Chapter 004 – Surpassing 9th Ming

10 days later…


Following a muffled sound from his dantian, Li Xuan’s body shook and he spat out a mouthful of black gas. Immediately, black and pale yellow sludge began oozing out of his body.

At this moment, he had finally finished revitalizing his body and completed a thorough cleansing, as well as opened up all his energy channels. As a result, all the portions of his energy channels which had undergone necrosis and withered had already recovered to their normal state again. At the same time, because his spirit had become stronger, his dantian had broken through to expand even further, an extremely large improvement.

Within his dantian, clouds and clouds of rainbow colored fog curled upwards unceasingly. This was all elemental energy, concentrated elemental energy. Not only that, but it was comprised of all the elements!

It had turned out exactly as Li Xuan had expected, and his current innate talent had already completely surpassed that of 9th Ming innate meditative talent. However, due to the fact that he had such a powerful spirit as well as the hidden knowledge from his old world on qi arts, his innate talent only manifested itself externally as 5th Xing innate talent.

After all, if there were people who had previously plotted to rid him of his innate talent, there would obviously be people that would pay attention that he had been saved. Before his strength reached the 3rd Fen realm, and before he obtained the protection of his clan, he definitely had to make sure to avoid doing anything that would put him in a bad situation

Following up with one’s plans and deliberating carefully was crucial.

Inhaling a deep breath, Li Xuan sat up. After getting off the bed, he walked over to take a look outside the window.

Outside, the sun shined brightly and beautifully, and the echoes of unknown insects rose and fell in succession. Not far away, there seemed to be some noisy discussions, and the voices of men and women mingled together, seeming a bit disorderly.

“Xuan *er, Xuan er, my Xuan er…”
(*suffix of endearment/familiarity)

An old woman walked to the side of the bedroom door, and after staring blankly, she immediately began weeping and ran over, wrapping Li Xuan into her embrace.

The clothes on her body were incredibly filthy, and her hands were full of callouses. Her hair was dried up and messy, but all this only revealed that she had been relentlessly performing toilsome and wearying labor. However, her mood and voice could directly touch a person’s heart and soul.

“Mother… your child has done wrong. From now on, I will no longer disappoint you.”

Li Xuan began faintly choking with sobs, and it seemed that his mind had begun to inexplicably disillusion itself. It was as if time, space, and the subjects within had all merged with that of his past world, and he had reunited with his true mother. An indescribable flood of emotion seemed to shake his powerful soul. If he had simply passed through to this world, he might have a sense of sympathy, but he wouldn’t possess such emotion. However, he had chosen to completely merge with the past Li Xuan’s memories, and consequently felt as though it had all happened to him. As such, the emotions he felt were astonishingly profound.

“Xuan er, you’ve already suffered. If only your mother wasn’t incapable and belonged to a good home, I wouldn’t have allowed you to suffer such torment and humiliation!” After saying so, she also began to sob, but with unwillingness, anger, and helplessness.


“Mother, this child has already slept for so many days. Go wash up a bit, and after Father has returned, we’ll go to Lisa’s house together to cancel the engagement.”

After *Siqin Duanyue had calmed down, Li Xuan revealed his thinking to her.
(*TL: no longer Si Qin Duan Yue, but put two and two together; will change it in the past chapters)

“Good! Good! My son is courageous and unyielding. To cancel is good!”

Siqin Duanyue was indescribably joyful and satisfied. Rather than seeming like the marriage agreement was being cancelled, it seemed to her as though all the cowardice and incompetence her son had demonstrated in the past had also been expunged.

“Mother, your son’s innate talent has been restored!” Li Xuan told her calmly.

“Restoration is good, restoration is—what? Innate talent, your innate talent has been restored?” Siqin Duanyue grew excited and immediately looked at Li Xuan anxiously, seemingly mad because of her appearance, “Hahahahaha! Good, it’s been restored, been restored! From this day forward, my son is no longer trash, nor will he be ridiculed anymore…”

Siqin Duanyue laughed heartily, then started crying all over again.


“*A-Xuan, you’ve grown up. Big Brother can finally unload the responsibilities of this household to you, and is very gratified. Big Brother will also accompany you to cancel the marriage, and after I’ve seen it that it’s been done, I should get going.”
(*TL: prefix of endearment/familiarity)

Li Mo’s face beamed as he looked at Li Xuan and spoke.

Li Xuan knew that Li Mo’s meaning of leaving wasn’t death, but rather looking for a place with no people. If he couldn’t accomplish anything, then he wouldn’t come home again.

This was because he no longer had the qualifications to face the woman he loved—3rd Fen light mage Ning Xuan.

“Big Brother, if even I can restore my innate talent, then so can you. From this past near-death experience, I’ve learned a type of method that should be able to let you recover your strength! However, Big Brother, you must also understand that there are those who do not wish for us to return to Iris City’s Li Clan. Thus, after you’ve recovered your strength, you must still temporarily act as though you are still disabled. When the time comes, I will reveal my innate talent and go on the path of cultivation to become a genius, then mightily return to the clan. At that time, Father’s hope would also be fulfilled, and you can proudly stand up again. With the protection of the clan, those who want to play their cards will most likely worry as well! Although we don’t have any sort of emotional ties to the clan, the Li Clan of Iris City can still be of use to us by helping us grow and sheltering us from the wind and rain!

While he had said this, Li Xuan had begun muttering.


Li Mo looked at his little brother with a bit of shock. It seemed that after suffering such a huge setback, his little brother had finally awakened, and that once arrogant genius once against stood before him!

“Good, good! As long as I can recover my strength, all that belongs to Big Brother will belong to you!”

“Hehe, Big Brother, Big Sister Ning Xuan is quite pretty. If you’re really willing, then I’ll dare to take it!”

“This boy, you’re looking for a beating! You dare to joke with your big brother!”

“Hahaha! Big Brother, very quickly, we will no longer be inferior.”

“Bullcrap, is your big brother inferior?”


The late night once again descended. It was already Li Xuan’s twelfth day of being reborn into this world, and he had been clearly conscious for two whole days.

These two days, he had been tidying up the main points of the martial arts from his past world as well as the insights he had gained due to having become one with nature. After he had completely organized these things and deeply imprinted them into his brain, Li Xuan was very satisfied.

First, not only did his cheat memorization ability not worsen, his strengthened soul had instead manifested itself physically in his body and instead heightened his memorization abilities by a terrifying degree.

Second, because his soul had grown so powerful, and still retained the Xing Yi Quan realm he had been at when he had torn space apart, he only needed to continue training the foundations of Xing Yi Quan, and would no longer have any bottlenecks. As long as he trained until that level, he could naturally break through.

Third, he could totally judge that his innate meditative talent had surpassed the legendary 9th Ming and even 10th Fang, and had nearly reached the degree of 100th Jie. Of course, this 100th Jie meditative stage existed only in theory, and had never truly appeared in history. As such, he could only judge, and maybe even be certain that he had 10th Fang innate meditative talent.

In other words, he didn’t need to understand too deeply. Just by making steady progress without any unexpected incidents, he would be able to smoothly and simply reach the legendary 10th Fang Emperor realm!

10th Fang Emperor, even if it was the entire Moyuan Continent, there weren’t necessarily that many existences.

Of course, the continent was very big, and Li Xuan had no way of drawing a conclusion because the knowledge he had of this world was still very little.

To the old Li Xuan, being abandoned by the woman he loved was a fate more insufferable than death. However, to the current Li Xuan, that woman’s choice was truthfully very ordinary in comparison to the modern age’s gold-diggers, and could totally be considered standard level. And because he had already seen so many, he had long since become desensitized.

Previously, when modern martial arts expert Li Xuan had been betrayed by the one he loved, he had looked beyond the concept of love in that world and had fully immersed himself in the mountains, living with tigers and wolves for a whole twenty years. That period of time was truly a life of savagery. Following that, he returned to human society and gained experience for five years, finally reaching the truly profound level where the ‘mountain was still a mountain’ (TL: I don’t know~~~ *going insane). Then with a flash of understanding, he had climbed to the peak of Mt. Hua to forcefully tear space apart, but an accident caused him to die…

All these years of experience allowed him to truly understand the world outside of the world. So, with this attitude, he still possessed the ruthless style of a wild beast, yet also the tempered grace and elegance of an unending stream of water boring through the highest mountain.

After merging with this world’s Li Xuan, although Li Xuan’s heart was a bit worldly, it had grown even purer, and it was this type of merging that allowed him to wholly accept the past Li Xuan’s parents and family.



27 thoughts on “Chapter 004 – Surpassing 9th Ming

    • No problem 🙂 So basically, the realms are:
      1st Yuan 元
      2nd Hui 会
      3rd Fen 分 (mage)
      4th Xiang 象 (master)
      5th Xing 行 (envoy)
      6th He 合 (ancestor)
      7th Xing 星 (monarch)
      8th Fa 法 (king)
      9th Ming 冥 (lord)
      10th Fang 方 (emperor)
      100th Jie 劫 (saint)
      Grand Jie 界 (immortal)
      Myriad Zun 尊 (deity)
      and each realm consists of 10 layers each, for example the light mage Ning Xuan who has already been mentioned, should be on the Xth layer of 3rd Fen. I’ll most likely change it to 3rd Fen Xth layer just because I feel like that’d be easier. As for the titles in parentheses, that’s the way each person of their realm is addressed. Only when one reaches 3rd Fen will they get a title. Now these are the realms only.

      For the innate talent, it refers to innate meditative talent. Meditation is one’s ability to sense the elemental energy (magic elements) in the air (and absorb it I guess..?), and how good your innate meditative talent is shows how far you can reach e.g. reaching 7th Xing realm or something like that. Everybody has innate meditative talent, and it can be naturally or forcefully awakened, and that’s just going through a process to forcefully waken your innate talent. Natural awakening is much better (cuz it’s natural), so think of it as the quality being better. Anyways, there are levels of innate meditative talent (innate talent) and it’s pretty much the same as the realms. If you’re awakened and you get say 5th Xing, then that means you can naturally cultivate to reach the 5th Xing realm, and so on. For innate meditative talent, it’s classified from 1st Yuan – 9th Ming. BUTTT that’s just in theory, and theory also says that you can go beyond 9th Ming, it’s just never happened before.

      Yeah. Good? Or still confused? 😛


  1. Again thank you for your hard work – here chocolate for you (since you prefer them over cookies). Also thanks for your explanation on the realms.

    I already like this MC – ruthless, cunning, loyal to his family and just a kick-a** martial artist! It is just great ^^

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  2. thanks a lot—!
    -clutches heart- so…so many feels?!? ah! his family is so nice, even after everything! why, why!?! so sweet, so nice, my feels—? officially, family love is one if the best love! yes—! heal your brother, heal him—! li xuan’s and li mo’s conversation is hilarious though, wahaha!
    ah, so he too had been betrayed by a woman he loved in the past, huh…


  3. Haha, I just found this…and so far it’s rather interesting^^
    Aw~ family feels^^
    Hehe~ I even recognize the mountain is still a mountain phrase^^
    How was that again…
    Seeing a mountain is a mountain and a river(I think it was a river…maybe the sea…anyway water…) is a river [perceiving things simply as they are] then seeing the mountain is not a mountain and the river not a river [looking at the depth of things, more profound] and then seeing the mountain as a mountain again and the river a river(maybe it’s really the sea…) [I guess things are just as their are…seeing them as a whole?]…


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