Chapter 040 – Young Master, You’re the Best!

“Li Xuan, you even stop me from hitting my own child? You’re too ignorant of discipline!” The middle-aged man spoke out in anger.

“You should be Li Tai, correct? I have no objections to you hitting your child, but did you not see that he was speaking with me, the Young Master, so joyfully? Is this something you should disturb? If you don’t accept this, then let us have a duel.” Li Xuan responded arrogantly.

“You, you’re too proud. You think that just because you can instantly kill the 2nd Hui 9th layer Li De, you can challenge a 4th Xiang level expert? Duel with you? It’s not that I will not duel with you, but rather that I want to save some face!” Li Tai was infuriated to the point that he had an urge to roll his eyes. This person is truly too arrogant! It will be no good if it continues down this way! It seems that it is necessary to allow him into the Hidden Book Pavilion earlier and expand his knowledge with the Grand Elder and the rest in order to improve that arrogant character.

“Proud? I won’t say much more. It just so happens that I do not know where Elder Li Tai resides. Now that you’ve come, just give that entry certificate or whatever to me. After properly taking care of this matter, I’ll also go an try out that strong and tight fox lady.”


“Elder Li Tai, it looks as though you’re quite vigorous and spirited. Have you not tried out the tastes of those tigresses and fox ladies?” Li Xuan laughed coldly.


“*Young Master Li, this brother of yours was going to look for an elf, but I don’t have money. It looks as though you’re quite rich.”
(*TL: as in Li Wenhe, not Li Xuan. Li Xuan is the one talking)

“You have no money? Didn’t Clan Leader and Elder give you at least one hundred moyuan coins? That you have no money is truly too disgraceful!”

Immediately, Li Wenhe’s heart began to bleed. He was helpless. Did he have the option to withhold? He even dared to speak this way to the Li Tai who any person wouldn’t dare to offend… Ai. Compared to him, *I was just a good-for-nothing in the past, just a piece of trash!

Li Wenhe crumbled a bit. When he came out this time, he had brought a *huge sum of ten moyuan coins for the purpose of letting loose a bit. As such, he could either not give Li Xuan the money, or give it to him and expose himself.
(*TL: Remember, 1 moyuan coin = 10 mil gold coins)

Slightly hesitating, Li Wenhe still spoke extremely courteously: “Y-Young Master Li, h-here is ten moyuan coins. It is not even enough as tribute, but please accept it.”

“Good, you’re quite sensible. Once I reach my time of glory, it’ll also be a good time for you all as well. En, Elder Li, come on, the token.”

“Take it!”

Li Tai was a bit angry now, but he truly could not touch this disciple! He looked uptight, but in truth he was quite concerned. He was an elder, and once he acted against Li Xuan, he would still suffer punishment, not to mention that there would be no glory in winning the duel. If he lost, that would be even worse, and he would probably lose his job as an elder of the Hidden Book Pavilion. Rather than just looking at his job as an entrance guard, in a place as important as the Hidden Book Pavilion, a person who guarded the entrance was in true possession of great authority!

He was angry, and when he threw out that token, Li Tai had infused it with powerful fire elemental energy in an attempt to shock Li Xuan and discourage his arrogance!

However, Li Xuan just casually caught it. When that immense fire elemental energy fell upon Li Xuan’s body, the effect was like drizzling rain on a great river. Not even the slightest ripple arose before the energy disappeared without a trace.

“This talent in absorbing elemental energy is really too damn terrifying! F***, no wonder he’s so cocky. He really has some crazy ability!”

Li Tai was instantly gobsmacked and his gaze towards Li Xuan had also become a bit strange. However, he just let out a light sigh and shook his head. Not even caring about his shameless son, he turned at once and simply walked away.

At this moment, when the large group of disciples watching this scene unfold looked again at Li Xuan, they all knew that this awesome guy had truly soared beyond the heavens. As for Li Tai’s son, *Li Zerun, he instead gave birth to a feeling of envy and veneration towards Li Xuan. Additionally, this event had also made him understand that all clan regulations and traditions were bullsh**. It was only truly great if one had innate talent!
(*TL: lol this author.. raws = 李泽润. The last two characters both mean moist.)

Seeing Li Wenhe so sincere, Li Xuan stopped terrorizing him and instead looked at the rest of the Li Clan disciples.

Immediately, these disciples stared back in response to Li Xuan’s gaze, then promptly took out their magic crystal cards in tacit understanding and began to transfer money over to Li Xuan’s card one by one.

These people weren’t as wealthy as Li Wenhe, and most of them only had around ten million gold coins. Some of them had only several million as well, but money would never be a match for people in numbers. In one go, after sixteen people had transferred their sums over, ten more moyuan coins were once again offered up.

Extremely satisfied, Li Xuan put away his card, and underneath Shuang Er’s extremely ashamed and unsightly face, he swaggered away towards the book pavilion while humming.

“Phew, he finally left!”

“Yeah. From now on, I’ve decided to go into closed-door training. Half a year’s savings disappeared just like that.”

“Yours is only half a year’s, my amount was the result of two years! You know that my parents have been keeping strict watch over me these past two days, seriously…”

“Who cares! I the Young Master lost ten moyuan coins without even knitting an eyebrow. Your guys’ complaints count for sh**! If you’re dissatisfied, then go look for him. But I’ll tell you know, if I’m beat up by him again, I’ll expend any effort to fight any of you!” Li Wenhe was a bit irritated now. In his heart, he said to himself, *I lost so much without even making a sound, who cares about that little bit of dogsh** you guys lost? If any of you really offend that person and he comes bothering me, I’ll seriously murder you all.

Seeing that Li Wenhe had turned hostile, the rest of them could only apologize with helpless reluctance…


“Young Master, I’ve realized that you’re a scoundrel. Truly, my judgment of you was mistaken.” Still angry, Shuang Er spoke in resentment.

“Judged wrongly? Was I so good in the past?” Turning around and responding to her, his gaze at this moment looked into the distance. In the depths of his eyes, there was a profound and weathered look.

It seemed as though his eyes concealed a former world of ruthlessness!

Seeing this young master’s back, Shuang Er suddenly felt that he wasn’t annoying. Thinking back to the time that Li Xuan had stolen his elder brother’s life-saving medicine and set up his younger sister, she instantly thought that this current Li Xuan was still much better.

However, she once again changed her mind. Peh, aren’t they still the same person? In the past he was shameless without any hint of goodness. Now, he’s even more shameless and vulgar than before with even less conscience…

However, it seemed as though he was quite protective of his family, which was very good…

For a moment, Shuang Er was a bit confused. As such, she no longer said anything and simply followed him in silence as she blinked her bright eyes. From time to time, she would sneak a glance at Li Xuan’s back.

“How about you return to the courtyard now. If there’s anything displeasing to you, I have no problem if you hit or scold. If you get bullied, Young Master will retrieve justice on your behalf. Rest assured, no one will bully you.”

Li Xuan’s tone seemed to express concern and tenderness, and his tone suddenly made this little lady feel as though overwhelmed with favor.

“No, Young Master, Shuang Er will accompany you. You are not permitted to go look for tigresses and fox ladies. Those people are already so pitiful, don’t bully them more.” Shuang Er advised.

“Shuang Er, if Young Master doesn’t go, will people stop taking advantage of them? If they fall into Young Master’s hands, at least they will be treated better. If they fall into those slave traffickers, not only will they be toyed with by an innumerable amount of men, they’ll also get passed through many hands and sold.” Li Xuan said without thinking.

Clearly, Shuang Er did not have any sort of defense against Li Xuan’s words because she did not say anything back. According to what Li Xuan was saying, was not Li Xuan playing around with those tigresses and fox ladies saving them from a sea of fire?

Little Shuang Er was a bit muddled.

“Although Young Master is willing to sacrifice my innocence to save those innocent virgin maidens, I still need to go to the Hidden Book Pavilion first. Young Master’s cultivation was done quite carelessly, and my magic was messily put together. I need to learn systematically for a time, so you go back first, Shuang Er. Young Master will answer you with difficulty and not look for fox ladies.”

“Ah, Young Master, thank you. You’re the best.” Shuang Er answered joyfully.



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  2. Okay…his personality is getting worse every chapter. In the past he killed and stole those who attacked him, then he killed those who insulted him, and now he’s still from clan members who haven’t even provoked him. The story is getting painful to read because of the dickhead MC.

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