saw him, their faces would involuntarily reveal a certain degree of fear, after which they would lower their heads and bend and scrape their knees as they bowed. It was to the point that they shook as they performed their labor.

Li Xuan thought it was a bit strange, but he soon understood after reaching his courtyard.

The courtyard was densely packed with people. At this moment, the Li Clan’s disciples who were normally vigorous and active were instead standing their seriously with their back as straight as a pole.

Sweeping a glance over the scene, Li Xuan felt as though something big had happened. At once, he walked towards the crowd, heading to Elder Li Tai’s son, Li Runze. Clapping a hand onto his shoulder, Li Xuan asked: “Li Runze, what’s going on?”

“What’s going on? The Manton Clan’s family head and young miss has come to discuss who is going to enter the Wade Institute. Something like this and you don’t even know. You probably slept with the fox ladies until you glazed over. You—you—” Li Runze spoke some casual mockery. However, after he saw that the crowd’s faces had clearly changed, his expression went abruptly rigid. After he turned his body and saw Li Xuan behind him, he went into a slight daze, after which his face began to flourish with expression.

“Ah… Young Master Li, Young Master Li. Congratulations on finishing your cultivation session. Th-this, just before, I d-didn’t know. H-here is my magic crystal card. Ins-inside contains three moyuan coins. A-also, here is a 3-star lower grade element, elemental elixir…”

Li Runze’s two legs had begun to tremble. This month, Li De’s tragic situation could be said to have caused a huge and world-shaking sensation. There was already nobody in Iris City who didn’t know about Li Xuan’s fiendish character.

Killing someone wasn’t anything to write home about. However, forget about the fact that he had crippled a person’s entire body, crippled his cultivation, then hung him at the city gate. He had even called for people to torture him every day, then call for a light mage to restore his wounds, and then continue his torment.

One month, one whole month of persecution. This could only be described with the word vicious!

“En, you have some good prospects. I have a good impression of you.” Li Xuan patted his shoulder, but all Li Runze felt was a searing pain on his shoulder. His facial muscles twitched a bit, but he didn’t cry out.

Collecting the money, Li Xuan walked indifferently into his own courtyard.

“The neighboring courtyard’s so noisy, just let them be noisy then. It’s no crap that has to do with me.”

As he thought this, he lifted his head and clasped his hands behind his back before walking into his courtyard complacently.

“Halt. Who are you that you dare to just casually barge into our Young Miss’s place!”

At this moment, two young ladies whose cultivations were pretty good flashed out into the entrance wearing yellow magic robes. They weren’t very old, but their faces clearly exuded vigilance towards him.

“En? Impudent!” Li Xuan swept a glance over these two pure and moving servant girls. His figure flashing, he directly landed two slaps on both servant girls. At the same time, two streams of inner jin tore through the air to jab at the two ladies’ qi hai acupoint. Immediately, their bodies go rigid and then fall limp to the ground, paralyzed.



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  1. Man best mc ever. Gors overboard at times but sick character overall.
    Just hope the author doesnt make a flip and the old li xuan is back, that would be a really dumb twist.
    Keep upnwith the good work!!


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