Chapter 041 – Little Lady’s A Pushover

“Ah, Young Master, thank you. You’re the best.” Shuang Er answered joyfully.

Seeing Shuang Er’s face converge with both confusion and a muddled look, Li Xuan couldn’t help his delight. This little girl, not that old, wisdom quite average, and that IQ that leaves people speechless… By casually lying, she would still get tricked. This clearly expressed that cutely confused yet foolish and innocent personality. No wonder this little lady was a pushover. It seems that she was quite fun to dupe.

As Li Xuan laughed, a sort of interest in female physiology of this different began to emerge. As a male, he basically didn’t have much differences with other people on Earth. However, there were a few differences in between their energy channels. But what about women?

Looking at Shuang Er’s pink face as well as those traces of perplexion and ignorance, Li Xuan couldn’t help but get influenced by the mood. At once, he feigned solemnity and said: “Shuang Er, come. Let Young Master hug you.”

“Young Master, no, you can’t. Miss said—”

“Said what?”

“Said that hugging will, will lead to children.” Shuang Er’s pink face turned shy and incomparably embarrassed as she lowered her head and twisted the corners of her magic robe. Nipping her small lips, her frail and small body was even faintly trembling. Clearly, this kind of talk affected her quite a lot.


“Little Shuang Er, come let Young Master give you a hug. Young Master will let you experience the importance of the feeling of safety. As for whether hugging leads to bearing children, you’ve seen my father and my elder brother hug before. How come my elder brother hasn’t given birth to any children yet?”

Li Xuan replied laughingly. This time, his temper had truly eased up by quite a bit.


Shuang Er’s head drooped and she swung her body back and forth as if she had done something wrong, but Li Xuan stepped forward and hugged her into his chest.

En, the little lady thought. It’s really comfortable and loving. Li Xuan sighed with feeling in his heart. Towards the rigid body within his embrace, he only hugged her deeply into his arms, then gently patted her on the back, occasionally rubbing it from time to time.

Hey, but isn’t it because your father and your elder brother hugged that you were born? Little Shuang Er thought in her mind, unconvinced. However, she then thought, This, if it’s like this, then wouldn’t Young Master’s mother be the uncle? Not right, not right! It’s obviously that… Ai, what a mess. What exactly is going on?
I, why is my whole body warm? It feels like my heart itches. Ah, Young Master’s hug is so comfortable, but he’s a bit skinny and his bones are too hard…”

“Ah, Young Master, you, don’t touch there….”

When Little Shuang Er felt his hand move to her bottom, she couldn’t help but yelp. Li Xuan only chuckled then felt it some more, touching that secret zone and then letting her go.

Little Shuang Er’s face was inconsolably ashamed and her eyes had turned red, giving off quite a miserable and pitiful appearance.

“Young Master, you….”

“Nevermind. Young Master is going to go to the Hidden Book Pavilion now. Wait for me to come back, then Young Master is going to teach you some things. From then on, you’re going to be Young Master’s personal bodyguard.”

“Young Master…”

“Shuang Er, Young Master’s leaving now. Go get your work done, and remember to watch Gina closely. Young Master still has some use for her.”

“Young Master, have you taken an interest to her?” Shuang Er was suddenly disappointed as she answered in sorrow. She herself didn’t even understand why so many complicated feelings had abruptly welled up in her. All of these were things she never dared to think about in the past.

“Taken an interest to her? Just looking at that plain girl with a skinny body and yellow skin, will Young Master take an interest to her? It’s mainly because Young Master is intending to research spatial magic and the nature of ‘magic roots’ and is using her for study. Her aptitude is unexpectedly passable, and her age is suitable, which makes it convenient for me to conduct research.”

On the contrary, Li Xuan didn’t bother hiding this. At the beginning, it was true that he was somewhat influenced by that trash Li Xuan and felt some sympathy towards Gina, but after annihilating him, his original character gradually returned. Only then did he begin to truly express his own unique nature. At the same time, he only planned to use Gina to research this world’s energy channels and test his theories on her, as well as things concerning spatial magic, medicine refining, and the spirit attribute.

Li Xuan desperately wanted to see if his spirit attribute could enable him to truly control another person’s spirit!

On the other hand, according to Li Xuan’s guesses, if he could absorb the pure energy from other people’s souls, why couldn’t he extract their memories as well? If he could really extract those memories, he would have a terrifying amount of accumulation in just a short period of time.

But, these were only some thought of his. In the past world, a large number of scientists had researched the transfer of memories, but clearly none of them had succeeded. If it was that easy in this world, then an absolute imbalance would occur on this continent. Experts would only grow stronger while the weak would only grow frailer.

If he was an exceedingly strong peak expert and the possessor of a continent, he absolutely wouldn’t wish for an ability to extract memories to exist…

Putting himself in other people’s shoes, Li Xuan suddenly realized that spirit mages probably existed and weren’t necessarily few. However, those that continued living were very little!

But Li Xuan didn’t worry. This world heavily protected its super geniuses. After all, the maturation of a true genius was related to an empire’s glory and power. As such, if an exceedingly great genius appeared on this sort of level, he or she would be protected by numerous divisions of power.

“Ah—Young Master, you, Gina, Gina is so pitiful…”

“I know. That’s why Young Master wants to dissolve the hatred in her heart and pull her out of the darkness of resentment, to make her put down her knife and genuinely find me great. Only by doing this can she truly comprehend the Dao.” Li Xuan laughingly said.

“Wu…. Young Master, you’re the best.” Shuang Er’s big eyes were full of sincerity. Those sparkling tears were like the dewdrops of the early morning that allowed a heart to become untroubled and feel fresh and elegant.

“Young Master is truly a good-natured person.”

Li Xuan chuckled as he responded.

Just as Li Tai heard this from a distance, his facial muscles couldn’t help but begin twitching ferociously, his expression becoming wonderfully marvelous.

“F***, truly shameless. No sense of shame to the point that he is unparalleled beneath the heavens! Even a brat like you who’s so unbridled and vicious is good-natured? If you’re good natured, then this old Li Tai is a saint.” Li Tai was considerably indignant. Looking at this young thirteen-year-old girl falling into a pit, he seriously couldn’t help but question the heavens in speechlessness.

“En, give me a kiss.”

“No, I don’t want to—”

“Shuang Er, how old are you this year?”

“Almost, almost thirteen years old.”

“Thirteen year olds can get married off.”



Li Xuan kissed her tender, pink lips, then let out unrestrained laughter as he gleefully glanced at Li Tai who was not far way. Following this, he swayed and swaggered towards to the Hidden Book Pavilion.

“Hmph!” Li Tai was infuriated to the point that his eyes bulged and his whiskers fanned out. Coldly snorting, he turned his head and refused to looked at this despicable and shameless person.

As for Li Xuan, after blowing the little lady a kiss, his heart was feeling quite good. He rather liked younger ladies. Older women and the like, en, he was still inclined towards younger ladies. These evil tendencies weren’t very obvious in his past world, but in this world, he felt that the boundless skies freed the birds. Any strong bird would be able to have any kind of tree… so he didn’t have any apprehensions.



87 thoughts on “Chapter 041 – Little Lady’s A Pushover

  1. Please don’t stop that stiff is the icing on the cake if you quit I’d hate you. Thanks for translating. It’s not that bad think of medieval Europe they had 13 -18 yrold marry 30-40 year Olds so it’s still fine

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  2. This is rather and old argument
    Its actually simple if you are reborn as 1 yrs old (In another world) well you act at your age of 30yrs old? just imagine how shocking that well be lol.

    MC is just adapting at his age no harm in that
    why do u need to force your self to imagine an old person raping a little girls?
    Its not the authors problems its the people who think like this is at fault
    First its another world! Morality in real world should not be applied
    2nd the age difference should be canceled when you are basing mentally!
    Seriously are you saying that a young child who has a mature mental state is wrong?
    3rd Its Fiction MC is not Pervert and a Pedophiles its the reader own way of self interpretation! Seriously a 16yrs old kissing a 13yrs old whats wrong with that? its your fault that your imagination make you think of an old man kissing a little girls..

    TL just drop it already I mean someone my be nice enough to pick this!
    Don’t make vague hint that you want to drop this because of this and that..
    I don’t like it when good novel is ruin because TL find fault just because he doesn’t feel like translating anymore..

    (TL: I need to rant. Physically, I’m not too disgusted by this because Li Xuan’s sixteen and Shuang Er’s thirteen. I remember from when I was little that in sailor moon, usagi was in middle school but she was with tuxedo mask who was already in/out of college… THAT’S GROSS. But what’s even more disgusting is that Li Xuan’s mental age is that of a middle-aged man, at least considering how old he was in his old world. Obviously he wasn’t young if he was at the absolute peak. *Shudder. I know little girls sometimes kiss their fathers but this is not the sameeeee.) – Mental age has nothing to do physically! its your perverted mind that arrive you at the conclusion!
    are you saying a 400yrs elf (they have long life span) kissing a 16 yrs old loli is wrong? TL its fiction for crying out loud leave your perverted thought for your self!

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    • It’s really my choice whether I drop it or not and also my choice to state whether I might or not. That’s much better than just up and dropping it because people can convince me to continue translating it. Also, it’s rude to call me a pervert just because I’m thinking that way. It’s a fact that the MC has the mentality of a middle-aged man. Just because so many other xianxias are like that doesn’t mean I enjoy or like it, but rather tolerate/ignore it. However, as the person translating these things, I feel uncomfortable translating those particular parts and I don’t need you calling me a pervert just because I happen to feel that way and voice my opinions. I know this happened in the past and continues even now in modern age in third world countries. Does it mean I’m ignorant just because I disapprove of it or dislike it? A mature young child is a completely different case because, like you said, it’s fiction. He doesn’t have the mentality of middle-aged man. The reason I tolerate this is because it’s fiction, and there’s no problem with me ranting. If you so wish for me to drop this, then go find a translator willing to translate it! If you read the raws, you will see the MC is actually “perverted” to an extent or else the author wouldn’t have called his inclination evil.

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      • I agree that it is entirely your choice if you decide to drop it or not.
        Just like how the translator of god and devil world decide to drop it because of the heavy tones of racism in it.
        I personally like this story so far. An evil mc have a special allure for me.
        As long as it doesnt touch racism and hypocracy.!

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      • I disagree with you TL in God and Devil is a real Hypocrite..
        He decided to pick it up then drop it because of racism?
        Does making a Japanese people bad guys consider racism? so majority of movies that made Americans bad guys can be consider racism? He said the novel became racist towards Japanese so his dropping it. If his not being a hypocrite then what?
        and now it was pick up again at the 3rd time lol
        I seriously was disappointed with that TL..


      • Sorry IF you misunderstood something I was not really saying it towards you I’m not really that good in expressing using English since Its not my native language.
        All I was saying is its only perverted when you see it as perverted but if you ignore it then you can’t call it perverted and just enjoy reading it.
        In the past if you read Mushoku Tensei (Novel) this argument is almost the same when the MC (which is 40yrs old mentally) had sex with her lover (In another world) at age 13. yet at that time MC was 12 yrs old.
        So I am saying does the MC who was sent to another world need to wait to reach the exact mature age of his former mental state just to engage in love just to satisfy the morality of the readers? That is way unfair towards the mc!
        So I well repeat again what I was pointing is
        It is only perverted when you think it is
        but If you ignore it then just read it for fun!
        Most novel has plenty if perverted MC only when you pinpoint it well it become an argument.
        As a TL avoid finding faults at your own MC it well affect most of the readers judgment and you well invite real perverts opinion.


      • that’s why i said i could move my opinions elsewhere. also, i’m not finding faults in my own MC, this is the author of the novel’s MC. before i am a translator, i am a reader. if reader’s are affected, so be it.


    • Also, if it’s the fact that I’m ranting in the chapter or making a big deal out of it that’s bothering you, the least you could is do is ask politely and tell me to put it somewhere else so it doesn’t discourage you. Seriously, I would have done so. I’m not unreasonable. I would have even apologized. But this?

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      • Again sorry I was not saying it directly at you, I was basing it towards my experience in other novels. TL should avoid finding faults in MC because it well invite real perverts in the comment section. When TL itself mention the wrong of an MC other reader well follow you because TL words are absolute. Some well even misinterpret your words just to satisfy there own. If you notice pedo people who point to mc that his a pedo is starting to appear


    • Ridiculous arguments are ridiculous. Every story’s situation with being reborn isn’t the same so it can’t be the same with all of them. In some cases the childish brain actually regresses their maturity. In some cases they’re just huge pervs. This guy is a perv. If his mind was still kind of merged then you could say he was being influenced by the young guy.

      The MC isn’t adapting to anything. What the one way he acts like a 16 year old is when it comes to going after 12 year old girls? He pretty much admits he’s a pedo in story and says that this world will allow him to freely indulge in his pedo ways. He then actually groped the 12 year old girl so it was more than kissing.

      He’s basically an old man in the body of a 16 year old. It’s not really a matter of interpretation. After he destroyed the original soul and its influence on him that’s completely the case. You’re trying to illogically remove real world morality from things because it’s set in a different world. That premise only goes so far. Obviously the MC is suppose to be able to identify with the readers in some way. That’s why he’s human and on a world that 80% the same as ours. If readers couldn’t judge the MCs actions then there wouldn’t be a point of reading. There’s no otherworldly pressure forcing him to molest children against their wills.

      As for the elf example if you’re 16 you’re not really a loli regardless of how you look. 16 is the age of consent in many places. They’re more or less considered adults. After you’re considered an adult the age difference doesn’t matter because you’re an adult. It doesn’t matter if the elf is 400.

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      • Did you know that some people in real world consider 11 yrs old as marriageable age? (you can google it!)
        seriously this is what I am afraid of! people like this appear.
        When you mention MC is a pedo you are reflecting it towards yourself right? Since takes one to knows one ( as the saying goes).
        and the elf was just an EXAMPLE. I was saying that mentality gap that state this making MC a pervert because his way older mentally. Is your first time reading this kind of novel? if so then there is no point to argue with you.


      • Some people in the real world consider murdering others to eat them all right as well. Are you going to claim that’s fine too? Something being done in the real world doesn’t automatically make it decent behavior. Do I need to be a cannibal or murderer to point one out? Your arguments are still absurd. Being a pedophile is not subjective when you’re talking about children as young as 12 because there’s an actual definition to refer to. Maybe if you were talking about 14-15 year olds because that’s when girls are suppose to becoming attractive to men but 12? You’re intentionally targeting underdeveloped girls at that point in time. You’re just making excuses for bad behavior. Are you seriously trying to argue that it’s fine for adults to make sexual advances on 12 year olds?

        I realize the elf was an example. I pointed out the flaw in the example. That flaw being that the problem isn’t that there’s a gap in mentality. It’s that the girl is clearly a child while he’s clearly not. If both people are adults then the age gap makes no difference. This is why people don’t complain about things like Twilight or Thor. This is not the case in this story. I’ve read plenty of other stories where a MC turns younger as is clearly implied in my response. Usually since these characters aren’t pedophiles so they wait until the girls they like are adults before making any advances on them.This guy decided that he likes them young.

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  3. Over the last few generations, it was pretty normal. Being around 12 or so and not being married off as a girl would make you be seen as strange at that time.

    From a more scientific viewpoint. Every few years you gain a few defects in your DNA. Younger you have kids, the healthier they should be or something like that. Humans are animals, don’t think just because we’re enlightened, we’re enlightened.


  4. Him goofing around with her as a joke was one thing but this…is…off putting…it’s been mentioned she’s undeveloped and his loli face is on 9000. Not sure I can keep reading if it goes down this road. I like the story outside of this so maybe research into spoiler boxes to put that nonsense in? I dunno, this is a struggle.


  5. I personally don’t think age matters, some people mature (mentally) faster than others and his maturity is that of his age, maybe a younger after all he only cares about himself.
    If you were to say that people who remember their previous life should love people who have lived as long as they have, what about people like Nie Li? Is he not worthy of having someone? I personally think that age shouldn’t matter when it comes to love.
    I agree that the MC is a pervert and an old man but if the girl is happy, why are you going against it? You disagree because of your believes, I am fine with that but come on guy don’t go categorizing and say that people should be the same age just because you believe that it should be that way. Isn’t that just doing the same as saying people of 2 different races can’t be together.
    There are many different cases and if this case goes against the beliefs of the translator, we should respect those believes even if they are different from our own. If not for that we are all humans here, then for the fact that the translator did all those chapters.

    That being said: Thank you for the chapter!


  6. I don’t think you guys get it. The point isn’t that he’s a pervert. The point is that he just kissed and groped a young girl with no consent. If it was consensual… He’s still in a young kid’s body, so it’d be fine. But it’s not.


  7. yeah he is a pedophile, altought relationships between 16 and 12 years old isn’t really that strange, and it would be weird if his 16 year old self chased after 30 years old woman, besides this book has that ancient feel to it’s history and such things weren’t considered weird a few decades ago. it’s only recently that having sex with someone below 15 became a crime you know.
    It’s a matter of cultural difference, to you it might be weird, to other not so much, altought to the MC it should so yeah he is a pervert but we already knew that


  8. maybe im wrong, but in his last life, didnt he spend like couple of decades in the wilderness living only around animals. So when it comes to interacting with people, he does not actually have that much more experience than others his age (im talking about his new body). Right?

    Factor in the raging teenage hormones in his new body and that he is OP compared to other people. Also the new world being where might is right and the weak are vilified. Then the fact he has no attachments to this new world he finds himself. So it should be no surprise if he is so callous…


    ..I have heard the moral argument many times that having sex with young people is somehow damaging their mental health. Usually when discussing news of how some female teacher had sex with her male student. I never understood that argument. Dont most kids get emotional traumatized as it is (kids are cruel, so they will bullying in school. Or maybe their parents had kids when they were too young and so they end up beating their kids as a stress relief). Rather than any emotional trauma that the kid might get, i think a far more important reason for not to have sex with a minor would be, if the minor is a girl. Because while she could physically get pregnant, her hips might not have grown wide enough to give birth.

    Every time i read stories with the male character flirting with lolis. I cant but remember this article i red years ago, about the body of a young slave girl that they found in Pompeii (or it might have been from the nearby Herculaneum, i forget). Anyways, they found that she suffered from malnutrition and that some of her vertebrae had even fused together from the back breaking labor she did. She was also pregnant, and when they measured her pelvis bones, it was concluded that it would have been physically impossible for her to give birth. So even if the volcano had not erupted, she would have died soon anyway. (i shudder every time Japanese characters flirt with a loli girls. Especially when it takes place in a fantasy setting. Its not like you can expect there to be a surgeon capable of doing cesarean section..)


    im not very smart and i suck at writing, so apologies if my comment is somewhat awkward or makes only little sense (just ignore it then). im trying to get better by writing comments more often, but its a slow going…
    Anyway, thanks for translating!
    Also if you decide to stop translating this story, might i suggest you team up with Binggo to help them translate Ze Tian Ji faster? wink wink nudge nudge 😀


  9. Personally I think he hasn’t really crossed a line or anything.
    He seemed to be mostly teasing her/shuang ‘er.
    I actually enjoyed reading about his ‘shamelessness’.

    On another note. His mentality might be higher/older, but regaining your youth would most likely alter that mentality too.
    And he would lose some of the inhibitions he would have, compared to when he’s older.
    A younger body definitely influences the way you handle things, feel things, hormones etc.
    He also obtained otherworldly knowledge fairly easily, that should alter the way he acts too.

    And as far as Gina goes, you already knew he had wicked intentions to use her as research material from the previous chapters. (at least I gathered as much) But how things actually wind up, I don’t actually know yet… It seems possible that altering her memories in order to obtain a useful ‘puppet’ seems entirely possible at this point. Or even to clear her hatred, as he put it… he might not be entirely lying. Hard to tell what exactly will happen at this point.

    Our mc isn’t exactly a noble person, he does things his own way.
    Although if he really pushes things too far with his actions, like raping someone or whatever … I’d certainly understand why you would want to stop translating.


  10. If i remember correctly somewhere in the story something happens and the mc gets better in his ways i read it it in some wuxia forum quite a while ago i think he actually xxxed some girl against their will and that wakes him up and he marries said girl (does this count as a spoiler?) (not verified)

    On a sidenote i always believed that storys are just storys so bringing morality into them kinda would destroy the story itself altough i can understand feeling awkard when translating lines which are close to child molesting


  11. Now you see because TL you pinpoint this topic alot of Pedo people appear and keep on pointing MC is a Pedo like this so I suggest avoid this in the future.. the lasting you want is the comment section is filled with real perverts in pedo people.. (as the saying goes) It takes one to know one..
    So this people saying MC is a pedo is like pointing there fingers towards there self (1 finger is pointed towards the MC while the rest of 4 fingers is pointed towards them lol)


    • there’s a lot of differences in your perspective from mine, and other people have their differences too. i have my opinion, and there’s also no problem with me pinpointing it out. i agree the resulting debates are partially because i pointed it out, but could you please stop calling people pervs? please look at it’s definition first.

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  12. All these stories are based on ancient china. people got married between 12-14, and males would join the army 13-15.

    Japan people married around the same time too.

    Europe, now Europe child from noble houses got married at 8-10.. so I mean…


  13. *scroll scroll, paedophilia scroll scroll*

    I think it’s totally reasonable to rant, following up on your earlier comment, I think it would be beneficial for the readability of the chapter if longer comments were footnoted,
    I think it’s also totally reasonable to drop a novel if you’re not comfortable translating it, regardless of reason, personally I struggle to simply read some overly righteous “holier-than-thou” moralistic novels, so I can see that actually translating a novel that you dislike could be really unpleasant

    I see no issue with a 16 yo and a 13 yo… up to a point, giving credit to historical settings, but I well see your point that MC’s mental age is far older, and “he was still inclined towards younger ladies. These evil tendencies weren’t very obvious in his past world, but in this world, he felt that the boundless skies freed the birds” makes it clear (to me) that the author is allowing his previous-world self to take the front seat (as opposed to a moderated “new” self, mind being sculpted by body, I know the “weak” soul is scattered) this puts this to the edge of acceptability for lots of people

    personally, I’m unhealthily good at casually distancing myself from topics that could alarm me, and thus could’ve easily skimmed over how sinister the last sections of this chapter were, and, with that in mind, I am still enjoying the novel,

    I hope that the novel improves for you ceruleonice, if it becomes unpleasant, read on a chapter, and consider dropping it, there are other novels and noone (at least me) want’s you to hurt yourself grating away at a novel that pains you

    fingers crossed, Thanks for your work so far, and best wishes moving on


  14. hmm……this novel really needs to tone down with the damn extra words on cultivation and add more to the story. it feels like the plot barely moved. As far as the marriage thing, in Asia in man places its common for 12-14 year old to get married. As far as the MC attitude, yeah i think there is something wrong with his head and he isnt normal but i still feel like most things he is doing is smart. If you want to live long in a Xianxia world you better do things like this.


  15. Whoa this is intense and I get all the pedo hate but its not confir d in this chapter whether he’s teasing with sort of a strange personality from his years alone fighting monsters in the wilderness or if he’s genuinely a creep. His number one is his cultivation but I can see that maybe he’s trying to depict himself as someone more evil as a show to hinder anyone that may have ideas to make life harder for him. Remember that Li Tai was watching.


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